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  February 15, 2006

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Olga Mena Theorists claim dark energy does not exist - PhysicsWeb  Most cosmologists believe that the universe is dominated by "dark energy" -- a mysterious form of energy that could explain why the universe is expanding and accelerating at the same time. Now, however, theoretical physicists have studied a new model of gravity that can, they claim, account for the acceleration of the universe without any need for dark energy. Their model relies instead on modifications to the way that gravity behaves at ultra-large cosmological distances (Phys. Rev. Lett. 96 041103).      
The Growing Habitable Zone: Locations for Life Abound - Space.com  Traditionally, this zone has been defined as a narrow disk around a star where temperatures are moderate enough that water on the surface of a planet can exist in a liquid form. The idea is that where liquid water exists, life might arise. Beginning in the latter half of the 20th century, new information began to emerge that challenged the traditional view. Scientists on Earth began finding rugged organisms thriving in harsh conditions that were off-limits to most other creatures.     

Rainbow trout hatchlings

Sperm cells from male fish turned into eggs - MSNBC  Left: Rainbow trout hatchlings, 8 months old, were produced from spermatogonia stem cells.  Scientists have tricked male fish cells that were destined to become sperm into switching sex and becoming eggs instead. The technique could one day be used to quickly produce animals with desired traits, speed up breeding programs and help repopulate dwindling populations of endangered species or creating sushi on demand, the researchers said. "Even if the species is extinct, we can restore them by transplanting them into closely related species," Goro said.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/15/2005: Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Study Launched Nationwide By National Institutes Of Health - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Neuronal Receptor Response May Help Explain Alzheimer's Memory Loss
 - Science Daily

2/15/2005: Sperm cells from male fish turned into eggs  - MSNBC
2/15/2005: France adopts EU regulations on GM crop trials ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Researchers assemble second non-human primate genome ...  - Physics Org

Climate, Environment:
2/15/2005: Climate 'warmest for millennium'  - BBC
2/15/2005: Climate 'makes oil profit vanish'  - BBC
2/15/2005: Oil's hidden cost: Do oil taxes make it hard for the West to curb climate change?  - BBC
2/15/2005: Third Kyoto pollution scheme close to launch ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: UK seen split on key climate change proposal ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Climate change threat to reef not overstated- Institute ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Global warming a major health risk - scientists ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Evangelicals urge action on global warming ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Bush Budget Slashes Environmental Programs Across-the-Board; Clean Water, Clean Air, Toxic Clean-Ups Suffer Bi ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Water quality restrictions ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Treasury urged to promote eco-friendly lifestyles ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Volcanic Signatures Persist In Oceans - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Medieval Diaries Aid Scientists Ascertain Increase In Hot Spots Due To Global Warming - Science Daily

2/15/2005: Toy cos. to push high-tech items at fair - Seattle Times
2/15/2005: Yes, Videogames Are Addictive...  - Technology Review 
2/15/2005: [7 Comments]  - Technology Review 
2/15/2005: Wonders Never Cease at Demo  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Wired News Launches Podcasts  - Wired News
2/15/2005: • Promising Pitches at Demo 2006 - Business Week
2/15/2005: 'Resident Evil 4' nabs game-of-year award
- C/Net
2/15/2005: Games that stick it to 'The Man'
  - C/Net

2/15/2005: Wi-Fi Wonks Fon Home
  - Wired News
2/15/2005: • Inside the BlackBerry "Workaround"
 - Business Week
2/15/2005: • Rupert Wants to Out-Cable Cable
 - Business Week
2/15/2005: BlackBerry brinkmanship
- C/Net

2/15/2005: Powerful video-game chip to run IBM computer servers - Seattle Times

2/15/2005: Think Different for Rad Tablet PC  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Travels with My Mac

2/15/2005: Craigslist accused of running biased ads - Seattle Times
2/15/2005: Google's new feature — with a catch - Seattle Times
2/15/2005: Group says Yahoo gave China information used to jail government critic - Seattle Times
2/15/2005: Influx of visitors to Zillow.com crashes Web site - Seattle Times
2/15/2005: The Net Effect of Neutrality  - Technology Review 
2/15/2005: What's the Matter with Yahoo?  - Technology Review 
2/15/2005: They Saved the Internet's Soul
  - Wired News 
2/15/2005: Webmonkey First Look: IE7 Preview
  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Transfer Your Data, for a Price
  - Wired News
2/15/2005: • Outrunning China's Web Cops
 - Business Week
2/15/2005: Advertisers may face public humiliation over adware
- C/Net
2/15/2005: New service updates photo sites remotely
- C/Net
2/15/2005: Warriors unite Angry anti-spyware campaigners issue a call to arms
  - BBC
2/15/2005: Privacy fears hit Google search
  - BBC
2/15/2005: Spyware warriors call for action

2/15/2005: Antitrust concerns over Vista are raised - Seattle Times
2/15/2005: EU denies Microsoft request for e-mails in antitrust case - Seattle Times
2/15/2005: • Can MTV Stay Cool? - Business Week
2/15/2005: Musical taste 'swayed by peers'  - BBC

2/15/2005: Energy reshapes China's priorities - Seattle Times
2/15/2005: Alt-Energy Workers Bushwhacked  - Wired News

2/15/2005: Scientists Testing Stem Cells For Peripheral Artery Disease - Science Daily

2/15/2005: Veggies Contain Chemicals That Boost DNA Repair And Protect Against Cancer - Science Daily

2/15/2005: Scientists Image Viruses as They Infect - Live Science
2/15/2005: Intimate Kissing Quadruples Risk Of Meningitis In Teenagers - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Anti-HIV Drug Has Potential To Prevent Transmission In Women - Science Daily

2/15/2005: Girls Equal, Exceed Boys in Substance Abuse - Live Science

2/15/2005: Snogging many 'risks meningitis'  - BBC
2/15/2005: No evidence jet lag remedy works  - BBC
2/15/2005: Call to let doctors have work nap  - BBC
2/15/2005: Many New Immigrants To U.S. Change Diet -- And Not For The Better - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/15/2005: Science losing war over evolution ...  - Physics Org
2/15/2005: Pharaonic tomb find stuns Egypt  - BBC

2/15/2005: Stopping Roadside Bombs  - Technology Review 
2/15/2005: Coders Bare Invasion Death Count  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Fighting Fat-Wallet Syndrome  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Takeoff Delay Slows Secure Flight  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Rants 'n' Raves: Pods and Domes  - Wired News
2/15/2005: China seeks great leap forward in science ... - MSNBC
2/15/2005: Cosmic Log: Dismal science at the Games ... - MSNBC
2/15/2005: China aims to be one of science powers in world ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: China sets goal for developing science, technology in 15 years ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: China to remarkably increase investment in science, technology ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: China to boost science, tech spending to 2.5 percent of GDP ...  - Physics Org
2/15/2005: DVD Review: Dune - Extended Edition ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: • Rich Returns in Chip Equipment - Business Week
2/15/2005: Police blotter: Patriot Act e-mail spying approved- C/Net
2/15/2005: Science: NASA ramps up research challenges- C/Net
2/15/2005: Halfway point passed by Fossett  - BBC
2/15/2005: Who on earth...: Why making 'wanted' posters is such a subtle art  - BBC
2/15/2005: Vonage: An IPO filing like it's 1999  - C/Net
2/15/2005: The anti-control freak at IBM  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Fresh U.S. outrage ahead of China Internet hearings  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Perspective: A vaporware battle royale
  - C/Net
2/15/2005: If food smells good, it’s good for you
2/15/2005: The Lover's Moon: Go Ahead and Swoon
 - Space.com
2/15/2005: Pilot Steve Fossett Breaks Flight Record
 - Space.com

2/15/2005: Altruistic Love Related to Happier Marriages - Live Science
2/15/2005: Depressed mice recover with molecular therapy- C/Net
2/15/2005: It's In The Genes: Study Opens Door To New Treatment Of The Blues - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Late Pregnancy Use Of SSRI Antidepressant Medication May Affect Fetus - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/15/2005: Theorists claim dark energy does not exist - PhysicsWeb
2/15/2005: Chinese scientists forecast colorful astronomical phenomena in 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: World's Fastest Image Processor Aids Search For Elusive Form Of Matter
 - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Rutgers Researchers 'Rewrite The Book' In Quantum Statistical Physics
 - Science Daily


2/15/2005: An Ibsen Classic ... With Robots!  - Wired News

2/15/2005: The Growing Habitable Zone: Locations for Life Abound - Space.com
2/15/2005: Young Enceladus ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Mineta: Space Tourism May Come in 2008 ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Kaboom! Ancient Impacts Scarred Moon To Its Core, May Have Created 'Man In The Moon' - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Stardust Mission Succeeds in Returning Comet Dust; Star Systems Hint at Possibility of Sun's Nemesis ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Mars Rover At 'Home Plate' ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: NASA Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity Update 10 February 2006 ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day: Tithonium Landslide ...
 - FirstScience

2/15/2005: Plastic Logic joins publishers' 'e-reader' project
  - El. Engr. Times
2/15/2005: The why of wine  - MSNBC
2/15/2005: NASA unveils its toughest challenges yet  - New Scientist
2/15/2005: Georgia Tech Develops Technology For More Compact, Inexpensive Spectrometers
 - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Chemists Cook Up New Strain Of Carbon Nanotubes
 - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Lenses of Liquid  - Technology Review 
2/15/2005: Kodak tops U.S. digital-camera market - Business Week
2/15/2005: A New Way Of Looking At Molecular Motors - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Radiologic Signs More Than Double Sensitivity Of MRIs - Science Daily
2/15/2005: New Georgia Tech Probe Revolutionizes Nano Imaging - Science Daily



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