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  February 11, 2006

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Asteroids Near Jupiter are Really Comets - Space.com  Two objects lurking near Jupiter and once considered rocky asteroids have turned out to be comets made up mostly of ice and dirt. Using the Keck II Laser Telescope in Hawaii, astronomers found that the two objects, 617 Patroclus and its companion, Menoetius, had a density of only 0.8 grams per cubic centimeters—only a third that of rock. The finding could mean that many or most of asteroid-like objects hovering around Jupiter and known as Trojans are actually comets.
Inside Rocks, Implications For Finding Life On Mars - SpaceDaily  UCLA paleobiologist J. William Schopf and colleagues have produced 3-D images of ancient fossils - 650 million to 850 million years old - preserved in rocks, an achievement that has never been done before. If a future space mission to Mars brings rocks back to Earth, Schopf said the techniques he has used, called confocal laser scanning microscopy and Raman spectroscopy, could enable scientists to look at microscopic fossils inside the rocks to search for signs of life, such as organic cell walls. These techniques would not destroy the rocks.     

Cooking Dinner At Home From The Office - SpaceDaily  Left:  Astronaut Daniel Burbank, mission specialist for STS-106, uses a laptop computer onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis. Embedded Web Technology, developed at Glenn Research Center, allows astronauts to monitor and operate international space station experiments from remote positions, just as it lets owners of the Connect Io Intelligent Oven cook meals away from home. Credit: NASA.  NASA counts on Embedded Web Technology to allow astronauts to operate experiments from anywhere on the international space station using a laptop computer. With authorization to use the Embedded Web Technology, Mansbery formed the TMIO company to develop the Connect Io Intelligent Oven.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/11/2005: Alzheimer's Found To Be Mostly Genetic: Largest Twin Study Ever Undertaken Confirms Highest Estimates Of Genetic Risk - Science Daily

2/11/2005: Sperm cells from male fish turned into eggs - MSNBC
2/11/2005: ‘Lost World’ of wildlife found
2/11/2005: Pesticide cocktail kills US frogs  - Nature
2/11/2005: Scientists Trace Origin Of Shark's Electric Sense - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Sperm Cells Turned into Eggs - Live Science
2/11/2005: Isolated Jungle Yields Dozens of New Species - Live Science
2/11/2005: 'Lost World' Found in Indonesian Jungle ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: Deadly Fungus Threatens Beloved Panamanian Frog ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
2/11/2005: 'Parachuting' krill may provide bumper carbon sink - New Scientist
2/11/2005: Ames Laboratory Innovation Key To A 'Lead-free' Europe - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Antarctic Krill Provide Carbon Sink In Southern Ocean - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Flights Reveal Intriguing Information About Ice Particles In Clouds - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Thousands Of Barges Could Save Europe From Deep Freeze - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Tropical Rainforest Destruction And Biofuel Sourcing ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: Tackling disposal of greenhouse gas emissions ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: U.S. Congressmen Push at U.N. for New Climate Talks ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: Bush Budget Triples Money from Alaska Oil Drilling ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: Great Bear Rainforest protected ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: Senate passes ocean pollution penalties ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: Art Exhibit Attempts to Chronicle 'New Gold Rush' ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: NASA Test Provides Pilots With Better Weather Forecasts ... - SpaceDaily
2/11/2005: Even A Mile Of Forest Makes A Difference In Water Quality ... - SpaceDaily
2/11/2005: China Plans to Inspect Chemical Plants After Industrial Pollution Cases ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: World has 7 years for key climate decisions: Blair ... - ABC
2/11/2005: Dublin venue hosts Chernobyl fundraising concerts ... - FirstScience
2/11/2005: India panel on toxic waste divided over French ship ... - FirstScience

2/11/2005: ViewSonic 17-inch TFT Display for $199.99  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Gadget Lab: Rokr Replacement?  - Wired News
2/11/2005: A Nano Nano From Apple  - Wired News

2/11/2005: Cell phones can be advantageous to your health
  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Media: Murdoch: iPod video is "small time," DirecTV to get broadband
  - C/Net

2/11/2005: IBM: Moore's Law not dead after all
2/11/2005: IBM touts new chip-making method  - C/Net
2/11/2005: AMD, Intel unwrap their latest server chips  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Quest for power control moves beyond the chip  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Sony exec touts Cell processor for real-time tasks  - El. Engr. Times
2/11/2005: Silicon Squeeze Speeds Chip  - Wired News

2/11/2005: Intel, AMD spar over virtualization  - C/Net

2/11/2005: Cooking Dinner At Home From The Office - SpaceDaily
2/11/2005: BMW's head-on collision with Google  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Google: More students protest Google's China policy  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Would Thomas Jefferson have Googled  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Turning the worm secures the computer - New Scientist
2/11/2005: Podfading Takes Its Toll  - Wired News

2/11/2005: Office upgrade could trap many businesses  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Nuclear war over software patents? - Business Week
2/11/2005: Face transplant recipient faces world press - New Scientist

2/11/2005: Sweden Aims to End Oil Dependency by 2020  - Yahoo
2/11/2005: Sweden, a Leader in Renewable Energy, Aims to End Oil Dependency by 2020 ... - FirstScience

2/11/2005: Heparin Prepared Synthetically Could Replace Animal-derived Drug - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Podcast From the Heart  - Wired News

2/11/2005: Researchers Break Chain Of Biochemical Events That Brain Cancer Cells Use To Evade Therapy - Science Daily

2/11/2005: Genes of deadly bird flu reveal Chinese origin - New Scientist
2/11/2005: Periodontitis Is Associated With Pregnancy Complications - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Ironing Out New Details Of Tuberculosis Infection - Science Daily


2/11/2005: Researchers report progress on retinal implant  - El. Engr. Times
2/11/2005: Older Adults May Reduce Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome By Eating More Whole Grains - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Study Finds Significant Reduction In Respiratory Illnesses In Babies Breastfed Six Months Vs. Four - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Historic Records Shed Light On Soldiers' Lifelong War Scars - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Disposable Catheter Breakthrough: A World First - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Digital Music Biz Ain't Booming  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
2/11/2005: Mutation In Brain Cells Of Descendants Of Abraham Lincoln Suggest He Suffered From Movement Disorder - Science Daily

2/11/2005: U.K. tackles 'trivial patents' issue  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Hotel reviews online- In bed with hope, hype  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Detective to the stars accused of wiretaps  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Security: Can't we all get along?  - C/Net
2/11/2005: India stages its first semiconductor summit  - El. Engr. Times
2/11/2005: Journal lays bare remarks from peer reviewers  - Nature
2/11/2005: Home Paper Shredders Pose Serious Injury Risk To Toddlers - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Royal Caribbean orders world's largest passenger ship - Seattle Times
2/11/2005: Flight-Distance Record May Be Tough to Beat, Adventurer Says - Space.com
2/11/2005: Ad Scientists Stir Up Online Brew  - Wired News
2/11/2005: Putting Her Best Face Forward  - Wired News
2/11/2005: The Cognitive Psychology of Belief in the Supernatural ... - FirstScience

2/11/2005: Brain scans reveal power of Super Bowl adverts - New Scientist
2/11/2005: Scientists Find Ability For Grammar Hardwired Into Humans - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Course Of Bipolar Disorder In Youths Described For The First Time - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Appears Associated With Withdrawal Symptoms In Newborns - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/11/2005: Theorists claim dark energy does not exist - PhysicsWeb
2/11/2005: Most Milky Way Stars Are Single
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Consultant wins top synchrotron job ...
 - FirstScience

2/11/2005: Q&A: Leonard Guarente  - Technology Review 

2/11/2005: Demo: Ugobe's new robot pets  - C/Net

2/11/2005: Inside Rocks, Implications For Finding Life On Mars - SpaceDaily
Asteroids Near Jupiter are Really Comets - Space.com
2/11/2005: NASA Cassini Image: The Great Basin ...
- FirstScience
2/11/2005: Experts poles apart over Moon landing sites
 - New Scientist
2/11/2005: NASA Seeks 30-Percent Increase for Exploration Program
 - Space.com
2/11/2005: SuitSat Still Broadcasting Weak Signal, Ham Radio Operators Say
 - Space.com
2/11/2005: Nasa spending to support shuttle
  - BBC
2/11/2005: NASA to divert cash from science into shuttle
 - New Scientist
2/11/2005: Scientists Surf The Seas Of Space To Catch An Atmospheric Wave
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Europa Mission: Lost In NASA Budget
 - Space.com
2/11/2005: Russian Experts Pleased With Brazilian Space Program
 - Live Science
2/11/2005: NASA must shift $3B to shuttles ...
 - FirstScience
2/11/2005: NASA cuts science spending to pay for Moon and Mars missions ...
 - FirstScience
2/11/2005: NASA Focuses on Developing New Moon Craft ...
 - FirstScience
2/11/2005: Cape key spot for Virgin Galactic ...
 - FirstScience
2/11/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day: South Polar Landforms ...
 - FirstScience

2/11/2005: Philips not first with plastic RFID, claims startup  - El. Engr. Times
2/11/2005: Washington Post: Can technology make a Stradivarius? - MSNBC
2/11/2005: Invention: Exploding ink - New Scientist
2/11/2005: Breaking News: Scientists Take Novel Approach To Study How Materials Fracture And Split Apart - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Smilebox focuses on new creations using digital photos - Seattle Times
2/11/2005: Screening for Toxic Nanoparticles  - Technology Review 
2/11/2005: City Bikes Crank Forward
  - Wired News



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