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  December 8, 2005

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MIT Sleuths Discover Quick Way To New Materials - SpaceDaily  Left: Graduate student Catherine Tweedie, left, and materials science and engineering Assistant Professor Krystyn Van Vliet, right, use a nanoindenter to measure the mechanical properties of biomaterials. Photo credit: Donna Coveney. In work that could radically change how engineers search for new materials, MIT researchers have developed a way to test the mechanical properties of almost 600 different materials in a matter of days - a task that would have taken weeks using conventional techniques. The new process could lead to the faster identification of dental implants that don't crack, tank armor that's more resistant to missiles, and other materials dependent on mechanical properties like stiffness and toughness.     
Simply the best? A look at what the UK could learn from the Swedish health system  - BBC  Whenever health systems are ranked, Sweden always seems to come top or at the very least a close runner-up. With its dazzling array of new hospitals and plentiful supply of doctors, nurses and state-of-the-art medical technology, the Scandinavian country can confidently boast it provides first-class care to its nine million inhabitants  Cancer survival rates, infant mortality and life expectancy figures all outstrip many of its European neighbours. The simple answer is that Sweden has a long history of spending lots of money on health.  

Close Coupling Of Climate With Green House Gases In The Past - Science Daily  Never before during the past 650,000 years, have concentrations of green house gases been as high as today. The warm climate periods between 650,000 and 420,000 years ago were characterised by even lower carbon dioxide and methane concentrations than subsequent warm periods. This is one of the conclusions drawn by a European team of researchers with contribution from scientists of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, after analysis of an ice core from Antarctica. The results extend previous data on historic concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere by 250,000 years. Over the past 650,000 years, low green house gas concentrations have been associated also with cooler conditions.“The link between temperature and carbon dioxide, as well as methane concentrations in the past is surprisingly constant over time. Only through the impact of humans during the last centuries, atmospheric green house gases have been raised above their natural levels”, explains Dr Hubertus Fischer of the Alfred Wegener Institute. Prof Dr Thomas Stocker of the Physics Institute at the University of Bern in Switzerland adds: “The analysis highlights the fact that the current concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, 0.38 volume parts per thousand, already exceeds the highest level recorded over the past 650,000 years by 27 percent.”        
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/8/2005: Gladstone Researchers Identify New Drug Target For Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

12/8/2005: Species Take Care Of Each Other In Ecological Communities - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Artificial Mammalian Origin Of Replication
 - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Yale Scientists Decipher 'Wiring Pattern' Of Cell Signaling Networks - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Overfishing In Inland Waters Reduces Biodiversity And Threatens Health - Science Daily
12/8/2005: MicroRNA May Have Fail-safe Role In Limb Development - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Mutations In HRAS Gene Sequence Confirmed In Patients With Costello Syndrome - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Purdue Biologists Clarify How A Cellular 'Spacecraft' Opens Its Airlock - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/8/2005: Close Coupling Of Climate With Green House Gases In The Past  - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Crystal Sponges Excel At Sopping Up Carbon Dioxide - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Trade Imbalance Shifts US Carbon Emissions To China, Boosts Global Total - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Hair Follicle Stem Cells Contribute To Wound Healing - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Arsenic Discharged From Landfills, Says Dartmouth Research - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Landsat 5 Imaging Halted To Solve Latest Glitch - Space.com
12/8/2005: The Ghosts of Earthquakes Past - Space.com
12/8/2005: Rare December Hurricane Caps Record Year - Space.com
12/8/2005: Taiwan Skyscraper Causing Quakes?  - Wired News
12/8/2005: Geologists Link 'Great Dying' to Volcanism  - Scientific American
12/8/2005: climate talks - slow start but real progress can still be made ... - FirstScience
12/8/2005: U.S. Stance on Emissions Draws Heat ... - FirstScience
12/8/2005: Thousands gather in Montreal to protest against global warming ... - FirstScience
12/8/2005: Allies Hope Overcome US Climate Talk Refusal ... - FirstScience
12/8/2005: Montreal demonstration leads worldwide global warming protests ... - FirstScience
12/8/2005: EPA Cites Del's Metal For Clean-Air Violations ... - FirstScience
12/8/2005: Alabama Company Seeks to Renew C&D Landfill ... - FirstScience
12/8/2005: Bill Aims to Mandate Apartment Recycling in Mass ... - FirstScience

12/8/2005: In Video Games, Not All Mayhem Is Created Equal - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Nostalgic "toys" thriving - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Gift-list digitals fit pocket or shelf - Seattle Times
12/8/2005: The Xbox 360 Trojan Horse  - Technology Review 
12/8/2005: [1 Comments]  - Technology Review 
12/8/2005: New PC Game: Fight or Titillate?  - Wired News

12/8/2005: Escape From Cell Phone Jail



12/8/2005: More consumers going online to hunt for deals - Seattle Times
12/8/2005: Lawsuit accuses AOL of illegal billing - Seattle Times
12/8/2005: Five e-mail commandments for our streamlined times - Seattle Times
12/8/2005: By the People  - Technology Review 
12/8/2005: Warez Servers in Germany Confiscated  - Wired News

12/8/2005: Law and Order on the Open-Source Range  - Wired News
12/8/2005: 2008 Olympics Plans Open-Source Migration  - Wired News


12/8/2005: Skimmed Milk Reduces The Risk Of Hypertension By 50 Percent - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Study Confirms That Stents Releasing Medication Help Keep Heart Bypass Vein Grafts Open - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Atherosclerosis Studied At The Cellular Level - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Fat Tissue Surrounding Thoracic Arteries May Be Beneficial - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Moderate To Severe Sleep-disordered Breathing Can Lead To Stroke - Science Daily

12/8/2005: Scientists Unlock Solid Tumor Treatment Genetic Secrets - Science Daily
12/8/2005: PCBs, Furans May Factor In Risk Of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma - Science Daily
12/8/2005: New Model Of Prostate Cancer Helps Identify Promising Pain Treatment - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Collapse Of p53 Into Clumps Might Be Linked To Cancer, According To St. Jude - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Study Demonstrates Role Of Exercise In Modifying Melatonin Levels; Increase Believed To Offer Breast Cancer Protection - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Radiation Better Than Surgery At Preserving Speech For Patients With Head And Neck Cancer - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Breast CT Is More Comfortable Than Mammography And May Detect Tumors Better, Research Shows

12/8/2005: Q-Fever: A Global Health Risk - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Needle-free Immunizations: Reducing The Risk Of Cross-contamination From Needle Reuse - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Preventing Bacterial Biofilms Could Help Fight Tuberculosis - Science Daily

12/8/2005: Endotoxins: In House Dust Pose A Significant Risk For Asthma - Science Daily

12/8/2005: Simply the best? A look at what the UK could learn from the Swedish health system   - BBC
12/8/2005: Study Reveals Severity Of Go-cart Injuries - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Coffee And Tea Can Reduce The Risk Of Chronic Liver Disease - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Childbirth Not Linked To Urinary Incontinence, Study Finds - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Study Provides First Estimate Of US Population Affected By Barrett's Esophagus - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Iron-rich Rice Improves Iron Status Of Women - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Hopkins Study Shows 30-day Soft Contact Lenses Pose Very Small Risk - Science Daily Of Vision Loss
12/8/2005: Overproducing Leptin Receptors In Fat Cells May Be Key To Halting Weight Gain - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Scientists Pool Information To Boost Understanding Of Drug Action
 - Science Daily
12/8/2005: New Kidney Disease Drug Saves Lives At Low Cost
 - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Tell a Doc: 24-Hour Phone Doctors
  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
12/8/2005: Alleged 40,000-year-old Human Footprints In Mexico Much, Much Older Than Thought - Science Daily
12/8/2005: New Research Shows How Evolution Explains Age Of Puberty - Science Daily
12/8/2005: No Safe Ground For Life To Stand On During World's Largest Mass Extinction - Science Daily

12/8/2005: Star Trek Fans Engage Enterprise  - Wired News
12/8/2005: Mazda: Walk, Don't Drive  - Wired News
12/8/2005: Amazon's Best-Selling Short - Slate

12/8/2005: Interactive 3-D Atlas Of Mouse Brain Now Available On Web - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Men And Women Differ In Brain Use During Same Tasks - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Disruption Of Gene Interaction Linked To Schizophrenia - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Study Shows Long-term Benefits Of Psychotherapy For PTSD Among Youths After Natural Disaster - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Hopkins Study Proves Cochlear Implants Prevent Or Reverse Damage To Brain's Auditory Nerve System - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Specialized Neurons Allow The Brain To Focus On Novel Sounds - Science Daily
12/8/2005: New Pain Research: Routine Tylenol For Nursing Home Residents With Dementia Increases Activity
 - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Memory Follows Dynamic Pattern Involving Many Cells In Brain
 - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Chemical Used In Food Containers Disrupts Brain Development
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/8/2005: Optical Vortex Could Look Directly At Extrasolar Planets - Science Daily
12/8/2005: When Worlds Collide: Cornell Astronomers Investigate Cosmic Forces That Produce New Galaxies
 - Science Daily
Nano-cages 'Fill Up' With Hydrogen  - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Picking Particles Faster Than One At A Time
 - Science Daily
12/8/2005: NIST Physicists Coax Six Atoms Into Quantum 'Cat' State
 - Science Daily
12/8/2005: The Most Stable Clock In The Known Universe
 - SpaceDaily


12/8/2005: NASA Sets Centennial Challenges to Boost Robotic Space Exploration

12/8/2005: Tide Out On Titan? A Soft Solid Surface For Huygens - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Mars Express Evidence For Large Aquifers On Early Mars
 - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Panel- Steady Progress in Space Tourism But Challenges Remain
 - Space.com
12/8/2005: NASA Likely To Fly Next Shuttle Sans Foam Ramp
 - Space.com
12/8/2005: NASA Astronaut to Help Build Martian Bedroom
 - Space.com
12/8/2005: New foam issue may delay shuttle launch ...
  - Physics Org
12/8/2005: ' Battlefield: Space ...
 - Popular Science
12/8/2005: Opportunity Mars Rover Has Arm Problem
 - SpaceDaily

12/8/2005: MIT Sleuths Discover Quick Way To New Materials - SpaceDaily
12/8/2005: NIST Assists With Testing Crash Avoidance System - Science Daily
12/8/2005: Shimmering Colors Which Change With Temperature - Science Daily
12/8/2005: 'Long' Distances Measured With Picometer Accuracy - Science Daily
12/8/2005: UniStates New Hybrid Composites Provides Strength OnDemand - SpaceDaily


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