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  December 27, 2004

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Major Climate Change Occurred 5,200 Years Ago- History Could Repeat Itself - SpaceDaily  From the mountains of data drawn by analyzing countless ice cores, and a meticulous review of sometimes obscure historic records, Thompson and his research team at Ohio State University are convinced that the global climate has changed dramatically. But more importantly, they believe it has happened at least once before, and the results were nearly catastrophic to emerging cultures at the time. Evidence shows that around 5,200 years ago, solar output first dropped precipitously and then surged over a short period. It is this huge solar energy oscillation that Thompson believes may have triggered the climate change he sees in all those records. "The climate system is remarkably sensitive to natural variability," he said. "Itís likely that it is equally sensitive to effects brought on by human activity   
The Secret Life Of Acid Dust - SpaceDaily   "Calcite-containing dust particles blow into the air and encounter gaseous nitric acid in polluted air from factories to form an entirely new particle of calcium nitrate. These nitrates have optical and chemical properties that are absolutely different from those of originally dry dust particles, and climate models need to be updated to reflect this chemistry. A key change in the properties of the newly formed nitrate particles is that they begin to absorb water and retain the moisture. These wet particles can scatter and absorb sunlight - presenting climate modelers, who need to know where the energy is going, a new wild card to deal with."     

Research Demystifies Quantum Properties Of Exotic Materials - SpaceDaily  The push to create materials with radically new electronic properties has also produced a host of experimental results that textbook theories simply cannot explain. In the Dec. 16 issue of Nature magazine, a team of physicists from Rice University, Rutgers University and the Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden, Germany, offers a new explanation of the way quantum effects could create some of the strange electronic properties that have been observed in the important class of "heavy fermion" materials. ""The work could be important to the physics of a broad range of materials."  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/27/2004:†Song of the Sea, a Cappella and Unanswered  - NY Times
12/27/2004:†As the Seas Warm, Algae Help Some Coral Stand Up to the Heat
  - NY Times
12/27/2004:†EU Leans Away From Setting Fishing Limits  - NY Times
12/27/2004:†EU Fishing Talks Spark Protests  - NY Times
12/27/2004:†Male Fish Growing Eggs Found in Potomac  - NY Times
12/27/2004:†Latest Census Finds More American Pika Populations Disappear As Climate Warms - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Symphony Of Colours In The Tarantula - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†DNA Makes and Breaks Particle Clumps  - Technology Review 
12/27/2004:†Stem cells might make biological pacemaker ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Agency seeks input on coral reef protection ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Farmers express concern over introducation of GM crops ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Research fears over Kelly's views  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/27/2004:†Major Climate Change Occurred 5,200 Years Ago- History Could Repeat Itself - SpaceDaily
12/27/2004:†The Secret Life Of Acid Dust - SpaceDaily
12/27/2004:†50,000-year-old Plant May Warn Of The Death Of Tropical Ice Caps - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Hidden Fault May Contribute To Bay Area Earthquake Risk - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†EPA proposes emissions rules for 'other solid waste incinerators' (OSWI) ...
 - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Hahn, rivals spar over environmental issues ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†REHAB fair begins tomorrow- Building environment friendly houses pledged ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Amazon Gas Heralds Changes in Brazil Rain Forest ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†EU Gives Upbeat Assessment on CO2 Emissions Cuts ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Ottawa moves to protect Arctic ecosystems ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Hidden Fault May Contribute To Bay Area Earthquake Risk - SpaceDaily

12/27/2004:†Middle-earth a Middle-Tier Game  - Wired News
12/27/2004:†Digital Camera Hottest Gift for 2004 (AP)  - C/Net

12/27/2004:†Ultrawideband Spec Battle Takes Shape
  - Wired News

12/27/2004:†Research Demystifies Quantum Properties Of Exotic Materials - SpaceDaily
12/27/2004:†DNA May Hold Key To Information Processing And Data Storage - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Rapid Progress Reported In Emerging Field Of Molecular Electronics - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Wet litho makes solid progress ahead of race to market - Silicon Strategies
12/27/2004:†The ups and downs of three-dimensional circuits - Silicon Strategies

12/27/2004:†New Year, New PCs?  - C/Net
12/27/2004:†How the IBM PC was designed  - C/Net
12/27/2004:†SGI Takes Off With NASA Supercomputer  - C/Net
12/27/2004:†The skinny on new laptops  - C/Net
12/27/2004:†Photos- Laptops weigh in  - C/Net

12/27/2004:†Prosecutors Strike Plea with Former AOL Worker in Spam Case  - Technology Review 
12/27/2004:†File-Swap Site Folds for Good  - Wired News
12/27/2004:†NASA Hacker Gets 6 Months in Prison -
12/27/2004:†Snowball Fight in Saturn's Rings -
12/27/2004:†Three Years in the Hot Seat -
12/27/2004:†Watchdog probes e-mail deletions  - BBC
12/27/2004:†Santy worm makes unwelcome visit
  - BBC
12/27/2004:†Google recovers after virus hits
  - BBC
12/27/2004:†Toxic web links help virus spread
  - BBC
12/27/2004:†AOL gets ready to launch free Web e-mail
  - C/Net
12/27/2004:†Image: You've got free mail
  - C/Net

12/27/2004:†Silicon Strategies' top ten stories of 2004 - Silicon Strategies
12/27/2004:†Apple Sues OS X Pirates  - Wired News
12/27/2004:†Brussels blow to Microsoft upheld  - BBC
12/27/2004:†EU- Microsoft must comply - Business Week
12/27/2004:†Microsoft: Appeal matters - Business Week
12/27/2004:†Rivals react to ruling - Business Week
12/27/2004:†Don't think Microsoft is down for the count - Business Week
12/27/2004:†Linux lasting longer against Net attacks  - C/Net

12/27/2004:†USGS Estimates Undiscovered Oil & Gas In Yukon Flats, East-Central Alaska - Science Daily

12/27/2004:†McGill Researchers Identify New Way To Reduce Cholesterol Levels - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Scientists Study Fish Oil Diet In Bid To Cut Heart Attack Risks - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Anger, Negative Emotions May Trigger Stroke - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Strokes: Dental X-rays Reveal More Than Cavities - Science Daily

12/27/2004:†Stanford Study Finds New Method Improves Chemotherapy Survival In Mice - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Physicians May Need To Dig Deeper When Treating HIV-related Lymphomas - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Researchers Report Early Success Using Saliva To Detect Oral Cancer - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Cloned Gene From Sea Animal May Prove Key In Cancer Drug Development - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Jefferson Scientists Find Way To See Breast Cancer Activity From Outside The Body - Science Daily
12/27/2004:Big day 'can't slow cancer death'  - BBC

12/27/2004:†Novel Cellular Pathway Increases Sensitivity Of Body's Immune Detective - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†In Wake Of Lyme Disease Vaccine For People, Mice May Be Next In Line For Shots - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†3.6 Million Philippine Flood Victims Threatened By Outbreaks Of Communicable Diseases - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Dream Home: Malaria Parasite Renovates To Suit Its Tastes - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†A New Vaccine Against Enteritidis Salmonella - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†New Tuberculosis Antibiotic May Shorten Treatment Time, Fight Drug-resistant Strains - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Weeding Out Bacteria
  - Technology Review 

12/27/2004:†What Should Celebrex And Bextra Patients Do-?University Of Michigan Expert Says There Are Still Plenty Of Options - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Woman killed by allergic reaction  - BBC
12/27/2004:†Have Your Say: Will you drink too much this Christmas?  - BBC

12/27/2004:†The Ultimate Gift- 50 Years of Organ Transplants
12/27/2004:†A New Model For Child Survival In Africa - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Automated Systems for Drugs Examined - Washington Post
12/27/2004:†More checks on alternative health  - BBC
12/27/2004:†Many elderly under-nourished  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/27/2004:†Future of Ancient Culture Rides on Herd's Little Hoofbeats  - NY Times
12/27/2004:†Promiscuous Proteins Provide Evolutionary Shortcuts ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Cosmic Log: Doctrines and doubters ... - MSNBC

12/27/2004:†Purdue Engineers Define 15 Dimensions Of 'E-Work' - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Brokerage firm Edward Jones sued by California for fraud - Seattle Times
12/27/2004:†Packing a Punch in Hollywood  - Wired News
12/27/2004:†Election Observers Rule Out Computer Tampering  - Wired News
12/27/2004:†Air Forces Use Joint STARS To Demo Secure, Airborne Internet - SpaceDaily
12/27/2004:†The Pentagon's "Major Modernizer" - Business Week
12/27/2004:†Where the Real Internet Money Is Made - Business Week
12/27/2004:†Want to Make Big Bets on Big Screens- - Business Week

12/27/2004:†Why Men Are Attracted To Subordinate Women - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Children's Hospital Boston Launches Major Genetic Study Of Autism - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Baby Songbirds And Human Infants Learn Sounds In Similar Ways - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Manipulating Our Memories Of Food Can Influence What We Choose To Eat, UCI Study Suggests - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Have Your Say: How far can scientists prove a biological cause for violence?  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/27/2004:†Watching as Dusty Disks Slowly Turn Into Planets  - NY Times
12/27/2004:†Caution- Baby Galaxies Onboard
  - Wired News
12/27/2004:†Aging Universe May Still Be Spawning Massive Galaxies ...
 - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Spacecraft sees infant galaxies in ageing universe ...
 - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Research demystifies quantum properties of exotic materials ...
 - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†12.21.04 - Aging Universe May Still Be Fertile 'Baby' galaxies may show us how our own developed ...


12/27/2004:†Purdue, Japanese Researchers To Create More Human-Like Robots - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†Floating NASA robots set stage for cosmic choreography ... - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Giant robots in the backyard  - C/Net
12/27/2004:†Photos: Mecha evolution
  - C/Net

12/27/2004:†N.C. Researchers to Study Plants, Space  - NY Times
12/27/2004:†Nuclear-powered Mission To Neptune Could Answer Questions About Planetary Formation
 - Science Daily
12/27/2004:†High Bandwidth Communications With Mars ...
 - FirstScience
12/27/2004:†Space Race 2: Rest In Space
 - SpaceDaily
12/27/2004:†ESA's Huygens Probe Set To Detach From Cassini Orbiter
 - SpaceDaily
12/27/2004:†The Making Of An Ex-Activist
 - SpaceDaily
12/27/2004:†Cornell Gets Four Instrument Teams For Next Mars Rovers In '09
 - SpaceDaily



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