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  February 15, 2005

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Best Way to Make Mars Habitable: Inject Greenhouse Gas -  Artificially created gases could be 10,000 times more effective than carbon dioxide in warming up the Red Planet, the study determined. The gases that would work the best are flourines and could be made from elements readily available on Mars. Adding 300 parts per million of the gas mixture into the Martian air would trigger a runaway greenhouse effect, according to the models.     
New Technology Could Make TV More Exciting - SpaceDaily  Left:  The new technology overlays virtual shelves and a virtual table on to a real kitchen. More images. Credit: Oxford University.  As the camera moves, the system picks out landmarks as reference points and makes a map of their 3D locations against which to measure its position. As well as TV and video applications, the technology under development could provide low-cost, high-performance navigation for domestic robots. It could also be incorporated into video games or wearable computing, e.g. for use in dangerous environments, where it could confirm the wearer's location and allow relevant guidance to be overlaid onto their view of surroundings.

Viagra Effectively Treats Enlarged Hearts, Mouse Study Shows - Science Daily    Researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that sildenafil citrate (Viagra), a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in millions of men, effectively treats enlarged hearts in mice, stopping further muscle growth from occurring and reversing existing growth, including the cellular and functional damage it created. Sildenafil, Kass says, was the focus of his research because it blocks or stops an enzyme, called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5A), involved in the breakdown of a key molecule, cyclic GMP, which serves as a "natural brake" to stresses and overgrowth in the heart. The Johns Hopkins findings are the first to show that sildenafil is an effective treatment for a chronic heart condition.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/15/2005: Evidence Of Waterfowl Mediated Gene-flow In Aquatic Invertebrates - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Wisconsin Scientists Find Portal To Show Animals Evolve
 - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Single Stem Cells From Bone Heal A Broken Heart - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Marsh-dwelling Mole Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Fast Food' - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Animal Gene Makes Hardier Tomatoes  - Wired News
2/15/2005: California Bill Proposes a Ban on Cloned Pets  - Wired News
2/15/2005: 'Baby 81' Undergoes DNA Tests in Sri Lanka ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Science intends to tag all life  - BBC
2/15/2005: Plant biotech goes open-source  - BBC
2/15/2005: Fowl play suspected as dead chickens land on Sydney rooftops  - BBC
2/15/2005: Stem cell newborn heart aid hope  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
2/15/2005: Major Caribbean Earthquakes And Tsunamis A Real Risk - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Assessment Of Recent Rapid Land-cover Change Yields Portraits Of Global Human Impact - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Transgenic Plants Remove More Selenium From Contaminated Soil Than Wild-type Plants, New Field Tests Show - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Chinese company mulls investing in Ecija's Balintingon dam project ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Dimas: EU will 'lead by example' on climate change ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Green Party to hold series of seminars on EU constitution ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Greenhouse gas to be used in oil production ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: EU Won't Set Post-2012 Emissions Goal Now --Document ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: EU attacked over new post-Kyoto strategy - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: The Impact Of Satellite Technology On Maritime Legislation - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Tsunami Death Toll Tops 295,000 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Seismic Network Could Improve Disaster Response - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Bear study sparks climate fears  - BBC
2/15/2005: Ratings show how green cars are  - BBC

2/15/2005: Kill as the Romans Kill  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Video or still? Picture both  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Photos: Hybrid shooters  - C/Net
2/15/2005: iPod not yet Sirius about radio  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Players test limits of 'World of Warcraft'  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Hasbro unveils phone-like device for kids  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Double dose of 'Doom' due in April
  - C/Net

2/15/2005: BT boosts its broadband packages
2/15/2005: Mobiles 'not media players yet'
  - BBC
2/15/2005: See Spot talk on a cell phone
  - C/Net
2/15/2005: MasterCard Uses Cell Phones to Fight Fraud
  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Telecom execs go to Washington
  - C/Net

2/15/2005: Intel to ship 64-bit Pentium 4 processors this month - Silicon Strategies
2/15/2005: Intel helps build low-power transistor  - C/Net

2/15/2005: Mac Mini: a true 21st century Trojan horse  - C/Net

2/15/2005: FCC Posts Lists of Sites That Send Spam to Cell Phones  - Technology Review 
2/15/2005: Village website's porn link shock  - BBC
2/15/2005: Yahoo unveils test toolbar for Firefox  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Symantec flaw leaves opening for viruses  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Amazon invests in blogging site  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Google's chef speaks, but not its finance officer  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Spyware takes aim at Mozilla browsers
  - C/Net

2/15/2005: Michael Robertson Unveils Linux Music Service, Home Media Hub  - Technology Review 
2/15/2005: Pre-Oscar piracy is escalating  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Judge slams SCO's lack of evidence against IBM  - C/Net
2/15/2005: You there, at the computer- Pay attention  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Microsoft heralds study on customer legal protections  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Sunbird takes wing  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Data in motion  - C/Net


2/15/2005: Viagra Effectively Treats Enlarged Hearts, Mouse Study Shows  - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Phobic Anxiety Increases Heart Disease Death Risk Among Women - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Bad news really can 'break your heart', researchers say  - BBC

2/15/2005: New Treatment Rivals Chemotherapy For Lymphoma, Study Finds - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Third Of European Cancer Patients Use Complementary And Alternative Therapies - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Two Studies Find Evidence That Sunlight May Have Beneficial Influence On Cancer - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Drug trial targets bowel cancer  - BBC

2/15/2005: Blocking Cell Signaling Can Stymie Viral Infections, Study Shows - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Varicella Vaccine Effective On Chicken Pox; Impact On Herpes Zoster Unclear - Science Daily
2/15/2005: UF Researchers Map Bacterial Proteins That Cause Tooth Loss - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Clones causing MRSA problem  - BBC

2/15/2005: Mutation Makes Rats More Sensitive to Alcohol  - Scientific American

2/15/2005: Premature Births From Inflammation And Infection Rapidly Detected By Proteomics Technology - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Spray to boost female sex drive  - BBC
2/15/2005: Have Your Say: Will healthy school dinners tempt children away from chips?  - BBC
2/15/2005: Head start: Simple ideas to help your baby's early development  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/15/2005: Family trees of ancient bacteria reveal evolutionary moves ... - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Bacteria battle: Ancient human remains suggest TB killed off leprosy  - BBC
2/15/2005: Darwin challenged: US school under attack for teaching that world was "designed"  - BBC

2/15/2005: Art Unfurls in Central Park  - Wired News
2/15/2005: The New Magnum Force  - Wired News
2/15/2005: IBM Debuts Bio-Surveillance Software  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Russia, US To Sign Accord On Portable Anti-Aircraft Missiles - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: New DHS Pick Faces Cyber Dilemma - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Rice did her best to patch up relations with Europe, says US press - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: PoliSci: Inflation Cuts Research Budget - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Inside an Ouster - Business Week
2/15/2005: Can Anyone Save HP- - Business Week
2/15/2005: Where Fiorina Went Wrong - Business Week
2/15/2005: Why S&P Is Standing Pat on HP - Business Week
2/15/2005: Leading HP after Fiorina  - C/Net
2/15/2005: HP's next top exec  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Fiorina's fuzzy vision  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Fiorina's reign: What went wrong?  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Your take: Carly's legacy  - C/Net

2/15/2005: Promise Of 'Bladder Pacemaker' For People With Spinal Cord Injury - Science Daily
2/15/2005: 'Libido Meter' May Be First Sexual-Arousal Gauge - Nat'l. Geo. News
2/15/2005: Foundation shift How a mental health trust is aiming to join the NHS elite  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
2/15/2005: Star Wants Out of Milky Way  - Wired News
2/15/2005: Astronomers Discover Stellar Outcast ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Some Extrasolar Planets May Be Made of Diamonds ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Rogue star shown the galactic door ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: First Stellar Outcast Speeding at Over 1.5 Million Miles Per Hour ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Tiny Brown Dwarf's Disk May Form Miniature Solar System ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: New Twist Put On Spin Hall Effect
 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Astronomers Discover Beginnings Of 'Mini' Solar System
 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: 'Hello, I Must Be Going': Speeding Star Set to Escape Our Galaxy
2/15/2005: Diamond Planets: Rich Possibilities for Other Worlds
2/15/2005: Strange Miniature 'Solar Systems' Revealed


2/15/2005: William 'Red' Whittaker- A Man and His Machines

2/15/2005: Best Way to Make Mars Habitable: Inject Greenhouse Gas -
2/15/2005: New Russian spacecraft on show in France in June
 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Nigeria to launch communication satellite in 2006: minister
 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Space Entrepreneurs To Create Industry Group To Promote Safety Standards
 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Director James Cameron Works with NASA on Future Mars Mission
2/15/2005: Personal Spaceflight Leaders Eye New Federation
2/15/2005: A Spiral Stairway to the Moon and Beyond
2/15/2005: Technical coup rescues Titan wind experiment
  - C/Net
2/15/2005: Sweet success for Ariane 5 Heavy rocket
 - New Scientist
2/15/2005: NASA selects shuttle's heat-shield repair kits
 - New Scientist
2/15/2005: NASA And The Universe Send A Celestial Valentine ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: Preparations for the launch of the 11th resident crew to the International Space Station (ISS) have begu ...
 - FirstScience
2/15/2005: info convergence ...
 - FirstScience

2/15/2005: New Technology Could Make TV More Exciting - SpaceDaily
2/15/2005: Sensor Technology At Case Western Reserve University Can Help Uncover Package Tampering - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Temple Researcher Attempting To Create Cyclic Ozone - Science Daily
2/15/2005: Smart scanner helps elderly shop  - C/Net


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