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  February 10, 2006

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Neutron Stars Lead To Short Gamma-Ray Bursts - SpaceDaily  Left:  The photograph at left (See larger image)shows the galactic globular cluster M15, which contains a double neutron star system that will eventually collide to create a gamma-ray burst, as shown in the inset images at right. The right-hand images are taken from a computer animation and shows several snapshots covering just a fraction of a second in total time, with time advancing from top to bottom. Recent research shows that such collisions may be the source of up to 30 percent of all short gamma-ray bursts observed from Earth.  New research suggests that short gamma-ray bursts can be caused by the rematching of pairs of neutron stars. Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful explosions in the universe, emitting huge amounts of high-energy radiation. Though the phenomena have mystified scientists for a long time, recent studies have shown they seem to originate from two causes: from hypernovas-the explosions of giant stars-or from the collision of neutron stars, either with each other or with a black hole.    
Diagram of a coal gasification plant Road to recovery Can President Bush's energy plans break the US's oil addiction?  - BBC  The US is literally sitting on a massive energy source. One quarter of the world's coal reserves are located within the nation's borders. The US generated 3,940 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity in 2004, with more than half coming from coal-fired power stations. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that this figure will exceed 5,840TWh by 2030, with coal still being the dominant player. The current administration's flagship clean coal project, FutureGen, will receive $54m (30m) of the $281m (158m) of this funding.   

Distant world tops Pluto for size  - BBC  Left:  The Iram 30m telescope sited in the south of Spain.  At 3,000 km. (1,860 miles), the object (Xena) is significantly (700 km.) larger than Pluto. Xena has a 550 year, highly elliptical orbit around the sun. It is located about 14.5 billion kms. (8.7 billion miles) from the sun. Xena has a surface temperature of -250 C or 23 K, and may have an atmosphere at perihelion. This planetoid also has a moon code-named Gabrielle. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/10/2005:UK pledges 3m for safe abortions  - BBC
2/10/2005:Cloning 'pioneer' donated research funds to politicians
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005:Gene Thwarts Some Pathogens, Gives Access To Others, Could Save Crops - Science Daily
2/10/2005:New species found in Papua 'Eden'  - BBC
2/10/2005:'Lost world' in pictures  - BBC
2/10/2005:Scientist's discovery  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
2/10/2005:US gets a failing grade on ocean care  - Nature
2/10/2005:Cutting air travel 'unrealistic'  - BBC
2/10/2005:Green future: Inside the eco-friendly Welsh Assembly building  - BBC

2/10/2005:Dell bids adieu to hard-drive music players  - C/Net
2/10/2005:'Star Wars' boosts Hasbro profit  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Gadgets: Device fights tooth decay with electricity  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Podcasts teach Peruvians how to be better dairy farmers  - BBC
2/10/2005:Apple releases 1GB iPod nano - Business Week
2/10/2005:A video slam-dunk for the NBA  - C/Net

2/10/2005:Can DSL handle success?
  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Sony Ericsson's music-playing messenger
  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Global wi-fi plan gets $22m boost
  - BBC
2/10/2005:Nokia: Dialing North America
 - Business Week

2/10/2005:IBM trots out wireless chip for high-def files  - C/Net
2/10/2005:IBM tips Power6 processor architecture  - El. Engr. Times
2/10/2005:Israeli startup develops faster DSP  - El. Engr. Times
2/10/2005: For IBM, Speed Rules - Business Week

2/10/2005:Why Apple really ditched the PowerPC  - C/Net

2/10/2005:Fans triumph over net ticket site  - BBC
2/10/2005:Small is beautiful for Web 2.0 start-ups  - C/Net
2/10/2005:AOL e-mail plan triggers outcry  - CNN
2/10/2005:Study Notes Decline in Internet Spyware - Live Science
2/10/2005:Google takes aim at chat rivals  - BBC
2/10/2005:Call for internet safety lessons  - BBC
2/10/2005: Cisco on IPTV: "When, Not If"
 - Business Week
2/10/2005:Google to unveil new chat feature
 - Business Week
2/10/2005:Will Net content come at a price?
  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Anti-spam groups reject e-mail payment plan
  - C/Net
2/10/2005:BMW's head-on collision with Google
  - C/Net

2/10/2005:Linux users say OS needs touch-up with Photoshop  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Security: A storm is a brewing...  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Taking on the database giants - Business Week
2/10/2005:Novell seeks to boost Linux graphics  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Images: New look for Linux  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Perspective: One less data breach method to fret about  - C/Net

2/10/2005:Road to recovery Can President Bush's energy plans break the US's oil addiction?  - BBC


2/10/2005:Early warning: A womb cancer survivor calls for an end to ignorance  - BBC
2/10/2005:Drug dilemma: Why is there such controversy over Herceptin?  - BBC
2/10/2005:Concern at womb cancer rise  - BBC

2/10/2005:'Hit squads' to help tackle MRSA  - BBC
2/10/2005:New Faster Screening Test For MRSA - Science Daily
2/10/2005:The Long Research Road To A New Vaccine - Science Daily
2/10/2005:Hepatitis C Recurs Rapidly After Liver Transplant - Science Daily


2/10/2005:Face transplant patient aims to resume normal life  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Sights set on new retinal implants  - El. Engr. Times
2/10/2005:Childhood defects kill more people than AIDS - New Scientist
2/10/2005:'Freshman Fifteen' Is A Myth, But Weight Gain Is Still A Problem - Science Daily
2/10/2005:Flight-Distance Record May Be Tough to Beat, Adventurer Says - Space.com
2/10/2005:Policy or Politics? NASA Accused of Intimidating Climatologist - Space.com
2/10/2005:Odds of Survival Much Higher at Top U.S. Hospitals - Live Science
2/10/2005:Stress 'fuelling early puberty'  - BBC
2/10/2005:Dying for control How food dominates the life of one young anorexic
  - BBC
2/10/2005:"I've a smit in me gob" - GPs given North East dialect tips
  - BBC
2/10/2005:Scientists make 'slimming' potato
  - BBC
2/10/2005:Care workers face vetting
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/10/2005:25,000 year old cave drawings found - MSNBC
2/10/2005:Map Fuels Debate: Did Chinese Sail to New World First? - Live Science
2/10/2005:US Civil War 'led to ill health'  - BBC

2/10/2005:A video slam-dunk for the  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Video: Every play counts  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Video: Follow bouncing ball  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Some companies helped the NSA, but which?  - C/Net
2/10/2005:2005 Vaporware Awards  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Photos: Long-distance flying with Steve Fossett  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Toshiba buys Westinghouse for $5.4 billion  - C/Net
2/10/2005:PayPal prepares for a challenge from Google  - C/Net
2/10/2005:How sustainable is China's rapid growth?  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Adventurer attempts flight record on a wing and a milkshake  - CNN
2/10/2005:Pilot Aims for Longest Flight in History - Live Science
2/10/2005:Scientists to hold cuts protest  - BBC
2/10/2005:Who's helping the NSA?  - C/Net
2/10/2005:NSA eavesdropping: How it might work  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Perspective: Memo to Congress: Don't blow it
2/10/2005:Comic rappers battle for cred  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Reporter's notebook: Mixing genius, art and goofy gadgets  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Video: Attorney General on NSA spying  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Perspective: Out of sync at 35,000 feet  - C/Net


Physics and Astronomy:
2/10/2005:Neutron Stars Lead To Short Gamma-Ray Bursts - SpaceDaily
Distant world tops Pluto for size   - BBC
2/10/2005:Dark matter warms up
  - Nature
2/10/2005:'Tepid' temperature of dark matter revealed
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005:Quantum foam blows away naked singularity
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005:Hubble explodes latest 'evidence' of cosmic strings
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005:Quark stars crack cosmic conundrums
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005:Ongoing Growth: Galaxies Grab Intergalactic Gas
 - Space.com



2/10/2005:NASA astronauts bond with Israeli students ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005:NASA still aiming for May shuttle launch
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005:NASA inspector accused of ignoring safety violations
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005:Stardust: Sample Harvesting Underway
 - Live Science
2/10/2005:Engineers Compete To Find Best Trajectory To Intercept An Asteroid
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005:How To Find The Orbital Needle In The Celestial Haystack
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005:New Image Shows Speck Of Comet Dust From NASA Mission
2/10/2005:UA Scientist And Private Collector Form Center To Save Meteorites
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005:Vietnam To Invite Formal Bids For Satellite Project
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005:Binary Icy Asteroid in Jupiter's Orbit ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005:SuitSat: Listen To The Radio From A Space Station Spacesuit
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005:Visualize Life on Other Worlds
  - Wired News
Book Review- Saturn V ...- FirstScience

2/10/2005:UCLA researchers scan a human brain to study Super Bowl ads  - C/Net
2/10/2005:Hitachi advances paper-thin RFID chip  - El. Engr. Times
2/10/2005:Philips to present plastic RFID circuit  - El. Engr. Times
2/10/2005:White House approves Oregon nanotech center  - El. Engr. Times
2/10/2005:Study: New machines await 4 in 5 voters - Business Week



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