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  December 9, 2004

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Budget Analysts Call For NASA Cuts - SpaceDaily  Left: "I think we can learn much more about the universe much cheaper from unmanned vehicles", said Rivlin, now a Brookings' analyst, adding that unmanned exploration would also improve safety  U.S. analysts Monday said Bush administration proposals to send astronauts back to the moon and on to Mars should be put on the budget chopping block. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's fiscal 2005 budget gives it wide latitude to direct money toward Bush's new space vision but Alice Rivlin, former White House budget director under President Clinton, and Bill Niskanen, chairman of the Cato Institute, both told a Brookings Institute forum on domestic policy in the second Bush term the plans are a waste of money. Both analysts said it was unlikely Bush will reach his stated goal of reducing the federal deficit by 50 percent by fiscal 2009 but added NASA is one place where cuts could be made easily.   
The Origin Of Life On Earth - SpaceDaily  Left: Dynamic Neil deGrasse Tyson, on the move with a big idea in mind: how did life originate on Earth? Credit: PBS. The search for life in the universe begins with a deep question: what is life? Astrobiologists will tell you honestly that this question has no simple or generally accepted answer. Does life reproduce itself? So does fire. Does life evolve to produce new forms? So do certain crystals that grow in watery solutions. The four elements that form the bulk of life on Earth all appear on the short list of the universe's six most abundant elements. Since the other two elements on the list, helium and neon, almost never combine with anything else, life on Earth consists of the most abundant and chemically active ingredients in the cosmos.    

Stress 'may speed up cell ageing'  - BBC  The stress of caring for a sick child can add 10 or more years to the biological age of a woman's cells, researchers have found. The researchers found that women who had reported higher levels of psychological stress - those who were caring for sick children - had shorter telomeres. They said that, on average, the difference was equivalent to over a decade of additional ageing compared with women who classed themselves as having low levels of stress. It was also found that the high-stress women also had higher oxidative stress levels - cumulative damage caused by "free radicals" - which has been shown to speed up the shortening of telomeres in lab studies. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/9/2004: Giant squid to be 'plastinated' for posterity - New Scientist
12/9/2004: Feds to Consider Protection for Lamprey
  - NY Times
12/9/2004: Researchers Develop Salmon Parasite Test  - NY Times
12/9/2004: Peripheral Timekeeping: Mammalian Cells Outside The Brain Have Their Own Circadian Clocks - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/9/2004: Bury dead phones--for fertilizer  - C/Net
12/9/2004: NASA Research Shows Wetland Changes Affect Florida Freezes - Science Daily
12/9/2004: Say Goodbye To Rudolph, Other Reindeer If Global Warming Continues - Science Daily

12/9/2004: Cultural icon: What a decade of the Sony PlayStation has done for gaming  - BBC
12/9/2004: Christmas clash over gift choices  - BBC
12/9/2004: Gritty prince: Slick Prince of Persia sequel proves strangely unsatisfying  - BBC
12/9/2004: iPod: How Long Will It Reign? - Business Week
12/9/2004: Mini-Video for the Backseat Set - Business Week
12/9/2004: PlayStation 2 shortage rattles shoppers  - C/Net
12/9/2004: 'Bard's' tale funny, but doesn't hold interest
  - CNN
12/9/2004: McDonald's to give away Sega games
  - CNN

12/9/2004: Broadband boom tempts people away from the TV
  - BBC
12/9/2004: ESPN's New Game: Wireless Provider
 - Business Week
12/9/2004: Cell phone towers in camouflage
  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Playboy aims to sex up U.S. mobile phones
  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Wireless worries
  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Connectivity creep:-remembering we all need downtime
  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Camera phones now majority of phone sales
  - El. Engr. Times

12/9/2004: IBM used Albany immersion tool to make Power processor  - El. Engr. Times

12/9/2004: IBM to quit PC market?  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Tough times ahead  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Corporate PCs 'riddled with spyware' - New Scientist

12/9/2004: Freeze on anti-spam campaign  - BBC
12/9/2004: Anti-spam plan overwhelms sites  - BBC
12/9/2004: Napster creator reveals next step  - BBC
12/9/2004: The Web for the People - Business Week
12/9/2004: From Napsterto Snocap  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Napster's new backers  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Report asserts Kazaa makes the rules
  - C/Net
12/9/2004: S. Africa calls for more gov't control of Net
  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Spam and false promises
  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Lycos Europe denies attack on zombie army
  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Google CFO: Click fraud a big threat
  - CNN
12/9/2004: Anti-spammer attack scheme halted
 - New Scientist
12/9/2004: Microsoft unveils blog service
 - Washington Post

12/9/2004: Apple iTunes 'overcharging in UK'  - BBC
12/9/2004: PalmSource CFO resigns  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Apple releases security update to Mac OS X  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Moving forward with California's IT strategy  - C/Net

12/9/2004: Schwarzenegger Aide Outlines Fuel Plans  - NY Times

12/9/2004: Computer Reads Heart Condition From X-ray Images - Science Daily

12/9/2004: Mayo Clinic:Radiation Oncologists Use Respiratory Gating Technology To Target Tumors - Science Daily
12/9/2004: Study Will Identify Lung Cancer Patients For Upfront Iressa Treatment - Science Daily

12/9/2004: Doctors call for action over TB  - BBC

12/9/2004: Red meat link to arthritis risk  - BBC
12/9/2004: Imaging Study Finds A Structural Difference In The Brains Of Cocaine Addicts - Science Daily

12/9/2004: Pollutant 'damages bone marrow'  - BBC
12/9/2004: Ultrasound scans 'safe for baby'  - BBC
12/9/2004: Doubts about morning-after plan  - BBC
12/9/2004: How an Italian doctor invented a deadly illness that saved lives  - BBC
12/9/2004: Health care technology is a promise unfinanced  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Low levels of benzene damage health  - Nature
12/9/2004: Spine-damaged canines made to heal - New Scientist
12/9/2004: FDA advisers vote against female sex drug - ABC
12/9/2004: How Receptors Govern Inflammatory Pain
 - Science Daily
12/9/2004: Gene Mutations Responsible For Childhood Cataracts Discovered By University Of Utah Vision Researchers
 - Science Daily
12/9/2004: Low-glycemic Load Diet May Improve Ability To Stay On Diet Longer
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/9/2004: The Origin Of Life On Earth - SpaceDaily 
12/9/2004: New dinosaur uncovered in Brazil  - BBC
12/9/2004: ‘Pyramid of Moon’ yields up grisly secrets - MSNBC
12/9/2004: Brazilians find dinosaur linked to Europe - MSNBC
12/9/2004: Big row over tiny humans - MSNBC
12/9/2004: King Tut treasures to tour the U.S.  - MSNBC
12/9/2004: New dinosaur uncovered in Brazil
 - New Scientist
12/9/2004: URI Researcher Shows That Dinosaur Extinction Occurred At Peak Of Diversity
 - Science Daily

12/9/2004: UK to invest long-term in science  - BBC
12/9/2004: Industry 'denies chemical risks'  - BBC
12/9/2004: Christmas tree which receives texts goes on display  - BBC
12/9/2004: Tablets for Dungeness neighbours  - BBC
12/9/2004: Go Ahead, Toss Out Your VCR - Business Week
12/9/2004: Infineon execs to get prison terms  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Some tech skills getting pay boost  - C/Net
12/9/2004: TV in China: The door cracks open  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Portrait of the U.S. work force in the 21st century  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Get a head start on strategy  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Biometrics must balance privacy and security  - CNN
12/9/2004: Motorola looking to manufacture in India  - El. Engr. Times
12/9/2004: Round-the-world flight to start in Kansas - MSNBC
12/9/2004: UN report highlights two global terrors - New Scientist
12/9/2004: Vaccination With Anthrax Capsule Protects Against Experimental Infection In Animals - Science Daily

12/9/2004: Web 'may fuel suicide pact rise'  - BBC
12/9/2004: Parenting tips: How boosting your kid's self esteem can improve their future  - BBC
12/9/2004: Cannabis Increases Risk Of Psychosis - Science Daily
12/9/2004: Brain Imaging With MRI Could Replace Lie Detector - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/9/2004: Closures 'could benefit chemistry'  - BBC
12/9/2004: Hubble watches baby galaxy in bloom
 - New Scientist
12/9/2004: Europa proposed as cosmic ray detector
 - New Scientist
12/9/2004: Quantum cryptography wins Descartes prize
 - PhysicsWeb
12/9/2004: Hubble Uncovers A Baby Galaxy In A Grown-Up Universe
 - Science Daily
12/9/2004: Knotty Four-decade-old Math Problem Solved By Team Including UGA Professor
 - Science Daily
12/9/2004: The Poppy-seed Bagel Theorem
 - Science Daily

12/9/2004: Stress 'may speed up cell ageing'   - BBC
12/9/2004: Happy 1,000th! The scientist who says we can dramatically extend our lives
  - BBC
12/9/2004: Growing pains: Does increased life expectancy mean a frail old age?
  - BBC

12/9/2004: Army to deploy robots that shoot  - C/Net

12/9/2004: Budget Analysts Call For NASA Cuts - SpaceDaily
12/9/2004: Mission cleared for Titan plunge
  - BBC
12/9/2004: Mission to Saturn  - BBC
12/9/2004: Rover data makes return a must  - BBC
12/9/2004: University Of Ulster Research Pushing Back The Frontiers Of Space - Science Daily
12/9/2004: Study finds fixing Hubble would be costly and iffy ...
 - FirstScience
12/9/2004: Last Rocketeers Set Sights on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
12/9/2004: Edging Out Of Endurance
12/9/2004: Spirit Ain't Taking No Holiday As First Birthday Approaches
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2004: Second Space Christmas For ESA- Huygens To Begin Final Journey To Titan
 - SpaceDaily
12/9/2004: Proof Of Water On Mars
 - SpaceDaily

12/9/2004: Farming 'must embrace the new'  - BBC
12/9/2004: The wings on this plane go up and down  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Photos: Flapping like a mallard  - C/Net
12/9/2004: New microscope could focus nanotech dream  - C/Net
12/9/2004: Building innovation into the walls  - CNN
12/9/2004: Hear all about it: MP3 goes surround-sound  - El. Engr. Times
12/9/2004: Researchers ‘tap’ mushrooms for rubber
12/9/2004: Beating the lights
  - Nature
12/9/2004: DNA 'Velcro' binds nanoparticles
 - New Scientist
12/9/2004: New look for nanofabrication
 - PhysicsWeb
12/9/2004: Back To Basics: Designing New Metals, From The Bottom Up
 - Science Daily


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