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  December 4, 2005

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Private Spacecraft Developer Settles on New Design - Space.com  Poway, California-based aerospace firm SpaceDev has a new design for its Dream Chaser vehicle and hopes to offer suborbital rides within two years, with orbital flights to follow. Instead of deriving a spacecraft from NASA’s X-34 space plane concept, the firm has opted for a blunt-nosed lifting body approach to cut down on reentry heating stresses, SpaceDev chief Jim Benson said in a telephone interview.     
Shedding star offers preview of Sun’s death - New Scientist  Left: The twin shells of gas being spun into space from M2-9 contain remarkably intricate patterns  A star caught in the act of shedding delicate concentric shells of gas as it metamorphoses into a white dwarf provides a glimpse of the fate that awaits our own Sun, several billion years from now. The star’s fate is broadly similar to the end thought to await most small and medium-sized stars as they run out of fuel in old age. The twin lobes of gas being spun into space from M2-9 contain remarkably intricate patterns – a stellar spectacle known for historical reasons as a planetary nebula, because astronomers originally mistook them for distant planets. Once no more fuel remains, the star will shed its outer layers, as M2-9 is, before collapsing into a smaller, denser form, completing its transition into a white dwarf.    

Discovery Disproves Simple Concept Of Memory As 'Storage Space - Science Daily'  Left:  a. Example of the memory filtering test conducted by University of Oregon researchers. Participants must remember only the red rectangles and ignore the blue rectangles. b. Brainwaves for high capacity and low capacity participants. Blue line is activity for 4 red items; Black line is for 2 red items; Red line is for 2 red items and 2 blue items. If the red line is close to the black line, subjects are efficient at keeping out the blue items. If the red line is close to the blue line, the subjects are unable to keep the blue items from popping into memory. c. Correlation between a person's memory capacity and how good they are at keeping the irrelevant items out of memory. (Image courtesy of University of Oregon)  Even if you could get more RAM for your brain, the extra storage probably wouldn't make it easier for you to find where you left your car keys. What may help, according to a discovery published Nov. 24 in the journal Nature, is a better bouncer – as in the type of bouncer who manages crowd control for nightclubs. The study by Edward Vogel, an assistant professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Oregon, is the first to demonstrate that awareness, or "visual working memory," depends on your ability to filter out irrelevant information.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/4/2005: Panda cub takes Washington by storm - MSNBC
12/4/2005: U.S. flies cheetah cubs to safety
12/4/2005: MicroRNAs Have Shaped The Evolution Of The Majority Of Mammalian Genes - Science Daily
12/4/2005: Plants Reveal A Secret And Bring Researchers Nearer A Cleaner Future - Science Daily
12/4/2005: Greenpeace demands ban on genetically modified food trials ... - FirstScience
12/4/2005: New Models for Healing and for Science Itself  - NY Times
12/4/2005: Species Take Care Of Each Other In Ecological Communities - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Oxford resumes animal lab work  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/4/2005: Long, hard hurricane season winds down - MSNBC
12/4/2005: Calls for protection of earth's climate heard at UN conference on global warming ... - FirstScience
12/4/2005: Europe feels the heat as climate change tops the list of environmental challenges ... - FirstScience
12/4/2005: Greenpeace activists delay Blair's energy review speech ... - FirstScience
12/4/2005: US rules out extra pledges on global warming ... - FirstScience
12/4/2005: global climate talks start in montreal ... - FirstScience
12/4/2005: River pollution belt moves downstream ... - FirstScience
12/4/2005: Mount St. Helens' Quiet Eruption  - NY Times
12/4/2005: Deadly Pneumonia Hits Pakistan Quake Children - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Cash Aid Beats Supplies After Disasters: Study - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Kyoto Climate Accord Becomes Operational - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Scientific Values Threatened By Climate Change Denial - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Changing Atlantic Current Puts The Chills On Western Europe - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Norway And Britain To Cooperate On Underwater CO2 Storage - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Africa To Become Drier This Century - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Launch Of First Galileo GPS Satellite Underway At Baikonur - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Refusal To Evacuate, Complacency Problems During Hurricanes - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Three Months After Katrina New Orleans Still In The Dark - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: River Nightmare Shocks China Out Of Eco Complacency
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Russian Ecologists Warn Of Long Term Threat
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Tropical Dry Forests Receive International Recognition
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Ocean changes to cool Europe
  - BBC
12/4/2005: Doom and gloom: What is wrong with the media coverage of eco-issues?
  - BBC
12/4/2005: Why global warming is already a problem in Bangladesh
  - BBC
12/4/2005: US rejects Blair's climate hopes
  - BBC

12/4/2005: Senators target 'graphic' video games  - C/Net
12/4/2005: At-a-glance Gaming matters to the people of Britain  - BBC
12/4/2005: UK shortages of Xbox 360 expected  - BBC
12/4/2005: Gamers wait hours for Xbox launch  - BBC  - BBC
12/4/2005: Game gadget: Does Microsoft's Xbox 360 live up to the hype?

12/4/2005: New Orleans to offer free Wi-Fi
  - C/Net
12/4/2005: New Orleans launches free wireless Internet network
 - USA Today
12/4/2005: The FCC's Cable Crusade Continues
 - Business Week
12/4/2005: Reality Meets George Jetson As Video-Phone Systems Advance
 - Washington Post
12/4/2005: Skype video phone on its way for Mac and Linux?
 - Google
12/4/2005: Skype adds in video to net calls
  - BBC


12/4/2005: Seagate, Sony up the ante in disk drive market  - El. Engr. Times
12/4/2005: • Computer, Heal Thyself - Business Week

12/4/2005: U.S. Customs reading your blog?-  - C/Net
12/4/2005: Microsoft tests classifieds service  - C/Net
12/4/2005: Mozilla takes wraps off Firefox 1.5  - C/Net
12/4/2005: HP introduces new utility-computing service  - C/Net
12/4/2005: Online rumor mill dogs companies - USA Today
12/4/2005: Net thinkers look to web's future  - BBC
12/4/2005: Classic poets' voices go online
  - BBC
12/4/2005: Online Christmas Why this year Christmas will fall on 12 December
  - BBC
12/4/2005: SEC proposes Internet 'e-proxy' postings
 - Business Week
12/4/2005: Second boom: How the web is likely to shape up over the next 10 years
  - BBC
12/4/2005: Chelsea pensioners taught to go online at new cyber cafe
  - BBC

12/4/2005: Microsoft offers security test drive  - C/Net
12/4/2005: No Vista Beta 2 this year  - C/Net
12/4/2005: Poisonings From a Popular Pain Reliever Are Rising  - NY Times

12/4/2005: Head to head: Does the UK need to build more nuclear power stations?  - BBC
12/4/2005: Ireland Warns Britain Of Opposition To Nuclear Power - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Story of a badge: It became an icon of the 70s anti-nuclear movement. How-  - BBC

12/4/2005: Are Women Tougher When It Comes To Heart Disease? Study Suggests Yes - Science Daily
12/4/2005: University of Kentucky Is First To Administer New Anti-clotting Therapy - Science Daily
12/4/2005: In pictures: Images unveiling the mysteries of cardiac tissue  - BBC

12/4/2005: Firm tests therapy on leukemia - SpaceDaily

12/4/2005: £10m bird flu study announced  - BBC
12/4/2005: Fruit bats may carry Ebola virus  - BBC
12/4/2005: £10m bird flu research announced  - BBC

12/4/2005: Fingerprints may illuminate life in the womb - New Scientist

12/4/2005: Squinting While Staring At A Computer Monitor Can Cause Painful Dry Eye - Science Daily
12/4/2005: Student doctors say many may quit  - BBC
12/4/2005: Family health: What preparations should you make before you go skiing?  - BBC
12/4/2005: Woman has first face transplant  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/4/2005: Prehistoric farm villages found in Greece - MSNBC
12/4/2005: Study treads on footprint claim  - BBC
12/4/2005: Rock marks record water scorpion  - BBC

12/4/2005: Intel links with movie, music powers for ViiV PCs  - C/Net
12/4/2005: Cosmic Log: New Venice, Louisiana - MSNBC
12/4/2005: A 'Periodic Table' Of Natural Products - Science Daily
12/4/2005: New Antibody Shows Promise As Cure For Anthrax - Science Daily
12/4/2005: Malaysia hits out at palm 'smears'  - BBC
12/4/2005: Top job The first science writer to benefit from the Ivan Noble Bursary  - BBC

12/4/2005: Discovery Disproves Simple Concept Of Memory As 'Storage Space  - Science Daily'
12/4/2005: Scientists say passion fizzles after a year - MSNBC
12/4/2005: Researchers Use Brain Scans To Predict Behavior - Science Daily
12/4/2005: Brain Structure Associated With Fear Inhibition Also May Influence Personality - Science Daily
12/4/2005: Growth hormone levels' IQ 'link'  - BBC
12/4/2005: Coffee's Effects Revealed in Brain Scans  - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
12/4/2005: Shedding star offers preview of Sun’s death  - New Scientist
12/4/2005: Snapshots At The Atomic Border: How Atoms Interact At The Interface Between A Liquid Metal And A Crystal
 - Science Daily
12/4/2005: Einstein to star in global webcast
 - PhysicsWeb
12/4/2005: Grand global webcast to honour Einstein's work
  - BBC



12/4/2005: Private Spacecraft Developer Settles on New Design - Space.co
12/4/2005: NASA Rover Helps Reveal Possible Secrets Of Martian Life
 - Science Daily
12/4/2005: Possible Miniature Solar System Discovered ...
 - FirstScience
12/4/2005: Japan space probe with asteroid samples experiences thruster trouble ...
 - FirstScience
12/4/2005: NASA probes safe repair of space station solar panels
 - New Scientist
12/4/2005: Analysis- China's Ambitions For Space
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: ESA's New Space Program Keywords
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Trip Into Moon Orbit May Cost Tourists $100 Million
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Readying For The Ninth Intl Mars Society Convention
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Apollo V2.0 Will Take Real Money To Emulate Original
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Hayabusa Becomes The Little Spacecraft That Could
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Shenzhou Costs China Less Than 20 Bln Yuan In 13 Years
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Titan Offers Clues To Early History Of Earth - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Scientists Find Huygens Probe Landing Site
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Energia Could Be On Stock Exchange In Five Years
 - SpaceDaily
12/4/2005: Radar sees ice deep below Mars
  - BBC

12/4/2005: Oil Mist Reduces Airborne Hazards In Concentrated Swine Feeding Operation - Science Daily


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