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  February 14, 2004

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St John's Wort What's in your wort? Herbal pills contain less than you thought  - BBC  Tests on St John's Wort tablets showed huge variations in how much active ingredient different brands contain. Some people buying the popular herbal medicine may be getting virtually none, reveals the study by Taiwanese experts  St John's Wort, or Hypericum, can have mild antidepressant effects, although doctors warn it can interfere with the effects of other medicines. The levels of hypericin fell far short of those mentioned on the label. On type of tablet contained only 1.7% of the claimed dose - the best brand managed only 38.5%. The findings will add to pressure to introduce firmer regulation on the manufacture of herbal medicines
Alien nation: What will creatures from other planets actually look like?  - BBC  Fictional aliens come in all shapes and sizes - but what would a creature from another planet really look like? Would we even recognise one if we met it? In a new book published this month, science fiction writers Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart set out to find the answers. The first thing to get straight when thinking about life on other planets, according to Jack Cohen, is that it will almost certainly not be humanoid. "If you ran Planet Earth again, the chances are you wouldn't get vertebrates. You wouldn't get creatures with a jointed spine."  

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Voice-over IPs: How net phone calls change how we talk, work - and get billed  - BBC  How a web-based service for making phone calls is changing the way we talk, work - and get billed. It could even replace the phone altogether. Net chat could soon mean just that - talking instead of typing text into an e-mail or instant message. This is because the net is rapidly replacing telephone networks as the preferred route for phone calls, thanks to a formidably-named technology known as voice-over IP - internet protocol - or Voip. The system makes phone calls very cheap, as all you pay is the local charge to connect to your net service provider.

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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/14/2004: Human Embryonic Stem Cells May Promise Medical Advances - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/14/2004: One Type Of Carbon So Resilient It Skews Carbon Cycle Calculations - SpaceDaily
2/14/2004: New Evidence Points to Pollution as Main Cause of Much Coral Reef Destruction... - FirstScience
2/14/2004: Technology experts propose bio-diesel v. pollution... - FirstScience
2/14/2004: Doubts About New Clean Air Rules... - CBS
2/14/2004: Ecologists concerned over forest depletion...
2/14/2004: DEQ director says lawmakers must pass pollution fee bill... - FirstScience
2/14/2004: Recycling scheme launched...  - BBC
2/14/2004: World governments must stop destruction of forest and marine life... - FirstScience
2/14/2004: Berlin gets big indoor rain forest... - FirstScience
2/14/2004: Century May Bring Unprecedented Climate Change To Southern Hemisphere - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Environment Experts Tout Indigenous Crops - ABC
2/14/2004: No Evidence Sonar Caused Porpoise Deaths - ABC
2/14/2004: English lowland decline 'goes on'  - BBC
2/14/2004: NASA Predicts More Tropical Rain In A Warmer World - Science Daily

2/14/2004: Lawmakers Game the System  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Review: A DVD Recorder to Kill Your VCR - ABC
2/14/2004: Tetris wars: BBC Four looks at the story behind the fiendishly addictive game  - BBC

2/14/2004: Voice-over IPs: How net phone calls change how we talk, work - and get billed  - BBC
2/14/2004: Hybrid Satellite Heralds New Era In Communications - SpaceDaily
2/14/2004: Satlynx and Cisco Team Up Terrestrial Wireless Broadband
2/14/2004: Satellite Broadband Solutions For Rural Europe - SpaceDaily
2/14/2004: Net Phone Firm Expected to Win Fee Exemption - L. A. Times
2/14/2004: Internet Phone Service Blossoms  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Your E-Mail Is Calling - ABC
2/14/2004: Nokia brings pictures to FM radio
  - BBC


2/14/2004: Foiling Laptop Data Thieves  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Microsoft Makes Soothing Overture to Apple  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Soft(ware) Sales - ABC

2/14/2004: Online Search Engines Help Lift Cover of Privacy  - Wired News
2/14/2004: The 'Key' to Ending Spam? - ABC
2/14/2004: From TechTV: Reducing Electronic Spam - ABC
2/14/2004: FutureTech Archives - ABC
2/14/2004: Mydoom mutants mount attacks  - BBC
2/14/2004: Downloads outsell DVDs and vinyl  - BBC
2/14/2004: Charity claims net sex abuse up  - BBC

2/14/2004: GarageBand Kicks Out the Jams  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Anti-Piracy Campaign Gets a Laugh  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Antipiracy Ad Debuts on Grammys  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Music site plea in 'piracy' case  - BBC

2/14/2004: Site Sought for International Nuclear Reactor - Economist
2/14/2004: Pakistan Says No Nuclear Leak to Terror Groups... - FirstScience
2/14/2004: Berlin gets big indoor rain forest... - FirstScience
2/14/2004: A Green Dilemma Over Bird-Killing Windmills - ABC
2/14/2004: Fuel cells turn to alcohol - PhysicsWeb

2/14/2004: Depression Linked to Heart Disease Death - ABC

2/14/2004: New Hereditary Cancer Mutation Found -- Arrived With A German Immigrant Almost Three Centuries Ago - Science Daily

2/14/2004: Natural Killer Cells Are Made, Not Born - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Genetic Mutation Protects Against Both HIV And Plague- Not So, Say Scientists At Scripps Research - Science Daily

2/14/2004: House Dust Mite Project Aims To Reduce Asthma - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Allergy surge to be investigated  - BBC
2/14/2004: Chronic Kidney Disease Likely In People With Syndrome X - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Patients Give Nod To Kidney Dialysis At Home

2/14/2004: What's in your wort? Herbal pills contain less than you thought  - BBC 
2/14/2004: Substances Found In Blood May Predict Development Of Preeclampsia - Science Daily
2/14/2004: A Shocking Surprise: High Voltage + Rats = Ozone, Reopens Power-line Debate - Science Daily
2/14/2004: New Data Show Botulinum Toxin Type A To Be Highly Effective Treatment For Excessive Sweating - Science Daily
2/14/2004: India to Use Satellite for Health Care - ABC
2/14/2004: Shades of Viagra - ABC
2/14/2004: Can Herb Product Labels Mislead Consumers? - ABC
2/14/2004: Viagra- Rhymes With Niagara - ABC
2/14/2004: Doctors Urged to Discuss Patient Fitness - ABC
2/14/2004: Seniors Given Dangerous Drugs, CDC Warns - ABC
2/14/2004: Excerpt: 'The Ultimate Weight Solution' - ABC
2/14/2004: Developing Countries Reject Obesity Plan - ABC
2/14/2004: Gene therapy jab melts fat away  - BBC
2/14/2004: New performance targets for NHS
2/14/2004: Q&A: NHS star ratings
  - BBC
2/14/2004: Manual Techniques May Ease Tough Deliveries Without Need For Episiotomy
 - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Chronic Cough Significantly Impacts Life Quality In Women
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/14/2004: Many dino species 'undiscovered'  - BBC
2/14/2004: Team Excavating Mammoth On Gulf Coast - Science Daily

2/14/2004: Galileo: Issues Still To Be Solved Before Agreement With The U.S. - SpaceDaily
2/14/2004: E-Vote Machines Drop More Ballots  - Wired News
2/14/2004: The Dark Side of Drug Patents  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Guide to Web-Based Tax Software  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Blair May Blog the Next Election  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Will the Election be Hacked? - Salon
2/14/2004: Used Tech Components Compute into Profits  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Farmers Milk Advantage of RFID  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Race Only Skin Deep  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Swedes Offer Freeze-Dried Burials  - Wired News
2/14/2004: Cosmetic claims 'confuse public'  - BBC
2/14/2004: Research Casts Doubt On Voice-stress Lie Detection Technology - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Sandia Helps Take First Steps In Control, Tracking Of Potential 'Dirty Bomb' Sources - Science Daily

2/14/2004: Prenatal Exposure To Mercury From A Maternal Diet High In Seafood Can Irreversibly Impair Certain Brain Functions In Children - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Sleep Shortage Takes Toll On Middle Schoolers - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Brain Scans Being Used to Study Dyslexia - ABC

Physics and Astronomy:
2/14/2004: Heads Up! Debate over Deorbiting Hubble - Space.com
2/14/2004: An Abrasive Collision Gives One Galaxy A "Black Eye"
 - SpaceDaily
2/14/2004: Oxygen And Carbon Found In Atmosphere Of An Extrasolar Planet - SpaceDaily
2/14/2004: Unlocking The Secrets Of The Universe- Rosetta Lander Named Philae - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Comets Spread Earth-life Around Galaxy, Say Scientists - Science Daily



2/14/2004: Alien nation: What will creatures from other planets actually look like?  - BBC
2/14/2004: Rosetta Lander Named Philae
 - SpaceDaily
2/14/2004: Healthy Spirit Cleans A Mars Rock; Opportunity Rolls - Science Daily
2/14/2004: Nasa says 'no' to Hubble reprieve  - BBC
2/14/2004: AI to help Martian exploration  - BBC
2/14/2004: Mars Rover May Reach Crater in 3 Weeks  - ABC
2/14/2004: Next Shuttle Flight Likely to Be Delayed  - ABC
2/14/2004: Mars Express stares at volcano
  - BBC
2/14/2004: In pictures: Close-ups of Mars  - BBC
2/14/2004: Rosebud in Space Imaged for Valentines
 - Space.com
2/14/2004: NASA Chief: Fall Shuttle Launch Unlikely
 - Space.com
2/14/2004: NASA rover takes Mars' temperature
 - New Scientist
2/14/2004: NASA Bumps Up Data Transfer Rate From Mars Rovers..
 - FirstScience

2/14/2004: Findings Of Novel Nanoproperties In Selenium Produced By Bacteria Open New Area Of Exploration - Science Daily


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