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  February 12, 2005

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NETL And Carnegie Mellon Create New Paradigms For Hydrogen Production - SpaceDaily  Left:  "This research demonstrates our vision of coupling computational and experimental methods to facilitate rapid research and development of advanced technologies," said Anthony Cugini, focus area leader of Computational and Basic Sciences at NETL. "In essence, we are developing the computational tools to prescreen hydrogen separation membranes." These membranes allow pure hydrogen to pass through, while blocking impurities that are present with other gases in the production of hydrogen from fossil energy resources. Membranes have the ability to remove virtually all of the impurities from the hydrogen stream.    
Heat Response Evidence For Superfluidity In Cold 'Fermion' Gas - SpaceDaily  A new study has disclosed perhaps the strongest evidence to date for superfluidity in an exotic gas that mimics extreme behavior in Nature - ranging from high temperature superconductivity to the behavior of fundamental particles in the Big Bang, when the universe is believed to have begun in a huge burst of energy within a very small space. Experimentalists from Duke University and theorists from the University of Chicago noted a striking change in the ability of this "strongly interacting Fermi gas" to take in heat energy.     

Rumsfeld Asks For Restoration Of Nuclear 'Bunker Buster' Program - SpaceDaily  US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has asked for restoration of a supersecret research program designed to create a new class of nuclear weapons capable of destroying hardened underground targets, a Pentagon official said late Monday. Military experts said they were expecting a new attempt by the administration of President George W. Bush to restore the "bunker buster" nuclear weapons program that was defunded by Congress late last year under growing international and domestic criticism. Republican Representative David Hobson quietly removed 27.5 million dollars earmarked for the bomb study  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/12/2005: Dairy Cows Breathe Easier  - Wired News
2/12/2005: Dolly expert is to clone embryos
  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
2/12/2005: Electronics designers find it's not easy being green - Seattle Times
2/12/2005: Bush Pushes Renewable Energy Development on Public Lands ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Blair urged to do more to reduce emissions ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Eni Meets Greenhouse Gas and EU-ETS Challenge with ESP Software ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Climate change and environmental legislation to dominate UK risk in 2005 ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Computer recycling plan in Congress ...
2/12/2005: Ancient Beasts Raise Questions about Climate Chang - FirstSciencee ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: EarthTalk: What is 'Acid Rain' and What Causes It? ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: The New Environmentalism -- An ENN Commentary ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Panama Gets High-Tech NASA Environmental Monitoring Center - SpaceDaily

2/12/2005: From X rays to iPod  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Sony hits play for new game plan  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Military launches space-based war game  - CNN

2/12/2005: Hold the Phone, VOIP Isn't Safe
  - Wired News
2/12/2005: Consumers confused by 3G
  - BBC
2/12/2005: Broadband Surf Report: Feb. 7
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Wi-Fi phones don't add up to much
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: FCC, Nextel agree on ending mobile interference
  - CNN

2/12/2005: Intel cutting back on polymer memory research, says partner - Silicon Strategies
2/12/2005: Intel Readies 64-Bit Pentiums - Silicon Strategies
2/12/2005: Hard Cell: Could the Cell chip change the digital future?  - BBC
2/12/2005: PlayStation 3 processor unveiled  - BBC
2/12/2005: Intel dual-core chips related to Pentium 4  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Efforts heat up to remove processor hot spots
  - El. Engr. Times
2/12/2005: Toshiba, SanDisk to enable 8-Gbit of storage on a chip
  - El. Engr. Times
2/12/2005: Interfaces provide one key to Cell success, claims Rambus
  - El. Engr. Times
2/12/2005: Display IP company develops high-res pixels based on eye behavior
  - El. Engr. Times

2/12/2005: Computer storage gets smaller  - BBC
2/12/2005: Five questions for Apple's Steve Jobs  - CNN

2/12/2005: Internet providers dial up new strategies - Seattle Times
2/12/2005: Farewell to filing Good news for the disorganised: e-mail is the new database  - BBC
2/12/2005: Ask Jeeves joins web log market  - BBC
2/12/2005: Web Services - Business Week
2/12/2005: Microsoft: A "Milestone" for Web Services - Business Week
2/12/2005: Real cash for virtual goods  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Images: Virtual shopping
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Google finds its map service
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Images: Google maps to go
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Ask Jeeves buys Bloglines
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Getting real about Grokster
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: MCI accused of harboring spammers
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: 'Podcasting' takes broadcasting online
  - CNN

2/12/2005: All Your Info in One Place - Business Week
2/12/2005: Microsoft: Longhorn beta will arrive by June  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Gates' interoperability claim 'is nonsense'  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Alipay goes after PayPal  - CNN

2/12/2005: NETL And Carnegie Mellon Create New Paradigms For Hydrogen Production - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Time Ticking on Nuclear Waste Decision ... - FirstScience

2/12/2005: Tooth-brushing 'cuts heart risk'  - BBC

2/12/2005: Cancer diaries: What sort of impact do personal testimonies have?  - BBC

2/12/2005: Pharmacies offer chlamydia test  - BBC
2/12/2005: Sex disease alert: New infection being seen among gay men in western Europe  - BBC

2/12/2005: How smoking marijuana puts your brain at risk  - BBC

2/12/2005: Mothers' stories: New mums around the world describe their experiences  - BBC
2/12/2005: Unrequited love can be a 'killer'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:

2/12/2005: Rumsfeld Asks For Restoration Of Nuclear 'Bunker Buster' Program - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: eBay tries to calm customers angry over increase in fees - Seattle Times
2/12/2005: Sharp January rise in gas prices a bad omen - Seattle Times
2/12/2005: Job hunters send bounty of résumés - Seattle Times
2/12/2005: The Tivo Drama Plays On  - Technology Review 
2/12/2005: Insurgency-Friendly Web Sites Valuable to Rebels, Reporters and U.S. Military -- and Prone to Hoaxes  - Technology Review 
2/12/2005: Prototype Printer Fails to Satisfy E-Voting Activists  - Technology Review 
2/12/2005: Stop the U.S. Mail  - Wired News
2/12/2005: All the News That's Fit to Buy  - Wired News
2/12/2005: Tribal renegades threaten to blow up Pakistan oil field - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: US scientists designing new generation of nuclear arms: report - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Iran prepared to accept nuclear weapon safeguards- Malaysia - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Pakistan says no Saudi nuke link but scientist still being investigated - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Nuclear experts gather in Tokyo amid showdowns with NKorea, Iran - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Nuclear non-proliferation experts gather in Tokyo - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: US Probing Whether Khan Sold Nuclear Technology To Saudi Arabia, Others - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Unforeseen horoscope ban hits sales of Chinese firm  - BBC
2/12/2005: Made in the cheaper USA  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Couch potatoes say they're fat and happy  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Sullivan fingers Ebbers in WorldCom fraud whodunnit
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Offshoring up-close and personal
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Fool's gold?
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Bush budget boosts tech spending
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Online retailers play pricing games
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Google's St. Valentine's Day massacre?
  - CNN


Physics and Astronomy:
2/12/2005: Heat Response Evidence For Superfluidity In Cold 'Fermion' Gas - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Even Stars Can Only Get So Big
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Arecibo To Search For Starless Galaxies
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Chandra Spins Up A Web Of Intergalactic Gas Clouds
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Tiny Superconductors Withstand Stronger Magnetic Fields
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Pluto's 75th Anniversary
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Mini-planet system seen in growth
  - BBC
2/12/2005: Intel doubles down with dual cores
  - C/Net

2/12/2005: Time of your life: What makes us age and keeps us healthy as we age?  - BBC


2/12/2005: Greenhouse gas breathes life into Red Planet ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: NASA Plans to Bring Down 'Dying' Hubble Telescope ...
 - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Man Spends Vacation As Mars Rover ...
 - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Budget Hike Not Enough to Save Hubble ...
 - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Melting Mars To Create A New Earth
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Saturn's Bull's-Eye Marks Its Hot Spot
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Volvo And Virgin Galactic Team Up
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Sudan To Put Satellite In Space
 - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Mars probe radar to deploy in May
  - BBC
2/12/2005: Photos: SpaceShipOne repeats its feat
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Photos: Probe reaches Saturn moon
  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Italian astronaut to deliver EU Constitution copy to ISS ...
 - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Space Entrepreneurs Worry About Fed Regulations ...
 - FirstScience
2/12/2005: AIP FYI#19:
 - FirstScience Exploration Funding Up in NASA FY06 Budget Request ... - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Space Shuttle Head: ISS a Fine Haven ...
 - FirstScience
2/12/2005: Veteran Astronaut to Step in as Interim NASA Chief
2/12/2005: NASA's Next Shuttle Crew Inspects Discovery Orbiter
2/12/2005: Space Entrepreneurs Worry About Fed Regulations



2/12/2005: Photographer Seeks Resolution  - Wired News
2/12/2005: Disposable DVDs at Crossroads  - Wired News
2/12/2005: Body ID: Barcodes for Cadavers  - Wired News
2/12/2005: Spectroscopy For The Real World- New System Used To Analyze Environmental, Biological Phenomena ... - Science Daily
2/12/2005: States Pouring Money Into Nano - SpaceDaily
2/12/2005: Biometrics on guard  - C/Net
2/12/2005: Bush budget seeks $344 million in nanotech funding
  - El. Engr. Times


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