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  December 8, 2004

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Sea-level Clue To Climate Change - SpaceDaily    It sounds like the plot for a disaster film: rising temperatures melt polar ice, causing a flood of freshwater to rapidly enter the salty North Atlantic. As the fresh and salty water mixes, density changes, altering the Gulf Stream ocean currents that moderate the North Atlantic climate. In just a few years, average temperatures plummet, ushering in a deep freeze that lasts a century or more before fresh and salty water is back in balance, ocean currents adjust and temperatures return to normal. Science fiction? Not to a growing number of geologists and climatologists who've studied facts showing a precipitous 6-degree Centigrade drop in Greenland's average temperature some 8,200 years ago as the Earth was exiting the last ice age and polar ice sheets were melting in retreat. Many scientists believe a catastrophic flood of freshwater from "Lake Agassiz" entering the North Atlantic clipped the flow of the Gulf Stream current.
Moon Could Meet Earth's Energy Needs  - SpaceDaily  "When compared to the earth the moon has a tremendous amount of helium 3," said Lawrence Taylor, a director of the US Planetary Geosciences Institute, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. "Just 25 tonnes of helium, which can be transported on a space shuttle, is enough to provide electricity for the US for one full year," said Taylor, who is in the north Indian city of Udaipur for a global conference on moon exploration. Some 200 million tonnes of lunar soil would produce one tonne of helium, Taylor said, noting that only 10 kilos of helium 3 are available on earth.   

Scientists Call For Permanent Manned Lunar Base By 2024 - SpaceDaily  Scientists from leading space nations closed a conference on moon exploration here last Friday with a call for global cooperation to achieve a permanent human lunar base by 2024. "It laid the roadmap for future explorations with a step-wise approach starting with joint scientific analysis of the data from current and previous lunar missions," said Bernard Foing, executive director of the International Lunar Working Group, a public forum sponsored by the world's space agencies. Future lunar missions are currently planned by the United States, Europe, China, Japan and India.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/8/2004: Rare bird may have just gone extinct - MSNBC
12/8/2004: Camels may overrun Australian Outback
12/8/2004: Maize reveals traces of old breeding project  - Nature
12/8/2004: Zapped human eggs divide without sperm - New Scientist
12/8/2004: For Wildlife With Wanderlust, Their Own Highway  - NY Time
12/8/2004: Probing The Link Between Genetic Architecture And Adaptation - Science Daily
12/8/2004: UGA Researchers Explain Recent Decline In Georgia's Blue Crab Population - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Russia-wide Tiger Count Begins - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Chemist To Map DNA's Surface, Uncovering Details That Will Show How Structure Abets Function - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Getting A Whiff Of Speciation By Reinforcement - Science Daily
12/8/2004: UCSD Biologists Identify Gene In Corn Plants That ... - FirstScience
12/8/2004: DNA tests to trace bear necessities ... - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Infidelity Gene- Sensational Junk Science ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
12/8/2004: Heat waves linked to greenhouse gases - MSNBC
12/8/2004: Human activity implicated in Europe's 2003 heat wave  - Nature
12/8/2004: Climate change culprits could face court - New Scientist
12/8/2004: Mount St. Helens Is State's Top Polluter  - NY Time
12/8/2004: Groups Alarmed Over Delta Water Plan  - NY Time
12/8/2004: Sea-level Clue To Climate Change - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Argo Robotic Instrument Network Now Covers Most Of The Globe - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: NASA Satellites See El Nino Creep In From The Indian Ocean - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: NASA Finds Glacier Doing Double Time - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Heatwave Study May Fuel Global Warming Lawsuits ... - ABC
12/8/2004: Climate change 'to be a priority' ... - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Waste: Matteoli Recycling Is Bettering ... - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Climate change 'to be a priority' ... - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Scientist Likens Fear of Global Warming to 'Religious Belief' ... - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Russia, Lithuania To Monitor Baltic Ecosystem ... - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Oil pollution, Shell under siege ... - FirstScience
12/8/2004: NASA Research Shows Wetland Changes Affect Florida Freezes ... - FirstScience

12/8/2004: Wipeout for PS2 memories  - C/Net
12/8/2004: World chip gear sales seen slowing  - CNN
12/8/2004: Save London in 'Time Crisis: Crisis Zone'  - CNN
12/8/2004: Gamers Eye Open Virtual Worlds  - Wired News
12/8/2004: Gifts to Sate Your Technolust  - Wired News

12/8/2004: U.S. fiber-enabled homes double in 2004
  - C/Net
12/8/2004: Philly, Verizon sign WiFi compromise
  - CNN
12/8/2004: ESPN, Sprint target cell phone users
  - CNN
12/8/2004: ESPN's New Game: Wireless Provider
 - Business Week
12/8/2004: Researchers Compost Old Mobile Phones & Transform Them Into Flowers
 - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Globalstar Extends Satellite Data Service To All Of Europe And Across Atlantic
 - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Mobile Satellite Services To Remain A Niche But Highly Viable Market- Study
 - SpaceDaily

12/8/2004: Companies rally around IBM's Power architecture  - El. Engr. Times
12/8/2004: IBM claims to make first processorswith immersion lithography - Silicon Strategies
12/8/2004: NIST Demonstrates Data Repair Kit For Quantum Computers - SpaceDaily

12/8/2004: Help desk on the home front a drag  - C/Net
12/8/2004: Thanks, Steve, for Quite an Education - Business Week

12/8/2004: Phishers lie in wait for Google searchers  - C/Net
12/8/2004: Tech execs: Wake up and smell the spam  - C/Net
12/8/2004: MSN Spaces, Microsoft's new, free service, courts bloggers - Seattle Times
12/8/2004: They've Got Your Number  - Wired News


12/8/2004: Moon Could Meet Earth's Energy Needs  - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Evidence on Cold Fusion Remains Inconclusive, New Review Finds  - NY Time


12/8/2004: Breast Conserving Therapy Safe For Hereditary Breast Cancer - Science Daily


12/8/2004: Mutations In A Multifunctional Protein Cause Parkinsonism - Science Daily

12/8/2004: Some people are 'immune' to exercise - New Scientist
12/8/2004: University Of Manchester Uses Crystals To Help Battle Deadly Diseases - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Penn State Diet Studies: To Weigh Less, Eat More - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Researchers Identify Genetic Cause Of Rare Eye Disease In Utah Family - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Wipeout! Surfing Creates Wave Of Unique Injuries - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Olympus In Race To Launch Small Disposable Camera To Look Inside Body - SpaceDaily

History, Anthropology:
12/8/2004: How the colonists did brain surgery - MSNBC
12/8/2004: Ancient Skull Fragment Hints at Surgery  - NY Time

12/8/2004: Marines probe rise in aviation mishaps  - CNN
12/8/2004: A Startup's Songs for Africa - Business Week
12/8/2004: Study Shows How Takeover Bids Change Stock Prices Of Firms - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Even Minimal, Undetected Hearing Loss Hurts Academic Performance - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Thyroid Treatment Can Trigger Homeland Security Detectors - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Activist California pension leader ousted - Seattle Times
12/8/2004: Answers sought on fraudulent loans - Seattle Times
12/8/2004: Canadian PM Hedges On Bush Request To Join Missile Defence - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Geneva Aerospace Turns Blimps Into Communications Links For Army Units - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Czech Republic Becomes Second ESA European Cooperating State - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: The Search for Science  - Technology Review 
12/8/2004: A Kinder, Gentler Type of War  - Wired News
12/8/2004: Her So-Called Digital Life  - Wired News
12/8/2004: Slipping on Science ... - ABC

12/8/2004: Cannabis boosts risk of psychosis  - Nature
12/8/2004: Gene discovery could aid schizophrenia treatment, Australia ... - FirstScience

Physics and Astronomy:
12/8/2004: Cosmic Log: Galaxies galore - MSNBC
12/8/2004: Sun Might Have Exchanged Hangers-On With Rival Star
  - NY Time
12/8/2004: Quantum errors can be corrected
 - PhysicsWeb
12/8/2004: Hubble Uncovers A Baby Galaxy In A Grown-Up Universe
 - Science Daily
12/8/2004: New Super Lens To Gaze At Sun By 2006
 - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Supernovae Bring Majestic Sparkle To A Galaxy Far Far Away
 - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Study Paints Our Sun as a Planet Thief ...
  - Scientific American
12/8/2004: Scientists look for 'solar clues' ...
 - FirstScience


12/8/2004: Trimble Transforms Lightbar Guidance Into Automated Steering For Agriculture Apps - SpaceDaily

12/8/2004: Scientists Call For Permanent Manned Lunar Base By 2024 - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: NASA's dirty laundry ...
 - USA Today
12/8/2004: UU Research Pushing Back the Frontiers of Space ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: University Of Ulster Research Pushing Back The Frontiers Of Space ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: NASA KSC Offers Media View of Future in Space Through Tour of SLS Lab Space Life Sciences Lab, Gateway to the ...
12/8/2004: NASA Mars Odyssey THEMIS Image: Olympica Fossae ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: NASA KSC Offers Media View of Future in Space Through Tour of SLS Lab Space Life Sciences Lab, Gateway to the ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: New Comet Now Visible to Naked Eye
12/8/2004: Solar Storms Smack a Comet
12/8/2004: New Comet Now Visible to Naked Eye
12/8/2004: It's official- Mars once had water ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Russian call for Mars volunteers ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Space Station Crew Has Limited Food Supply ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: New Space Certification Program Web site set for launch ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Second space Christmas for ESA- Huygens to begin its final journey to Titan ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Planet Parade and Geminid Meteors Come in Mid-December ...
 - FirstScience
12/8/2004: Boeing Awarded NASA Human and Robotic Technology Development Projects ...
 - FirstScience

12/8/2004: Eyewear to help you cross roads  - CNN
12/8/2004: Navigation software gives view from space to street  - CNN
12/8/2004: Street Smarts: A Device to Help the Blind Find Crosswalks  - NY Time
12/8/2004: Radiologists Help Provide Worldwide Access To Ancient Art - Science Daily
12/8/2004: Rice Engineers Demo First T-ray Endoscope; Technology Could Aid Explosive Detection, Cancer Screening, More - Science Daily
12/8/2004: State's tech leaders look ahead - Seattle Times
12/8/2004: Hollywood Divided Over Next-Gen DVD Standard In "Betamax-Style" Battle
 - SpaceDaily
12/8/2004: Japanese Cows Get National ID Codes So Beef-Eaters Can Trace Their Dinner
 - SpaceDaily


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