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  December 29, 2005

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The Big Bangs for Astronomers in 2005 - SpaceDaily  Computers may have got better and better at chess, but human players can still find chinks in their defense, the world chess champion says. Just don't try to break them down psychologically. Ever since IBM's Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov -- retired champion and reputedly the best player ever -- in 1997, humans have failed to regain dominance over increasingly powerful computers. (But it hasn't been all bad news: Read about Kasparov's draw with Deep Junior in 2003.)     
The computer remains king of chess The computer remains king of chess  - CNN  Computers may have got better and better at chess but in the =ir defense, the world chess champion says. Just don't try to break them down psychologically. Ever since IBM's Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov -- retired champion and reputedly the best player ever -- in 1997, humans have failed to regain dominance over increasingly powerful computers. (But it hasn't been all bad news: Read about Kasparov's draw with Deep Junior in 2003.) But according to Veselin Topalov, a 30-year-old Bulgarian who dominated the world chess organization (FIDE) championship in October, people still have a small chance to hold their own.

'Land of the fat' The food is fried and exercise untried inside the fattest US county  - BBC  Jefferson County is said to be the fattest part of the fattest state in the United States after a 2003 study found it had the highest proportion of obese residents in Mississippi. The patrons of Dude Burger - the only restaurant for miles - are buying hot dogs, dripping with chilli relish. Tiny Jefferson County Hospital sits on top of a hill on the outskirts of Fayette, opposite a school. It has a nutrition clinic, but it is conspicuously empty. "Drop them pounds like they hot".  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/29/2005: Cloning grandad: The lesser known advance by the man who found TB's cause  - BBC
12/29/2005: Why Christmas Trees Are Not Extinct
 - Science Daily
12/29/2005: Native ladybirds 'under threat'  - BBC
12/29/2005: Foster pets More temporary homes needed for injured animals  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/29/2005: Tsunami: Mangroves 'saved lives'  - BBC
12/29/2005: Contempt case for Shell over gas  - BBC
12/29/2005: Early warning: How the Indian Ocean tsunami alert system is progressing  - BBC
12/29/2005: A year later, tsunami warnings still need work - MSNBC
12/29/2005: All About Ice: Can't Live With It, Can't Live Without It  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Global warming could melt top permafrost layer ... - FirstScience
12/29/2005: Company Introduces Recycling System for Medical Field ... - FirstScience
12/29/2005: EU Backs Off Battery Recycling Targets ... - FirstScience

12/29/2005: Nintendo DS sales hit 5 million in Japan  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Year in review: Hot console, 'hot coffee'  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Games discover their star power  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Images-:A beast of a game  - NY Times
12/29/2005: For stargazers, a personal planetarium  - C/Net
12/29/2005: 50 greatest gadgets of past 50 years  - C/Net

12/29/2005: 2006 full of broadband promise
  - BBC
12/29/2005: Take your cable channels with you on the road
  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Cingular debuts its 3G network
 - Seattle Times
12/29/2005: New era heralded for mobile TV
  - BBC
12/29/2005: College launches cell phone film contest
 - Business Week

12/29/2005: The race toward dual-core  - C/Net

12/29/2005: A $350,000 diamond studded notebook  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Low-price notebooks with speed, style  - C/Net

12/29/2005: Google taps into search patterns  - BBC
12/29/2005: Happy 15th birthday, browser  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Wall Street bets on Web gambling  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Opera denies Microsoft takeover  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Juniper sues Web posters  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Putting those voice mails in one spot - Seattle Times
12/29/2005: Online share of ads expected to grow
 - Seattle Times
12/29/2005: It's a brave new world on the Web
 - Seattle Times
12/29/2005: Businessman wins e-mail spam case
  - BBC
12/29/2005: Old worms, new tricks
  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Dell: No plans for Firefox in Australia
  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Los Alamos blogger to shut down site
  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Religious following for cyber sermons
  - CNN

12/29/2005: New tune for digital music in 2006  - BBC
12/29/2005: U.S. vs. the world on file-sharing  - C/Net
12/29/2005: 'Internet-illiterate' mom fights downloading lawsuit  - CNN
12/29/2005: The Net is a boon for indie (independent) labels  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Fate of high-definition DVD may lie with Microsoft  - El. Engr. Times

12/29/2005: Ukraine, U.S. sign nuclear waste storage construction contract ... - FirstScience

12/29/2005: Public defibrillators save lives  - BBC
12/29/2005: Virtual Reality Could Help Diagnose Heart Conditions - Science Daily
12/29/2005: Enzyme Triggers Plaque Rupture In Hardened Arteries, Causing Heart Attack And Stroke - Science Daily

12/29/2005: Melanoma Risk Only Partially Associated Vith Exposure To UVB From Sunlight - Science Daily

12/29/2005: A Key That Opens Cells To The Deadly Malaria Parasite - Science Daily
12/29/2005: Pharmas: No Vaccine Incentive  - Wired News
12/29/2005: Sponge puzzles superbug experts  - BBC

12/29/2005: Oral contraception 'cuts MS risk'  - BBC
12/29/2005: Celebrity Health: UK singer Mari Wilson talks about living with Type 1 diabetes  - BBC
12/29/2005: Blocking Previously Unrecognized Links Between Inflammatory Systems Could Make COX-2 Inhibitors Safe - Science Daily
12/29/2005: The Fatal Peanut  - NY Times

12/29/2005: 'Land of the fat' The food is fried and exercise untried inside the fattest US county   - BBC 
12/29/2005: Grapefruit 'may cut gum disease'  - BBC
12/29/2005: 'I have a head of hair again'  - BBC
12/29/2005: 2005: The year in biology and medicine ... - FirstScience
12/29/2005: Sonic Body 'I am using sound to create a map of the body'  - BBC
12/29/2005: Sexual healthThe pros and cons of the contraceptive injection  - BBC
12/29/2005: Personal Health - 35 and Pregnant- Assessing Risk Becomes Easier  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Vital Signs: Effects: Dark Chocolate- A Fix for Smokers' Plumbing?  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Patterns: If It Takes a Long Time, It May Be a Boy
  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
12/29/2005: Science's Breakthrough Of The Year: Watching Evolution In Action - Science Daily
12/29/2005: Why dwarfs were given respect in ancient Egypt  - BBC
12/29/2005: On the front lines of the evolution fight - MSNBC

12/29/2005: The computer remains king of chess  - CNN
12/29/2005: Galileo - what for? Why Europe is launching its own sat-nav system  - BBC
12/29/2005: 'Fat Man Walking' treks with tech  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Outsourcing and its discontents  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Netflix wins round in online DVD-rental fight  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Cell phones to tell Koreans: You're indicted  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Patriot Act extended for only one month  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Visa deals with possible data breach  - C/Net
12/29/2005: IBM wins 7-year Unilever outsourcing deal  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Build-your-own-movies from Samsung?  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Apple juggernaut shows no sign of waning  - CNN
12/29/2005: Age of information overload  - CNN
12/29/2005: Google can sell AOL stake by 2008  - CNN
12/29/2005: Seeking a Public Voice on China's 'Angry River'  - NY Times
12/29/2005: Top tidbits for 2005 - Seattle Times

12/29/2005: Didgeridoo Playing Improves Your Sleep - Science Daily
12/29/2005: Researchers Know What You Were About To Say; fMRI Used To Detect Memory Storage And Retrieval - Science Daily
12/29/2005: Gnashers may be secret of success  - BBC
12/29/2005: Do the brainwave boogie-woogie - New Scientist
12/29/2005: Mental Health: Serious Depression Raises Risk of Heart Ailments  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
12/29/2005: The Big Bangs for Astronomers in 2005 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: The Cosmic Christmas Ghost
 - Science Daily
12/29/2005: Astronomers Get First Glimpse of New Stars ...
 - FirstScience
12/29/2005: Prime time for Missouri computing team
  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Math professor solves decades-old problem
12/29/2005: New Year’s Day 2006 delayed by a second

12/29/2005: MicroRNA Gene That Regulates Lifespan Found By Yale Scientists - Science Daily

12/29/2005: The 50 Best Robots Ever  - Wired News

12/29/2005: Leading French chef asked to create food for astronauts  - BBC
12/29/2005: Cluster Helps To Protect Astronauts And Satellites Against 'Killer Electrons'
 - Science Daily
12/29/2005: Review 2005: Touchdown on Titan - New Scientist
12/29/2005: Review 2005: Mars rovers roll on
 - New Scientist
12/29/2005: Astrobiology
 - New Scientist
12/29/2005: EU Launches 1st Galileo Program Satellite
 - Space.com
12/29/2005: Genesis Crash Inquiry Helps Stardust Return
 - Space.com
12/29/2005: First Galileo Satellite On Orbit To Demonstrate Key Technologies
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: Europe launches satellite navigation system to rival GPS
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: Chirac hails Galileo launch as European space success
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: Galileo: Europe's 3.8 billion euro stellar gamble
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: Successful launch for test satellite in European navigation system: ESA
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: New NASA Satellites Shipped To Launch Site
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: ILS to Launch ASTRA 1KR in 2006
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: An Explosion On The Moon
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: New Horizons Launch Vehicle Fully Assembled For Voyage To Pluto
 - SpaceDaily
12/29/2005: Japanese spacecraft to start journey home ...
 - FirstScience
12/29/2005: University Device On NASA Mission To Pluto ...
 - FirstScience
12/29/2005: Space programs are Russia's national asset ...
 - Space.com
12/29/2005: European Space Agency Launches GPS Test Satellite ...
 - FirstScience
12/29/2005: NASA Prepares For Return Of Interstellar Cargo
 - FirstScience

12/29/2005: Tech flops of the year  - C/Net
12/29/2005: Best Tech Moments of 2005  - Wired News
12/29/2005: • High Hopes of a Would-Be Rubber Baron - Business Week
12/29/2005: 2005: The year in technology - New Scientist


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