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  February 14, 2006

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NASA Unveils FY 2007 Budget Request - SpaceDaily  NASA has unveiled a proposed budget for fiscal year 2007 that strongly promotes the Bush administration’s long-term goals for human space exploration, while requesting modest increases for or postponing the scheduled start of robotic missions. The request also redirects aeronautical research and reinforces the administration’s determination to retire the space shuttle  fleet within five years and extract U.S. involvement in the International Space Station. The agency’s FY07 request totals $16.8 billion, technically a 3.2 percent increase over last year, but that figure does not include emergency supplemental funding to deal with damage to NASA facilities from Hurricane Katrina in September 2005. Compared with last year’s total, including those funds, the increase is only 1 percent. For FY07, NASA is requesting about $3.1 billion for the space exploration initiative.  
Panspermia:- A Radiating Experience - SpaceDaily  In this interview with Astrobiology Magazine, Gerda Horneck of the German Aerospace Center discusses the effects of space radiation on life. She has spent her career studying the controversial concept of Panspermia – that life could be transported between different planets by meteorites. She has also looked at issues faced by human astronauts as they venture into space and explore other worlds. "Nearly 40 years ago, when I earned my Ph.D. My supervisor wrote the first German book on the origin of life. He asked me in my examination, 'If DNA could be transported from the Earth to another planet, would that be sufficient to start life?' That was the first time I was confronted with this type of question." Since then, astrobiology has become very popular, and I think I have maybe contributed a little bit to that.    

Brain Changes Significantly After Age 18, Says Dartmouth Research - Science Daily  Left: The above image illustrates where the brain matured during the study participants' freshman year. Specifically, changes were observed in the cingulate (blue, yellow), caudate (red), and insula (orange). (Image courtesy of Abigail Baird and Craig Bennett)  Two Dartmouth researchers are one step closer to defining exactly when human maturity sets in. In a study aimed at identifying how and when a person's brain reaches adulthood, the scientists have learned that, anatomically, significant changes in brain structure continue after age 18. The changes were localized to regions of the brain known to integrate emotion and cognition. "The brain of an 18-year-old college freshman is still far from resembling the brain of someone in their mid-twenties," says Bennett. "When do we reach adulthood? It might be much later than we traditionally think."    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/14/2005: NIH to launch major genetics project - MSNBC
2/14/2005: Mice shrug off bullies
  - Nature
2/14/2005: Make me a hipporoo - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Proteins' Subtle 'Backrub' Motion Could Have Important Implications - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Scientists Discover Dozens Of New Species In 'Lost World' Of Western New Guinea - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Scientists Discover Dozens Of New Species In 'Lost World' Of Western New Guinea - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Not Just The Birds: Introduced Foxes Throw A Wrench In The Food Web - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Removing DNA Repair Gene Causes Metabolic Syndrome - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Sex? It's Costly But Worth It. Just Ask A Microbe - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Capturing The Electrical Activity Of Sperm: Experiments Pin Down Target For A Male Contraceptive - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/14/2005: Methane burps disproved?  - Nature
2/14/2005: Uganda pulls plug on Lake Victoria - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Krakatoa eruption cooled the world - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Constructal Theory Predicts Global Climate Patterns In Simple Way - Science Daily

2/14/2005: Demo '06 on display  - C/Net
2/14/2005: Sony i.Link portable DVD+-RW drive for $99.99  - C/Net
2/14/2005: Processors: Fast fingernail-size card to hold 1GB of memory- C/Net
2/14/2005: Half baked- Rumor: Large-screen iPod in the works- C/Net
2/14/2005: Playing's quick, easy with 'casual games'  - CNN
2/14/2005: Dizzying array of products at Demo  - CNN
2/14/2005: Apple unveils $149 iPod nano
  - CNN
2/14/2005: Samsung develops 1-Gbyte micro memory card
  - El. Engr. Times

2/14/2005: Perspective: Happy 10th and bon voyage, Telecom Act
- C/Net
2/14/2005: More surveillance puts strain on carriers
- C/Net
2/14/2005: BlackBerry maker says it has backup plan
  - CNN


2/14/2005: A plug for the unplugged $100 laptop- C/Net

2/14/2005: Lawsuit challenges new 'e-annoyance' law  - C/Net
2/14/2005: Without 'Net neutrality,' will consumers pay twice?- C/Net
2/14/2005: 35 comments- C/Net
2/14/2005: Yahoo: Yahoo testing new home page- C/Net
2/14/2005: What are Amazon's search intentions?- C/Net
2/14/2005: Feds stay strong on spyware case- C/Net
2/14/2005: Google updates desktop search tools
- C/Net
2/14/2005: Google software allows remote access to PCs
  - CNN

2/14/2005: Korean antitrust regulators visit Intel  - C/Net
2/14/2005: Windows on MacTel inches toward reality  - C/Net
2/14/2005: Blog: Yahoo searches for incentives- C/Net
2/14/2005: Microsoft security service to ship in June
2/14/2005: 46 comments- C/Net
2/14/2005: Microsoft plan averts U.S. antitrust conflict- C/Net

2/14/2005: MIT Researchers Fired Up About Battery Alternative: Nanotube Structures Key To Work - Science Daily

2/14/2005: Low-fat diet may not reduce cancer and heart risks - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Research Into Soy Will Continue But Soy Is Not A Solution For Heart Disease - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Low-fat Diet's Benefits For Women Less Than Expected - Science Daily
2/14/2005: One In 14 Men Having A Heart Attack Drive Themselves To Hospital - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Nearly Half Of People Who Need Cholesterol Treatment Don't Get It - Science Daily

2/14/2005: Vitamin D Inhibits Progression Of Some Prostate Cancers - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Kidney Cancer Patients May Be Overtreated, Study Finds - Science Daily

2/14/2005: Bird flu reaches Africa  - Nature
2/14/2005: Cutting the risk of HIV  - Nature
2/14/2005: China is the home of bird flu - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Scientists Call For Hepatitis Treatment Of Young Injection Drug Users - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Scientists Re-engineer A Well-known Antibiotic To Counter Drug Resistance - Science Daily

2/14/2005: High Resolution 'Snapshots' Detail Dynamics Of A Cocaine Antibody - Science Daily

2/14/2005: And now for today's health forecast... - New Scientist
2/14/2005: 'Walk again' drugs to be tested on people - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Gut Protein Found To Protect Against Infection And Intestinal Breakdown - Science Daily
2/14/2005: New Cochlear Implant Could Improve Hearing - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Robot Assisted Surgery More Accurate Than Conventional Surgery - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Common Reflux Treatment Linked To Life Threatening Bowel Infection In Premature Infants - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Vet Tech Gives Back Healing To Animals, Abused Kids - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/14/2005: Intact tomb found in Egypt's Valley of Kings - MSNBC
2/14/2005: Darwin’s birthday evolves into holiday - MSNBC
2/14/2005: T. rex’s weird-looking ancestor found - MSNBC
2/14/2005: Headless sphinx unearthed at Roman villa - MSNBC
2/14/2005: T. rex's great-grandfather unearthed in China - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Scientists Discover Skeletons Of The Oldest Tyrannosaur - Science Daily

2/14/2005: Keeping watch on the NSA  - C/Net
2/14/2005: More surveillance puts strain on carriers  - C/Net
2/14/2005: How music can be free and still make money  - C/Net
2/14/2005: Analyzing athletic prowess  - C/Net
2/14/2005: Perspective: It's up to Silicon Valley to choose  - C/Net
2/14/2005: Analyzing athletic prowess
2/14/2005: Video: Searching for the right face- C/Net
2/14/2005: Think you got game? These tests will tell- C/Net
2/14/2005: Images: Analyzing athletes- C/Net
2/14/2005: U.S. plans massive data sweep- C/Net
2/14/2005: Is your firm ready for the Millennials?- C/Net
2/14/2005: Sorting out the patent craze- C/Net
2/14/2005: Fuel leak could threaten distance record  - CNN
2/14/2005: Adventurer takes off on distance quest  - CNN
2/14/2005: Steve Fossett's flight plan  - CNN
2/14/2005: Group: Yahoo gave China key data  - CNN
2/14/2005: Agency raids Intel's office in South Korea  - El. Engr. Times
2/14/2005: India maps chip strategy, continues talks with Intel  - El. Engr. Times
2/14/2005: Cost, performance key topics at India semi summit  - El. Engr. Times
2/14/2005: Cosmic Log: The Olympics from space
2/14/2005: What makes song a hit? It's all about buzz

2/14/2005: Brain Changes Significantly After Age 18, Says Dartmouth Research - Science Daily 
2/14/2005: Mothers’ antidepressants linked to problems in newborns - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Your taste in music is shaped by the crowd - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Depression May Be Lifelong Parent Trap - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Brain Images Show Individual Dyslexic Children Respond To Spelling Treatment - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Long-term Poverty Affects Mental Health Of Children - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/14/2005: Dusty discs found around hypergiant stars - New Scientist
2/14/2005: Great balls of lightning
 - PhysicsWeb
2/14/2005: Calculating with Bose condensates
 - PhysicsWeb
2/14/2005: NASA's Spitzer Uncovers Hints Of Mega Solar Systems
 - Science Daily
2/14/2005: Study Explains Unexpected Conductivity Of Nanoscale Silicon
 - Science Daily

2/14/2005: Red wine's anti-ageing ingredient does it again - New Scientist

2/14/2005: The new sound of music  - C/Net

2/14/2005: NASA Unveils FY 2007 Budget Request - SpaceDaily
2/14/2005: Highlights Of The NASA FY 2007 Budget Request
 - SpaceDaily
Panspermia- A Radiating Experience - SpaceDaily
2/14/2005: NASA seeks partners as budgets tighten - New Scientist

2/14/2005: Concept cars keep on truckin'- C/Net
2/14/2005: Chips that really get under your skin- C/Net
2/14/2005: Eye glasses might yield better than 20/20 vision- C/Net



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