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  December 3, 2005

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Adult Stem Cells Act As Construction Supervisors In Tissue Repair - SpaceDaily  For years it was believed that adult stem cells, under conditions of reduced oxygen - such as that found in victims of a heart attack or stroke - acted as building blocks by constructing new passageways for blood to bypass damaged tissue. However, a new study by a team of University of Virginia researchers suggests that stem cells act as construction supervisors directing the work of other cells, rather than doing the heavy lifting themselves. "Our findings point to an alternative to the big pharma strategy of searching for blockbuster drugs," Skalak said.   
Santa Barbara Researchers Light Up 'Dark' Spins In Diamond - SpaceDaily  Left:  "We have found a channel for moving information between single electron spins at room temperature," said Awschalom. "This bodes well for making networks of spins, using the dark spins as wires, in order to process information at the atomic level."  Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have potentially opened up a new avenue toward room temperature quantum information processing. By demonstrating the ability to image and control single isolated electron spins in diamond, they unexpectedly discovered a new channel for transferring information to other surrounding spins - an initial step towards spin-based information processing. These spins are called 'dark' because they cannot be directly detected by light emission and yet, it appears that they may prove extremely useful.  

Give Thanks For The Cranberry, Say Dental Researchers - Science Daily  A team led by oral biologist Hyun (Michel) Koo, D.D.S., Ph.D., at the University of Rochester Medical Center has discovered that the same traits that make cranberry juice a powerful weapon against bladder infections also hold promise for protecting teeth against cavities. Koo found that cranberry juice acts like TeflonŽ for teeth, making it difficult for the bacteria that causes cavities to cling to tooth surfaces. Stickiness is everything for the microbe Streptococcus mutans, which creates most cavities by eating sugars and then excreting acids that cause dental decay, as well as disrupting the formation of plaque.      
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/3/2005: Progression- Drugs Found to Have Effect on Alzheimer's Disease  - NY Times

12/3/2005: Adult Stem Cells Act As Construction Supervisors In Tissue Repair - SpaceDaily  
12/3/2005: A Pair of Wings Took Evolving Insects on a Nonstop Flight to Domination
  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Biotechnology's Newest Chemical Tool - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Shade Trees Getting 'Scorched' By Plant Disease - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Proposal to Kill Elephants Splits Wildlife Groups - Live Science
12/3/2005: First Picture of Living Human Retina Reveals Surprise - Live Science
12/3/2005: Baby-Making Backlash Looms  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
12/3/2005: Fears of Energy Price Increase Delay 9-State Pollution Pact  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Study: Midwest Warming May Harm Ducks  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Ice Harmonies: Researchers Discover 'Singing' Iceberg - Science Daily
12/3/2005: New Ice Cores Expand View Of Climate History - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Global warming set to hit Europe badly: agency - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: Busiest Atlantic hurricane season on record comes to an end - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: China calls on others to approve Kyoto Protocol - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: Wal-Mart Going Green, or Greenwashing?  - Wired News
12/3/2005: 'Medical Act does not 'allow ozone therapy' ... - FirstScience
12/3/2005: Climate change 'will dry Africa' ...  - BBC
12/3/2005: We're serious about global warming: US ... - FirstScience
12/3/2005: Storm season ends- Are potent hurricanes linked to global warming- ... - FirstScience
12/3/2005: 'Pay us to save our rainforest' ... - FirstScience
12/3/2005: Greens to push for carbon tax in coalition talks ... - FirstScience
12/3/2005: Fight global warming ... - FirstScience
12/3/2005: Pressure for new deal to continue greenhouse gas cuts ... - FirstScience
12/3/2005: US rules out extra pledges on global warming ... - FirstScience
12/3/2005: Record Hurricane Season Goes Out with a Bang ... - Live Science

12/3/2005: Autopia  - Wired News
12/3/2005: Game|Life  - Wired News
12/3/2005: Reality check on the Xbox 360  - C/Net

12/3/2005: Wireless Networking Investment Boom Underway
 - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: Reinventing 911
  - Wired News
12/3/2005: VOIP Crisis, Can't Call 911
  - Wired News



12/3/2005: Next-Generation Networks  - Technology Review 
12/3/2005: Blogging With a Wooden Tongue  - Wired News

12/3/2005: Surprise! Computer Scientists Model The Exclamation Point - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Open channelsfor software  - C/Net

12/3/2005: Coal Might Be Gas-Tank Gold Mine  - Wired News
12/3/2005: Brace for a Natural-Gas Crunch  - Wired News

12/3/2005: Jefferson Scientists Uncover More Evidence For Protein's Role In Artery Blockage - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Hopkins Study May Change Rules For Treating Heart Failure; Discovery Suggests That Some Patients On Beta Blockers Should Not Be - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Men, Check Your Blood Pressure Before Checking In For Plastic Surgery - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Short-term Survival Rates Better For U.S. vs. Canadian Heart Failure Patients - Science Daily

12/3/2005: Does Stress Cause Cancer? Probably Not, Research Finds  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Part 1  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Part 2  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Forum: Mental Health and Treatment  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Cancer Wasting, Muscular Dystrophy Show Common Change - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Minimally Invasive Cancer Treatments Highlighted - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Major Ovarian Cancer Clinical Study Announced At Yale Using Combination Drug Therapy
 - Science Daily

12/3/2005: AIDS Goal Missed, but Effort by U.N. Branch Is Praised  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Immunological Karma: T Cells Reactive To Old Flu Infections Make Unrelated Viral Infections Worse - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Agricultural Workers At Increased Risk For Infection With Animal Flu Viruses - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Understanding T Cells  - Technology Review 
12/3/2005: The Return of Vaccines  - Wired News

12/3/2005: Hard to Pronounce, Infinitely Harder to Cure  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Over-the-counter Arthritis Drug Might Also Help Against MS, Jefferson Neuroscientists Find - Science Daily
12/3/2005: First Human Tests Of Antidepressant Bupropion As Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment Hold Promise - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Study Shows Nicotine Vaccine Has Promise For Helping Smokers Quit - Science Daily

12/3/2005: Give Thanks For The Cranberry, Say Dental Researchers  - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Experiment Gives Illusion of That Shrinking Feeling  - NY Times
12/3/2005: More Chest Compressions Are Recommended in CPR  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Vital Signs: Testing- With Decaf, Lose the Jitters, but Gain the Gunk?  - NY Times
12/3/2005: The Grapefruit League  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Born A Couch Potato? Each Persons' Activity Level Appears Intrinsic, Possibly Tied To Genetics - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/3/2005: Ancient Roman Anchors Found in Israel  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Prehistoric Settlements Found in Greece  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Newfound Greek Site is Really Ancient - Live Science
12/3/2005: Why Alexander the Great Was, Well ... Great! - Live Science
12/3/2005: Greek Farmer Finds 2,000-Year-Old Monument - Live Science

12/3/2005: Dell basic PC for $299  - C/Net
12/3/2005: Letters  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Consumer confidence soars in November; markets rise - Science Daily
12/3/2005: India, Russia to cooperate on navigation satellite development - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: Virtual Vets Flesh Out D-Day  - Wired News
12/3/2005: Economics 101: Exploiting Fear  - Wired News
12/3/2005: Pentagon's Urban Recon Takes Wing  - Wired News
12/3/2005: Another Blow to E-Voting Company  - Wired News
12/3/2005: Getting in tune with the TV  - C/Net

12/3/2005: Q & A: Battered Brains  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Vital Signs: Patterns: Research Finds Twins to Be the Slower Siblings  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Sweet Snacks Could Be Best Medicine For Stress - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Swimming With Dolphins Can Alleviate Depression - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Figuring Out The Ups And Downs -- And Sideways -- Of Neural Development - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Study Verifies Power of Positive Thinking - Live Science
12/3/2005: Key to a Good Memory: Predict What You Need to Remember
 - Live Science

Physics and Astronomy:
12/3/2005: Santa Barbara Researchers Light Up 'Dark' Spins In Diamond - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: New Math Models To Pick Up Where Computers Fail
 - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Researcher Solve One Mystery Of High-temperature Superconductors
 - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Are Pets Good For You?
 - Science Daily
12/3/2005: AMBER Looks Into The Cradle Of Planets
 - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Dark Energy and Einstein Converge
 - Space.com
12/3/2005: Snapshots At The Atomic Border
 - SpaceDaily

12/3/2005: Debating Immortality

12/3/2005: Real Robots: VOTE for Your Favorite - Live Science

12/3/2005: Small Progress Toward Explaining the Moon  - NY Times
12/3/2005: Using Laser Beams And Electric Fields, NASA Researchers Probe Curious Behavior Of Moondust
 - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Europe's Venus Express Probe Looks Back at Earth
 - Space.com
12/3/2005: Russia's Space Agency Chief Hails Easing of INA Restrictions by U.S.
 - Space.com
12/3/2005: Saturn Surprise- One Ring is Actually a Spiral
 - Space.com
12/3/2005: Burt Rutan: Building The People's Spaceship
 - Space.com
12/3/2005: Khrunichev Space Center Head Dismissed
 - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: Shadows Of Venus
 - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: Iran Trying to Bolster Its Space Program ...
 - Live Science

12/3/2005: MIT Sleuths Discover Quick Way To New Materials - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Yale Engineers Make Standardized Bulk Synthesis Of Nanowires Possible - Science Daily
12/3/2005: For Many Public Buildings, Form Doesn't Follow Function, Study Finds - Science Daily
12/3/2005: Precision Breakthrough: Have Scientists Drilled The World's Smallest Hole? - Science Daily
12/3/2005: New Material is Super Springy and Strong - Live Science
12/3/2005: Cardiff University Experts Drill Possibly World's Smallest Hole - SpaceDaily
12/3/2005: Blind 'em and Shoot 'em
  - Wired News


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