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  December 3, 2004

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New Mini Generator To Run Electronics - SpaceDaily  Left: The microgenerator produces useful amounts of electricity by spinning a small magnet above a mesh of coils fabricated on a chip. Credits: Georgia Tech. The microgenerator is about 10 millimeters wide, or about the size of a dime. When coupled with a similarly sized gas-fueled microturbine (or jet) engine, the system, called a microengine, has the potential to deliver more energy and last 10 times longer than a conventional battery. The device’s magnet spins at 100,000 revolutions per minute (rpm). Speed like that is capable of producing 1.1 watts of power, or enough juice to run a cell phone, with a 20-to-50-watt goal.   
Outside View: US Amnesia On Pakistan - SpaceDaily  Left: The PHALANX system (part of the $1.3 billion arms package for Pakistan) is meant to defend ships against fast incoming missiles and aircrafts, which terrorists are unlikely to have. Pakistan, rather, is likely to employ them on ships conducting operations against India. Even as Pakistan's leadership was expressing its unrestrained glee with President George W. Bush's thumping re-election, the new Bush administration wasted no time in making its first big move to reward Pakistan with advanced weaponry. The deal includes eight P-3C Orion naval reconnaissance planes possibly with anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles, 2,000 TOW-2A heavy anti-armor guided missiles and the deadly PHALANX Close-In Weapon Systems for ships.     

Purdue Researchers Align Nanotubes To Improve Artificial Joints - SpaceDaily  Left:  This image, taken with a scanning electron microscope, shows arrays of nanofibers that have been aligned by pouring them into grids of tiny channels. Because the channels are so narrow, the tubes can only fit lengthwise, causing them to become aligned, similar to the way in which collagen fibers and natural ceramic crystals are aligned in bones. Because the nanofibers are aligned like natural collagen, they might be used to create better artificial joints that last longer and attach better to human bones. Credits: Purdue University, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Physics.  Researchers at Purdue University have shown that artificial joints might be improved by making the implants out of tiny carbon tubes and filaments that mimic the alignment of collagen fibers and natural ceramic crystals in real bones.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/3/2004: Some Consumers Still Wary Of GM Foods - Silicon Strategies
12/3/2004: University To Set Up Satellite Venture To Assist Rice Farming
 - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: Digital Map Records Data Of Beijing's Ancient Trees - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: Recombination, Epistasis, and Viral Evolution ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Genetic theories have as much to do with culture as science ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Study finds benefits in GM crops  - BBC
12/3/2004: DNA bank to catch badger killers  - BBC
12/3/2004: Beached whales die off Tasmania  - BBC
12/3/2004: Photojournal A Polish farmer describes life in a 'hog factory'  - BBC
12/3/2004: Mother carrying 'designer baby'  - BBC
12/3/2004: Impotence drama: Play explores the heartache of erectile dysfunction  - BBC
12/3/2004: Endurance running is in east Africans' genes - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
12/3/2004: University To Set Up Satellite Venture To Assist Rice Farming - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: PNG evacuating island after volcanic eruption destroys food ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Powell in chemical reaction as US resists EU pollution drive ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Eco-issues: call to focus on alternative dispute redressal ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Karnataka -: NGOs, academics oppose draft environment policy ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Environmental group protests felling of trees in Cox's Bazar ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Getting the most out of water  - BBC
12/3/2004: Summary: Basics of Climate Change, Pacts  - NY Times
12/3/2004: Delaware River Oil Spill Leaves Wildlife Imperiled  - NY Times
12/3/2004: Delegates Seek Ways to Confront Warming  - NY Times
12/3/2004: Riders On The Storm: Drifting Buoys & Floats Weather Hurricanes For Better Storm Prediction - Science Daily

12/3/2004: Camera, printer get big picture - Seattle Times
12/3/2004: The Naughty List- Technology Review 

12/3/2004: Mobile gaming takes off in India
  - BBC
12/3/2004: Hong Kong's hi-tech haven
  - BBC
12/3/2004: Telecom: The Fiber-Optic Quagmire
 - Business Week
12/3/2004: Will 3G Answer Vodafone's Call?
 - Business Week
12/3/2004: Carriers move to put their names on more phones
  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Telecoms lobby against public wireless
  - CNN
12/3/2004: Internet the future of phone calls
  - CNN
12/3/2004: ARM, Superscape, Sinjisoft to collaborate on 3D phones
  - El. Engr. Times
12/3/2004: Netgear releases PoE-powered WLAN for SMBs
  - El. Engr. Times

12/3/2004: Sony, IBM, Toshiba give details of 'Cell' chip  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Cell to Drive PS3 - Google
12/3/2004: IBM, Sony and Toshiba preview Cell processor - Google
12/3/2004: Details emerge on Cell processor  - El. Engr. Times
12/3/2004: H.264 decoder chips begin to hit the market  - El. Engr. Times

12/3/2004: Drawing pad to Thinkpad  - CNN

12/3/2004: Web fare to compare: Useful sites can help you shop around - Seattle Times
12/3/2004: Screensaver aims to drive spammers out of business  - BBC
12/3/2004: Call for action on internet scam  - BBC
12/3/2004: Beating scammers: How to avoid falling prey to 'rogue-dialling' internet scam  - BBC
12/3/2004: Online sellers given fraud alert  - BBC
12/3/2004: Internet access, delivered from above  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Kazaa heads to court for file-swap trial
  - C/Net
12/3/2004: From Internet arm wrestling to the magic of math
  - C/Net

12/3/2004: Australia becomes latest front in file swapping legal war  - BBC
12/3/2004: Upgrade downs 80,000 U.K. government computers  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Three music giants create new online service - Washington Post
12/3/2004: Scientist says FDA called journal to block Vioxx article - USA Today

12/3/2004: New Mini Generator To Run Electronics - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: Gas-Guzzling SUVs Should Get Tobacco-Style Warnings: British Think Tank - Silicon Strategies
12/3/2004: Eco-friendly battery operated electric scooters to hit roads ...
12/3/2004: Hydrogen production method may boost fuel supplies  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Hydrogen Production Method Could Bolster Fuel Supplies  - NY Times

12/3/2004: Staff who work when ill are risking heart disease, a study says  - BBC

12/3/2004: Smart drug for lung cancer tested  - BBC
12/3/2004: Milk link to ovarian cancer risk  - BBC
12/3/2004: Learning To Cover Up Reduces Risk Of Skin Cancer - Science Daily
12/3/2004: New Protein Identified In Development Of Lung Cancer - Science Daily

12/3/2004: Killer fingertips can stop E.coli  - BBC


12/3/2004: Purdue Researchers Align Nanotubes To Improve Artificial Joints - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: Inside the body:  Find out how you look underneath your skin  - BBC
12/3/2004: Stem cells rebuild bladder control - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:

12/3/2004: WTO slaps trade penalties on U.S. over anti-dumping law - Seattle Times
12/3/2004: Steelmaker fires up once-shuttered Cleveland mills - Seattle Times
12/3/2004: Collaboration can fill in gaps for startups - Seattle Times
12/3/2004: India's fab venture to start production in '06 - Silicon Strategies
12/3/2004: Analysis: 'Sorry Tale' For World Media - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: Discovery Of Weapons Cache Underscores Iraq Weapons Free-For-All - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: US To Sell 50 Medium-Range Missiles To Jordan - SpaceDailys
12/3/2004: Pakistan downplays report on nuclear leaks to Iran, Libya ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Sir Edmund blasts US road to pole  - BBC
12/3/2004: Online commons to spark debate  - BBC
12/3/2004: HDTV: A Shopper's Survival Guide - Business Week
12/3/2004: Breeding insecurity  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Signs of a glut and lower prices on thin TVs  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Four studios support HD DVD, Toshiba says  - C/Net
12/3/2004: To stretch budget, Chicago turns to eBay  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Federal plan to keep data on students worries some  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Legendary venture capitalist looks ahead - Google
12/3/2004: Passport ID chips may not be secure  - CNN
12/3/2004: From fixing TVs to guarding skies  - CNN


Physics and Astronomy:
12/3/2004: Probing Asteroid Seismic Activity ... - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Research opportunities expand at nation's premier X-ray facility ...
 - FirstScience
12/3/2004: Asteroid named after professor
  - BBC

12/3/2004: Ageing Revolution: How the greying of society will transform work and leisure  - BBC
12/3/2004: Health 'the top worry as we age'
  - BBC

12/3/2004: Marines Aided by Robotic Airplane in Iraq  - NY Times

12/3/2004: Scientists call for permanent manned lunar base by 2024 - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: Follow The Arrow
 - SpaceDaily
12/3/2004: Martian Day Dreaming
12/3/2004: Rock 'n' Roll Heading For Titan

12/3/2004: Picture possibilities to convert old videos - Seattle Times
12/3/2004: Tuning in video search  - C/Net
12/3/2004: Toshiba wins HD DVD support  - CNN
12/3/2004: Stun gun to include data capture option  - El. Engr. Times
12/3/2004: 'Spacelift' For Vendée Globe Sailor - Science Daily


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