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  February 17, 2005

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Walker's World: A Tale Of Three Cities - SpaceDaily  Two years ago, in the buildup to the invasion of Iraq, we were assured by various members of the Bush administration that "the road to peace in the Middle East leads through Baghdad." In recent months we have been equally assured, by former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and by former U.S. Commander in Chief for the region General Anthony Zinni, among others, that the reverse is the case and that the road to stability in Baghdad lies through peace in the Middle East. Now we hear that the road to peace and stability in both Baghdad and Jerusalem now lies through Tehran.    
Climate: The Sensitivity Question - SpaceDaily  Left:  Depiction of the amount of carbon flux between the oceans and the atmosphere (peak heights) and amount of biological activity (color).  Depiction of the amount of carbon flux between the oceans and the atmosphere (peak heights) and amount of biological activity (color). These are fairly large numbers - the European Union's official policy is to hold warming to 3.6 degrees F (2 degrees C) above pre-industrial temperatures - but they are nothing compared to the recent results from an Oxford University study. Its results agree with the lower sensitivity estimates of about 3.6 degrees F, but finds a scorching 19.8 degrees F (11 degrees C) on the upper end.   

Russia, China Boost Joint Defense Plans - SpaceDaily  Quietly, with almost no notice taken in the U.S. media, Russia and China have just stepped up their military cooperation to a level not seen in half a century since the end of the Korean War. While not a single statement about the exercises mentioned the United States, U.S. policy in recent months has increasingly alarmed both Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Hu Jintao of China and appears to be drawing them more closely together. The current upgrading of ties remains low key, at least in public, and is certainly cautious. But it is also relentless. And it also follows President George W. Bush's highly activist language. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/17/2005: Ear-splitting discovery rocks mammal identity  - Nature
2/17/2005: 'Pollutants' in whale blubber are naturally produced
  - Nature
2/17/2005: Transgenic mustard sucks up selenium  - Nature
2/17/2005: GM Organisms - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Map Of Human Genetic Variation Will Speed Search For Disease Genes - Science Daily
2/17/2005: 'Birdbrain' No Longer Means 'Stupid,' Asserts Scientific Consortium - Science Daily
2/17/2005: GM food law stymied in Mexico by environmentalists ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: Biologist Says Deer Threaten Ginseng ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: Newly identified gene cluster on mouse X chromosome provides insights into fertility ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: Newly identified gene cluster on mouse X chromosome provides insights into fertility ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
2/17/2005: Climate: The Sensitivity Question - SpaceDaily
2/17/2005: Changing world: Your pictures of environmental change around the world  - BBC
2/17/2005: Sea bed reveals earthquake scars  - Nature
2/17/2005: 2004 Was Fourth-Warmest Year Ever Recorded  - NY Times
2/17/2005: Discovery Of Gliding Ants Shows Wingless Flight Has Arisen Throughout The Animal Kingdom - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Icebreakers Clear Channel Into McMurdo Station - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Pollution May Feed Plankton- Wired News
2/17/2005: Greenpeace demands Poland ban imports of GM foods ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: California emissions standards possible with existing tech ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: F.M.S. Helps Baxi To Meet Climate Change Legislation Economically ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: Wisconsin Tribe Gains Authority to Administer Clean Air Act ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: Tsunami Zone Spared Major Disease Outbreaks ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: Seventh GM facility to use landfill gas ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: Pollution can convert airborne iron into soluble form required for phytoplankton growth ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: Findings by Scripps Scientists Cast New Light on Undersea Volcanoes ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: New RNA polymerase discovered in plants ... - FirstScience
2/17/2005: 2004 was the fourth warmest year for Earth on record- NASA ... - FirstScience

2/17/2005: Players test limits  - C/Net
2/17/2005: Multi-player PacMan jumps between devices - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Of MRIs and iPods  - Technology Review

2/17/2005: Pedal power: Columnist Bill Thompson says UK broadband lacks motor
  - BBC
2/17/2005: Speed injection: Where to go for fast and furious broadband services
  - BBC
2/17/2005: MPs issued with Blackberry threat
  - BBC
2/17/2005: Hands off our Wi-Fi!
  - C/Net
2/17/2005: FCC rejects TV stations digital cable carriage
  - CNN
2/17/2005: Infineon, Samsung team on Linux smartphone design
  - El. Engr. Time
2/17/2005: U.S. wireless market to hit $212.5 billion by 2008, says TIA
  - El. Engr. Time
2/17/2005: Placing a Bet on the Mobile
- Wired News

2/17/2005: SRAMs readied for 45-nm  - El. Engr. Time
2/17/2005: 'Quantum well' transistor promises lean computing - New Scientist

2/17/2005: HP to debut new Opteron servers Monday  - C/Net
2/17/2005: IBM to ship supercomputer system this month  - C/Net

2/17/2005: Microsoft seeking spyware trojan  - BBC
2/17/2005: Google may host encyclopedia project    - C/Net
2/17/2005: Skype, PDA maker prep free mobile telephoning - Silicon Strategies
2/17/2005: Multicast Ruling Muddies Waters- Wired News
2/17/2005: Microsoft and Pfizer Target Spammers- Wired News

2/17/2005: Movie body hits peer-to-peer nets  - BBC
2/17/2005: Court- Hollywood gets P2P giant's server logs  - C/Net
2/17/2005: The Right to Sell Hate- Wired News
2/17/2005: CTOs Call for Cybercrime Commission- Wired News

2/17/2005: Green energy to 'cost consumers'  - BBC
2/17/2005: 3-D Seismic Technology Locates Natural Gas In Fractured Reservoirs - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Ultra-low Cost Well Monitoring Could Save Thousands Of Marginal Oil Wells - Science Daily
2/17/2005: New Electronic Technology Advances Fuel Cell Development - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Head of Yucca Nuclear Waste Program Quits ... - FirstScience

2/17/2005: Low-dose Aspirin And Stomach Ulcer Medications Better For Heart Patients With Gastrointestinal Complications - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Study Finds Direct Association Between Cardiovascular Disease And Periodontal Bacteria - Science Daily

2/17/2005: Cell Research Signals Cancer Hope - Science Daily
2/17/2005: New Study Finds Kelp Can Reduce Level Of Hormone Related To Breast Cancer Risk - Science Daily

2/17/2005: Water bug aids dengue fever fight  - BBC
2/17/2005: Tiny crustaceans help defeat dengue fever - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Diffusion-weighted MRI Can Diagnose 'Mad Cow'-related Disease In Humans Before Symptoms Show - Science Daily
2/17/2005: HIV Vaccine Global Partners Strengthen Collaboration To Speed Up Progress - Science Daily
2/17/2005: South Asia Slashes Polio Cases By Nearly Half - Science Daily

2/17/2005: Asthma Gene Clusters Identified: Findings Could Lead To New Treatment Based On Individual Genetic Profiles - Science Daily

2/17/2005: Giants to tackle Viagra spam ring  - BBC
2/17/2005: Sex disease risk for older women  - BBC
2/17/2005: The numbers game: Are hospital waiting figures really going to continue to fall-
2/17/2005: Patients' 100-mile trip for X-ray  - BBC
2/17/2005: Human Bones: A scientific and pictorial investigation by R McNeill Alexander - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Rehabilitation Can Restore Some Vision After Stroke - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Bone Density Appears To Recover After Adolescents Discontinue Injected Contraceptive - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Non-Invasive Imaging Tools May Help Unravel Mechanisms Of Prenatal Drug Damage - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Popular Supplement Melatonin Found To Have Broader Effects In Brain Than Once Thought
 - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Dear FDA: Get Well Soon
  - Technology Review
2/17/2005: The Doctor Will See Your Sim Now
- Wired News
2/17/2005: Research news from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University ...
 - FirstScience

History, Anthropology:
2/17/2005: Has the tsunami unveiled an ancient Indian port city?  - BBC
2/17/2005: Darwin's Origin of Species gets a reggae-style reworking  - BBC
2/17/2005: 'Hobbit' Remains Out of Reach- Wired News

2/17/2005: Russia, China Boost Joint Defense Plans - SpaceDaily
2/17/2005: Walker's World: A Tale Of Three Cities - SpaceDaily
2/17/2005: Surgical secrets Churchill's dentures to a syphilitic skull  - BBC
2/17/2005: Crea-tech: Art and technology get down to creative business  - BBC
2/17/2005: Blair outlines election pledges  - BBC
2/17/2005: Bachelor in a bubble  - C/Net
2/17/2005: Help not wanted  - C/Net
2/17/2005: House approves electronic ID cards  - C/Net
2/17/2005: HP's Dunn prefers to work behind the curtain  - NY Times
2/17/2005: U.K. Parliament squashes BlackBerry use  - C/Net
2/17/2005: U.S. court to reconsider Yahoo appeal in Nazi case  - C/Net
2/17/2005: Video timeline of Carly's Tenure  - C/Net
2/17/2005: U.S. court to reconsider Yahoo appeal in Nazi case  - C/Net
2/17/2005: Prom magazines grapple with hidden porn url  - C/Net
2/17/2005: HP after Carly: What went wrong?  - C/Net
2/17/2005: The unassociated press  - NY Times
2/17/2005: Comcast dating on demand  - CNN
2/17/2005: Apple increases share authorization  - CNN
2/17/2005: Police probe Valentine's Day suicide pact over Web  - CNN
2/17/2005: New detail in old masters
  - CNN
2/17/2005: Compete last, finish first
  - Nature
2/17/2005: Alphabet similarities come in threes
 - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Antiterror Test to Follow Winds and Determine Airborne Paths
  - NY Times
2/17/2005: Export Control Helps Prevent WMD Proliferation
 - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Trade deficit for 2004 reaches all-time high
 - Seattle Times
2/17/2005: WorldCom CFO: Altered books killed merger talks
 - Seattle Times
2/17/2005: After Fiorina: Few are qualified for Hewlett-Packard job
 - Seattle Times
2/17/2005: Judge rejects IBM bid on part of SCO suit
 - Seattle Times
2/17/2005: Security proposal could be taxing to ailing airlines
 - Seattle Times
2/17/2005: Tech Does It Better
- Wired News
2/17/2005: How To Buy a Telescope ...
 - FirstScience

2/17/2005: St John's wort may be effective anti-depressant - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Time in the future seems to go further - New Scientist
2/17/2005: First U.S. Use Of Revolutionary Technique For Spinal Fusion Performed By UB Neurosurgeons - Science Daily
2/17/2005: 'Broken Heart' Syndrome- Real, Potentially Deadly But Recovery Quick - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Research Identifies Proteins Crucial To Construction Of Brain's Information Superhighway - Science Daily
2/17/2005: While Under Pressure Those Most Likely To Succeed Will Most Likely Fail - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Popular Supplement Melatonin Found To Have Broader Effects In Brain Than Once Thought
 - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Communicating With Unconscious Minds
- Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
2/17/2005: Quantum World - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Mini star could offer haven for life
 - New Scientist
2/17/2005: The universe is no place for megastars
 - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Astronomers find smallest exoplanet
 - PhysicsWebs
2/17/2005: Even In Heaven, Stars Can Only Get So Big
 - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Arecibo Begins Search For Dark Galaxies
 - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Physics Team Puts New Twist On Spin Hall Effect
 - Science Daily
2/17/2005: Scientists find flaw in quantum dot construction ...
 - FirstScience
2/17/2005: New measurement undermines physicists' theories for nature's hidden 'particle-force' collaboration ...
 - FirstScience
2/17/2005: What Defines a Planet? Astronomers Disagree ...
 - FirstScience



2/17/2005: Expectations ride on super-rocket  - BBC
2/17/2005: Feds: Before entering deep space, get a physical
  - C/Net
2/17/2005: Saturn's moon is Death Star's twin
 - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Fledgling 'space federation' fears over-regulation
 - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Editorial: Beagle 2, cock-ups and conspiracy
 - New Scientist
2/17/2005: Cassini Spacecraft Witnesses Saturn's Blues
 - Science Daily

2/17/2005: UK rail chiefs eye sat-navigation  - BBC
2/17/2005: Cooling System Could Aid Emergency Personnel In High-heat Heat Conditions - Science Daily
2/17/2005: MetaChip Provides Quick, Efficient Toxicity Screening Of Potential Drugs - Science Daily


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