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  February 15, 2004

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Vision Team Meets Today: Inside Bush's Space Committee - Space.com  I see this time as an important moment where we either do it or just give up.
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson  
Tyson was appointed in late January to serve on a nine-member commission that will report back to the White House in four months on how NASA should go about getting astronauts back on the Moon by 2020 and then sending them on to Mars. The Presidential Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy has its first meeting today
New Study Shows How Black Holes Get Their "Kicks" - SpaceDaily  When black holes collide, look out! The "kick" that occurs during the collision could knock the black hole clear out of its galaxy. A new study describes the consequences of such an intergalactic collision. Astrophysicist David Merritt, professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, and co-authors Milos Milosavljevic (Caltech), Marc Favata (Cornell University), Scott Hughes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Daniel Holz (University of Chicago) explore the consequences of kicks induced by gravitational waves in their article, "Consequences of Gravitational Radiation Recoil," recently submitted to the Astrophysical Journal and posted online here.   

Scientists Find Ozone-destroying Molecule - SpaceDaily  For years, scientists theorized that a molecule called ClOOCl in the stratosphere played a key role in destroying ozone. Now, using measurements from a NASA aircraft laboratory flying over the Arctic, Harvard scientist Rick Stimpfle and colleagues observed the molecule for the first time. They report their discovery in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, published by the American Geophysical Union. "We knew from observations dating from 1987, that the high ozone loss was linked with high [levels of] chlorine monoxide, but we had never actually detected the ClOOCl before," Stimpfle said in an interview. 

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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/15/2004: Pigeons take the highway  - Nature
2/15/2004: Human Clone Produces Stem Cells
  - Wired News
2/15/2004: The Truth Behind Fear and Cloning  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
2/15/2004: Scientists Find Ozone-destroying Molecule - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: Quake in California desert predicted - MSNBC
2/15/2004: Call of the Dwindling Wild Returns Zoo Bongos to Home  - NY Times


2/15/2004: Bluetooth phones at risk from 'snarfing'- C/Net
2/15/2004: Access boxes target last-mile E'net copper links  - El. Engr. Times

2/15/2004: AMD suddenly in the chips  - CNN
2/15/2004: Fake AMD chips seized in Asia  - C/Net
2/15/2004: Designers wary as IBM embraces statistical timing- C/Net
2/15/2004: Efforts to achieve 157-nm immersion still afloat  - El. Engr. Times
2/15/2004: What a Little Red Light Can Do  - Wired News

2/15/2004: Intel unveils products for faster storage  - C/Net
2/15/2004: HP upgrades Media Center desktops  - C/Net

2/15/2004: 'Doomjuice' worm emerges  - CNN
2/15/2004: Internet persuasion: Web marketing gains strength - Seattle Times
2/15/2004: Net-Access Tax Ban: Déjà Vu Again  - Wired News

2/15/2004: Part of Microsoft source code for Windows leaked over the Internet - Seattle Times
2/15/2004: Windows Source Code Leaks Online  - Wired News
2/15/2004: Groklaw's Jones Looks Beyond SCO  - Wired News
2/15/2004: Australian Law Makes ISPs Liable for Copyright  - Wired News
2/15/2004: Paris Eyes Open Source Switch  - Wired News


2/15/2004: Out of the Blue, a Lightning Bolt to the Heart  - NY Times
2/15/2004: 'Bat Saliva' Drug And New MRI Techniques Offer Hope For Acute Stroke Treatment - Science Daily

2/15/2004: Asbestos cancer hits family again  - BBC

2/15/2004: Legionnaire's outbreak charges  - BBC
2/15/2004: US bird flu under microscope  - Nature
2/15/2004: Bacteria Lingering In Body May Pose Future Food Poisoning Risks, Stanford Study Finds - Science Daily
2/15/2004: Beating Back the Next Pandemic  - Wired News


2/15/2004: The new Atkins? How the bushtucker diet is really quite healthy  - BBC
2/15/2004: Caution call on 'maverick' claims  - BBC
2/15/2004: Stem cells 'could boost breasts'  - BBC
2/15/2004: Warning over clingfilm 'condoms'
2/15/2004: Holiday treat: India wants to attract tourists for cheap medical treatment  - BBC
2/15/2004: E.P.A. Raises Estimate of Babies Affected by Mercury Exposure  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Just a Few Simple Steps Can Keep the Air Flowing Freely  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Vital Signs: Habits: Attacking Mortality in Your Sleep  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Q & A: Calculating Health Risks  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Books on Health: Healing an Error-Prone Medical System  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Research on Day Care Finds Few Timeouts  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Newsletter Addresses Medicare Questions  - NY Times
2/15/2004: A Home Away From Home for Dying Children
  - NY Times
2/15/2004: New Data Show Botulinum Toxin Type A To Be Highly Effective Treatment For Excessive Sweating
 - Science Daily
2/15/2004: A Little Stress May Go A Long Way Toward Boosting Skin's Immunity
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/15/2004: Lady with the lamp: Who is the Crimea nurse who is the greatest black Briton?  - BBC
2/15/2004: World Famous Rock Paintings Three-times Older Than Previously Thought - Science Daily
2/15/2004: Astronomers Unravel A Mystery From The Dark Ages - SpaceDaily

2/15/2004: A Quiet Comeback for DoubleClick - Business Week
2/15/2004: Why IBM Called in the Consultants - Business Week
2/15/2004: Consulting, With a Research Twist - Business Week
2/15/2004: An Upstart's Take on Biotech's Ills - Business Week
2/15/2004: Disney turns away visitors on Segways  - CNN
2/15/2004: Michigan caucuses drew 46,000 online voters  - CNN
2/15/2004: Indians fearing repercussions of U.S. technology outsourcing  - NY Timest
2/15/2004: Who's following your car?  - C/Net
2/15/2004: Government agency exposes day care data - MSNBC
2/15/2004: At last, cell phone service connects in Baghdad - USA Today
2/15/2004: Pollution Is Blamed for Thinner Air at Edge of Atmosphere  - NY Times
2/15/2004: New Germ Labs Stir Debate Over Secrecy and Safety  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Beyond Brrr: The Elusive Science of Cold  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Slide Show: Beyond Brrr  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Fed chief: Pay for tax cuts by trimming Social Security - Seattle Times
2/15/2004: Bush distances himself from job-loss comment - Seattle Times
2/15/2004: Comcast's bid for Disney has implications for millions - Seattle Times
2/15/2004: Columbia To Establish Government Biological Information Site - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: North Korea ready to be flexible on nuclear issue, Indonesian envoy says - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: Marshalls critical of "secret" U.S. nuclear study cut - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: British FM says scale of Pakistani nuclear proliferation still unknown - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: British FM says scale of Pakistani nuclear proliferation still unknown - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: North Korea hits out at "double standards" over nuclear weapons - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: UN inspectors find design for advanced centrifuges in Iran - diplomats - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: New team of US arms experts likely in Libya this weekend - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: Iranian FM denies Tehran sought nuclear weapons
 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: Blair says will wait for UN report on Iran before judging nuclear claims
 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: Iran still seeking nuclear weapons - Armitage
 - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: Foes Assault Passenger Screening
  - Wired News
2/15/2004: Keep Your Patents off Our Plants
  - Wired News

2/15/2004: A Mind Emerges Joyfully After Years Lost in a Cloud  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Parkinson's Research Focuses on Links to Genes and Toxins  - NY Times
2/15/2004: MIT Team Discovers Memory Mechanism - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/15/2004: New Study Shows How Black Holes Get Their "Kicks" - SpaceDaily
2/15/2004: Gravitational Lens Reveals Heart Of A Distant Galaxy
 - SpaceDaily



2/15/2004: Vision Team Meets Today: Inside Bush's Space Committee - Space.com
2/15/2004: Astronomer fleshes out space vision
2/15/2004: Martian 'pebbles' don't prove watery past  - Nature
2/15/2004: With Mars Orbiter's Help, NASA Pinpoints 2nd Rover  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Join a Discussion on Space Exploration  - NY Times
2/15/2004: NASA Rebuts New Criticism Over Hubble  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Letters  - NY Times
2/15/2004: About the Hubble  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Applicability of CAIB Findings  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Risk Considerations  - NY Times
2/15/2004: How the Red Planet Came Down With the Pink Blues  - NY Times
2/15/2004: Healthy Spirit Cleans A Mars Rock; Opportunity Rolls - Science Daily
2/15/2004: NASA's Revamped Mission Management Team Prepares for the Future - Seattle Times
2/15/2004: British, European Space Agencies Open Inquiry into Beagle 2 Loss - Seattle Times
2/15/2004: Shifts in Political Winds Biggest Challenge to Bush's Space Vision Team - Space.com
2/15/2004: Layers in Mars Rocks Offer Formation Clues - Space.com
2/15/2004: Interplanetary International Internet Launched - Space.com
2/15/2004: Mystery Continues- Scientists Baffled by Spheres on Mars - Space.com
2/15/2004: Lack of Cash Could Doom Mars Plan
  - Wired News



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