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  December 26, 2005

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DARPA Team Fly Liquid Hydrocarbon Fueled Scramjet - SpaceDaily  Alliant Techsystems, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR) successfully ground-launched and flew a hypersonic scramjet-powered veficle rom the Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, VA in a pre-dawn launch on Saturday Dec. 10th. ATK previously built the hydrogen-fueled X-43A Scramjet, the world-record holder for powered flight which obtained a top speed of nearly Mach 10 in a November 2004 flight test. After separating from its booster at more than 60,000 feet, the Scramjet engine ignited and propelled the vehicle at approximately Mach 5.5.    
'Pleistocene Park' experiment  - BBC  Efforts are under way to restore part of Siberia to the way it was more than 10,000 years ago, before the end of the last ice age. The "Pleistocene Park" experiment will try to turn the wet, boggy tundra back to the dry grasslands that once were home to large herds of stampeding mammals. These creatures included bison, horses, reindeer, musk-oxen, elk, saiga, and yaks and even woolly rhinos and mammoths. There were top predators, too, such as cave lions and wolves. It is hoped that by re-introducing some of the still-surviving species, grazing will begin again and restore the landscape.   

QRIO Robot Ready To Box It Out In The Warehouse - SpaceDaily  Sony Friday unveiled an upgrade of its humanoid robot QRIO, which can now recognize boxes and play with them like building blocks. The robot, which stands 60 centimeters (23.5 inches) and weighs 7.5 kilograms (16.5 pounds), can maintain its balance while using both arms to hold small boxes. It can carry them and place them on top of one another. If it drops a box while carrying it, the robot can find the box, pick it up by recognizing the edges and corners, and deliver it again to a pre-registered location. The updated robot can also recognize colors, human faces and movements of objects and register whether a face is turning.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/26/2005: Korean scandal will have global fallout  - Nature
12/26/2005: Timeline of a controversy
  - Nature
12/26/2005: Cloning crisis goes from bad to worse - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Editorial: Breach of trust over stem cells - New Scientist
12/26/2005: A Korean TV Show Reports, and the Network Cancels It  - NY Times
12/26/2005: Novel Enzyme Offers New Look At Gene Regulation - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Scientists Sequence DNA Of Woolly Mammoth - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/26/2005: Ground frozen since Ice Age thaws - MSNBC
12/26/2005: More than H2O in tap water - MSNBC
12/26/2005: Record US greenhouse gas emissions in 2004 - New Scientist
12/26/2005: A Senator's Bold Ploy on Arctic Drilling  - NY Times
12/26/2005: Gas Emissions Reached High in U.S. in '04  - NY Times
12/26/2005: Regulations Proposed to Cut Back Particulates  - NY Times
12/26/2005: 7 States to Reduce Power Plant Emissions  - NY Times
12/26/2005: Most Of Arctic's Near-surface Permafrost To Thaw By 2100 - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Mobile Facility Moves To Niger - Science Daily
12/26/2005: British biologist uses carbon trading to grow forests ... - FirstScience
12/26/2005: Greenpeace clashes with whalers ... - FirstScience
12/26/2005: China zinc smelter halts output after pollution -TV ... - FirstScience
12/26/2005: Russia monitoring pollution from Chinese factory blast (19-12-2005) ... - FirstScience
12/26/2005: Green group welcomes US fine on polluting Hong Kong ship ... - FirstScience
12/26/2005: Japan, Bulgaria to Join Efforts in Greenhouse Gas Reduction ... - FirstScience
12/26/2005: Jamaica to establish climate change unit ... - FirstScience

12/26/2005: Philips spin-off creates an 'iPod' for the written word  - El. Engr. Times
12/26/2005: iPod cable travel kit for $19.49  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Digital note-taking gets high marks  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Americans 'Need' Their Gadgets  - Wired News
12/26/2005: The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide  - Wired News

12/26/2005: Plugged-In Internet
  - Technology Review 

12/26/2005: Oak invests $4 million in Plastic Logic  - El. Engr. Times
12/26/2005: Flash burnout  - C/Net

12/26/2005: HDTV-compatible PC display interface emerges  - El. Engr. Times

12/26/2005: High Web traffic means sales  - CNN
12/26/2005: Torrent of email spam may be subsiding - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Playing favoriteson the Net?  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Japan may create its own search engine  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Google's goo-goo eyes for AOL  - C/Net
12/26/2005: The Internet is broken  - Technology Review 
12/26/2005: Low taxes help Microsoft pile up green in Ireland
 - Seattle Times
12/26/2005: The Internet Is Broken -- Part 3
  - Technology Review 
12/26/2005: Stranded, NYC Heads to the Web
  - Wired News
12/26/2005: Turbocharge Your Google Searches
  - Wired News

12/26/2005: Will Jobs fall off pedestal in '06?  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Copyleft Hits a Snag  - Technology Review 
12/26/2005: NeXT Fans Give Up the Ghost  - Wired News

12/26/2005: Shiitake Mushrooms' Secret May Benefit Earth-Friendly Fuels - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Fuel-Cell Vehicles by 2010?  - Wired News
12/26/2005: SDG&E gets state approval for solar power plan ... - FirstScience
12/26/2005: Endesa Plans $4 Billion Power Project, Building Dams in Chilean Wilderness ... - FirstScience

12/26/2005: Transplanted Stem Cells Show Promise For Mending Broken Hearts - Science Daily

12/26/2005: Artificial Light At Night Stimulates Breast Cancer Growth In Laboratory Mice - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Eating Chicken May Reduce Your Risk Of Colon Cancer - Science Daily

12/26/2005: Experiments Show Very Weak chlorine Solutions Can Kill Noroviruses - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Polio Vaccination Strategies Assessed As Eradication Nears - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Benefits Of Flu Vaccine Substantially Overestimated Says Study - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Researchers Explain Why Badger Culling Fails To Control Cattle Tuberculosis - Science Daily

12/26/2005: Visualization Techniques Can Help Smokers Quit - Science Daily

12/26/2005: Patients disturbed by constant racket  - Nature
12/26/2005: Put a wild wobble in your walk - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Study Details Chemicals in Tap Water - Space.com
12/26/2005: Bottled Water Sales Soar as Tap Water Safety Questioned - Space.com

History, Anthropology:
12/26/2005: 'Pleistocene Park' experiment   - BBC
12/26/2005: Extinct mammoth DNA decoded  - BBC
12/26/2005: Judge rules against ‘intelligent design’ - MSNBC
12/26/2005: What's next for the evolution debate - MSNBC
12/26/2005: Readers react to intelligent-design ruling - MSNBC
12/26/2005: Judge: Intelligent design is re-labelled creationism - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Judge rules against 'intelligent design' in class
 - New Scientist
12/26/2005: A Mystery, Locked in Timeless Embrace
  - NY Times
12/26/2005: Video: Mystery of Ancient Egypt
  - NY Times
12/26/2005: Genetic Analysis Of Cavefish Reveals More About Evolution
 - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Why We Give: New Study Finds Evidence Of Generosity Among Our Early Human Ancestors
 - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Intelligent design takes a tumble
  - C/Net
12/26/2005: No Intelligent Design for PA
  - Technology Review 
12/26/2005: Judge Bars Intelligent Design
  - Wired News
12/26/2005: Will Woolly Mammoths Live Again?
  - Wired News

12/26/2005: The computer remains king of chess  - CNN
12/26/2005: Katrina is most talked-about story  - CNN
12/26/2005: Segways take baby steps in Asia (video)  - CNN
12/26/2005: Man breaks world records with Antarctic swim  - Nature
12/26/2005: US law aims to plug TV's 'analogue hole' - New Scientist
12/26/2005: News roundup of 2005 - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Histories: Military secrets and hidden patents - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Art and emotion seen eye to eye - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Effective, Safe Anthrax Vaccine Can Be Grown In Tobacco Plants - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Scammers jingleall the way  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Images: Holiday phishing  - C/Net
12/26/2005: India IT minister 'bullish' on overseas investment  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Bush's top tech advisor steps down  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Why governments tremble over Google Earth  - C/Net
12/26/2005: PartyGaming looks to fuel poker explosion  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Best business books 2005  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Economy grows at fastest pace since early 2004 - Seattle Times
12/26/2005: Indictment of ex-CEO climax of Qwest probe - Seattle Times
12/26/2005: China revises size of its economy upward - Seattle Times
12/26/2005: Toyota on track to topple No. 1 GM
 - Seattle Times
12/26/2005: A Myth that Rocks: The Premature Death of Paul McCartney
 - Space.com
12/26/2005: Lawbreaker in Chief
  - Wired News
12/26/2005: Diebold Hack Hints at Wider Flaws
  - Wired News
12/26/2005: Howard Stern: The $500 Million Man
  - Wired News
12/26/2005: Teens Forced To Have Paternity Test?
 - ABC
12/26/2005: Science on a lighter note: offbeat tales of 2005 ...
 - FirstScience
12/26/2005: NASA World Wind ...
 - FirstScience

12/26/2005: Scientists find a ‘sweet tooth’ in the brain - MSNBC
12/26/2005: Discovering the nature of party people - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Addictive, seductive, sudoku - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Brandeis Researchers Propose Model Of Neural Circuit Underlying Working Memory - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Popular Antidepressants Boost Brain Growth, Hopkins Scientists Report - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/26/2005: Blowing A Molecule To Bits And Calculating What Happens To All The Pieces - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Euclid Returns To Maths Lessons
 - Science Daily
12/26/2005: New Telescope to Revolutionize Asteroid Warning System
 - Space.com
12/26/2005: SA could be blasted into world league with telescope ...
 - FirstScience
12/26/2005: Building Blocks of Life Found in Planet-Forming Disk
 - Space.com


12/26/2005: QRIO Robot Ready To Box It Out In The Warehouse - SpaceDaily

12/26/2005: DARPA Team Fly Liquid Hydrocarbon Fueled Scramjet - SpaceDaily
12/26/2005: Has the Beagle lander been found?
  - Nature
12/26/2005: Pluto probe prepares for decade-long mission
 - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Falcon 1 rocket delay traced to electrical problem
 - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Wreckage of Beagle 2 found on Mars
 - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Robotic Space Spiders To Crawl Sub-Orbital Web
 - Space.com
12/26/2005: Japan to develop spacesuit for moon spacewalks ...
 - FirstScience
12/26/2005: 12.20.05:- NASA Awards Houston Aircraft Support Contract NASA has awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin Servic ...
 - FirstScience
12/26/2005: X Prize For Human Orbital Vehicle StudiedNASA Seeks Proposals for Commercial Space Services ...
 - FirstScience

12/26/2005: Ioning your way to cleaner clothes  - CNN
12/26/2005: Car of the future (video)?  - CNN
12/26/2005: Invention: The inkjet-printer pen - New Scientist
12/26/2005: Cell-based Nano Machine Breaks Record - Science Daily
12/26/2005: Heavy machinery for Macy's lighthearted display  - C/Net
12/26/2005: New airline navigation system is displayed  - C/Net
12/26/2005: Researchers Find Source Of 'Rotten Cabbage' Smell Near Sewage Treatment Plants
 - Science Daily
12/26/2005: 3D Images Give New Life to Old Shipwrecks
 - Space.com


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