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  December 28, 2005

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New EU Project On Ferroelectric Films - SpaceDaily  Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, has together with five European partners started a three year project, Nanostar, for mastering of nanostructured multifunctional ferroelectric films for low cost mass production of microwave devices. The main focus will be on the development of theory, fabrication processes and device demonstrators for functional validation of nanostructured multifunctional ferroelectric films and components applicable in microwave communication. Ferroelectrics considered in the project are complex metal oxide dielectrics and barium and strontium titanat, characterized by high dielectric permittivity. "The devices based on these films offer a substantial reduction of cost, sizes and power consumption, i.e. features useful for power hungry microwave systems, especially in portable devices such as mobile phones, etc.     
Laws of Nature Hold Fast So Far - SpaceDaily  Left:  The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope. Credit: NRAO/AUI/NSF.  "The fundamental constants of physics are expected to remain fixed across space and time; that's why they're called constants! Now, however, new theoretical models for the basic structure of matter indicate that they may change. We're testing these predictions." Said Nissim Kanekar. So far, the scientists' measurements show no change in the constants. "We've put the most stringent limits yet on some changes in these constants, but that's not the end of the story," said Christopher Carilli, another NRAO astronomer. The astronomers were looking for changes in two quantities: the ratio of the masses of the electron and the proton, and a number physicists call the fine structure constant, a combination of the electron charge, the speed of light and the Planck constant.  

Honda Producing Next-Gen Solar Cells - SpaceDaily  Honda Motor said Monday it will begin mass producing next-generation solar panels for household use from 2007. Honda, which was the first major automaker to enter the market, said it will use thin film solar cell made of a compound of copper, indium, gallium and selenium -- instead of the usual silicon. Honda said the next-generation solar panels -- which had already been developed but had earlier proved difficult to mass-produce -- would ultimately cut production costs. The production system will require only half the energy to produce a conventional solar cell and lower carbon-dioxide emissions by 50 percent, Honda said. The new production system will initially have an annual capacity to produce about 27.5 megawatts worth of solar cells, enough for 8,000 households a year.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/28/2005: Brain Cell Activity Increases Levels Of Key Ingredient In Alzheimer's Plaques - Science Daily

12/28/2005: Partial Ingredients For DNA And Protein Found Around Star - SpaceDaily
12/28/2005: Scientists find 'mass dodo grave'
  - BBC
12/28/2005: Bringing the dodo back to life  - BBC
12/28/2005: South Korean panel says stem-cell result fabricated  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Snuppy the dog caught in stem cell snafu - MSNBC
12/28/2005: Embattled stem-cell researcher quits - MSNBC
12/28/2005: Spectacular fraud shakes stem cell field - MSNBC
12/28/2005: Investigation says Hwang lied - MSNBC
12/28/2005: Cloning pioneer did fake results, probe finds - New Scientist
12/28/2005: Rapunzel the Rhino Is Mourned in Bronx  - NY Times
12/28/2005: Biotech Company Closes After Running Out of Cash  - NY Times
12/28/2005: Korean Cloning Scientist Quits Over Report He Faked Research  - NY Times
12/28/2005: Analysis: New Scrutiny on Science's Superstars  - NY Times
12/28/2005: Light-sensing Cells In Retina Develop Before Vision - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Cedars-Sinai Researchers Demonstrate A New Way To Switch Therapeutic Genes 'On' And 'Off' - Science Daily
12/28/2005: New Study Expands Understanding Of The Role Of RNA Editing In Gene Control - Science Daily
12/28/2005: A Little Telomerase Isn't Enough: Study Links Length Of Chromosome Ends To A Rare Disease Of Stem Cells - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Scientists Solve Mystery Of The 'Unicorn' Whale - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Creatures of the Wild Gallery: The Best of Your Amazing Images
 - Live Science
12/28/2005: Secret Weapons
 - Live Science
12/28/2005: South Korea tries to pick up pieces from science fraud ...
 - ABC
12/28/2005: New DNA Technique Helps Trace Evolution of Mammoths ...
 - L. A. Times

Climate, Environment:
12/28/2005: Greenpeace to protest when Japanese whaling ship docks ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: 2006: Crunch time for EU environmental policies ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Asthma warning as pollution skyrockets ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: $94 million settlement for Daimler-Chrysler emissions control violations ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Greenpeace continue whaling ship chase ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Greenpeace sting exposes pirate loggers ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Pollutants keeping global warming at bay, says study ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Alaska braces for possible volcanic eruption ... - ABC
12/28/2005: Stronger standards for particles proposed ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Conservative leader Harper asserts Canada's Arctic claims - SpaceDaily
12/28/2005: India's heaviest satellite launched successfully - SpaceDaily
12/28/2005: White House issues tsunami disaster plan - MSNBC
12/28/2005: Dynamic Bed Causes Irregular Course Of River - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Top 10 Killer Tornadoes - Live Science
12/28/2005: Greenpeace: Japan resumes whaling after escape bid ... - ABC
12/28/2005: Islands and coral reefs on stamps ... - FirstScience

12/28/2005: Parents in video games dilemma  - BBC
12/28/2005: iPod calls for accessories - Seattle Times
12/28/2005: Observing Earth: Amazing Views From Above - Live Science
12/28/2005: All the World's a Podcast  - Wired News
12/28/2005: Dick Cheney's IPod Monomania  - Wired News

12/28/2005: Broadband ups the ante
  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Year in review: The transformation of the telephone
  - C/Net
12/28/2005: The world's smallest film contest
  - CNN

12/28/2005: New EU Project On Ferroelectric Films - SpaceDaily

12/28/2005: USB Holiday Madness  - Wired News

12/28/2005: IE for the people Why Microsoft should free up the Mac version of IE  - BBC
12/28/2005: Through a Webcam to a sordid world  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Week in review: Googly eyes  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Japan may create its own search engine  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Avoiding the post-holiday online shopping blues  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Google creators named Men of the Year  - C/Net
12/28/2005: The future of online search
  - CNN
12/28/2005: Best anti-spyware program? One you regularly update
 - Seattle Times
12/28/2005: Try an out-there outlook on spam
 - Seattle Times

12/28/2005: IBM sits out Office document standards effort  - C/Net

12/28/2005: Fuel Savings Is a Gas  - Wired News

12/28/2005: Tight Glucose Control Cuts Heart Disease By Half In Type 1 Diabetes - Science Daily

12/28/2005: High-veg diet 'wards off cancer'  - BBC
12/28/2005: Gyroscope sets course to fight cancer - New Scientist
12/28/2005: Role Of MicroRNA Identified In Thyroid Cancer - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Mechanism For Epstein-Barr Virus Protein's Role In Blood Cancers Discovered - Science Daily

12/28/2005: Clue to how malaria infects cells  - BBC
12/28/2005: Effective Government-Industry Collaboration Bolsters Flu Vaccine Supply - Science Daily

12/28/2005: Alcohol awareness: What are the physical effects of drinking too much?  - BBC
12/28/2005: Hunting a cure for the holiday hangovers - New Scientist

12/28/2005: Approval Process of Generic Drugs Still Not Set ...  - NY Times
12/28/2005: Good technology: The increasing role of electronic gadgets in healthcare  - BBC
12/28/2005: Studying The Fate Of Drugs In Wastewater - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/28/2005: Evolution breakthroughs lead top 2005 science stories: magazine - SpaceDaily
12/28/2005: Gods and Spaghetti Monsters  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Scientists discover huge cache of Dodo bones - MSNBC
12/28/2005: Evolution evidence rated as top ‘breakthrough’ - MSNBC
12/28/2005: 2005 science breakthrough: Revising Earth's early history ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Science's Breakthrough of the Year: Watching evolution in action ... - FirstScience

12/28/2005: ILS Atlas V Gets Go Ahead To Launch Defense Weather Satellite - SpaceDaily
12/28/2005: Microsoft sheds control of its cable network  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Fla. attorney general says his e-mails aren't spam  - C/Net
12/28/2005: Update: Patriot Act extended for only one month  - C/Net
12/28/2005: A Christmas e-mail  - El. Engr. Times
12/28/2005: Cosmic Log: Holiday treats for the eyes - MSNBC
12/28/2005: Christmas Science - New Scientist
12/28/2005: NBC gains control of MSNBC - Seattle Times
12/28/2005: Store, organize, share: It's effortless — almost - Seattle Times
12/28/2005: Top Science Stories of 2005: A Year of Incredible Impact - Live Science
12/28/2005: Leonardo Da Vinci's 10 Best Ideas - Live Science
12/28/2005: Uplink: Chat on the Message Boards! - Live Science
12/28/2005: A Macabre Theater of Greed  - Wired News

12/28/2005: Researchers Develop New Method For Studying 'Mental Time Travel' - Science Daily
12/28/2005: New Neurons Take Baby Steps In The Adult Brain - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/28/2005: Laws of Nature Hold Fast So Far - SpaceDaily
12/28/2005: Science and the private life of teaspoons ...
 - ABC
12/28/2005: Spallation Neutron Source Amazing Science Facts ...
  - Physics Org
12/28/2005: Ultracold test produces long-sought quantum mix ...
  - Physics Org
12/28/2005: Hubble discovers new rings and moons around Uranus ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2005: For stargazers, a personal planetarium
  - C/Net
12/28/2005: NASA to hunt smaller Earth-threatening asteroids
 - New Scientist
12/28/2005: Baby stars decorate the Christmas Tree Cluster
 - New Scientist
12/28/2005: Quantum Superfluid Could Be Akin To Exotic Matter Found In Quark Star
 - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Researchers Investigate The Case Of The Disappearing Teaspoons
 - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Astronomers detect echoes from ancient supernovae ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Ultracold test produces long-sought quantum mix ...
 - FirstScience


12/28/2005: Real Robots: VOTE for Your Favorite - Live Science

12/28/2005: 2 studies claim volcano or meteorite carved Mars ... - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Keck telescope captures faint new ring around Uranus ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Podcast: Plasma Thruster Prototype ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Dale Sworn in as NASA Deputy Administrator: Shana Dale was sworn in today as NASA's deputy administrator at the ...
12/28/2005: NASA's Top Space Exploration Stories Of The Year: NASA completed a successful year of milestones and discoverie ...
12/28/2005: Safe Delivery Of First Comet To Earth
 - SpaceDaily
12/28/2005: Galileo gets into position
12/28/2005: NASA's Hubble Discovers New Rings And Moons Around Uranus
 - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Gallery: Sky Scenes - Live Science
12/28/2005: For Scientist and Englishwoman, Pluto Mission is Precious
 - Space.com
12/28/2005: Lucky Lunar Strike ...
12/28/2005: Europe set to launch Galileo era
  - BBC
12/28/2005: Satellite honours tsunami victim
  - BBC
12/28/2005: NASA probe to light up the sky in re-entry ...
12/28/2005: Spacecraft set to return after seven-year journey ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Satellite's solar panels, antennas deployed ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2005: Russian Rocket Launches Navigation Satellite Trio
 - Space.com
12/28/2005: NASA Probe to Light the Skies on Jan. 15 Re-entry
 - Space.com
12/28/2005: ISS Crew Welcomes Holiday Cargo Ship
 - Space.com

12/28/2005: Your TV will soon be all-digital  - C/Net
12/28/2005: DNA Self-assembly Used To Mass-produce Patterned Nanostructures - Science Daily
12/28/2005: Nanochemical technology: a new field for Delft's chemists ... - FirstScience


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