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  February 17, 2006

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Breast tumour Diet doubts attacked by experts  - BBC  Heart experts say a study which shows a lack of health benefits from a low-fat diet failed to take into account other risk factors. A US study of over 19,500 women found cutting back on fat for almost a decade failed to offer significant protection against some cancers and heart disease. But British experts say salt levels were not cut, and many of the women were overweight or obese. Their rates of heart disease fell by just 3%, while blood levels of "bad" cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (LDL), dropped by only 2.4%. Reducing fat consumption did produce a 9% decrease in colon polyps which can lead to colon cancer.  
Finns in playground Finns are urging the elderly to join in at the playground  - BBC  At the Santa Claus Sports Institute in Lapland, a group of elderly Finns leap around on climbing frames, swinging on the swings and bouncing on a see-saw that is more of a people launcher than anything I remember from my days on the playground. It is the latest Finnish wheeze to get people more active. A team at Rovaniemi Polytechnic studied one group of 40 people, aged between 65 and 81, and found there were significant improvements in balance, speed and co-ordination after just three months of larking about on the climbing frames and play equipment.    

Scientists Force Viruses To Evolve As Better Delivery Vehicles For Gene Therapy - Science Daily  Left: Most humans are host to a benign virus called AAV, or adeno-associated virus. This molecular model shows the proyeins that comprise the outer coat, or capsid, with portions recognized by the immune system colored yellow. The red and blue regions are those that changed as a result of directed evolution, though only the red alterations appear responsible for making the virus less susceptible to antibody neutralization. (David Schaffer/UC Berkeley)  "Starting from scratch, just trying to rationally decide which two amino acid changes to make on the virus, there is no way you would have guessed those two," Schaffer said. "Using the same algorithm as nature came up with - evolution - to solve the problem, is the best way to do it." Since each generation takes about a month, Schaffer predicted that many types of new and improved strains could be created in a few months' time, and certainly in less than a year. He is pursuing experiments now using pooled human blood serum. "Nature never evolved it to be a human therapeutic, so, in a sense, we have to re-evolve it"   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/17/2005:Scientists Force Viruses To Evolve As Better Delivery Vehicles For Gene Therapy  - Science Daily
2/17/2005:Research needed on marine sound
  - BBC
2/17/2005:Born free: Giraffe deaths fuel the debate over the role of British zoos  - BBC
2/17/2005:Gasping cells theory of cot death  - BBC
2/17/2005:Fertility drug use booms in China  - BBC
2/17/2005:More contraceptive advice urged  - BBC
2/17/2005:Shark attacks fall as humans fight back - MSNBC
2/17/2005:Frog species in Yosemite on last legs - MSNBC
2/17/2005:Robot moved by a slime mould's fears - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
2/17/2005:In pictures Charcoal-making in Chad and its environmental impact  - BBC
2/17/2005:Ministers to unveil waste plans  - BBC

2/17/2005:Gay players win rights battle in Warcraft game world  - BBC
2/17/2005:Fluid but unoriginal: Dead or Alive 4 looks good but takes beat-em-ups no further  - BBC
2/17/2005: Class, Take out Your Games
2/17/2005: Halo 2 to Windows Vista
2/17/2005:Logitech's Universal Remote Letdown - Business Week
2/17/2005:Toy makers singing along with iPod-friendly gadgets - Seattle Times

2/17/2005:Fine warning over TV on mobiles
  - BBC
2/17/2005:Calling the future: Mobile firms face tough choices as technology
  - BBC changes
2/17/2005: In Barcelona, the Future of Wireless
 - Business Week
2/17/2005: Nintendo Targets Oprah
 - Business Week
2/17/2005:Toy makers hitch products to iPod craze
 - Business Week
2/17/2005:Keeping watch on wireless
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Photos: Nokia's latest
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:MovieBeam video service launches nationwide
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Perspective: E-tracking through your cell phone
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Music: Napster gets its first cell phone customer
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Sirius Satellite Radio and Howard Stern go ear to ear with XM
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Microsoft aims to put squeeze on BlackBerry
  - CNN
2/17/2005:Motorolla plans Windows Media phone
  - CNN
2/17/2005:Study: TV phone sales to hit $30 billion by 2010
2/17/2005:Hard disk drives coming for mobile phones  - El. Engr. Times

2/17/2005:IBM upgrades Power5+ to 2.2GHz  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Nvidia's new graphics chip rings up 'Quake'  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Intel preps four-core processor for '07, says report  - El. Engr. Times
2/17/2005:Cooler Supercomputers  - Technology Review 


2/17/2005:Europeans eager for love online  - BBC
2/17/2005:Love on the web  - BBC
2/17/2005:British director's Guantanamo film set for internet first  - BBC
2/17/2005:A Search Engine for Every Subject - Business Week
2/17/2005: Prosper: The eBay of Loans- - Business Week
2/17/2005:Stamp of approval for e-postage  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Swimsuit downloads for your iPod or phone
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Tech companies brace for showdown over China
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Bill Graham's rock archives stream online
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Like lending to a friend, with interest
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Mac users face hurdles at .gov site
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:MySpace is the place
  - CNN

2/17/2005:Web of intrigue widens in debit-card theft case  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Windows: Microsoft reportedly set on Vista options  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Open source: The newest competitive tool  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Intel's Hiring Spree  - Technology Review 
2/17/2005:Microsoft's Security Fix - Technology Review 

2/17/2005:Power politics Growing importance for energy gives Russia more clout  - BBC
2/17/2005:Fuelling the future: Reports on the global demand for energy
2/17/2005:Solar pioneers: Outback Australians bask in the glow of the sun's power  - BBC
2/17/2005:Buy a hybrid, save a guzzler  - C/Net
2/17/2005:83 comments  - C/Net

2/17/2005:Many heart attacks 'not spotted'  - BBC
2/17/2005:Hidden risks: A heart patient says she had no idea of the dangers of pregnancy


2/17/2005:Italy fights to contain bird flu  - BBC
2/17/2005:Bird flu makes its way around Europe - New Scientist

2/17/2005:Meet the daughter of lung cancer patient in new anti-smoking ad  - BBC 

2/17/2005:Finns are urging the elderly to join in at the playground   - BBC
2/17/2005:Diet doubts attacked by experts   - BBC
2/17/2005:Gay marriage 'is good for health'  - BBC
2/17/2005:Q&A: Civil partnership  - BBC
2/17/2005:Most men 'unhappy with penis ops'  - BBC
2/17/2005:Nutritional value: What are suitable foods for one to four year olds?  - BBC
2/17/2005:1m 'yo-yo in and out of hospital'  - BBC
2/17/2005:The dino-daddy of all meat eaters - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
2/17/2005:Darwin's warm pond theory tested  - BBC
2/17/2005:Appeal to buy '1m' Hooke notes  - BBC
2/17/2005:A first taste of the future
2/17/2005:Photos: ENIAC at work  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Videos: The ENIAC's makers  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Readers: Memories of first PC  - C/Net
2/17/2005:What was your first computer?
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:277 comments
  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Monkey Do: Darwin, the Musical
  - Wired News
2/17/2005:Lab team takes on Joan of Arc legend
2/17/2005:Huge, ancient tomb found in Greece
2/17/2005:Lab team takes on Joan of Arc legend
2/17/2005:Egypt offers first look at ancient tomb

2/17/2005:Photos: Fans flock to comic convention  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Media: Barron's invites all to witness Google's fall  - C/Net
2/17/2005:PCs: Inouye got bonus on Wed., severance on Thurs.  - C/Net
2/17/2005:As Valentine's approaches, Craigslist heats up  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Five bold ideas for a hurricane-proof New Orleans  - Wired News
2/17/2005:Company uses RFID tags to track workers  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Web offers glimpses into shattered lives  - CNN
2/17/2005:Record-breaking aviator survives emergency landing  - Nature
2/17/2005: The Nuclear Age  - New Scientist
2/17/2005:Boeing still up in air about successor to 737 - Seattle Times
2/17/2005:Boeing's workhorse 737 hits milestone- No. 5,000 - Seattle Times
2/17/2005:China's trade surplus balloons - Seattle Times

2/17/2005:Make the most of it - wedded bliss 'only lasts a year'  - BBC
2/17/2005:Big brain thinking - Technology Review 
2/17/2005:The scientific rules for the game of love - MSNBC
2/17/2005:Foods of love? Not so fast, Casanova - MSNBC
2/17/2005:Instant replay may help to mould memories  - Nature
2/17/2005:Play it again, brain, but in reverse - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
2/17/2005:Life inside a black hole - New Scientist


2/17/2005:Robot in disguise - New Scientist

2/17/2005:A comet's tale  - Nature
2/17/2005:US-built oxygen generator ready for space station
 - New Scientist
2/17/2005:02.16.06 - NASA Announces Shared Services Center Ground Breaking ...
2/17/2005:02.16.06 - NASA Honors Walter Cronkite ...
2/17/2005:Schiff Brings Astronaut to Temple City Schools ...
 - FirstScience

2/17/2005:Virtually famous: How new technology can make air guitar dreams come true  - BBC
2/17/2005:Rocket science may hold key to surfing's future  - C/Net
2/17/2005:Automakers turn on road-ready night vision  - Wired News
2/17/2005:Microchip tracks Indian cows on the mooove  - CNN
2/17/2005:Exhaustive research helps Hallmark determine ways to express love - Seattle Times



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