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  December 27, 2005

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Growing More Good Oil From The Sea - SpaceDaily  Oil-rich marine microalgae are being assessed for their commercial potential under a new agreement between Clover, the CSIRO Food Futures Flagship, and the CRC for Bioproducts. "Microalgae are the natural omega-3 factories of the sea," flagship director Dr Bruce Lee says. "They can thrive in dark, organic-rich environments where they convert carbohydrates to beneficial oils that are passed up to fish through the marine food chain. "They may offer a renewable source of omega-3 oils for use in human and animal diets, depending on how well they adapt to life in large-scale culture facilities."   
Pulsar Racing Through Space Reveals A Comet Like Trail - SpaceDaily   Scientists have uncovered a new feature in one of the closest pulsars to Earth, the Geminga pulsar. Plowing through space at 120 kilometers per second (or Milan to New York City in 57 seconds), this dense nugget of a dead star leaves in its wake a comet-like trail of high-energy electrons. Together, these observations provide unique insight into the contents and density of the interstellar "ocean" Geminga is plowing through, as well as the physics of Geminga itself. Not only is Geminga close, only about 500 light years from Earth, it is cutting across our line of sight, offering a spectacular view of a pulsar in motion.    

Earliest Evidence For Large Scale Organized Warfare In The Mesopotamian World - SpaceDaily  A huge battle destroyed one of the world's earliest cities at around 3500 B.C. and left behind, preserved in their places, artifacts from daily life in an urban settlement in upper Mesopotamia, according to a joint announcement from the University of Chicago and the Department of Antiquities in Syria. The excavators retrieved more than 1,200 smaller, oval-shaped bullets (about an inch long and an inch and a half in diameter) and some 120 larger round clay balls (two and half to four inches in diameter). "This clearly was no minor skirmish. This was 'Shock and Awe' in the Fourth Millennium B.C.," Reichel said.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/27/2005: Illuminating Alzheimer's: Research Sheds Light On Creatine's Presence In Brain - Science Daily

12/27/2005: EU quotas bring modest fish cuts  - BBC
12/27/2005: Deadly fungus gene code cracked
  - BBC
12/27/2005: Norway raises whaling kill quota  - BBC
12/27/2005: S Korea cloning research was fake  - BBC
12/27/2005: Washington Post: Penguin search takes ominous turn
12/27/2005: Mama bird flies 2,500 miles to feed chick - MSNBC
12/27/2005: New Study Examines How Sense Of Smell Affects Mating And Aggression In Mice - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Clinical Trial To Test Stem Cell Approach For Children With Brain Injury - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Scientists Narrow The Time Limits For The Human And Chimpanzee Split - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Older Elephants Smell Sexier - Space.com

Climate, Environment:
12/27/2005: Perfect day for weather satellite  - BBC
12/27/2005: Senate blocks Alaska oil drilling  - BBC
12/27/2005: Wave of innovation Efforts to create environmentally friendly ships  - BBC
12/27/2005: Early warning How the Indian Ocean tsunami alert system is progressing  - BBC
12/27/2005: Norway raises whaling kill quota  - BBC
12/27/2005: US states sign Kyoto-style deal  - BBC
12/27/2005: Tree planting not always green  - Nature
12/27/2005: Fear still haunts Tsunami survivors - New Scientist
12/27/2005: Review 2005: Days that shook the Earth - New Scientist
12/27/2005: Review 2005: The year of the hurricane - New Scientist
12/27/2005: Review 2005: Climate going crazy - New Scientist
12/27/2005: Careful Where You Put That Tree  - Wired News

12/27/2005: What women want: How gadgets are tempting women to spend, spend, spend  - BBC
12/27/2005: Shoot to thrill War, Westerns and weirdness aim for Xbox 360 gamers
12/27/2005: Gamers drive fast wheels to No 1  - BBC
12/27/2005: Warcraft hits five million mark  - BBC
12/27/2005: Gadget recycling foxes public  - BBC
12/27/2005: Proto players: Do toddlers and video games play well together?  - BBC
12/27/2005: Verizon to offer music downloads
  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Gadgets for kids
  - C/Net
12/27/2005: • Game Development Enters the Scrum
 - Business Week
12/27/2005: What to get for the player in your household
  - CNN
12/27/2005: All the World's a Podcast
  - Wired News
12/27/2005: Same Ol' Animal Fun
  - Wired News
12/27/2005: Bugs Infest Persia
  - Wired News
12/27/2005: For Sale: Every Newton Ever Made
  - Wired News

12/27/2005: Cell phone film contest inspires small thinking
  - C/Net
12/27/2005: British 'rogue dialers' face heftier fines
  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Comcast to roll out kid-friendly package
 - Seattle Times
12/27/2005: India Gets Biggest Bird In Orbit Yet
 - SpaceDaily
12/27/2005: Japan, U.S. Team Up for Cell TV
  - Technology Review 

12/27/2005: • Sony: Shooting from the Chip? - Business Week
12/27/2005: Cooler on a Chip  - Technology Review 

12/27/2005: Apple, Intel Clam Up on Macworld  - Wired News

12/27/2005: Google taps into search patterns  - BBC
12/27/2005: Online dilemma: Why the neutrality of the internet is under threat  - BBC
12/27/2005: Downloads 'decide' festive No 1  - BBC
12/27/2005: Google confirms $1bn AOL stake  - BBC
12/27/2005: Jews for Jesus sues Google over blog  - C/Net
12/27/2005: European regulators bang the gavel  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Web makes anyone an instant do-gooder
  - C/Net
12/27/2005: France may sanction unfettered P2P downloads
  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Critical bug found in anti-virus software
 - New Scientist
12/27/2005: Cyberporn Sells in Virtual World
  - Wired News
12/27/2005: Your Right to Be an Idiot
  - Wired News
12/27/2005: Download Piaf, Go to Jail
  - Wired News

12/27/2005: Oscar hopefuls 'already pirated'  - BBC
12/27/2005: Microsoft, Google settle over exec hire  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Watch out with metadata in Vista, analysts warn  - C/Net
12/27/2005: 'High' risk in Symantec antivirus software flaw  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Europe threatens Microsoft with daily fines  - El. Engr. Times
12/27/2005: Microsoft will fight EU fines  - El. Engr. Times
12/27/2005: Angry EU says Microsoft flirts with big fines - Seattle Times

12/27/2005: Venture capitalists embrace solar energy - Business Week

12/27/2005: Study Finds Significant Independent Association Between Air Pollution And Cardiovascular Risk - Science Daily

12/27/2005: Green tea extract 'is cancer aid'  - BBC
12/27/2005: New View Of Cancer: 'Epigenetic' Changes Come Before Mutations - Science Daily

12/27/2005: Bird flu virus 'resisting drug'  - BBC
12/27/2005: Renewed warning of malaria risks  - BBC
12/27/2005: New Tamiflu-resistant bird flu cases stir fears - New Scientist
12/27/2005: New Study Says Two Million Americans Harbor Drug-resistant Superbug - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Researchers Uncover Direct Evidence On How HIV Invades Healthy Cells - Science Daily

12/27/2005: Hangover cures 'don't work'  - BBC

12/27/2005: Rivals Laying Siege to Amgen's Near Monopoly in Anemia Drugs  - NY Times
12/27/2005: Graphic  - NY Times
12/27/2005: Approval Process Still Not Set  - NY Times
12/27/2005: Fertility Genes Discovered At Rugters; Genetics May Guide New Infertility Therapies - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Magnesium In Your Diet Could Lead To Stronger Bones - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/27/2005: Earliest Evidence For Large Scale Organized Warfare In The Mesopotamian World - SpaceDaily
12/27/2005: Evolution takes science honours  - BBC
12/27/2005: Evolution evidence rated as top ‘breakthrough’ - MSNBC
12/27/2005: Footprints reveal life 20,000 years ago - MSNBC
12/27/2005: Senator to Cut Ties Over Evolution Lawsuit  - NY Times
12/27/2005: No Intelligent Design for PA  - Technology Review 

12/27/2005: US sets Saddam's scientists free  - BBC
12/27/2005: Time Lord Tennant: The new Doctor Who prepares to save the world at Christmas  - BBC
12/27/2005: Gorillaz to deliver alternative Queen's speech on mobiles  - BBC
12/27/2005: Man charged over Sydney texts  - BBC
12/27/2005: Industry honchos have their say  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Just how extensive is NSA's spy program?  - C/Net
12/27/2005: 60 comments
  - C/Net
12/27/2005: California forced to defend 'junk fax' law  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He's on the phone  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Getting the buzz factor working for your product or service  - C/Net
12/27/2005: UC keeps Los Alamos lab  - C/Net
12/27/2005: • Mining The Vein Of Great Ideas - Business Week
12/27/2005: Technology helps New Yorkers cope  - CNN
12/27/2005: The transit strike  - CNN
12/27/2005: Commuters get creative  - CNN
12/27/2005: Cosmic Log: Holiday treats for the eyes - MSNBC
12/27/2005: The survival secret of Christmas trees - MSNBC
12/27/2005: A Note on Wired News' New Look  - Wired News
12/27/2005: Ajax Powers Text-Translation Tool  - Wired News
12/27/2005: Britain to Spy on Cars  - Wired News
12/27/2005: Lawbreaker in Chief
  - Wired News
12/27/2005: A New Media Year
  - Technology Review 
12/27/2005: Technology Circumvents NYC Transit Strike
  - Technology Review 

12/27/2005: Difficulty sleeping? Play a didgeridoo, say experts  - BBC
12/27/2005: Scientists predict what you'll think of next - MSNBC
12/27/2005: Research Clarifies How Brain Replenishes Memory-making Molecules - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Humans Do Not Understand Mirror Reflections, Say Researchers - Science Daily
12/27/2005: New Synthetic Compounds Appear To Prevent Brain Cell Death - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Rutgers Researchers Scientifically Link Dancing Ability To Mate Quality - Science Daily - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/27/2005: Pulsar Racing Through Space Reveals A Comet Like Trail - SpaceDaily 
12/27/2005: Beyond string theory ... spoon theory?
12/27/2005: Looking for a creator's signature in space
 - New Scientist
12/27/2005: Review 2005: Einstein remembered
 - New Scientist
12/27/2005: Review of the year
 - PhysicsWeb
12/27/2005: Spitzer Exposes Our Galaxy's Deepest Secrets
 - Science Daily

12/27/2005: Christmas in the Time of Calories  - Technology Review 


12/27/2005: Moongazing reveals the chaotic world of Uranus - New Scientist
12/27/2005: Possible Evidence Found For Beagle 2 Location
 - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Congress, Pentagon Move To Rein in Space Programs
 - Space.com
12/27/2005: Stardust Capsule Headed For Utah Landing
 - Space.com
12/27/2005: New Studies Question Mars Water Assumptions
 - Space.com
12/27/2005: New Moons and Rings Found at Uranus
 - Space.com
12/27/2005: Meridiani Planum Lake Could Be A Wash Out
 - SpaceDaily
12/27/2005: ASU Geologists Suggest Mars Features Are Result Of Meteorite Strikes Not Lakes
 - SpaceDaily
12/27/2005: Satellite's solar panels, antennas deployed ... - FirstScience
12/27/2005: Russia launches three navigation satellites ... - FirstScience
12/27/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day Richardson Dunes ... - FirstScience
12/27/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day- Buried Craters ... - FirstScience
12/27/2005: Web billionaire to open space-ship complex ... - FirstScience
12/27/2005: Space flight marks year of achievement ... - FirstScience
12/27/2005: Spacecraft set to return after seven-year journey ... - FirstScience

12/27/2005: Growing More Good Oil From The Sea - SpaceDaily 
12/27/2005: Taking on QWERTY's illogic  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Photos: The ABCs of keyboards  - C/Net
12/27/2005: Geologists Suggest Mars Features Are Result Of Meteorite Strikes, Not Of Evaporated Lakes - Science Daily
12/27/2005: Why Nanolayers Buckle When Microbeams Bend - Science Daily


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