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  December 30, 2005

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Judge Rejects Teaching Intelligent Design  - NY Times  In the nation's first case to test the legal merits of intelligent design, the judge, John E. Jones III, issued a broad, stinging rebuke to its advocates and provided strong support for scientists who have fought to bar intelligent design from the science curriculum. Judge Jones also excoriated members of the Dover, Pa., school board, who he said lied to cover up their religious motives, made a decision of "breathtaking inanity" and "dragged" their community into "this legal maelstrom with its resulting utter waste of monetary and personal resources." Judge Jones, a Republican appointed by President Bush, concluded that intelligent design was not science, and that in order to claim that it is, its proponents admit they must change the very definition of science to include supernatural explanations. Judge Jones said that teaching intelligent design as science in public school violated the First Amendment of the Constitution, which prohibits public officials from using their positions to impose or establish a particular religion. Judge Jones said the evidence in the trial proved that intelligent design was "creationism relabeled."  
Green tea Green tea extract 'is cancer (chronic lymphocuytic leukemia) aid'  - BBC  A green tea extract may help patients with a form of leukaemia, a study says. The team from the Mayo Clinic in the US found it appeared to improve the condition of four patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL). Four CLL patients being treated at the clinic took green tea extract tablets containing epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant thought to fight cancer cells. Within a few months, doctors realised that three out of four patients were showing signs of the cancer regressing. The fourth patient also showed a slight improvement.  

sinkhole near Fairbanks

Ground frozen since Ice Age thaws - MSNBC  - Melting permafrost is damaging roads and buildings in Alaska and Russia and threatens to get much worse as the planet grows warmer, researchers said this week. Up to 90 percent of the permafrost at the surface of the Northern Hemisphere could melt by the end of this century, leaving gaping holes in the ground and collapsed structures, roads and railways in northern regions. In what scientists predict to be a vicious cycle, the thaw will release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, further exacerbating global warming. The meltdown of northern soil is already underway. Other teams have noted sunken railways, damaged structures and increased numbers of rock-falls at high elevations owing to thawed boulders.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/30/2005: Gorillas go through menopause, too - MSNBC
12/30/2005: Brits fear for purloined penguin
12/30/2005: How reindeer deal with endless winter nights - MSNBC
12/30/2005: Genetic Analysis Of Asian Elephants In India Reveals Some Surprises - Science Daily
12/30/2005: Japanese whaler faces Greenpeace action in Hobart ... - ABC
12/30/2005: China Seen as Main Market for Illegal Africa Ivory ... - FirstScience
12/30/2005: High-stakes S.Korea stem cell scandal shakes science ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
12/30/2005: Ground frozen since Ice Age thaws  - MSNBC
12/30/2005: Scientific reasons for Earth’s seasons - MSNBC
12/30/2005: The heat was on in 2005  - Nature
12/30/2005: Fear still haunts Tsunami survivors - New Scientist
12/30/2005: Spotting the world's polluters from space - New Scientist
12/30/2005: Gas Emissions Reached High in U.S. in '04  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Pollution May Slow Warming; Cleaner Air May Speed It, Study Says  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Senate Rejects Bid for Drilling in Arctic Area  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Drilling Opponents Cheer Nip-and-Tuck Vote  - NY Times
12/30/2005: India's heaviest satellite launched successfully - SpaceDaily
12/30/2005: Ariane-5 ECA launches a weather satellite - SpaceDaily
12/30/2005: US greenhouse gas emissions up 2 percent in 2004 - SpaceDaily
12/30/2005: Greenpeace activists clash with Japanese whaling fleet in Southern Ocean ... - FirstScience
12/30/2005: Ford Will Take Specific Steps To Reduce Emissions ... - FirstScience
12/30/2005: DaimlerChrysler settles emissions suit ... - FirstScience
12/30/2005: US global warming emissions reach record high ... - FirstScience
12/30/2005: Inside the Science of Hurricanes ... - FirstScience

12/30/2005: HD tuner for $110  - C/Net
12/30/2005: iTunes and QuickTime flaw detailed  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Alternate ending for 'Kong' game  - C/Net

12/30/2005: Year in review: Telephony's transformation
  - C/Net
12/30/2005: NYC moves closer to broadband plan
  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Camera phone helps label snaps
 - New Scientist

12/30/2005: Bidding adieu to Pentium M  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Kicking off 2006 with Yonah  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Browsers get their second wind  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Photoresist is critical EUVL issue, says Sematech  - El. Engr. Times


12/30/2005: Google's Great Works in Progress - Business Week
12/30/2005: Slide Show: First Looks at Google Books > > - Business Week
12/30/2005: Music start-up hears call of Firefox  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Boy joins a sordid online world through his Webcam  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Playing favorites on the Net?  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Senators propose taxing Internet shopping  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Google plugs 'obscure' phishing holes
  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Google wheels and deals
  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Creator of World Wide Web starts blog
  - C/Net
12/30/2005: E-gift vouchers: Whose money is it anyway?
 - New Scientist
12/30/2005: The Next Internet
  - Technology Review 

12/30/2005: New spyware claim against Sony BMG  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Microsoft looks beyond AOL  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Critical bug found in anti-virus software - New Scientist

12/30/2005: Panama jungle power plan worries environmentalists ... - FirstScience

12/30/2005: Men With Erectile Dysfunction Have Increased Risk For Cardiovascular Events - Science Daily
12/30/2005: How air pollution causes heart disease discovered ... - FirstScience

12/30/2005: Green tea extract 'is cancer (chronic lymphocuytic leukemia) aid'   - BBC
12/30/2005: White Women With Skin Cancer History More Likely To Develop Melanoma - Science Daily


12/30/2005: Big bender How a month of heavy drinking took its toll on one woman  - BBC

12/30/2005: Cosmetic surgery website launched  - BBC
12/30/2005: Nine months old: Mothers around the world describe life with their babies  - BBC
12/30/2005: 'World's oldest mum' on life one year after giving birth (video)  - BBC
12/30/2005: Why getting down on the dance floor could liven up your love life  - BBC
12/30/2005: Walking Off the Fat, Across the Land - Washington Post
12/30/2005: Man walks from Calif. to NYC to drop pounds - MSNBC
12/30/2005: Walker has new obstacle: a deadline  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Genetic Testing Still Smart Choice, Despite Uncertainties - Science Daily
12/30/2005: Adults With Lazy Eye Can Improve: New Treatment Offers Promise For Previously Incurable Condition
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/30/2005: Judge Rejects Teaching Intelligent Design  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Text: The Opinion  - NY Times
12/30/2005: A Town in the Spotlight Wants Out of It  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Complete Coverage: The Evolution Debate  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Ice Age footprints said found in Outback - MSNBC
12/30/2005: Evolution wins Pennsylvania trial  - Nature
12/30/2005: Schools Nationwide Study Impact of Evolution Ruling
  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Complete Coverage: The Evolution Debate
  - NY Times

12/30/2005: Digital TV switch set for early 2009  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Senate votes to extend Patriot Act  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Distortions and deceptions in strategic decisions
12/30/2005: Sneak peek 2006  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Dow Jones' 2005 Web deal: Feat? Failure?  - C/Net
12/30/2005: Seagate set to acquire Maxtor for $1.9 billion  - El. Engr. Times
12/30/2005: U. of Calif. to keep running Los Alamos lab - MSNBC
12/30/2005: Cosmic Log: The expanding podiverse - MSNBC
12/30/2005: U. of Calif. to keep running Los Alamos lab - MSNBC
12/30/2005: The gift of cord blood - New Scientist
12/30/2005: California Is Surprise Winner in Bid to Run Los Alamos  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Senate Agrees to Extension of the Patriot Act  - NY Times
12/30/2005: Robust growth unlikely to last - Seattle Times
12/30/2005: Acquisitions, slowing growth lift stocks - Seattle Times
12/30/2005: Thailand To Buy Russian Fighters - Live Science
12/30/2005: The evolution of Santa Claus and other Christmas traditions ... - FirstScience

12/30/2005: What makes dancers more desirable? - MSNBC
12/30/2005: Looking forward: How mental health care in Sri Lanka has improved post-tsunami  - BBC
12/30/2005: Dancing advertises sexual quality  - Nature
12/30/2005: Do the brainwave boogie-woogie - New Scientist
12/30/2005: Imaging the Unconscious  - Technology Review 

Physics and Astronomy:
12/30/2005: Wise guy: Tests confirm Einstein's formula is correct  - El. Engr. Times
12/30/2005: Astronomers Use Laser To Take Clearest Images Of The Center Of The Milky Way

12/30/2005: Symmetry in Nature: Fundamental Fact or Human Bias?
 - Space.com



12/30/2005: Mars not so wet after all?  - Nature
12/30/2005: Salty Martian rocks may have formed without seas
 - New Scientist
12/30/2005: Stardust probe set to drop comet dust to Earth
 - New Scientist
12/30/2005: Japan to enter space race -- in fashion
 - SpaceDaily
12/30/2005: Canadian Company Developing New Space Shuttle ...
 - FirstScience
12/30/2005: Europe Basks in Success of Huygens; Budgets Stay Tight
 - Space.com
12/30/2005: Final Launch of 2005 Orbits U.S. Communications Satellite
 - Space.com
12/30/2005: NASA Images Deliver White Christmas ...
 - FirstScience
12/30/2005: Student's dust device on Pluto mission ...
 - FirstScience
12/30/2005: Stellar Year ...
 - FirstScience

12/30/2005: We're all tech junkies now  - CNN
12/30/2005: Poll results at a glance  - CNN
12/30/2005: A car that could make a difference (video)  - CNN
12/30/2005: Nano Antenna  - Technology Review 


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