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  December 31, 2005

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The Solar Powered Purse - Space.com  Joe Hynek may get some guff for carrying a purse, but he says it's all in the name of science: He has designed a solar handbag that can power small electronic devices like cell phones. The purse is designed to power any small device that uses an USB port, including cell phones, personal digital assistants, iPods, global positioning devices, voice recorders and small cameras. Although materials can be costly, Hynek hopes to keep the retail price under $300.   
Life's ingredients circle Sun-like star - New Scientist  The first evidence that some of the basic organic building blocks of life can exist in an Earth-like orbit around a young Sun-like star has been provided by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope. Spitzer took infrared spectrograms of 100 very young stars in a nearby stellar nursery, a huge cloud of dust and gas 375 light years away in the constellation Ophiuchus. And one of those stars showed signs of the organic molecules, acetylene and hydrogen cyanide. These gases, when combined with water, can form several different amino acids.    

Japan Says China Considerable Threat - SpaceDaily  China is becoming a "considerable threat" because of its rising military spending and nuclear weapons, the Japanese foreign minister said Thursday in the latest rift between the neighbors. "It is a neighboring country that has nuclear bombs. Its military spending is posting two-digit growth and the content of that is not transparent," Foreign Minister Taro Aso told reporters, as quoted by Jiji Press. Aso, an outspoken hawk appointed in late October, sided with Seiji Maehara, head of the main opposition Democratic Party  who recently called China a "realistic threat". Relations between China and Japan have been badly strained of late,    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/31/2005:DNA Tests on Stem Cell Research Completed  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Male Elephants Woo Females With Precise Chemistry
 - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Birth Defect Gene Identified: Research Points To Possible Therapy To Prevent Malformation - Science Daily
12/31/2005:New Study Shows Animal Family Tree Looking Bushy In Places - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Ancient Trans-Atlantic Swarm Brought Locusts To The New World - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Greenpeace harpoons Japanese whaling pirates ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Whalers slam Greenpeace pursuit ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Defiant British Foxhunters Take to the Field ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Scientists discover fertility genes ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:A Genetic Christmas Story  - Technology Review 
12/31/2005:Caution tempers hopes for biotech - Seattle Times
12/31/2005:Rwanda honours gorilla campaigner  - BBC
12/31/2005:'Give stem cells to ill patients'  - BBC
12/31/2005:Native ladybirds 'under threat'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/31/2005:Europe launches Galileo satellite  - BBC
12/31/2005:Technology Conservation Group to Expand ...
 - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Maryland County Launches Drywall Recycling Program ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:C&D Landfill Changes in Store for Ohio ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Europe 'behind on Kyoto pledges'   - BBC
12/31/2005:Aware of Political Ecosystem, Property Rights Advocate Embraces Conservation Plan  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Past Hot Times Hold Few Reasons to Relax About New Warming  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Aware of Political Ecosystem, Property Rights Advocate Embraces Conservation Plan  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Permafrost Could Be Melting, Study Finds  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Rerouting Of Major Rivers In Asia Provide Clues To Mountains Of The Past - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Storing Carbon To Combat Global Warming May Cause Other Environmental Problems, Study Suggests - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Moscow Under Fire From Environmental Groups Over Amur Toxic Slick ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:PanAfrica: Climate Change Tactic Could Damage Environment ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Govt 'not grasping seriousness of climate change' - Greens ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Only Britain, Sweden to meet Kyoto targets in Europe ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Study Finds Climate Change May Melt Permafrost ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Environmental Security in a Post-Tsunami World -- A Guest Commentary ... - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Most of Europe set to miss Kyoto goals: study - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:A Year On From The Asian Tsunami, Satellites Are Aiding Regional Rebuilding - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Dynamic Bed Causes Irregular Course Of River - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Disaster strikes How the world responded to natural tragedies in 2005  - BBC

12/31/2005:Soldier to become video game model, action figure
  - CNN
12/31/2005:Xbox to blame for sluggish game sales?
  - CNN
12/31/2005:Soldier to become video game model, action figure
  - CNN
12/31/2005:Beyond Porno- Free IPod Content
  - Wired News
12/31/2005:Video game sheds NFL license, gets violent
 - Business Week
12/31/2005:Free security suite after rebates
  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Hurricanes, Runoff Tax Water Quality Management - Science Daily

12/31/2005:FCC chairman a skillful negotiator
 - Seattle Times
12/31/2005:Small screen hits How enthusiasts see TV fitting into our mobile phones
  - BBC



12/31/2005:Criminals target viruses for cash  - BBC


12/31/2005:The Solar Powered Purse - Space.com
12/31/2005:Motorized Bicycle That Works Off Fuel Cells - Science Daily

12/31/2005:A Deadly Threat to Hearts of Young, Healthy Athletes  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Molecular Imaging Allows Detection Of Plaques Likely To Rupture - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Stick To Wild Salmon Unless Heart Disease Is A Risk Factor, Risk-Benefit Analysis Of Farmed And Wild Fish Shows - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Sibling link to heart health risk  - BBC

12/31/2005:Screening Chest X-ray Detects Early-stage Lung Cancers At High Rates, Study Results Show - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Vitamin D 'can lower cancer risk'  - BBC

12/31/2005:Pathogen Studies Could Result In Safer Produce - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Infectious Agent Thwarts Typical Defense Mechanisms; Sheds Light On Immune System Function - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Researchers Show How Promising Tuberculosis Drug Works - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Childhood Infections Stunt Growth, Shorten Life - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Shock tactics: The African isle of Principe gets its first HIV tests  - BBC
12/31/2005:Teeth may be secret of success  - BBC

12/31/2005:Machinery Of The 'Marijuana Munchies' - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Gene Therapy For Muscular Dystrophy Fixes Frail Muscle Cells In Animal Model, Stanford Study Finds - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Drug risk to descendants  - BBC

12/31/2005:Sickle Cell Disease Corrected In Human Models Using Stem Cell-based Gene Therapy - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Researchers: Treated Wood Poses Long-term Threat - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Adults Also Suffer From Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome - Science Daily
12/31/2005:New scan 'may save babies' lives'   - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/31/2005:Evolution breakthroughs lead top 2005 science stories: magazine - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Napoleon's Flaw: Lousy Army  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Helping Out Darwin's Cause With a Little Pointed Humor  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Dwarfs Commanded Respect In Ancient Egypt - Science Daily

12/31/2005:Japan Says China Considerable Threat - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Possible plea deal could hurt Enron execs
 - Seattle Times
12/31/2005:Contest: Think big with small tool - Seattle Times
12/31/2005:2005 Foot-in-Mouth Awards  - Wired News
12/31/2005: "Everyone Was Going to Kill Us" - Business Week
12/31/2005: Engineering: Is the U.S. Really Falling?
 - Business Week
12/31/2005:Saudi telecom stops text vote for Arab talent show
  - C/Net
12/31/2005:News roundup of 2005
 - New Scientist
12/31/2005:Letters  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Top Science Stories of 2005 ... - Scientific American
12/31/2005:Putin's liberal economic adviser resigns, saying Russia 'not free' - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Putin wants to hurry satnav system - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Iran cleric protests shutdown of satellite TV - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Third British Built Communications Satellite Will Go Into Orbit - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Record Breakers From the longest ear hair to elastic skin  - BBC
12/31/2005:Discovery: The most significant ideas in science and technology  - BBC
12/31/2005:New era heralded for mobile TV  - BBC

12/31/2005:Psychotherapy on the Road to ... Where?  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Researchers Study Newlyweds  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Bigger Brain Size Matters For Intellectual Ability - Science Daily
12/31/2005:One Third Of Patients Who Stop Treatment For Schizophrenia Early Do So Due To Poor Response - Science Daily
12/31/2005:New Procedure Reveals The Secrets Of The Brain - Science Daily
12/31/2005:MIT Researcher Finds Neuron Growth In Adult Brain - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Scientists close in on genes responsible for Parkinson's disease ...
 - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Study to help women answer - does my bum look big in this?
  - BBC
12/31/2005:Language affects 'half of vision'
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/31/2005:Life's ingredients circle Sun-like star  - New Scientist
12/31/2005:Astronomers Get First Glimpse of New Stars
  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Quantum Trickery- Testing Einstein's Strangest Theory
  - NY Times
12/31/2005:Einstein Was Right (Again): NIST And MIT Confirm That E=mc2
 - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Scientists Unlock The Mystery Of The Mechanics Of Liquid Crystal Alignment
 - Science Daily
12/31/2005:A Quantum Sampler ...
  - NY Times

12/31/2005:Fish Evolve A Longer Lifespan By Evolving A Longer Reproductive Period, Researchers Find - Science Daily


12/31/2005:The Ice Dwarf Cometh - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:SMART-1 Uses New Imaging Technique In Lunar Orbit
 - Science Daily
12/31/2005:SPACE 2006: New Mars Orbiter En Route ...
 - Discover
12/31/2005:NASA Considering Extending Cassini Mission Through 2010 ...
 - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Far-reaching new spacecraft sets sights on elusive Pluto ...
 - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Images Yield Clues to Lost Mars Probe ...
 - FirstScience
12/31/2005:Amazon founder's space venture takes shape ...
 - FirstScience
12/31/2005:SpaceDev Appoints New Chief Executive Officer And Vice Chairman
 - SpaceDaily
12/31/2005:Cassini Images Halo Around Titan
 - SpaceDaily

12/31/2005:Membrane Research Opens Window To Benefits For Plants, Humans - Science Daily
12/31/2005:Losing the Right to Tinker?  - Technology Review 
12/31/2005:Techsphere To Fly Antenna Technology On High Flying Airships - SpaceDaily


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