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  February 17, 2004

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How 3-D Works- Mars Revealed by Human-Like Eyes - Space.com  When geologists first saw pictures of rock outcroppings at the Opportunity landing site on Mars, they thought the mini-cliff was perhaps as tall as a person. Some started calling it the "Great Wall." Then the robot's 3-D cameras, a pair of eyes standing as tall as a person, showed it was all a bluff. Seen in stereo, the stack of rocks shrunk to the height of a house cat and the public never heard the catchy nickname. 
Robert Walker: Space Industry Must Get Public, Congress 'Buy-In' of New Space Vision - Space.com  The new space vision scripted by U.S. President George W. Bush will put to the test the ability of NASA and the space community to focus talent and money to turn rhetoric into reality. Here at the Space Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF-2004), space engineers and scientists have been re-energized by President Bush’s Moon, Mars and beyond directive.

SMART-1 Ion Engine Switched Off and Commissioning Begins - Space.com   After four months of continuous travelling through the Earth's radiation belts the electric propulsion engine was switched off on 30 January. The engine will remain dormant for a period of three weeks to allow the instrument teams to switch on and test their instruments. Commissioning Activities. The spacecraft is now in its 207th orbit, in good status and with all functions performing nominally. As in previous weeks, the ion drive has only generated thrust around the perigee point to fine-tune the altitude of the apogee point. This strategy has produced a noticeable increase in apogee height.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/17/2004: Victorious birds sing triumph over losers - New Scientist
2/17/2004: Oldest insect hints at dawn of flight
 - New Scientist
2/17/2004: New Website To Aid Study Of Amphibian Malformations - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Researchers Create Device That Detects Mass Of A Single Virus Particle - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Making Of Mouse Marks Move Toward 'Mitochondrial Medicine' - Science Daily
2/17/2004: UC San Diego Scientists Unveil Pilot Project For Automated Monitoring Of Animal Behavior - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Destructive Wizardry Of Ozz-E3 Ligase Appears Key To Building Skeletal Muscles In Embryos And Adults - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Cloning is slippery slope for some; others say it's for a greater good - Google
2/17/2004: Stem Cell Technique: Murder or Medicine's Big Hope? - Google
2/17/2004: Stem-cell debate - ABC
2/17/2004: Therapeutic Cloning Ignites Call for Ban - ABC

Climate, Environment:
2/17/2004: Shanghai mulls building dam to ward off rising sea levels - SpaceDaily
2/17/2004: Supreme Court fiat on checking noise pollution... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: Conservation Groups File Formal Protests Over BLM's Proposed Management of Otero Mesa, New Mexico... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: Sempra Energy Demonstrates Leadership in Greenhouse Gas Management... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: 'Sonic gun' tested as hailstorm suppressor - New Scientist
2/17/2004: Scientists Find Ozone-Destroying Molecule - Science Daily
2/17/2004: New Evidence Points To Pollution As Main Cause Of Much Coral Reef Destruction - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Thorny Issue - ABC
2/17/2004: Environment 'key to new Liberia'  - BBC
2/17/2004: Longlines imperil Pacific turtles  - BBC


2/17/2004: A Way Out of Automated Phone Hell  - Wired News
2/17/2004: ClickOnline: Nokia's boss Jorma Ollila on the future of mobile phones  - BBC
2/17/2004: These Phone Calls Aren't Phone Calls - Business Week

2/17/2004: Glowing Silicon - Technology Review 
2/17/2004: AMD compatibility no problem for Intel chip  - C/Net
2/17/2004: Big Blue gives 90-nano boost to PowerPCs  - C/Net

2/17/2004: All-Plastic Display Demoed - Technology Review 
2/17/2004: Cheapskate's Guide to a Safe PC  - Wired News
2/17/2004: Litigants Take Bite Out of Apple  - Wired News
2/17/2004: IBM sells climate research supercomputer - C/Net
2/17/2004: Intel blurs line between desktops, notebooks  - C/Net
2/17/2004: With new notebook, Dell says 'game on'  - C/Net
2/17/2004: Garage sale-ing for a Mac supercomputer  - C/Net

2/17/2004: Hackers Hall of Fame  - Wired News
2/17/2004: You ask the experts: Can true love be found on the net?  - BBC
2/17/2004: MSN to swat pop-ups in Europe  - C/Net

2/17/2004: Microsoft: Oops! We Did It Again  - Wired News
2/17/2004: Blockbuster Bombs  - Wired News
2/17/2004: Doomjuice Worm Aims at Microsoft  - Wired News
2/17/2004: Legal Eagle Fires at SCO  - Wired News
2/17/2004: Leaked Windows Code Poses Security Threat - ABC
2/17/2004: A Window Into Home Entertainment - ABC
2/17/2004: Source issues: Microsoft's woes show how little people know about computing  - BBC
2/17/2004: Windows fix too slow?  - C/Net
2/17/2004: Search on for source of leaked Windows code  - C/Net
2/17/2004: File-swapping lawsuits loom in Canada  - C/Net
2/17/2004: Windows code up for grabs  - C/Net
2/17/2004: Dell aims for rapid growth in China  - C/Net



2/17/2004: Imaging Technique Discovered At Stanford Monitors Cancer Cell Proliferation - Science Daily

2/17/2004: Antibody blocks Sars... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: Bird flu linked to 1918 pandemic... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: Genetic analysis probes bird flu's history - New Scientist

2/17/2004: Smoking has ‘shocking’ impact on reproductive health - New Scientist

2/17/2004: Gene therapy jab burns off fat - New Scientist
2/17/2004: UT Southwestern Researchers Find Leptin Turns Fat-storing Cells Into Fat-burning Cells - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Now Hear This - ABC
2/17/2004: Video: Late-life Sleep Problems: What's Normal? - ABC
2/17/2004: Parent concerns over baby pain  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/17/2004: Dinosaur Fossil Record Compiled, Analyzed; 500 Or More Dinosaurs Possible Yet To Be Discovered - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Ga. Science Teachers to Keep Evolution - ABC
2/17/2004: Left-handers common in Ice Age  - BBC

2/17/2004: Russia launches nuclear war games - SpaceDaily
2/17/2004: India tests anti-aircraft Trident missile - SpaceDaily
2/17/2004: NKorea denies nuclear deal with Pakistan - SpaceDaily
2/17/2004: Chinese cosmonauts to train in Russia - SpaceDaily
2/17/2004: Space station crew notice flying object near space station - SpaceDaily
2/17/2004: Kerry stakes out more conciliatory foreign policy - SpaceDaily
2/17/2004: Valid Voting? - Technology Review 
2/17/2004: Trippi: Net Politics Here to Stay  - Wired News
2/17/2004: The Computer at Nature's Core  - Wired News
2/17/2004: Tech IPO: The Tide May be Turning in Europe - Business Week
2/17/2004: Axciom Is Watching You - Salon
2/17/2004: Tech Firms Target Ethnic Groups  - Wired News
2/17/2004: 'Oh My God! Get Martha on the Phone'  - Wired News
2/17/2004: Gens latest spin on N-leaks: US should have told me earlier... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: U.S. rebuts Pakistan on nuclear leaks... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: Monkeys prove we are not all swingers... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: The Donald has own style of firing — on TV or in reality - Seattle Times
2/17/2004: OPEC to pare oil production 10% to block any price drop - Seattle Times
2/17/2004: Programmed for Passion - ABC
2/17/2004: Complacency 'stifling growth'  - BBC
2/17/2004: Altering your engine with new chips  - C/Net
2/17/2004: A law enforcement trend that's quite stunning  - C/Net
2/17/2004: Is Nemo ready to swimwith the sharks?  - C/Net
2/17/2004: RFID: Beware the business pitfalls
2/17/2004: CEO Eisner seen as Cruella
  - C/Net

2/17/2004: Cool New Ideas to Save Brains  - Wired News
2/17/2004: Researchers -- Again -- Pinpoint Why Stress Kills - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Researchers Pinpoint Brain Areas That Process Reality, Illusion - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Olympics 'can cut suicide rates'  - BBC
2/17/2004: He loves me not, digitally  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
2/17/2004: Finland joins European astronomy project - SpaceDaily
2/17/2004: Electricity Teleportation Devised
 - Technology Review 
2/17/2004: Radical molecule breaks the rules - New Scientist
2/17/2004: A Physicist’s Take On The Yo-Yo As It Celebrates 75 Years - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Love lab: Experts use maths to predict if couples will part  - BBC
2/17/2004: Maths secrets of M&Ms revealed  - BBC
2/17/2004: A Cosmic Valentine, and you thought the Universe didn't care  - BBC



2/17/2004: SMART-1 Ion Engine Switched Off and Commissioning Begins - Space.com
2/17/2004: Advice Sought for U.S. Moon-Mars Vision...
 - FirstScience
2/17/2004: NASA's Opportunity rover begins circling the crater it landed on in Mars... - FirstScience
2/17/2004: 'Heavy Metal' Snow On Blazing Venus Is Lead Sulfide - Science Daily
2/17/2004: British, European Space Agencies Open Inquiry into Beagle 2 Loss - Space.com
2/17/2004: NASA's Revamped Mission Management Team Prepares for the Future - Space.com
2/17/2004: Reality Check: Spheres on Mars Not Fossils - Space.com
2/17/2004: Rover Goes for Longest Trip Yet on Mars
 - ABC

2/17/2004: Glowing Silicon - Technology Review 
2/17/2004: Nano’s Safety Checkup - Technology Review 
2/17/2004: FBI asked to downplay forensic bullet analysis - New Scientist
2/17/2004: Etching Holes In Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Lasers Creates Better Beam - Science Daily
2/17/2004: Net system monitors plane health  - BBC


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