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  February 16, 2006

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Dendritic material in the Nakhla meteorite, LPSC paper Space rock re-opens Mars debate  - BBC A carbon-rich substance found filling tiny cracks within a Martian meteorite could boost the idea that life once existed on the Red Planet. The material resembles that found in fractures, or "veins", apparently etched by microbes in volcanic glass from the Earth's ocean floor. But the evidence so far is unlikely to convince the sceptics. Analysis of the interior revealed channels and pores filled with a complex mixture of carbon compounds. Some of this forms a dark, branching - or dendritic - material when seen under the microscope. "There's no way a solid piece of carbon got inside a meteorite."   
Natural Compound Prolongs Lifespan And Delays Onset Of Aging-related Traits In A Short-lived Vertebrate - Science Daily   By studying a particularly short-lived fish species, researchers have been able to show that a natural compound previously shown to extend lifespan in non-vertebrate organisms can also do so in at least one vertebrate species. The findings, reported by Alessandro Cellerino of the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, and colleagues, support the potential utility of the compound in human aging research. Resveratrol is an organic compound previously shown to prolong lifespan in non-vertebrate model organisms such as yeast, the worm C. elegans, and the fruit fly Drosophila.    

Transistor Laser Functions As Non-linear Electronic Switch, Processor - Science Daily  Left: Scanning electron microscope image of a dual-input heterojunction bipolar transistor laser (HBTL) on a Cu heat sink acting as frequency mixer for up and down conversion. The image shows a cleaved, front to back, segment of the laser crystal with emitter (E), base (B), and collector (C) metallization as shown. The laser output is shown schematically as hV and the electrical output as Vout. Both output signals produce integer multiples (mixing) of the input signals at frequencies mf1 +nf2. (Credit: Milton Feng and Nick Holonyak)  The transistor laser invented by scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has now been found to possess fundamental non-linear characteristics that are new to a transistor.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/16/2005: Whale meat glut in Japan ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Hundreds of endangered coral reef fish released in Indonesia ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Synthetic wheat offers hope to the world - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
2/16/2005: Bottled water taxing ecosystem ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Calls for mainstreaming climate change into national planning ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Vilified as 'Terrorists,' Eco-activists Face New Offensive by Business ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Activists don't like Bush EPA budget ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Environmental pollution blamed for human infection of bird flu ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Web Site Lets Public Track Alaska Volcano ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: inMotion speaker system for Palm Treo  - C/Net
2/16/2005: U.S. expert cleared after stem-cell scandal - MSNBC
2/16/2005: The source of all ball lightning? - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Editorial: No way to run a planet - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Caught in the oil trap - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Frozen Methane Chunks Not Responsible For Abrupt Increases In Atmospheric Methane - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Declining Snowpack Cools Off Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Winter Soils - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Mommy, help put 'Farmer in the Dell' on my MP3 player  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Gates: We will challenge iPod  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Matchmaker pairs computer and stereo  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Video, podcasts and blogs track Olympic Games  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Reporter roundtable: Deconstructing Demo '06  - C/Net

2/16/2005: Wireless to organize, or even save lives
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: BitTorrent to power ISP's video service
  - C/Net

2/16/2005: Transistor Laser Functions As Non-linear Electronic Switch, Processor  - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Intel looks beyond the microchip  - BBC
2/16/2005: Intel shows off its quad core  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Mercury expects boost from IBM's Cell blade  - C/Net

2/16/2005: Photos: LovePC warms the heart  - C/Net

2/16/2005: The Rootkit of All Evil  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Search site retires iconic Jeeves  - BBC
2/16/2005: Pipe dreams Slicing the net into tiers makes no sense, says Bill Thompson  - BBC
2/16/2005: Video: Google's new desktop search  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Google Desktop 3 criticized  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Spyware fight attracts a crowd  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Discriminatory ads targeted in Craigslist lawsuit
  - CNN

2/16/2005: 'Throttling' angers Netflix heavy renters  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Netflix sends frequent renters to the back of line  - CNN

2/16/2005: Titania nanotubes make better solar cells ...  - Physics Org
2/16/2005: Report: Nuclear Waste Transport Poses Few Risks ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Frenetic activity seen in batteries, fuel cells  - CNN


2/16/2005: Cervical cancer treatment may cause pregnancy problems - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Inflammatory Reaction Drives Hormone Resistance In Cancer, Study Suggests - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Macrophage Signaling May Affect Hormone Resistance In Prostate Tumors - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Free sex test kits may be offered  - BBC
2/16/2005: Virus caught red-handed - MSNBC
2/16/2005: Climate Change May Affect Length Of Respiratory Infection Season - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Diabetes Can Lead To Gum Disease In Childhood; Onset Is Younger Than Previously Recognized - Science Daily
2/16/2005: The Smoking Gun- Elastin Fragments Drive Emphysema - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Teasing 'fuels unhealthy dieting'  - BBC
2/16/2005: A workout between the sheets is latest health advice from the NHS  - BBC
2/16/2005: Health over 50: What percentage of older women suffer from incontinence?  - BBC
2/16/2005: Celebrity Health:  Sir Stirling Moss talks about dealing with erectile dysfunction  - BBC
2/16/2005: Air Ambulance Research Identifies Best Intubation Method - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Metabolic Acidosis Associated With An Increased Mortality Rate - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/16/2005: Global Warming & Evolution- Skepticism & Genuine Science ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Shark 6th Sense Related to Human Evolution? ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Color vision evolved to spot our blushes - New Scientistt
2/16/2005: Egypt offers first look at newly discovered tomb - MSNBC
2/16/2005: Divers recover emblem of Nazi ship - MSNBC
2/16/2005: New Analysis Shows Three Human Migrations Out Of Africa - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Coders Bare Invasion Death Count  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Plot Lapses Compromise Firewall  - Wired News
2/16/2005: TextPayMe: Eliminating the IOU  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Japan seeks more science money in competitive era ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Fossett flies to non-stop record  - BBC
2/16/2005: Fossett on the flight  - BBC
2/16/2005: Pilot breaksflight record  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Photos: GlobalFlyer adventure  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Web of intrigue widens in debit-card theft case  - C/Net
2/16/2005: New York mayor fires worker for solitaire  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Curiously, new monkey movie lands in middle of cultural battle  - C/Net
2/16/2005: U.S. plans massive data sweep  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Homeland Security wraps up first mock cyberattack  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Fossett breaks flight record  - CNN
2/16/2005: Flight route  - CNN
2/16/2005: Fossett is greeted on the tarmac  - CNN
2/16/2005: U.S. engineering not dead, says panel  - El. Engr. Times
2/16/2005: Pope embraces the ‘conquests’ of science - MSNBC
2/16/2005: Skiers take to man-made slopes  - Nature
2/16/2005: Extreme skiers go for extreme treatment
  - Nature
2/16/2005: Distance record for aircraft broken despite Mayday
 - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Hormone cheats risk it all for gold
 - New Scientist

2/16/2005: Musical taste 'swayed by peers'  - BBC
2/16/2005: True love linked to altruistic love - MSNBC
2/16/2005: The path less travelled feels shorter  - Nature
2/16/2005: 'Walk again' drugs to be tested on people - New Scientist
2/16/2005: No Evidence That Melatonin Is Effective In Treating Jet Lag - Science Daily
2/16/2005: A Clue To Core Problem Of Neurodegenerative Disease And Cell Death - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Mice Lacking Social Memory Molecule Take Bullying In Stride
 - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Researchers Develop Way To Visualize Synchronized Interactions Of Nerve Cells In The Brain
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/16/2005: Life inside a black hole - New Scientist
2/16/2005: The importance of staying clean
 - PhysicsWeb
2/16/2005: Accumulator Ring Commissioning Latest Step For Spallation Neutron Source
 - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Natural Compound Prolongs Lifespan And Delays Onset Of Aging-related Traits In A Short-lived Vertebrate  - Science Daily 

2/16/2005: Toy makers hawk robotic playmates  - CNN
2/16/2005: Biology Inspires Perceptive Machines - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Space rock re-opens Mars debate  - BBC
2/16/2005: What to do after you lose your job at NASA ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: AIP FYI #21 NASA FY 2007 Request- Focus on Exploration Systems ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: NASA's Spitzer Uncovers Hints of Mega Solar Systems ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: France in Space #325 ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: NASA MSFC Solicitation- Solar Sail Test Chamber ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Cosmic Log: Start your lunar landers! - MSNBC
2/16/2005: Martian meteorite may have held life
 - New Scientist

2/16/2005: Nano Coatings Paint Green Future  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Is it media or technology? Who cares?  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Roll-to-roll flexible displays still far from reality  - El. Engr. Times
2/16/2005: Tadiran touts wristwatch video receiver  - El. Engr. Times
2/16/2005: How to make skyscrapers safer - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Tailor-printed shoes will offer a perfect fit - New Scientist
2/16/2005: The world's longest laser created
 - New Scientist
2/16/2005: The toughest instruction manual ever
 - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Engineer Develops Tiny, Easily Mass-produced Motion Sensor
 - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Professor Discovers Better Way To Desalinate Water
 - Science Daily



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