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  December 5, 2004

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First look at PlayStation 3 chip  - BBC   The chip will be made of several different processing cores that work on tasks together. The PlayStation 3 is expected in 2006 but developers are expecting to get prototypes early next year to tune games that will appear on it at launch. The three firms claim that the Cell chip will be up to 10 times more powerful than existing processors. When put inside powerful computer servers, the Cell consortium expects it to be capable of handling 16 trillion floating point operations, or calculations, every second. The first machines will be computer workstations and servers. 
Device to probe limits of physics  - BBC   The finished element is the first of the four barrels that will form the central part of the SemiConductor Tracker (SCT). The SCT will track the movement of particles as they pass through the thousands of silicon wafers with which the barrels are populated. It will be housed at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator, due to begin operating in 2007. The LHC could create mini-black holes as particles collide at high energies. And researchers are confident they will be able to detect the most sought after particle in physics: the Higgs boson, which explains why all other particles have mass.

Burden on society: We live longer and do more so why the gloom about ageing?  - BBC  In the UK, a man who turned 60 in 1981 could expect to live another 16 years and a woman almost 21 years. By 2003 this had increased to 20 years for men and 23 for women; and according to official UK projections, by 2026 this will rise to almost 24 years for men and almost 27 for women. Even this could be an underestimate. Economists and actuaries worry about the dependency ratio - the ratio of children and people over 65 compared with the sector of the population that is of working age. As the ratio rises, so it becomes harder to maintain living standards for the dependent population because the relatively shrinking workforce is put under strain. So welcome to the UK's ageing future, the revolution has already begun.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/5/2004:†Officials stumped by Australia and New Zealand whale beachings - New Scientist
12/5/2004:†Umbilical cord cells 'allow paralysed woman to walk'
 - New Scientist
12/5/2004:†Cicadas, an Elixir for the Earth  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†A Spreading Hazard for Deer and Elk (and Hunters)  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Graphic  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†MBL Scientists Embark On International Effort To Uncover Microbial Diversity In World's Oceans - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Muscle Loss From Space Travel, Prolonged Inactivity Linked To Two Genes - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Fuzz-Free Strawberries Forecast With New Food Safety Treatment - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Oceanís Mud-dwellers Provide Clues To The Impact Extinction Can Have On Ecosystems - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Researchers Discover New Way to Boost Grain Crops' Drought Tolerance - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†The Lost Genetic Legacy Of American Gray Wolves - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†New International Effort To Uncover Microbial Diversity In World's Oceans - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Govt, industry-sponsored study backs GM crops ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
12/5/2004:†Moss Hunters Roll Away Nature's Carpet, and Some Ecologists Worry  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Join a Discussion on The Environment  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Coral Thrives on Sunken WWII Ships in Gulf  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Flawed Pesticide Studies Using Human Subjects Could Result In Higher Allowable Exposures For Both Children And Adults - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Stratosphere Temperature Data Support Scientists' Proof For Global Warming - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Lights From Beachfront Development Harm Endangered Beach Mice - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Stratosphere Temperature Data Support Scientists' Proof For Global Warming - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Akitda Starts Campaign Against E-Pollution ... - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†US mining giant faces off vs. police, activists over pollution claims ... - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†Cost of action on climate change is high but cost of inaction is immense ...
12/5/2004:†Dossier of US company in pollution case in Indonesia final ... - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†AP: EPA Looking at Using Human Tests ... - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†Tasman Spirit oil spill caused colossal damages: latest report ... - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†China is awash in acid rain - green groups ... - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†Newmont executives to face pollution charges ... - FirstScience


Malaysia To Buy US-Made Satellite With Financing From Ex-Im Bank - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Telesat Canada Goes Online With Satellite Control Center Upgrade
 - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Iridium Announces Subscriber And Revenue Growth Rates
 - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†3G Phone Rival Calling Collect
  - Wired News
12/5/2004:†New Cell Phone Dishes Out Advice
  - Wired News

12/5/2004:†First look at PlayStation 3 chip  - BBC
12/5/2004:†New Project Takes Measure Of Plastic Electronics - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Microprocessor set for production - Seattle Times
12/5/2004:†Nikon adds polarized illumination to litho - Silicon Strategiess
12/5/2004:†High-rise circuitry lures chip makers - Silicon Strategies
12/5/2004:†JSR claims to take immersion litho beyond water - Silicon Strategies
12/5/2004:†Silterra demonstrates 0.13-micron 8-Mbit SRAM
 - Silicon Strategies
12/5/2004:†Pure Silicon Laser Debuts
  - Technology Review 


12/5/2004:†The Nine-Year Itch  - Technology Review 
12/5/2004:†Searching Smarter, Not Harder  - Wired News

12/5/2004:†Battling the Copyright Big Boys  - Wired News
12/5/2004:†Trial to Unmask Kazaa Owners  - Wired News

12/5/2004:†Project Aims to Develop Hydrogen Power  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Under All That Ice, Maybe Oil  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Graphic: To a Depth of Millions of Years  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†U.S. researchers plan to use nuclear reactor to produce lower-cost hydrogen ... - FirstScience

12/5/2004:†Tissue Engineered Blood Vessels That Respond To Changing Blood Flow Have Potential For Use In Heart Bypass Surgery - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Tiny Fuel Particles Cause Heart Attacks, Group Says ... - FirstScience

12/5/2004:†Computer Program Helps Doctors Diagnose Lung Cancer - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Leukemia Patients Survive With Stem Cell Transplant - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Study- Genentech's Cancer Fighter Avastin Helps Sickest Patients  - Technology Review 
12/5/2004:†Computer Programs Make Cancer Detection Easier  - Wired News

12/5/2004:†The deadly rise of urban malaria - New Scientist
12/5/2004:†For a Teenage Boy, a Basketball and a Bug Spell Trouble
12/5/2004:†Salmonella Uses Hydrogen As An Energy Source, New Study Shows - Science Daily

12/5/2004:†Remedies: This Is Your Brain on Beer  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Vital Signs: Addiction: A Gene for Getting Hooked  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Testosterone Deficiency Found In One-Third Of Diabetic Men - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Promising Results In The Battle Against Incurable ALS Muscle Disease - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Alzheimerís Drug Improves Memory Of MS Patients - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†The Claim: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Cats  - NY Times

12/5/2004:†CT scans explain mysterious 9/11 cough - New Scientist
12/5/2004:†Vital Signs: Remedies: And It Doesn't Taste Bad, Either
12/5/2004:†Vital Signs: Child Rearing: A Stroller, for Sounder Sleep
12/5/2004:†Observatory: A Snake's Big Bites
12/5/2004:†Why Good Friends Don't Always Make Good Doctors  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Sorry. Your Eating Disorder Doesn't Meet Our Criteria.  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Chart: In All but Name  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Study Identifies Factors Associated With Long-term Opioid Treatment Of Veteran Patients - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Sleep Disorders Traced to Genes
  - Wired News
12/5/2004:†Astronaut's eyes may become windows on the bloodstream ...
  - FirstScience

History, Anthropology:
12/5/2004:†Sexier Posterior Evolves Almost Overnight  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Emory Article Reviews How Human Brain Evolved Separately From Body - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†New Method To Measure Ancient Land Elevation Developed By Field Museum Scientist - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†New Method To Measure Ancient Land Elevation Developed - SpaceDaily

12/5/2004:†US calls deal on Iran nukes 'a start' - Washington Post
12/5/2004:†Letters  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Q & A: The Great Salt Flats  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†Good Dogs, Bad People, and Cats  - NY Times
12/5/2004:†China and Southeast Asia join hands - Seattle Times
12/5/2004:†Ex-workers detail tactics of movers - Seattle Times
12/5/2004:†Different kind of meat store is game if you are - Seattle Times
12/5/2004:†Holiday's "12 days" cost more this year - Seattle Times
12/5/2004:†Alleged fake trades lead to indictments - Seattle Times
12/5/2004:†GPS tells elderly motorist to do U-turn on expressway... so he does - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Russia Tests Modernized Missile Defense System - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile Amid Peace Moves With India - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Tech Test-MSN TV  - Technology Review 
12/5/2004:†To Hell and Back  - Wired NewsNeurosciences:
12/5/2004:†Brains Of People With Autism Recall Letters Of The Alphabet In Brain Areas Dealing With Shapes - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Lying Makes Brain Work Harder  - Wired News
12/5/2004:†Scientists Track Footprints of Thoughts - ABC
12/5/2004:†Biology may be to blame for panic attacks ... - FirstScience

Physics and Astronomy:
12/5/2004:†Device to probe limits of physics  - BBC
12/5/2004:†Physicists tackle linguistics
 - PhysicsWeb
12/5/2004:†Third Williams student in recent years wins Apker award in physics ...
 - FirstScience

12/5/2004:†Burden on society: We live longer and do more so why the gloom about ageing?   - BBC
12/5/2004:†Chromosomes aged 10 years by stress
 - New Scientist
12/5/2004:†Too Much Stress May Give Your Genes Gray Hair
  - NY Times

12/5/2004:†Robots, Our Helpers In Space - SpaceDaily

12/5/2004:†Ukraine To Partner U.S. In Space - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Spacehab Joins Forces With Academia
 - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†Space Adventures' Client Sets Guinness World Record
 - SpaceDaily
12/5/2004:†NASA Cassini Image: Enceladus ...
 - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†NASA Cassini Image: Ominous Giant - Saturn and Enceladus ...
 - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†NASA Mars Global Surveyor TES Dust And Temperature Maps 26 November 2004 ...
 - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report # 3744 ...
 - FirstScience
12/5/2004:†Cassini's Splendid Portrait of Saturn and Mimas ...

12/5/2004:Batwing airliners would cut noise by half  - New Scientist
12/5/2004:†Purdue Researchers Align Nanotubes To Improve Artificial Joints - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Ultrafast Laser Speeds Up Quest For Atomic Control - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Emory Chemists Create Unprecedented Metallic Molecule - Science Daily
12/5/2004:†Format war for DVD's future - Seattle Times
12/5/2004:†Radio Tags Track Fast Moving Products  - Wired News
12/5/2004:†Surgical Chip Shows Patient Info


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