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  February 10, 2005

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A Glow In The Martian Night - SpaceDaily  LeftLight produced on the night side of Mars may be due to chemical reactions occurring in the atmosphere; when one atom of nitrogen combines with one atom of oxygen it forms a new molecule called nitric oxide. When it recombines, it emits one photon. This photon may have several different wavelengths, but the wavelengths of these photons are quite typical of this nitric oxide molecule.  "Our paper is about light that was discovered on the night side of Mars. Up to now, there has been no detection of this natural light, or "air glow." It has been seen on the day side of Mars by Mariner 6, 7 and 9 in the ultraviolet, but there were no observations of the night side. How is this kind of light produced? One way is through chemically produced emissions. That occurs in the atmosphere of the Earth, and has been seen in the atmosphere of Venus, and we have discovered for the first time it happening in the atmosphere of Mars. 
MRAM Rising As Nano-Memory - SpaceDaily  In the next decade, the leading method of data storage could be nanotechnology-based magnetic RAM or MRAM, which is expected to grow to a market of $2.1 billion by 2008 and $16.1 billion by 2012. b\Because MRAM can be directly programmed in a few nanoseconds, it is extremely fast compared with Flash, which takes milliseconds to program and also requires a separate erase cycle, Tehrani said. In addition, while it can be as fast as SRAM, MRAM can in theory achieve higher density, since MRAM only has one transistor per cell while SRAM uses six to achieve its high speed.    

 Climate: Low-Carbing The Atmosphere - SpaceDaily  Left:  Sweeping it under the ground should do the trick for a century or two.  Carbon sequestration has become the leading weapon in the U.S. government's arsenal against climate change. There is a hoary saying in the business world that is easier to save a dollar than to make a dollar, but this advice seems to be cheerfully ignored in the U.S. climate policy arena. There, a technology-investment fix is being promoted over a regulatory approach that restricts carbon emissions - that is, not emitting the greenhouse gas in the first place. About $110 million in public and private funds would be invested in 65 carbon sequestration projects around the country.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
2/10/2005: New Nicotine-like Imaging Agent Holds Promise In PET Studies, May Help Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

2/10/2005: Cheetah cubs make their debut - MSNBC
2/10/2005: New organisms found in deepest seas
2/10/2005: Bonobos dying as they flee hunters - New Scientist
2/10/2005: What Does An Airline Traveler Have In Common With A Glowing Fish? - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Genome Sequencing: Using Models To Predict Who's Next - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Dispersal Or Drift? More To Plant Biodiversity Than Meets The Eye - Science Daily
2/10/2005: NYU Researchers Simulate Molecular Biological Clock - Science Daily
2/10/2005: The Evolution Of Self-Fertile Hermaphroditism: The Fog Is Clearing - Science Daily
2/10/2005: New Insight Into Regulation Of Blood Stem Cells - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Life Is Found Thriving at Ocean's Deepest Point - Nat'l. Geo. News

Climate, Environment:
2/10/2005: Climate: Low-Carbing The Atmosphere - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: U.S. exports its air pollution to Europe - MSNBC
2/10/2005: U.S. tsunami warning system needs repairs - MSNBC
2/10/2005: Supply ships plow through Antarctic ice - MSNBC
2/10/2005: Traffic pollution revs up allergens  - Nature
2/10/2005: Alarm bells ring louder over climate change - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Coral reefs create clouds to control the climate - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Scientists Studying Wintry Ice In Summer Clouds - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Mapping The Underwater World In 3-D - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Things That Make the Earth Go Hm  - Wired News
2/10/2005: Regulators, governments, environmentalists seek more data on Arctic pipeline ... - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Green Groups Make EU Budget Push ... - FirstScience
2/10/2005: ECO FOCUS: Technology to Reduce Greenhouse Gases Already in Place ...
2/10/2005: Award for eco-activist ... - FirstScience
2/10/2005: The 'fragrant harbour' is lost in smog ... - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Newsweek: Inuit to sue U.S. over warming ... - MSNBC
2/10/2005: Lasers to give early-warning of volcanic eruptions ... - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Seeing the Big Picture Each day, NASA satellites produce images of the entire surface of the Earth, contributi ... - NASA
2/10/2005: 02.04.05 - Central American Monitoring System Developed by NASA scientists, the innovative regional monitoring ...

2/10/2005: The state of Linux gaming  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Tunes in a tin  - C/Net
2/10/2005: 'Sentinel' a head-scratching adventure  - CNN
2/10/2005: Napster takes aim at iPod  - CNN
2/10/2005: March debut for PlayStation Portable  - CNN
2/10/2005: The Adventures Never End  - Wired News


2/10/2005: MRAM Rising As Nano-Memory - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Holographic alliance planned to accelerate standardization  - El. Engr. Times
2/10/2005: U.K. group readies tuned optical amp for 40-Gbit networks  - El. Engr. Times

2/10/2005: Week in pictures: PC fashions  - C/Net

2/10/2005: Google loses trademark case in France  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Kazaa's a drag at its own company  - C/Net
2/10/2005: E-mail meltdown claims take heat  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Pentagon sites: Journalism or propaganda?  - C/Net
2/10/2005: E-mail meltdown claims:-all hype?  - C/Net
2/10/2005: FBI shuts down public e-mail system  - CNN
2/10/2005: Spammer trick could send junk email soaring
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Software bots could menace Google ads
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Googling the Bottom Line
  - Wired News

2/10/2005: Windows glitches to get fixes  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Microsoft promises compatibility  - CNN

2/10/2005: Sensors drafted to turn off lights nationwide  - C/Net

2/10/2005: Recognizing New Aneurysm Syndrome Can Save Lives - Science Daily

2/10/2005: Scientists Reveal Cells' 'Energy Factories' Linked To Cancer - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Obesity And Weight Gain Associated With Poorer Breast Cancer Survival - Science Daily

2/10/2005: DNA vaccine offers hope against tuberculosis - New Scientist
2/10/2005: First human case of mad cow disease in Japan - New Scientist
2/10/2005: BSE and vCJD: - New Scientist

2/10/2005: NIH asks for Internet access to studies - MSNBC
2/10/2005: Pro-inflammatory Enzyme Linked To Diabetes; Immune System's Macrophages May Be Key To Treatment - Science Daily

2/10/2005: Auditory Screening For Newborns Can Be Successful, - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Keeping Tabs on the Dead  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
2/10/2005: Experts check prehistoric Colorado village - MSNBC
2/10/2005: Expertise Helps Preserve Famous Ship - Science Daily
2/10/2005: TimeLine: 70 Years Ago in Science News ... - Science News

2/10/2005: Bloggers fighting Astroturf  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Pharm-a-con  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Fighting Bull's struggle a bad sign?  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Schwab cuts online commissions  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Pentagon Web sites: Journalism or propaganda?  - CNN
2/10/2005: Are Pentagon news sites deceiving?  - CNN
2/10/2005: The online battle for Iraq  - CNN
2/10/2005: Printer fails to satisfy  - CNN
2/10/2005: Report: FBI wasted millions on software program  - CNN
2/10/2005: Russian firm seeks stake in Indian wireless firm  - El. Engr. Times
2/10/2005: Wanted- Spotters for globe-circling plane - MSNBC
2/10/2005: Cosmic Log: Bugs spotted on Mars - MSNBC
2/10/2005: NIH reveals open-access policy  - Nature
2/10/2005: Horse handedness could lead to safer bets - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Editorial: Bird flu outbreak could kill 1.5 billion people - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Canadians Fight for Privacy  - Wired News
2/10/2005: Celebrating the Body Beautiful  - Wired News
2/10/2005: How Old Is Enron?  - Wired News
2/10/2005: The Painful Truth  - Wired News
2/10/2005: Troops Given Anthrax Despite Judge Ban
  - Wired News
2/10/2005: The Phat Controller
  - Wired News
2/10/2005: Crashed Cars to Dial Emergency Services
  - Wired News
2/10/2005: Paris Still Third In Arms Exports Abroad
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Commentary: Iraqi Palmistry
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Outside View: A Force For Good
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Analysis: Ukraine-NATO's New Europe Problem
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Woosley: Cold War Approach To New Threats
 - SpaceDaily

2/10/2005: Sex hormones plunge in downtrodden females - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Gene With Broad Role Also Causes Prevalent, Inherited Nerve Disorder - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Motion Perception Improves With Age  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
2/10/2005: "End states" come into view - PhysicsWeb
2/10/2005: Intergalactic clouds account for much of universe's matter ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Watch an asteroid whiz by in 2029 ...
2/10/2005: Chandra's Web X-ray telescope finds missing matter snared in a network of gas clouds ...
2/10/2005: Researchers hope to break new ground in high-energy astrophysics with hard ...



2/10/2005: A Glow In The Martian Night - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Beagle 2 'should never have been built'
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Sophisticated commercial satellite set for launch
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Greenhouse gases could breathe life into Mars
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Cosmonaut Questions Space Shuttle Strategy ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Riverside scientist part of project team accepted to NASA's small explorer program ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Book Review- Apollo 12 The NASA Mission Reports, Volume Two ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Natural Colour Image of Rhea ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Saturn Has an Unusual Hot Spot ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Russia Suggests Spaceship Standardization - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: President Should Appoint Strong Administrator To Reform NASA
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Hale-Bopp Co-Discoverer Plans Event To Mark Ten-Year Anniversary
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Breeze M Combination Works Flawlessly On AMC-12 Baikonur Launch
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Mars Express goes for boom or bust
  - Nature
2/10/2005: NASA budget kills Hubble telescope
  - Nature
2/10/2005: Technical coup rescues Titan wind experiment
 - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Russia to Present New Kliper Space Shuttle at Le Bourget Air Show ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Out of the blue, Saturn reveals its true colours ...
 - FirstScience
2/10/2005: Astronaut Dad on Duty ...
2/10/2005: Mars Express Radar To Be Deployed In May
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Spirit Encounters 'Alligator'
 - SpaceDaily
2/10/2005: Cassini Approaches Third Titan Flyby
 - SpaceDaily

2/10/2005: Brit flying car earns its wings  - C/Net
2/10/2005: Augmented-reality machine works in real time - New Scientist
2/10/2005: Computation Provides A Virtual Recording Of Auditory Signaling - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Scientists Close In On 'Superbrakes' For Cars - Science Daily
2/10/2005: Science Safari- Nanotech Facts ... - Science News


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