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  February 1, 2006

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NASA Loans Engine To Rocketplane - SpaceDaily  NASA is loaning a rocket engine to Rocketplane, of Oklahoma City, as part of an innovative industry partnership program. NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, and the company signed a Space Act Agreement for use of an RS-88 engine in tests of its Rocketplane XP vehicle for three years. The company will provide NASA with design, test and operational information from the development. The Rocketplane XP is a four-seat, modified Lear executive jet. It will incorporate a rocket engine for acceleration to achieve a planned peak altitude of almost 300,000 feet.    
A plague victim's skull (Birmingham Univeristy, courtesy of the Museum of London) Time changes human's face  - BBC  Researchers have found that the shape of the human skull has changed significantly over the past 650 years. Modern people possess less prominent features but higher foreheads than our medieval ancestors. The team took careful measurements of groups of skulls spanning across 30 generations. The scientists said the differences between past and present skull shapes were "striking". They looked at 30 skulls dating from the mid-14th Century. Another 54 skulls examined by the team were recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose which sank off the south coast of England in 1545.   

For Orthopedic Injuries, A Robot That Follows Patients As They Move - Science Daily  The MRI and CT scan may one day have a robotic cousin capable of following and peering into patients as they move around. A University of Florida engineer has designed a robot to shadow and shoot X-ray video of sufferers of orthopedic injuries as they walk, climb stairs, stand up from a seated position or pursue other normal activities – and maybe even athletic ones like swinging a bat. UF mechanical and aerospace engineer Scott Banks’ goal is to augment static images of patients’ bones, muscles and joints with an interior view of these and other parts in action during normal physical activity. The robot can shadow a person’s knee, shoulder or other joint with its hand.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

2/1/2005: U.S. scientist entangled in stem cell scam - MSNBC
2/1/2005: Monkey cops keep the peace
2/1/2005: Zoo animals get a little dental work - MSNBC
2/1/2005: Scorpion Survives Inside Fossil Sample ... - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Nations back elephant action plan  - BBC
2/1/2005: Korea cloning expert questioned  - BBC
2/1/2005: Viewpoint: Extinctions of animals and plants cannot be stopped - deal with it  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
2/1/2005: Alaskan tundra thaws in warming world  - Nature
2/1/2005: NASA Satellites Yield Best-ever Antarctic Maps - Science Daily
2/1/2005: Mountain Ranges Rise Dramatically Faster Than Expected - Science Daily
2/1/2005: Sea level rise 'is accelerating' - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Climate casualty: Will Canada's new government kill off the Kyoto Protocol? - FirstScience
2/1/2005: EPA Questioned on Lead in Drinking Water ... - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Study: Global Warming May Raise Sea Levels ... - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Greenpeace ends protest ... - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Al Gore Hits Sundance with Global Warming Message; Kayne West 'Rolling Stone' Cover Stirs Controversy ... - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Back to the future for global warming ...  - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Rain gardens 'cut city pollution'  - BBC
2/1/2005: Alaska Volcano Erupting Again ... - FirstScience

2/1/2005: Gyration wireless optical mouse  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Grand Theft Auto--busted?  - CNN
2/1/2005: Introducing the redesigned Nintendo DS Lite  - CNN
2/1/2005: Schools tap dance video game to boost physical activity  - CNN
2/1/2005: Soldius tees up solar golf bag  - El. Engr. Times
2/1/2005: Microsoft jumping into handheld market?- C/Net
2/1/2005: Digital camera binoculars
- C/Net
2/1/2005: New or rebranded iPaqs on the way?
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Xbox shortage dings Microsoft sales
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Congressman concerned about MP3 players, hearing loss
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Up close with the latest gadgets
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Solar golf bag charges cell phones
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Photos: Soldius solar chargers
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Microsoft: Microsoft to make iPod rival?
  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Gadgets: This mouse hides in your PC card slot
  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Nintendo to release slimmer DS handheld
  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Podcast: Get Your Videoblog On
  - Wired News

2/1/2005: Combined Wi-Fi, cell services? Not yet
  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Samsung develops 1.72-inch handset LCD screen
  - El. Engr. Times
2/1/2005: Politicians call for better phone record privacy
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Blazing Wi-Fi Zips Toward Reality
  - Wired News

2/1/2005: Israeli startup unveils color LCD technology  - El. Engr. Times
2/1/2005: A brief history of hard drives- C/Net
2/1/2005: Allies pledge $10 billion to boost Itanium- C/Net
2/1/2005: Applied Physics: An End to Transistors? ... - FirstScience

2/1/2005: U.N. body backs $100 laptop for world's kids  - C/Net
2/1/2005: New Vaios coming home to AOL.com  - C/Net
2/1/2005: IBM hardware boosts database on mainframes- C/Net
2/1/2005: Processors: Sandisk continues to grow like crazy  - C/Net

2/1/2005: Congress catching on to the value of blogs  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Google: China decision painful but right  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Yahoo reverses itself on search-engine comments  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Grading Google  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Alone on the Internet? Hardly  - CNN
2/1/2005: Teen may have met her killer online  - CNN
2/1/2005: Feds arrest alleged Internet ID thief
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Kama Sutra worm set to bite next week
- C/Net
2/1/2005: Yahoo: Phishers target Yahoo Instant Messenger
  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Google wrangle Chinese bloggers debate Google's decision to censor
  - BBC

2/1/2005: Boot Windows on Intel Mac--win $6,000  - C/Net
2/1/2005: The home-video market: Who rents, who buys and why  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Bay Area's skills shaping future of new media  - C/Net
2/1/2005: No booze or jokes for China's Googlers- C/Net
2/1/2005: Torvalds: No GPL 3 for Linux- C/Net
2/1/2005: The bug in Microsoft's ear - Business Week
2/1/2005: Security: Ancient flaws leave OS X vulnerable?  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Music lovers caught in DRM battle  - BBC

2/1/2005: Ford's alternative-fuel vehicles- C/Net
2/1/2005: Ethanol could reduce fossil fuel need- C/Net
2/1/2005: Biofuels get mixed review  - Nature
2/1/2005: Hydrogen Combustion Burns Cash  - Wired News
2/1/2005: Fuelling the future: How can world energy needs be met as key supplies dwindle?  - BBC
2/1/2005: Car firms 'blocking green fuel'  - BBC

2/1/2005: Use Of Proven Heart Medicines Improves, But Not Enough - Science Daily
2/1/2005: UNC Scientists Discover 'Gatekeeper' Protein In Blood Clotting - Science Daily
2/1/2005: Developmental Biology: On Angiogenesis ... - FirstScience


2/1/2005: Deadly genes in bird flu identified- C/Net
2/1/2005: Army of bird flu viruses decoded  - Nature
2/1/2005: Prion disease found lurking in deer muscle - New Scientist
2/1/2005: Genetic Mutation Linked To West Nile Virus Infection - Science Daily
2/1/2005: Vaccine Provides 100 Percent Protection Against Avian Flu Virus In Animal Study - Science Daily
2/1/2005: Quickie Bird Flu Vaccine Created  - Wired News

2/1/2005: Sudden bid to quit smoking 'best'  - BBC

2/1/2005: Why screaming doesn't make you deaf - MSNBC
2/1/2005: Animal Research Suggests Perimenopause Is A Critical Time For Women's Health - Science Daily
2/1/2005: California declares smoke 'toxic'  - BBC
2/1/2005: Your lifestyle: What could you do to improve your health and live longer?  - BBC
2/1/2005: California tobacco smoke 'toxic'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
2/1/2005: Time changes human's face   - BBC
2/1/2005: Evolution: On the Evolution of Humans and Chimpanzees ... - FirstScience

2/1/2005: If Martha Stewart were a geek ...  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Best Buy takes aim at rebates  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Disney-Pixar merger pact lays out conditions- C/Net
2/1/2005: US may overturn nuclear fuel reprocessing ban - New Scientist
2/1/2005: Don't Fear the New Boom  - Wired News
2/1/2005: Sundance: The Good, Bad and Ugly  - Wired News
2/1/2005: Court Backs Airport ID Checks  - Wired News
2/1/2005: DNA helps solve mysterious murder case ... - FirstScience
2/1/2005: 'Fight the net': Declassified report reveals US plans for 'info operations'  - BBC

2/1/2005: Study Links Early Friendships With High-quality Sibling Relationships - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
2/1/2005: The problem of detecting life on other planets  - C/Net
2/1/2005: Astronomers Track Massive Shockwaves In Plasma Escaping Newborn Star
 - Science Daily
2/1/2005: Closer To Home- Discovery Of Small, Rocky, Extrasolar World Suggests Such Planets May Be Common
 - Science Daily
2/1/2005: New planet-hunting method could find more Earths ...
2/1/2005: Quantum Information- On Storing Single Photons ...
 - FirstScience


2/1/2005: For Orthopedic Injuries, A Robot That Follows Patients As They Move  - Science Daily
2/1/2005: 20 Years After Challenger, Robots Grab The Headlines In Space Exploration - SpaceDaily

2/1/2005: NASA Loans Engine To Rocketplane - SpaceDaily
2/1/2005: NASA workers pause to remember fallen Challenger, Columbia, Apollo astronauts ...
 - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Challenger disaster: Twenty years on - the mission remembered  - BBC
2/1/2005: Planetary Science- On Saturn's Moon Titan ...
 - FirstScience
2/1/2005: Slide show: Month in space ...
2/1/2005: Astronauts' loss paved the way ahead ...
 - FirstScience

2/1/2005: School employs iris scan technology  - CNN
2/1/2005: RFID market to grow 10 fold by 2016, firm says  - El. Engr. Times
2/1/2005: Ceramics come out of the cold - PhysicsWeb
2/1/2005: Scientists Stretch Carbon Nanotubes: Research May Influence Future Development Of Semiconductors, Nanocomposites - Science Daily
2/1/2005: Mystery Of Metallic Glass Is Cracked By Johns Hopkins Engineers - Science Daily
2/1/2005: Machines Pluck Cash From Trash  - Wired News



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