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  February 13, 2005

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Changes in the Arctic: Consequences for the World - SpaceDaily  Left:  Declining Arctic ice cover: This image, using NASA satellite data, shows declining Arctic sea ice concentrations (% per decade, shaded) from October 1978 to September 2002. The highest amounts of lost ice are shaded in dark blue. Credit: Georgia Tech. See larger image   Ground-based surface temperature data shows that the rate of warming in the Arctic from 1981 to 2001 is eight times larger than the rate of Arctic warming over the last 100 years. There have also been some remarkable seasonal changes. Arctic spring, summer, and autumn have each warmed, lengthening the seasons when sea ice melts from 10 to 17 days per decade. Arctic sea ice extent and area decreased, respectively, by 30,848 km2/year.
New Radar Provides 3-D Forest View - SpaceDaily  Left:  Radar interferometry to produce Digital Elevation Models - this one showing how a pair of images from twin ERS satellites were used to create one of the Etna volcano in Sicily, Italy. Pairs of images acquired from the same spacecraft during different orbits can also be used. Credits: ESA. More images/captions   An advanced radar technique to image forests in three dimensions has undergone an ESA-backed test campaign in Indonesia. A future space-based version could measure global biomass to sharpen the accuracy of climate change models. "We were able to extract the difference between the tree canopy and the forest floor--and from knowing tree height, we can estimate forest biomass with a reasonable degree of certainty.."

Oregon May Lead Future Of Wave Energy - SpaceDaily   Significant advances in university research and other studies in the past two years are pointing toward Oregon as the possible epicenter of wave energy development in the United States. "The development of wave energy right now is probably 15-20 years behind wind energy, which is just now starting to achieve some optimal production technologies," said Alan Wallace, the co-principal investigator at OSU on these projects, and a professor of electrical engineering. "And just like wind energy, these systems will be more expensive at first, and then the cost will come down and become very competitive," Wallace said. There are some operating systems in Europe, and the theoretical potential of this clean, inexhaustible form of energy is enormous – experts estimate that 0.2 percent of the ocean's untapped energy could power the entire world. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/13/2005: Your guide to the wildest life on Earth - MSNBC
2/13/2005: Friendly foxes are cleverer
  - Nature
2/13/2005: Human cloning licence awarded to Dolly creator - New Scientist
2/13/2005: Sex hormones plunge in downtrodden females - New Scientist
2/13/2005: Human cloning licence awarded to Dolly creator - New Scientist
2/13/2005: Have Your Very Own Species, for a Price  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Experts Baffled by Finch Die - Off in Alaska  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Hawaii Aquarium Needs About $1M in Repairs  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Storm Damage May Hasten Death of Sequoia  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Underground Gourmet: Mole Sets a Speed Record  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Graphic: How He Eats  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Scientists Find Male Finches Frugal In Their Attempts To Attract Females - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Controlling Protein Diversity - Science Daily
2/13/2005: The Opportunity For Canalization And The Evolution Of Genetic Networks - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Key Mechanism In Genetic Inheritance During Cell Division Identified - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Clone Ban Comeback Likely  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
2/13/2005: New Radar Provides 3-D Forest View - SpaceDaily
2/13/2005: Changes in the Arctic: Consequences for the World - SpaceDaily
2/13/2005: Climate Debate Threatens Republican Clean-Air Bill  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Paper Sets Off a Debate on Environmentalism's Future  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Self-organization And Vegetation Collapse In Salt Marsh Ecosystems - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Spectroscopy For The Real World: New System Used To Analyze Environmental, Biological Phenomena In Their Natural State - Science Daily
2/13/2005: What Exactly Is Under the Sea?  - Wired News

2/13/2005: Podcasting Brings Radio Production to Masses, Choice to Listeners  - Technology Review 

2/13/2005: Cell Phone Users Drive Like Old Folks
 - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Merger Mania Promises Fewer, Bigger Telcos
  - Wired News
Wear Your Heart on Your Screen  - Wired News

2/13/2005: 'Supercomputer-on-a-chip' microprocessor revealed
2/13/2005: IBM-Sony-Toshiba processor unveiled - Seattle Times


2/13/2005: Wanted: Just About Everything  - Wired News
2/13/2005: What Websites Do to Turn On Teens  - Wired News
2/13/2005: Spamhaus Rebuts Vendor Accusation  - Wired News
2/13/2005: Hate Messages on Google Site Draw Concern  - NY Times

2/13/2005: A New Set of Knees Comes at a Price: A Whole Lot of Pain  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Knees of Titanium, Bills of Gold  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Cases: At a Bustling City Clinic, Esperanto Would Come In Handy  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Why Wilco Is the Future of Music  - Wired News

2/13/2005: Oregon May Lead Future Of Wave Energy - SpaceDaily
2/13/2005: Oregon May Lead Future Of Wave Energy - Science Daily

2/13/2005: Vital Signs: Therapies: After Stroke, a Wider Panorama  - NY Times
2/13/2005: COX-2 Inhibitor Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack In Elderly Adults With No History Of Heart Attack - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Rush Physicians Using Gene Therapy For Heart Patients With Moderate To Severe Chest Pains Who Do Not Benefit From Other Treatments - Science Daily

2/13/2005: McGill Researchers Shed Light On Formation Of Carcinogen In Processed Food Products - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Stat5 Protein Inhibits Spread Of Breast Cancer Cells - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Gene Used In Brain Development Can Cause Childhood Brain Cancers - Science Daily

2/13/2005: Bacterial Spread All Down To Chance: Some Strains 'Just The Lucky Ones' - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Stopping Smallpox In Its Tracks: A New Anti-viral Approach - Science Daily
2/13/2005: A Portable Detector For HIV-AIDS, Measles And Other Infectious Diseases - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Infectious Agent Linked To Mad Cow Disease Found In Organs Other Than The Brain - Science Daily

2/13/2005: Marijuana makes blood rush to the head - New Scientist

2/13/2005: Vital Signs: Patterns: Your Bones on Birth Control  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Q & A: Fresh and Dried Fruit  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Specialists Trying to Unravel the Mystery of Miscarriage  - NY Times
2/13/2005: When Is a Doctor Too Old? Or Too Young?  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Male Surgeons Report Highest Rate Of Mistakes In Patient Care - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Doctors Need To Prepare For Blood Shortages Now - Science Daily
2/13/2005: New Non-Hormonal Hot Flash Treatment Set For Clinical Trial - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Implanting Hope  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
2/13/2005: Ancient cave engravings found in Britain - MSNBC
2/13/2005: UC Berkeley, French Scientists Find Missing Link Between The Whale And Its Closest Relative, The Hippo - Science Daily

2/13/2005: Why North Americans ain’t got rhythm - MSNBC
2/13/2005: Woman sailor sets round-the-world record - MSNBC
2/13/2005: Letters  - NY Times
2/13/2005: For the Worst of Us, the Diagnosis May Be 'Evil'  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Graphic: Defining Evil  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Forum: Is 'Evil' an Appropriate Clinical Term?  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Nanobelts tackle nerve gases - PhysicsWeb
2/13/2005: AT&T was finally done in by forces that built its success - Seattle Times
2/13/2005: Merck buys OLED, polymer electronics businesses - Silicon Strategies
2/13/2005: Kuwait Blocking Islamic Web Sites That Incite Violence  - Technology Review 
2/13/2005: Wireless Technology Helps Concertgoers Know the Score  - Wired News

2/13/2005: Vital Signs: Behavior: Lullaby for the Sleep-Deprived  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Side Effects: The Benefits of Looking on the Dark Side  - NY Times
2/13/2005: New Signs of Awareness Seen in Some Brain-Injured Patients  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Focus Narrows in Search for Autism's Cause  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Special Section: Autism  - NY Times
2/13/2005: New Neurons Born In Adult Rat Cortex - Science Daily
2/13/2005: New UCLA Study Disputes Antidepressant/Suicide Link
 - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Smoking Causes Memory And Cognitive Impairment In Adolescents
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/13/2005: Brown dwarf may someday harbour habitable planets - New Scientist
2/13/2005: Planet-Forming Process May Be Playing Out in Miniature
  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Recovering Lost Atoms of Cosmos
  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Telescope Sees Possible Mini Solar Systems
  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Holy Whistling Helium! Another Quantum Trick
  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Optics enters the single-cycle regime
 - PhysicsWeb
2/13/2005: Astronomers Find Part Of Universe’s Missing Matter
 - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Clusters Of Aluminum Atoms Found To Have Properties Of Other Elements Reveal A New Form Of Chemistry
 - Science Daily



2/13/2005: Cosmic Log: Mars seen on wide-screen - MSNBC
2/13/2005: NASA seeks help with space station cargo
 - New Scientist
2/13/2005: Hubble bites the dust in NASA budget plan
 - New Scientist
2/13/2005: Wanted the Moon, Got a Little Less
  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Budget Hike Not Enough to Save Hubble
  - NY Times
2/13/2005: Bringing Life Back to Mars Will Be a Gas, NASA Claims
  - Wired News
2/13/2005: Huygens Team Salvage Titan Doppler Wind Speed Data
 - SpaceDaily
2/13/2005: ISS Back On Station After Gyro Glitch
 - SpaceDaily
2/13/2005: NASA Names Two Future Shuttle Crews
 - SpaceDaily
2/13/2005: NKorea Says It Has The Bomb; Quits Talks
 - SpaceDaily
2/13/2005: Europe takes double gamble with major rocket launch on Saturday
 - SpaceDaily
2/13/2005: O'Keefe bids NASA an emotional farewell ...
 - FirstScience
2/13/2005: Astronauts Testing Repair Techniques ...
 - Washington Post
2/13/2005: The reunited Duran Duran's Astronaut Tour soars musically, crashes visually ...
 - FirstScience
2/13/2005: NASA Picks Shuttle Shield Repair Tests ...
 - ABC

2/13/2005: Low pressure improves ink jets  - Nature
2/13/2005: New Technology Could Make TV More Exciting - Science Daily
2/13/2005: University Of Michigan Scientists Develop First Micro-machined Mechanical Cochlea - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Hearing Aid Signal Not Clear? Then Switch Frequency To FM, Finds UCI Study - Science Daily
2/13/2005: Ambient intelligence could transform embedded world, researcher says - Silicon Strategies
2/13/2005: Air Safety in the Bag  - Wired News


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