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  February 16, 2004

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Supernova Blast Bonanza In Nearby Galaxy - SpaceDaily  The nearby dwarf galaxy NGC 1569 is a hotbed of vigorous star birth activity which blows huge bubbles that riddle the main body of the galaxy. The galaxy's "star factories" are also manufacturing brilliant blue star clusters. This galaxy had a sudden and relatively recent onset of star birth about 25 million years ago, which subsided about the time the very earliest human ancestors appeared on Earth. In this new image, taken with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, the bubble structure is sculpted by the galactic super-winds and outflows caused by a colossal input of energy from collective supernova explosions that are linked with a massive episode of star birth. 
Increasing Greenhouse Gases Lead To Dramatic Thinning Of The Upper Atmosphere - SpaceDaily  The highest layers of the Earth's atmosphere are cooling and contracting, most likely in response to increasing levels of greenhouse gases, according to a new study by scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). This contraction could result in longer orbital lifetimes for both satellites and hazardous space debris. In a paper to be published February 5 in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Space Physics, John Emmert, Michael Picone, Judith Lean, and Stephen Knowles report that the average density of the thermosphere has decreased by about 10 percent during the past 35 years. The thermosphere is the highest layer in the atmosphere, and begins at an altitude of about 90 kilometers [60 miles].  

Nanotech Research Leads To New Semiconductor Manufacturing Techniques - SpaceDaily  Research findings published by University of Massachusetts Amherst scientists demonstrate how nanotechnology can be used in the manufacturing of very small integrated circuits, using supercritical fluids to transfer the three-dimensional structure of polymer templates into rigid, ceramic-like films. The findings appear in the January 23, 2004 issue of Science. As industry moves toward increasingly smaller dimensions for semiconductor chip making, materials that provide better electrical insulation for the intricate wiring structures are required. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/16/2004:†Not Your Fatherís Buffer: A Common Cleanser Is Cheaper And Faster Way To Separate DNA For Genetic Analysis - Science Daily
2/16/2004:†Rattlesnakes' rich social lives
  - BBC
2/16/2004:†Tiny scales weigh virus  - Nature
2/16/2004:†Curious mice need room to run  - Nature
2/16/2004:†U.S. Losing Edge in Stem Cell Research - ABC
2/16/2004:†Therapeutic Cloning Prompts Call for Ban - ABC
2/16/2004:†U.S. Losing Edge in Stem Cell Research - ABC
2/16/2004:†Stem Cell Procedure Mixes New, Old Ways - ABC

Climate, Environment:
2/16/2004:†Increasing Greenhouse Gases Lead To Dramatic Thinning Of The Upper Atmosphere - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†Cloud Forest Plants May Not Survive Climate Change - Science Daily
2/16/2004:†Fuel spill strikes World Heritage site - New Scientist
2/16/2004:†EU Commission Presents GMES Concept To European Parliament - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†Africa to Atlantic, Dust to Dust - SpaceDaily

2/16/2004:†Joy for Star Wars fans at plans for DVD trilogy box set  - BBC
2/16/2004:†AOL: Women 40+ biggest Web gamers  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Gamers can take football to the streets  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†A few online games can be priceless  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Nintendo's next-generation plans  - C/Net

2/16/2004:†Nokia mobile lets you see, as well as listen to, the radio  - BBC
2/16/2004:†VoIP to get a Capitol Hill grilling  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Wi-Fi market surges on consumer sales  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Has telecom's 'next big thing' arrived?  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Annoying ... But They Brrring in the Money  - Wired News

2/16/2004:†90-nm complexity may not raise per-die costs - Silicon Strategies
2/16/2004:†Chip Innovation - Business Week
2/16/2004:†Sun to discuss next-generation 'Rock' chip  - C/Net

2/16/2004:†Enveloped by Eight - ABC
2/16/2004:†The iMac Needs to Lose Its Head - Business Week
2/16/2004:†Intel unveils software-tuning tools  - C/Net

2/16/2004:†Be my valentine: Growing numbers of people looking for love on the internet  - BBC
2/16/2004:†Chat trap: One teenager's scary experience in an internet chatroom  - BBC
2/16/2004:†The 'Don't Spam' Dupe - ABC

2/16/2004:†The Different Spins on Online Piracy - ABC
2/16/2004:†Cracked Windows - ABC
2/16/2004:†Lindows wins one against Microsoft  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Life goes on for Linux users  - C/Net

2/16/2004:†How Plants Split Water Could Provide Key To Our Future Energy Needs - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†Scientists Develop New Hydrogen Reactor - ABC

2/16/2004:†Choco-Life? - ABC
2/16/2004:†Video: Dietary Recommendations for Heart Disease - ABC

2/16/2004:†Spread of skin cancer predicted  - BBC

2/16/2004:†Yellowstone Bison to Get Brucellosis Shots - ABC
2/16/2004:†Scientists Study Tissue From Old Corpses to Prevent Outbreaks - ABC
2/16/2004:†Delaware Chickens Killed Over Bird Flu - ABC
2/16/2004:†Drawback of HIV pregnancy care
2/16/2004:†Gates Foundation Gives $83 Million for TB Vaccine - Seattle Times
2/16/2004:†Gates Fund Donates $82.9M for TB Shots - ABC 

2/16/2004:†Early Fevers Associated With Lower Allergy Risk Later In Childhood - Science Daily
2/16/2004:†Take Our Latest Quiz - ABC
2/16/2004:†Iron-Clad Solutions to Anemia - ABC
2/16/2004:†Smoking 'a blight on fertility'  - BBC
2/16/2004:†GPs warned over tranquillisers  - BBC
2/16/2004:†Smoking outside 'harms children'  - BBC
2/16/2004:†The Rabbi's Campaign Against Genetic Illness
 - New Scientist

2/16/2004:†Malnutrition Leaves Obesity Time Bomb - ABC
2/16/2004:†Atkins' Records Ignite Another Diet Fight - ABC
2/16/2004:†Doctors issue warning on obesity  - BBC
2/16/2004:†Atkins widow condemns claims diet guru was obese  - BBC
2/16/2004:†Chronic cough hits women harder  - BBC
2/16/2004:†Becoming a family: Keeping your relationship alive after you've had kids  - BBC
2/16/2004:†Corneal map gives fresh view of the eye  - Nature
2/16/2004:†Nation's Food Banks Emphasize Nutrition - ABC

History, Anthropology:
2/16/2004:†Ohio Board OKs Evolution Lesson Plans - ABC
2/16/2004:†Salvagers struggle to raise Nazi ship - MSNBC
2/16/2004:†Catapult Makers: Rock Stars of Antiquity - Nat'l. Geo. News

2/16/2004:†Index funds that charge excessive fees draw scrutiny - Seattle Times
2/16/2004:†Health Care Spending Said $1.7 Trillion - ABC
2/16/2004:†Studies: Kids Still Riding in Front Seats - ABC
2/16/2004:†Weird science: Is the grass always greener on the other side?  - BBC
2/16/2004:†Comcast offers $66 billion for Disney  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†SanDisk pictures memory cards for less  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†SanDisk ships 1GB Secure Digital card  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Why airwaves should be deregulated  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Think globally, save your job locally  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†HP raises the stakes on itself  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Venture capitalists: double-digit dealmakers  - C/Net
2/16/2004:†Louisiana Professor Receives $1.8 Million For Cybersecurity Research - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†NKorea denies nuclear deal with Pakistan - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†India tests anti-aircraft Trident missile - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†Russia launches nuclear war games - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†US raps China over Taiwan missile build up - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†Israel to invest in Poland's Gdynia shipyards - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†Will the Magic Kingdom Be Ruled by the Kings of Porn?  - Wired News
2/16/2004:†NBC Nixes Bush-Cheney Online Video Clip  - Wired News

2/16/2004:†Newborn Brain Injuries Stem From Infections, Not Delivery - Science Daily
2/16/2004:†Researchers Pinpoint Brain Areas That Process Reality, Illusion - SpaceDaily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/16/2004:†Supernova Blast Bonanza In Nearby Galaxy - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†Mastering space-time


2/16/2004:†New ARCS Robot 'Brain' Jump-Starts Automation  - El. Engr. Times

2/16/2004:†Mars Rover Pictures Raise 'Blueberry Muffin' Questions - Science Daily
2/16/2004:†Cosmic Log:  Space for sale
2/16/2004:†"Heavy Metal" Snow On Blazing Venus Is Lead Sulfide - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†"Aloha, Mars": The Ready Rock Reckoner Model Of Mars - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†An Odyssey of Mars Science: Part 3 - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†The Imperial Martian Wardrobe Malfunctions - SpaceDaily

2/16/2004:†Nanotech Research Leads To New Semiconductor Manufacturing Techniques - SpaceDaily
2/16/2004:†Critical report on bullet analysis issued - MSNBC


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