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  February 11, 2005

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Researchers Try To Create Cyclic Ozone - SpaceDaily  With nearly twice the energy of normal, bent-shaped ozone (O3), cyclic ozone could hold the key component for a future manned-mission to Mars. No one has ever seen-let alone made-cyclic ozone. But that could all change at Temple University's Center for Advanced Photonics Research, which has been awarded a one-year, $1.25 million grant to develop cyclic ozone by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration (DARPA). "This is way-over-the-horizon research," he adds. "But if you can produce cyclic ozone, that might be a key component to interplanetary space exploration."    
Titanic life may bloom without water  - Nature  The extraordinary images sent from Saturn's giant moon by the Huygens spacecraft should make speculation about life in liquids other than water more than a scientific parlour game. In fact, a lifeless Titan would point to a gap in our understanding of carbon-based molecules, says chemist Steven Benner of the University of Florida in Gainesville. Organisms should be comfortable in a hydrocarbon ocean, he says. This possibility has previously been given short shrift. NASA has mostly explored places thought to contain liquid water, either now or in the past. It has sent craft to Mars, where ancient rivers seem to have carved the surface. But does life depend on water? Or could it be that Earth life has evolved to suit its watery home?

HP: For circuits, swap silicon for molecules  - C/Net  Researchers from the Palo Alto, Calif.-based computing giant have created devices called crossbar latches that can be used to perform calculations in microprocessors, the same function silicon transistors now have. The difference is that crossbar latches--which consist of a grid of microscopic wires linked by molecules at their intersections--are far smaller and, potentially, far cheaper to make.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/11/2005: Blue tit boom 'may cause crisis'  - BBC
2/11/2005: Australia offers a reward to help stop toxic cane toads
  - BBC
2/11/2005: Scientists Propose Sweeping Changes To Naming Of Bird Neurosystems - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Birds Brainier Than Previously Thought - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Hirsute Or Hairless? Two Proteins May Spell The Difference - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Multiple Campylobacter Genomes Sequenced - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Rice Genome Approaches Completion - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Flocking Together: Study Shows How Animal Groups Find Their Way - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Biology In Four Dimensions: Factor Of Time Gives Scientists Insight Into Cellular Machines - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Spotting Evolution On The Wing - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Beer-drinking Rats Count Calories Better Than Many People, UF Researchers Say - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Fleshing Out The Genome - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
2/11/2005: In pictures: Have you seen signs of an early spring? Send us your pics  - BBC
2/11/2005: In pictures: Africa's largest rainforest and its inhabitants need help  - BBC
2/11/2005: African treaty to protect forest  - BBC
2/11/2005: Journey to the centre of a quake - New Scientist
2/11/2005: Wolf's Future in Wyoming, as Predator or Fragile Species, Is in Court's Hands  - NY Times
2/11/2005: Conservation Genetics Center Leads Research On Yellowstone Wolves - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Drought Reduces Nitrogen-fixing In Legumes - Science Daily
2/11/2005: NASA Research To Aid Federal Invasive Species Council Efforts - Science Daily
2/11/2005:  Climate Change And The Future Of Air Travel - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Blasted Coral Reefs Need Tender, Low-Cost Care - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Siberian Fires Most Common Near People - Science Daily

2/11/2005: US singles chart includes download sales for first time  - BBC
2/11/2005: The state of Linux gaming  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Movie studios grab for the joystick  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Before Enemies Are Pummeled, Creativity Wins  - NY Times
2/11/2005: Video Games' Chaos Echoed In Streets, D.C. Leaders Say  - Washington Post
2/11/2005: Game firm holds 'cast' auditions

2/11/2005: Skype in deal with Hutchison unit
  - BBC
2/11/2005: Pulling the plug: Shock! One web addict explains why he ditched broadband
  - BBC
2/11/2005: New phase in phone fracas
  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Hold the phone, VOIP isn't safe
  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Cell phone's for's the judge
  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Caution Urged For Switch To Internet Phones
 - Science Daily

2/11/2005: HP: For circuits, swap silicon for molecules   - C/Net
2/11/2005: Intel debuts dynamic low-power processor technology  - El. Engr. Times
2/11/2005: India, Canada to jointly develop new wireless technology  - El. Engr. Times

2/11/2005: Digital guru floats sub-$100 PC  - BBC
2/11/2005: Group aims to drastically up disc storage  - C/Net

2/11/2005: Super Bowl ads:-winners and losers  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Eudora Suffers Security Scare  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Fledgling Thunderbird takes on Outlook  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Gmail gearing up for full launch?  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Ask Jeeves to buy Bloglines?  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Project Honeypot aims to trap spammers - New Scientist

2/11/2005: Gates launch hit by name blunder  - BBC
2/11/2005: Intel may get antitrust warning in Japan  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Messages grow manic as piracy nears high court  - C/Net


2/11/2005: Viagra Effectively Treats Enlarged Hearts, Mouse Study Shows - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Have Double The Risk Of Heart Failure - Science Daily
2/11/2005: New Inherited Disease Can Cause Early Aortic Rupture - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Survivors Who Stop Taking Aspirin Increase Risk Of Another Stroke - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Migraine-sparked Vision Loss May Increase Stroke Risk In Women - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Special Imaging Study Shows Failing Hearts Are 'Energy Starved' - Science Daily

2/11/2005: Baby size linked to cancer risk  - BBC
2/11/2005: Vaccine hopes for blood cancers  - BBC
2/11/2005: Effective Cancer Treatments Follow The Clock - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Pathogen-Mimicking Vaccine As Strategy For Cancer Therapy - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Mayo Clinic Researchers Create 'Obedient Virus'; First Step To Use Measles Virus Against Cancer - Science Daily
2/11/2005: New Study Details Trends In Diagnosis, Treatment Of Brain Tumors - Science Daily

2/11/2005: Sex disease alert: New infection being seen among gay men in western Europe  - BBC
2/11/2005: New Way To Block Pox Shows Promise In Lab Study - Science Daily
2/11/2005: HIV Vaccine Trial Breaks Ground For Future Research - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Substance Protects Resilient Staph Bacteria - Science Daily

2/11/2005: Traffic pollution revs up allergens  - Nature
2/11/2005: Gene Signatures Predict Interferon Response For Multiple Sclerosis Patients - Science Daily
2/11/2005: World-first Living Donor Islet Cell Transplant A Success; Procedure Offers Promise For Diabetics - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Pro-inflammatory Protein Contributes To Crohn's Disease According To UCSD School Of Medicine Study - Science Daily

2/11/2005: The shoe problem: 'Ivan Noble had a point about doctors and eye-contact'  - BBC
2/11/2005: Discovery: The most significant ideas in science and technology: hair loss  - BBC
2/11/2005: Mothers' stories: New mums around the world describe their experiences  - BBC
2/11/2005: Steroids 'safe for baby health'  - BBC
2/11/2005: Pill woman pregnant with quads  - BBC
2/11/2005: A daily struggle: Teenager tells of her battle with anorexia  - BBC
2/11/2005: Study Proves Catheter Ablation Safe For Patients - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Full-body MRI Shows Promise For Screening, But Should Stay In Research Area For Now, Study Says - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Suffering From Fatigue, Abdominal Discomfort Or Bloody Diarrhea? Your Doctor Might Not Recommend An Uncomfortable Endoscopy
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Lost Tolerance Is A Grave Omenn
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: PGA On A Tour Under The Skin
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Inflammatory Cells Highly Promising Target In NF 1
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Rat Whisking May Provide Insight Into Debilitating Eye Disorder
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Waterloo And Medicine Today
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Optimal Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Researchers Discover New Function For Old Enzyme
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
2/11/2005: Primordial seas too saline for early evolution - New Scientist

2/11/2005: Soviet bomb-makers retrain in UK  - BBC
2/11/2005: Starving Star Wars? - Business Week
2/11/2005: Tuning Out of Plasma - Business Week
2/11/2005: Biotech IPOs: A Big Future behind Them? - Business Week
2/11/2005: Tech gainsfor women?  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Cosmic Log: Super science on the Web - MSNBC
2/11/2005: U.S. Redesigning Atomic Weapons  - NY Times
2/11/2005: National Academy Of Engineering Announces Million-Dollar Challenge To Provide Safe Drinking Water - Science Daily

2/11/2005: Left-handed people view the world differently  - BBC
2/11/2005: Older People Get The Big Picture Faster, And They Are Less Inhibited - Science Daily
2/11/2005: New Study Suggests Race Fear Isn't Hard Wired - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/11/2005: Light Continues To Echo Three Years After Stellar Outburst - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Experiments Prove Existence Of Atomic Chain 'Anchors'
 - Science Daily



2/11/2005: Titanic life may bloom without water  - Nature
Researchers Try To Create Cyclic Ozone - SpaceDaily
2/11/2005: Critics Question NASA on Safety of the Shuttles
  - NY Times
2/11/2005: Using Global Warming To Create Conditions For Life On Mars
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Saturn's Bull's-Eye Marks Its Hot Spot
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: NASA Selects Moon Mapper For Mission Of Opportunity - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Japan Prepares for Crucial Rocket Launch
2/11/2005: Analysis: A Promising NASA Budget?
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Spacehab Geared For Space Shuttle Return To Flight
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: Titan Wind Mystery Settled From Earth
2/11/2005: Space Watch: Saving Hubble, defeating fear ...
 - FirstScience
2/11/2005: New Russian spacecraft to touch down in France ...
 - FirstScience

2/11/2005: Nano and Chips: Uneasy Ties - Business Week
2/11/2005: University mulls RFID for cadavers  - C/Net
2/11/2005: What's bugging the high-tech car?  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Photos: Fill 'er up with hydrogen  - C/Net
2/11/2005: Photos: Consumer gear takes a test drive
2/11/2005: Virtual surround-sound tailored to individual ears - New Scientist
2/11/2005: The Science Behind Making Steak More Tender
 - Science Daily
2/11/2005: McGill Researcher Looks At The Genetics Behind Cheese
 - Science Daily


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