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  December 28, 2004

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Nuclear War A Real Fear In South Asia - SpaceDaily  Left:  From political games to deadly games, the nuclear option always remains open for ANY of the 10 nations who already have the Bomb.  No conventional war between India and Pakistan will remain limited for long and will gradually lead to a full-scale war and ultimately to a nuclear conflict, warns a study by a Pakistani defense official. The study, presented recently at a Washington think-tank, looks at various scenarios that could lead to an all-out war between the two South Asian neighbors, which conducted a series of nuclear tests in May 1998 and also possess nuclear-capable missiles.   
Analysis: No Doubt Earth's Ice Is Melting - SpaceDaily  Left: Image showing the progressive speed of movement of Jakobshavn glacier, in 2001, 2002 and 2003; already the world's fastest-moving glacier for the last half of the 20th century- moving at about 7 kilometers per year- the latest satellite and airborne laser data show its flow has increased - over the last four years - to 13 kilometers per year.  In some instances, the rate of glacial creep has increased up to eightfold. More worrisome, the change has occurred in a breathtakingly short time - since 2000. As more and more open water appears in the Arctic Ocean, it absorbs more solar heat, which carries over into the winter, leading to an earlier melt the following year and thinner ice during the winter.   

Photo of hip x-ray

Scientists 'switch off' arthritis  - BBC  Scientists at the University of Liverpool claim they have found a way of turning off one of the most painful aspects of rheumatoid arthritis. Joints become swollen and sore, partly because the body sends white blood cells, or neutrophils, to the joints in order to combat the disease. But neutrophils also release a vast amount of toxins into the joints that can cause joint damage. Now scientists say they can be curbed, while still being effective. The team discovered neutrophils stop secreting toxins that attack the joints when a specific molecule on their surface is blocked by using certain antibodies.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/28/2004: Europe again ignores scientists' advice on fish - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Sprinting ostriches offer dinosaur insights
 - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Review 2004: Disappearing species - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Free After 17 Years for a Rape That He Did Not Commit  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Research In Yeast Yields Missing Link In DNA Maintenance Machinery - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Moth Joins Battle To Cut Mimosa Down To Size - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Cell's Tiny Power Source Critical For Synapse Function - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Hummingbirds Lose Power At High Altitudes - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Stem-Cell Method May Cheat Death  - Wired News
12/28/2004: Technology Stacks Deck in Baby Gamble  - Wired News
12/28/2004: Blackbird is nation's early bird  - BBC
12/28/2004: All I want for Christmas... is a clone of my cat  - BBC 

Climate, Environment:
12/28/2004: Analysis: No Doubt Earth's Ice Is Melting - SpaceDaily
12/28/2004: Festive decorations drive the plundering of moss - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Review 2004: Global meltdown as poles disintegrate - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Review 2004: The year of the storm - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Mining Giant Told It Put Toxic Vapors Into Indonesia's Air  - NY Times
12/28/2004: High-flying Observatory Reveals Land Changing To Desert - Science Daily
12/28/2004: NASA's Aura Satellite Sheds New Light On Air Quality And Ozone Hole - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Balance Is Bias When Reporting on Global Warming, Study Claims ... - FirstScience
12/28/2004: Erect Gallows to Deal with Trotskyite Pollution ... - FirstScience
12/28/2004: 300 million Chinese drinking harmful water because of pollution: official ... - FirstScience
12/28/2004: Tackle pollution at its source, says Greenpeace ... - FirstScience
12/28/2004: Bush Administration Announcing New Forest Planning Regulations ... - FirstScience
12/28/2004: Time-bound toxic waste disposal in Carbide ... - FirstScience
12/28/2004: At least 3,000 dead, 30,000 missing on two Indian islands: officials
 - SpaceDaily
12/28/2004: Untold Numbers Are Missing in 6 Countries
  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Interactive: Graphics and Photos
  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Caught Without Warning
  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Snapshots of Horror
  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Aid Effort
  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Official Measurements
  - NY Times

12/28/2004: iPod, meet iBod  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Gaming life Are games straining your relationship this Christmas?  - BBC

12/28/2004: DoCoMo hits 1-Gbit wireless data speeds in 4G tests
 - Silicon Strategies
12/28/2004: Broadband steams ahead in the US
  - BBC


12/28/2004: ID theft fears linger after laptop returned  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Supercomputer to simulate nuke explosion - MSNBC
12/28/2004: Apple Computer Inc. Has Quietly Started to Block Technology  - Technology Review

12/28/2004: Google's search for security  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Judge questions anti-spam law  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Movie file-sharing hubs poised to decentralise - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Who Replies to Spam?  - Wired News
12/28/2004: Trademark Owners Battle Search Engines  - Wired News
12/28/2004: Half of UK's mobiles 'go online'   - BBC

12/28/2004: EU appeal still matters  - C/Net
12/28/2004: With new book, Potter casts spell on Web yet again  - C/Net

12/28/2004: A Deep Sea Hydrocarbon Factory - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Fuel-Cell Vehicles Close the Gap  - Wired News
12/28/2004: Japan Begins Controversial Uranium Test To Recycle Nuclear Fuel - SpaceDaily

12/28/2004: Vaccination could protect against heart disease - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Key To Understanding How Blood And Blood Vessel Cells Develop Discovered - Science Daily

12/28/2004: Researchers Discover New Gene In Colon Cancer- A Naturally Occurring COX-2 Inhibitor - Science Daily

12/28/2004: Old T Cells Cripple Immune Function In The Elderly - Science Daily

12/28/2004: Scientists 'switch off' arthritis   - BBC
12/28/2004: Review 2004: Binge drinking - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Chemicals Found In Cherries May Help Fight Diabetes - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Cleaning products 'wheezing link'  - BBC
12/28/2004: Orders at the bar Is the temperance movement fighting a losing battle?  - BBC

12/28/2004: Death proves oblivious to Christmas  - Nature
12/28/2004: World's smallest baby 'doing well'  - Nature
12/28/2004: Good Pill, Bad Pill: Science Makes It Hard to Decipher  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Blocking Molecules Protects Health Of Implants - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Injectable Gel Could Speed Repair Of Torn Cartilage - Science Daily
12/28/2004: First Blood Test To Diagnose Paralyzing, Blinding Disease - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Female Viagra? Don't Count on It  - Wired News
12/28/2004: Stem cell lung therapy progress  - BBC
12/28/2004: 'My life changed': Living proof kidney transplants have come far in 50 years

12/28/2004: Science closures 'medical threat'
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/28/2004: Iranian archaeologists race the clock - MSNBC
12/28/2004: First American civilisation sprang up fast - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Roman Face Cream Reproduced - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Study Resolves Doubt About Origin Of Earth’s Oldest Rocks, Possibility Of Finding Traces Of Ancient Life - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Tourism Rebounds on Island of 'Hobbit' Fossil Find ... - Nat'l. Geo. News

12/28/2004: Nuclear War A Real Fear In South Asia - SpaceDaily
12/28/2004: Stopping voter fraud  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Nature is the killer app  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Blockbuster undercuts DVD rivals  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Code-crackers offer to open slain Marine's e-mail  - C/Net
12/28/2004: U.S. radar plane used for airborne Internet access  - El. Engr. Times
12/28/2004: LG focuses global engineering operations in India  - El. Engr. Times
12/28/2004: A Christmas Ringtone (Bah! Humbug!)  - El. Engr. Times
12/28/2004: Looking for a miracle - MSNBC
12/28/2004: Cosmic Log: Portals to science and religion - MSNBC
12/28/2004: Book excerpt: 'Return to Titanic' - MSNBC
12/28/2004: Shapes that speak volumes  - Nature
12/28/2004: Shops must mix festive scents and sounds to tempt the buyer  - Nature
12/28/2004: Relationship of US gun culture to violence ill-understood - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Breaking Elgar's enigmatic code - New Scientist
12/28/2004: The Strongest Force: Any Parent Can Tell You  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Fannie Mae CEO ousted - Seattle Times
12/28/2004: Bleary Days for Eyes on the Prize  - Wired News
12/28/2004: RFID Struggles Mount as End of Year Approaches  - Wired News
12/28/2004: Entertaining Websites Promote Products Subtly
  - NY Times
12/28/2004: India Successfully Test-Fires Surface-To-Surface BrahMos Cruise Missile
 - SpaceDaily

12/28/2004: Faulty body clock can drive people to drink - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Research Explores Addiction As Computational Process - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Another Step Towards Understanding The Causes Of Narcolepsy - Science Daily
12/28/2004: New Warning For Strattera - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Women Like Women More Than Men Like Men, According To Study - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Drug To Treat ADHD Has Similar Effect On Children With Reading Disorders - Science Daily
12/28/2004: This extreme land can drive you mad ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2004: New HQ could walk away from trouble ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2004: Toys have lasting impact on brain
  - BBC
12/28/2004: 'Faulty wiring' stress death link
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/28/2004: Recent galactic births surprise astronomers - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Surprise finding reveals short-lived neutrons
 - New Scientist
12/28/2004: New juggling tricks created by maths
12/28/2004: Three Dozen New Galaxies Are Found in Nearby Space
  - NY Times
12/28/2004: QED: How the emptiness of space is filled with little packets ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2004: Discovery of new type of dust leads to new quasar ideas ...
 - FirstScience


12/28/2004: Backyard robot  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Robots Suffer for Art's Sake  - Wired News

12/28/2004: Heavy-lift rocket's debut a partial success - New Scientist
12/28/2004: Researchers Present Saturn Lightning Findings
 - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Toward a New Vision of Manned Spaceflight
  - Technology Review
12/28/2004: New Evidence Points to Volcanic Mars
  - CNN
12/28/2004: 12.22.04 - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) NASA has selected six proposals to provide instrumentation and e ...
12/28/2004: Active Volcanoes May Still Exist on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
12/28/2004: Finmeccanica signs 775 mln euro satellite deal with Italian space agency
12/28/2004: Russian Supply Vessel Docks At Space Station At 2358 GMT Xmas Night
 - SpaceDaily
12/28/2004: Cassini Deploys Huygens Ahead Of Titan Encounter
 - SpaceDaily
12/28/2004: Visit To A Smoggy Moon
 - SpaceDaily
12/28/2004: Site-Seeing Opportunities At Meridiani - SpaceDaily
12/28/2004: Cassini's goodbye Huygens picture
  - BBC
12/28/2004: Cargo Ship Brings Space Station Crew Belated Christmas Dinner
  - NY Times
12/28/2004: Huygens Begins Its Final Journey Into The Unknown
 - Science Daily
12/28/2004: ISS Crew Greets Holiday Supply Ship

12/28/2004: Atomic clock gets mini-makeover  - C/Net
12/28/2004: Microlever feels the chill - PhysicsWeb
12/28/2004: Energy-efficient House A Wish Come True For Santa - Science Daily
12/28/2004: The Future's Bright For Diamond Dust - Science Daily
12/28/2004: Technology and Happiness  - Technology Review
12/28/2004: Nanotechnology: Scientists Pin Big Hopes on a Small Scale -
12/28/2004: The Future's Bright For Diamond Dust
 - SpaceDaily


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