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  December 9, 2005

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The Promise Of Left-Handed Metamaterials  Left:  viewed as an optical analog of semiconductors that modify the properties of light similarly to a microscopic atomic lattice that creates a semiconductor band-gap for electrons. It is therefore believed that by replacing relatively slow electrons with photons as the carriers of information, the speed and band-width of advanced communication systems will be dramatically increased, thus revolutionizing the telecommunication industry.  For his thesis Francisco Falcone analysed  photonic crystals which have good control of the signal but are not greatly efficient with respect to size. It is with a second type of structure where the results of the research team at the Public University of Navarre are more spectacular.   
Bionic Fiction Becomes Science Fact - SpaceDaily   A highly dexterous, bio-inspired artificial hand and sensory system that could provide patients with active feeling, is being developed by the European CYBERHAND project. Funded by the Future and Emerging Technologies initiative of the IST programme, the CYBERHAND project aims to hard wire this hand into the nervous system, allowing sensory feedback from the hand to reach the brain, and instructions to come from the brain to control the hand, at least in part. So far, the project is racking up an impressive list of achievements. It has a complete, fully sensitised five-fingered hand. The CYBERHAND prototype has 16 Degrees of Freedom (DoFs) made possible by the work of six tiny motors.    

 Science faces 'dangerous times' ...  - BBC  Fundamentalism is hampering global efforts to tackle climate change, according to Britain's top scientist. He will warn core scientific values are "under serious threat from resurgent fundamentalism, West and East". "Ahead of us lie dangerous times," he will say in his fifth and final anniversary address. "Sadly, for many, the response is to retreat from complexity and difficulty by embracing the darkness of fundamentalist unreason." Another danger to the enlightenment of science came from the growing network of fundamentalist and lobby groups in the US that campaigned for creationism to be taught in science classes, he added. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/9/2005:Almaty apples: Regenerated orchards put famous Kazakh fruit back on menu  - BBC
12/9/2005:Balancing act: Why man-made parks could keep tourists and wildlife happy
  - BBC
12/9/2005:Dopamine blockers lead faithful voles astray - New Scientist
12/9/2005:Concerns over IVF contamination risk - New Scientist
12/9/2005:Korean broadcaster apologises over cloning allegations - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
12/9/2005:New Model Protects Wetlands Of The Future - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Recyclers' waste dumped abroad  - BBC
12/9/2005: The Race Against Climate Change - Business Week
12/9/2005: Toyota- Greener Cars -- and Factories - Business Week
12/9/2005: In Asia, a Hot Market for Carbon - Business Week
12/9/2005:Lava puts on a show in Hawaii - MSNBC
12/9/2005:Look Out Below  - NY Times
12/9/2005:First Chapter  - NY Times
12/9/2005:No Ice, No Us  - NY Times
12/9/2005:On Climate Change, a Change of Thinking  - NY Times
12/9/2005:Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker  - NY Times
12/9/2005:Satellites Capture Gravity Map Of Tides Under Antarctic Ice Shelves - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:NASA Offers Unprecedented View Of Upper Atmosphere - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:What Is A Cloud - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Warming Could Free More Carbon From Arctic Soil - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Snow Is Cool Say Scientists - SpaceDaily

12/9/2005:Gamers decry Amazon Xbox shortage  - BBC
12/9/2005:Digital heart: Will the Xbox 360 be the centre of your digital world?  - BBC
12/9/2005:Xbox 360 to hit Korea in February  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Bye Bye BlackBerry?  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Court blocks Illinois video game laws  - C/Net
12/9/2005:ESPN looks to score iTunes deal  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Xbox 360's a power hog
  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Online shopping tips to find holiday gifts for sports fans

12/9/2005:Asia to get Xbox 360 by early March
  - CNN
12/9/2005:Holiday gaming at Grandma's
 - Seattle Times
12/9/2005:Reality Check on Video Game Violence
 - Space.com

12/9/2005:Philadelphia story: East Coast city's wi-fi experiment stirs up controversy
  - BBC
12/9/2005:New world order for television
  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Home network 2.0: Synchronized computing
  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Cisco to enable advanced wireless services
  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Deep discounts on IP telephony
  - C/Net
12/9/2005:WiBro to get a workout at Turin Olympics
  - C/Net

12/9/2005:NEC says 55-nm process cuts power consumption  - El. Engr. Times
12/9/2005:Hynix claims fastest, highest-density graphics DRAM  - El. Engr. Times

12/9/2005:Review: A look at the new iMac G5
12/9/2005:Gadget keeps your laptop private - Seattle Times

12/9/2005:Froogle: Shopping Made Complex - Business Week
12/9/2005:Online encyclopedia tightens rules - Business Week
12/9/2005:Is it time for Google Calendar?  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Sober worm stalls MSN, Hotmail  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Week-long online discussion about Web darling  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Blogs reflect power of the pen  - BBC
12/9/2005:CNN.com launches broadband video news service
  - CNN
12/9/2005:Holiday Web spending up from 2004
  - CNN

12/9/2005:One city's move to open source  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Why Wikipedia will survive the storm  - C/Net
12/9/2005:New rules of engagement for Wikipedia  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Wikipedia and the nature of truth  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Growing pains for Wikipedia  - C/Net



12/9/2005:Virus clue to cervical cancer jab  - BBC


12/9/2005:Smoking lobby backs age rise  - BBC

12/9/2005:Bionic Fiction Becomes Science Fact - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Man seeks puberty: He's never had a spot and his voice hasn't yet broken. He's 33  - BBC
12/9/2005:Stress 'hinders healing process'  - BBC
12/9/2005:Colour blindness not all it seems  - BBC
12/9/2005:Child development: Should you worry if your youngster has imaginary friends?  - BBC
12/9/2005:Pill hope for water on the brain  - BBC
12/9/2005:Smaller size me: 'Having my breasts reduced from a 32FF has changed my life'  - BBC
12/9/2005:Arguments dramatically slow wound healing - New Scientist
12/9/2005:Hot and Healthy Winter Drinks
 - Space.com
12/9/2005:Infant Masturbation Often Misdiagnosed
 - Space.com

History, Anthropology:
12/9/2005:Poison gas 'caused' great dying  - BBC
12/9/2005:Boost to CO2 extinction idea  - BBC
12/9/2005:Great extinction came in phases  - BBC
12/9/2005:Scientists tout new discoveries from Titanic - MSNBC
12/9/2005:Monument to Mayan woman unearthed - MSNBC
12/9/2005:Is Bosnian hill actually an ancient pyramid? - MSNBC

12/9/2005:Science faces 'dangerous times' ...   - BBC
12/9/2005:Britain Certain Iran Developing Long-Range Weapons - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Iran Nukes Vs. Russian Diplomacy - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005: Science Grads, Where Are You? - Business Week
12/9/2005: Phishing- Beware the Internal Revenue Scam - Business Week
12/9/2005:Free speech under Net attack, study says  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Perspective- Coming to a Department of Motor Vehicles near you: E-tracking
12/9/2005:Dog cameras to combat gun crime  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Sony's spray paint graffiti ads draw scorn  - Wired News
12/9/2005:Singapore to pump millions into digital media industry  - BBC
12/9/2005:Technology helping blind, deaf enjoy movies  - CNN
12/9/2005:Intel creates $250 million Indian VC fund  - El. Engr. Times
12/9/2005:Homeschooled teen wins top science honor - MSNBC
12/9/2005:UK case for holding terror suspects 'misleading' - New Scientist
12/9/2005:The Nuclear Age - New Scientist
12/9/2005:India to help Russia boost satellite navigation system - New Scientist
12/9/2005:China orders 150 Airbus jets - Seattle Times
12/9/2005:Bush seeks to dispel pessimism about the economy - Seattle Times
12/9/2005:Iran Warns Israel After Netanyahu Threat - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Russia Defends Iran Missile Sale
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:US Criticizes Russian Missile Sale To Iran
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Iran Will Not Give Up Uranium Enrichment
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:SAFOD Reveals New Insights Into The Earthquake Machine
 - SpaceDaily

12/9/2005:NSF Funds Probe Of The Quintessence Of Surprise - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:'Copying' nerves broken in autism  - BBC
12/9/2005:Addicted to love? Why scientists believe you may well be  - BBC
12/9/2005:Molecule 'may offer Down's hope'  - BBC
12/9/2005:Memory-altering drugs may rewrite your past - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
12/9/2005:Giant eye ready to spot planet birth - New Scientist
12/9/2005:The Surprising End to a Supernova
 - Space.com
12/9/2005:Titania Nanoparticles- Improved Sensors And Solar Energy
 - SpaceDaily


12/9/2005:Robots aim to explore and build on other worlds - New Scientist
12/9/2005:Europeans seek more backing for robotics - Seattle Times

12/9/2005:Mars rovers showing signs of age  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Europe charts a course for future space exploration
 - New Scientist
12/9/2005:Ministers To Consider 9.05 Billion Euros in Funding for ESA Space Programs
 - Space.com
12/9/2005:Europeans Unlikely to Back Russia's Manned Space Vehicle
 - Space.com
12/9/2005:Latching Onto Lichen
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:European Space Program Must Become More Independent
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Mars Rovers Continue To Explore And Amaze One Year Later
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Opportunity Tells A Hard Tale
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Rivers On Titan, One Of Saturn's Moons, Resemble Those On Earth
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:Japan Reports Asteroid Return Mission Has Failed
 - SpaceDaily

12/9/2005:Bionic Fiction Becomes Science Fact - SpaceDaily
12/9/2005:High-wire act for high tech  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Insiders: Digital living room still just a dream  - C/Net
12/9/2005:Picture perfect  - CNN
12/9/2005:Top safety car picks  - CNN
12/9/2005:Fujitsu advances use of nanotubes as IC heatsinks  - El. Engr. Times


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