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  February 16, 2005

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Forces of Creation: Black Holes Spark Star Formation-  New observations portray black holes as Jekyll and Hyde characters. They can be creators as well as destroyers. When black holes feed, they create powerful high-speed jets that race at nearly light-speed into surrounding space. Like a jolt of electricity breathing life into Frankenstein's monster, a black hole's jets can ignite star formation. The finding meshes nicely with a growing body of evidence suggesting black holes are integral players in galaxy formation.   
New Laser Research Could Improve Oil Exploration Success- SpaceDaily  CSIRO Petroleum and German-based research centre Laser Zentrum Hannover eV (LZH) are collaborating in a project that could save millions of dollars in oil exploration and introduce new Australian geochemical and petroleum analysis techniques to Europe. Researchers from the two organisations are six months into a three year project working to enhance the capabilities of the on-line laser micropyrolysis gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (LaPy-GC/MS) technique for quality control and geochemical analysis.     

PlayStation 3 chip has split personality  - C/Net  Cell will have a 64-bit IBM Power processor and eight "synergistic processing units" capable of handling separate computing tasks. Cell can process 256 billion calculations per second (256 gigaflops). The chip will have 2.5MB of on-chip memory and have the ability to shuttle data to and from off-chip memory at speeds up to 100 gigabytes per second  The chip will have 234 million transistors, measure 221mm square and be produced using advanced 90-nanometer chipmaking processes. shifting to a 65-nanometer process later this year. The first version of the chip will run at speeds faster than 4GHz--4.6GHz is likely.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/16/2005: No Magic Pill For Treating Dementia Symptoms - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Tree-living ants glide to safety  - Nature
2/16/2005: Alive! The race to create life from scratch
 - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Radiation turns earthworms on - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Bush stem cell lines all contaminated - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Open-Source Practices for Biotechnology  - NY Times
2/16/2005: Multi-purpose Protein Regulates New Protein Synthesis And Immune Cell Development - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Unexpressed But Indispensable -- The DNA Sequences That Control Development - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Selective Predation And Productivity Jointly Drive Complex Behavior In Host-parasite Systems - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Separating Wheat From Chaff In Plant Genomes - Science Daily
2/16/2005: What's the Matter with the Biolab?  - Technology Review 
2/16/2005: Genetically Modified IP Launched  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Singapore scientists research gene sequencing of elephant shark ...
2/16/2005: Clever octopus sheds light on arm evolution ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
2/16/2005: Power of tsunami earthquake heavily underestimated - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Asian tsunami seabed pictured with sonar - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Climate change: Menace or myth? - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Climate change: Awaking the sleeping giants - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Climate change: Act now, before it is too late - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Editorial: Climate change threat may be underestimated - New Scientist
2/16/2005: 2004 Was Fourth-Warmest Year Ever Recorded  - NY Times
2/16/2005: Experimental Radar Provides 3-D Forest View - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Hot and cold- Northern hemisphere swung through temperature extremes - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Seeing The Big Picture - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Jewel, feds settle over gas emissions ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Mercury Debate Overshadows EPA Budget Hearing ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Political Meddling Hampers Fish and Wildlife Service Scientists ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Carbon Emissions Trading is New Weapon to Battle Global Warming ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: FERC Rules on Access to Proposed Alaska Gas Pipeline ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: 'Political' Science: The Rise of Junk Science and the Fall of Reason--An ENN Commentary ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: State Wolf Plan Awaits Live Test ... - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Study launched on air pollution  - BBC

2/16/2005: Toys for the music aficionado  - CNN
2/16/2005: IPodlounge Drunk With Success  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Collecting Geekabilia - Business Week

2/16/2005: FCC Posts Lists of Sites That Send Spam to Cell Phones

2/16/2005: PlayStation 3 chip has split personality   - C/Net
2/16/2005: Toshiba unveils high-density DRAM with floating-body cells - Silicon Strategies
2/16/2005: AMD readies 64-bit mobile platform, system builders ask "why?" - Silicon Strategies

2/16/2005: Gordon Bell: Computer Connoisseur - Business Week

2/16/2005: Online banking use soars  - CNN
2/16/2005: 'Spoofing' trick affects many web browsers - New Scientist
2/16/2005: For first time, analysts get inside glimpse of Google - Seattle Times
2/16/2005: Privacy-Assurance Seal Yanked  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Beta test anxiety  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Vigilantes launch attack on scam sites  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Browser Feature Could Make Scams Easier (AP)
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: More Identity Theft Offline Than Online
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Phishers Drop Hooks Into Smaller Streams (
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Shady Web of Affiliate Marketing
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Online retailers play pricing games
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Corporations Sue Google over Results for Competitors
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Web Search Sites See Clicks Add Up to Big Ad Dollars
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: HP tools would limit virus damage
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: EU to review Microsoft's ContentGuard deal
  - C/Net

2/16/2005: Court documents: Kazaa workers hate own software  - CNN
2/16/2005: Putting Eyeballs on Copyright Law  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Is SCO down for the count?  - C/Net

2/16/2005: New Laser Research Could Improve Oil Exploration Success- SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Test Set on Transmission That Could Save Fuel  - NY Times
2/16/2005: New cement works in Morocco to be powered by wind - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Energy Secretary Reaffirms Commitment to Building Nevada Nuclear Waste Dump ... - SpaceDaily

2/16/2005: The heart healer - New Scientist
2/16/2005: New Bedside Tool Gauges Mortality Risk In Heart Failure Patients - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients At Higher Risk For Unrecognized Heart Disease And Cardiac Sudden Death - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Cold Weather Hikes Blood Pressure, UF Scientist Warns - Science Daily
2/16/2005: A daily struggle 'My husband's 27-year battle with heart disease'  - BBC

2/16/2005: Sunlight Reduces Risk Of Lymph Gland Cancer - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Research Using Mouse Models Reveals A Novel Key Player In The Initiation Of Colon Cancer - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Drug trial targets bowel cancer  - BBC


2/16/2005: Key Trigger Of Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms Found - Science Daily

2/16/2005: Sex pheromone spray boosts senior romance - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Potentially Harmful Fluoride Levels Found In Some Instant Teas - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Testosterone Supplements For Elderly Men - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Yale Researcher Studying Acupuncture To Reduce Back Pain In Pregnancy - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Increased Risk Of Osteoporosis Associated With Gene That One In Five People Have - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Britons 'too worried over health'  - BBC
2/16/2005: Scots women snub midwife care  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/16/2005: Leprosy's decline caused by rise of TB - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Tech Solves Hope Diamond Mystery  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Teach Evolution: Leave No Child Behind -
2/16/2005: Family Trees Of Ancient Bacteria Reveal Evolutionary Moves - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Apollo's return trip  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Photos: Apollo's memory  - C/Net

2/16/2005: HP CEO forced out  - CNN
2/16/2005: What's next for HP?  - CNN
2/16/2005: Comcast to offer dating service  - CNN
2/16/2005: Prepare for impact from China IC makers, says free report  - El. Engr. Times
2/16/2005: Forget takeout, eat a print-out - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Global terrorism follows a power law - PhysicsWeb
2/16/2005: Business Before Pleasure: Emotions Play Key Role In Guiding Consumer Spending - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Hewlett-Packard ousts CEO Fiorina - Seattle Times
2/16/2005: Mocked by Fiorina, Hewlett fought to stop Compaq purchase - Seattle Times
2/16/2005: Breakup option could grow in appeal - Seattle Times
2/16/2005: Under Fiorina, a mixed record on tech - Seattle Times
2/16/2005: Worst. Ceo. Ever.  - Technology Review 
2/16/2005: Shady Web of Affiliate Marketing  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Iran Could Reverse Nuclear Policy Amid 'Psychological Warfare': Khatami - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Blair outlines election pledges  - BBC
2/16/2005: Tuned into students  - C/Net
2/16/2005: School RFID Plan Gets an F  - C/Net
2/16/2005: FC Now: Next-Gen Latchkey Kids-  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Video timeline of Carly's Tenure  - C/Net

2/16/2005: A broken heart harms your health  - Nature
2/16/2005: Positive Emotions Slash Bias, Help People See Big Picture Details - Science Daily
2/16/2005: How The Brain Creates False Memories - Science Daily
2/16/2005: New Component Of The 'Brakes' On Nerve Regeneration Found - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Herb 'as good as depression drug'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
2/16/2005: Forces of Creation: Black Holes Spark Star Formation-
2/16/2005: Rogue star shown the galactic door
 - New Scientist
2/16/2005: How 3D space survived the great destruction
 - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Astronomers Discover Beginnings Of 'Mini' Solar System
 - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Swift Sees Pinwheel Galaxy, Satellite Fully Operational
 - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Carbon World's Sparkle Like Diamonds
 - SpaceDaily



2/16/2005: Technical coup rescues Titan wind experiment - New Scientist
2/16/2005: In Computer Years, Apollo Replica's an Antique
  - NY Times
2/16/2005: An Architect's Wet-Cement Dream
  - Wired News
2/16/2005: Safe On Mars: Part I
 - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Space Race 2: Spaceflight Ad Hits TV
 - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Japan rejoins the space race  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Cassini in fourth flyby of Titan  - BBC
2/16/2005: Titan winds pounded Huygens
  - BBC
2/16/2005: New Rock Type Found at Mars ...
2/16/2005: Centre of Valles Marineris ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Twin Mars Rovers Still Making Progress ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: 02.15.05 - Twin Mars Rovers Continue Exploration Observations by Spirit show the rock contains significant amo ...
2/16/2005: Radishes and Rockets in Space ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: Space Race 2- New rules for space tourists ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: NASA's Twin Mars Rovers Continue Exploration ...
 - FirstScience
2/16/2005: SMART-1 Mission Extension Approved
 - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Scientists Release Audio Sent By Huygens During Titan Descent
 - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: ISS Crew Focus On Undocking Preparations, Robotic Arm Operations
 - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Solar Sail Spacecraft Launch Postponed
 - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Cassini Eyes Titan Again, For Fourth Time
 - SpaceDaily
2/16/2005: Pluto at 75: Still Crazy After All These Years

2/16/2005: Night-vision cameras turn night into day - New Scientist
2/16/2005: Water Filter Could Help Millions - Science Daily
2/16/2005: Is your TV virus-proof?  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Seeing new detail in old masters  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Vegas casino bets on RFID  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Chip designers focus on safety devices for cars  - C/Net
2/16/2005: Photos: Steering into the future
  - C/Net
2/16/2005: House approves electronic ID cards
  - C/Net


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