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  December 7, 2004

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Space Odyssey Space Odyssey: Engage and interact on a trip around the Solar System  - BBC  A programme revealing the dangers and spectacles of exploring other planets in the Solar System. Join in the journey and dive below the ice of one of Jupiter's moons or get lost in a Venusian sulphuric acid storm... Solar System jigsaw Test your knowledge of planets, moons and probes with our three-level Solar System jigsaw. Solar System fact files Your travel guide to the solar system. Visit Jupiter's thunderous Great Red Spot or Saturn's spectacular ring system. Space Doctor Game Do you have what it takes to keep a trio of astronauts healthy? A manned mission to Mars? Vote now and tell us whether it's worth sending a manned mission to Mars. 
Diabetes tests 'offer cure hope'  - BBC  Some patients have already been cured by islet cell transplants, but a major obstacle is a shortage of donor pancreases to harvest the cells from. Now National Institute of Health scientists say they have found a way to make more of the cells required. Dr Gershengorn said: "This is a step forward in the field, but we are still a long way from using this knowledge to develop therapies for diabetes. They don't produce as much insulin and they are not as adaptable to changes in the environment. For another thing, we are not ready to transplant these cells into people. Still, I'm encouraged."  

Enzyme 'key' to stopping cancer  - BBC  Blocking a specific enzyme could be enough to check the spread of cancer in the human body, researchers say. The spread of cancer was blocked in six out of seven mice bred to not have the enzyme urokinase plasminogen activator, and the mice did not suffer without it. Cancer cannot spread unless uPA is present, but the body does not need the enzyme to function normally. "If the clinical trials also show that it is possible to halt the spread of the tumour, then the research team has found the key to stopping the spread of cancer in the body, which is the cause of most of the deaths among cancer patients today." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/7/2004: U.S. Trees Affected By Growing Number Of Health Concerns - Science Daily
12/7/2004: The Logic Of Life Brings Order To Our Genes
 - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Study Identifies Molecular Complex Vital To Creation Of MiRNAs - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Costly Cloning Isn't a Cure-All  - Wired News
12/7/2004: 80 percent cut in protected salmon habit? ... - MSNBC
12/7/2004: Don't let others steal our glory ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Eggs 'fertilised' without sperm  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/7/2004: Rocket Fuel in Milk, Lettuce  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Fine particle pollution hurting Europe: UN ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Pakistan oil spill causes largest human exposure to poisonous vapours ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Pollution panel gets contempt notice from court ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: EPA Releases Public Comments on Limiting Mercury Emissions ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Acid rain scalds Chinese economy ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Columbia Basin Dams Remain Under New Bush Salmon Plan ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Rainforest Scientists Oppose New Oil Road in Ecuadorian Amazon ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Phew, what a scorcher -- and it's going to get worse - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: Emissions double heatwave risk  - BBC

12/7/2004: Snake Eater a Slithering Success  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Using iPod savvy to mine a niche  - C/Net

12/7/2004: Cingular speeding up wireless Internet
 - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Seed Solves Throwaway Phone Problem
 - ABC
12/7/2004: New life as flowers for cell phone covers ...
12/7/2004: Broadband fuels online expression
  - BBC
12/7/2004: 3G phones 'bad value' says Which?
  - BBC
12/7/2004: U.S. spending bill encourages telecommuting
  - C/Net

12/7/2004: SIA calls for government-funded sub-10-nm research - Silicon Strategies
12/7/2004: Applied Materials launches 45nm copper barrier/seed technology - Silicon Strategies
12/7/2004: Conversational Engagement Tracked - Technology Review 
12/7/2004: Engineers Create Model For Testing Transistor Reliability - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: IBM launches Power chip alliance  - C/Net

12/7/2004: Wearable Computing for the Commons

12/7/2004: Desktop Google Finds Holes  - Wired News
12/7/2004: EagleRay Brings Internet To Fast Trains - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: Microsoft debuts MSN Spaces for bloggers  - C/Net
12/7/2004: Mozilla previews e-mail program  - C/Net
12/7/2004: New browser sniffs out phishy sites  - C/Net
12/7/2004: Microsoft unveils new blog tools  - C/Net

12/7/2004: New Game in Town- ESPN Phone  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Unusual chemical traces found in some food ... - MSNBC
12/7/2004: Sun and Microsoft: So far, so good  - C/Net

12/7/2004: Hydrogen Produced With Nuclear Power ... - FirstScience


12/7/2004: Enzyme 'key' to stopping cancer   - BBC
12/7/2004: Citrus Shows Promise For Certain Childhood Cancer - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Study May Lead To New Means Of Increasing Effectiveness Of Existing Cancer Treatments - Science Daily

12/7/2004: Atchoo! Why train and bus passengers could be at higher risk of flu  - BBC
12/7/2004: Britain backs HIV vaccine studies  - BBC

12/7/2004: Diabetes tests 'offer cure hope'   - BBC
12/7/2004: Smoking Is In The Genes - Science Daily
12/7/2004: 'DNA test' to help smokers quit  - BBC
12/7/2004: Tobacco treaty to come into force  - BBC

12/7/2004: Patients' Own Stem Cells Used To Cure Incontinence - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Anti-cavity bacteria get FDA OK for more tests - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Sex Patch Cools FDA's Ardor  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Suppressed study raises spectre of flawed drug regulation in US ...  - Nature
12/7/2004: Umbilical cord cells 'allow paralysed woman to walk' ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Exercise 'may benefit some less'  - BBC
12/7/2004: Turn it down! Pumping up the volume can seriously damage hearing  - BBC
12/7/2004: Safe sex: Which are more effective - male or female condoms?  - BBC
12/7/2004: Sleep problems for obese children
  - BBC
12/7/2004: Call for compulsory sex education
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/7/2004: Researchers Reconstruct Parts Of The Genome Of A Common Mammalian Ancestor - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Science Museum Reveals Secrets of the First Bra  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Titanic Wreck Is Doomed  - Wired News

12/7/2004: Microsoft opening a research lab in India - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Electronics gear outsells books on - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Temporary workers lose bargaining rights - Science Daily
12/7/2004: U.S. imposes tariffs on shrimp - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Some Wall St. firms admit breaking prospectus rules - Science Daily
12/7/2004: Microsoft to Open Research Facility in India - Technology Review 
12/7/2004: Laserpod: Groovy Goes Modern  - Wired News
12/7/2004: GPS Havoc on French Motorway  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Retired Cops to Monitor Surveillance Cameras  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Russian Space Agency Plans Cooperation With India ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: GPS tells elderly motorist to do U-turn on expressway... so he does - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: Iran Still An Enigma For US - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: Iran Boasts Great Victory Over US, Warns Nuclear Freeze Is Temporary - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: India Successfully Tests Short-Range Anti-Aircraft Missile - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: New Patriot Missiles Deployed In South Korea - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: Mutant book wins Guardian prize  - BBC
12/7/2004: Is e-mail leading to bosses becoming ruder?  - BBC
12/7/2004: Former Bush campaign official indicted  - C/Net

12/7/2004: Sleep Disorders Traced to Genes  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Lies 'are recorded in different parts of the brain' ...  - FirstScience

Physics and Astronomy:
12/7/2004: Physics for taxi drivers, good radiation, and a lucky break for astronomers ... - FirstScience
12/7/2004: QED: Who really needs an exact distance to Planet Zob? ...
 - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Environment News Service
 - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Earth's Solar System Shaped by Brush with Star, Astronomers Say
12/7/2004: The Poppy-Seed Bagel Theorem
 - SpaceDaily


12/7/2004: More Robot Grunts Ready for Duty  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Mutating Bots May Save Lives  - Wired News

12/7/2004: Space Odyssey: Engage and interact on a trip around the Solar System  - BBC
12/7/2004: After the X Prize
  - Wired News
12/7/2004: Russia Unveils Model of New Clipper Space Shuttle ...
 - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Europeans send rock 'n' roll songs to Saturn moon Titan ...
 - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Spacecraft explores Saturn's moon mysteries ...
 - FirstScience
12/7/2004: Researchers Find Moon Rock in Antarctica
12/7/2004: Young Pilot Seeks More Space
 - SpaceDaily
12/7/2004: Rocket man: Arianespace chief Jean-Yves Le Gall has high hopes for 2005
  - BBC

12/7/2004: Flat panel's fuzzy appeal  - C/Net


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