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  December 26, 2004

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Shutdown Of Circulation Pattern Could Be Disastrous: Researchers - SpaceDaily  If global warming shuts down the thermohaline circulation in the North Atlantic Ocean, the result could be catastrophic climate change. The environmental effects, models indicate, depend upon whether the shutdown is reversible or irreversible. "If the thermohaline shutdown is irreversible, we would have to work much harder to get it to restart," said Michael Schlesinger, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a co-author of a report presented at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco  "Not only would we have the very difficult task of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we also would have the virtually impossible task of removing fresh water from the North Atlantic Ocean."   
NASA Tracks Impact Of Trees And Insects On Carbon Dioxide Levels - SpaceDaily  "Planting trees on marginal agricultural lands could 'sequester' carbon and offset at least one-fifth of the annual fossil fuel emission of carbon in the United States," said Christopher Potter, a scientist at NASA Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley. "Scientists also have found that outbreaks of plant-eating insects may be linked with periodic droughts and heat waves in North America, which can trigger large seasonal losses of carbon dioxide back to the atmosphere." Potter added. "A historical picture is emerging of periodic droughts and heat waves, possibly coupled with herbivorous insect outbreaks."    

Researchers Discover First Evidence Of Microbes Living In A Rock Glacier - SpaceDaily  Scientists have discovered evidence of microbial activity in a rock glacier high above tree line in the Rocky Mountains, a barren environment previously thought to be devoid of life. Williams said the microbial "signature" discovered by the team in the rock glacier, located in the Green Lakes Valley watershed 30 miles west of Boulder, Colo., is similar to that found recently in semi-frozen lakes in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica. "Parts of Antarctica are seen as an analog to environments on Mars by researchers, and we see this rock glacier environment as a new analogue to Antarctica," he said.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/26/2004: Cancer drug for Alzheimer's  - BBC

12/26/2004: Research Points To New Theory Driving Evolutionary Changes - SpaceDaily 
12/26/2004: California Stem Cell Board Chooses Leaders Amid Complaints of Open Meeting Violations
  - Technology Review 
12/26/2004: Stem Cell Researcher Makes Paralyzed Rats Walk  - Technology Review 
12/26/2004: Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA, New Study Finds ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Europe drops fishing closure plan  - BBC
12/26/2004: Monkey vocal ability investigated  - BBC
12/26/2004: Male fish growing eggs found in Potomac - MSNBC
12/26/2004: Mobile-phone radiation damages lab DNA  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
12/26/2004: Shutdown Of Circulation Pattern Could Be Disastrous: Researchers - SpaceDaily 
12/26/2004: Researchers Discover First Evidence Of Microbes Living In A Rock Glacier - SpaceDaily 
12/26/2004: Green house emissions bound to increase: India : ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Pentagon Proposes Loosening Its Environmental Policy ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: UN-backed climate change conference ends with package of new measures ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Fishermen, environmentalists demonstrate ahead of EU meeting ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Ecologists furious with USA as climate talks end in disappointment ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Delhi digs deep to ease pollution ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Ozone 'Hole' Recedes, but Danger Lingers ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Tiny Particles In Air Influence Carbon Sinks ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Microbe's genome promises insight into Earth's carbon and sulfur cycling ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Nevada seismology researchers develop model that estimates impact of large earthquake in Los Angeles ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Europe 'can reach Kyoto target'  - BBC
12/26/2004: Air watch A new satellite is monitoring Earth's thin blue shield  - BBC
12/26/2004: Observatory: Uplifting Earthquake  - NY Times
12/26/2004: As the Seas Warm, Algae Help Some Coral Stand Up to the Heat  - NY Times

12/26/2004: Virtual Turntable Simplifies Sharing  - Technology Review 
12/26/2004: IPod Fans Get Into the Picture  - Wired News
12/26/2004: A Toy With a Story  - NY Times
12/26/2004: Gaming times: Did the big games of 2004 offer new and innovative gameplay?  - BBC
12/26/2004: Flood of new titles not geared for kids  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Gifts for gamer with (almost) everything  - CNN
12/26/2004: 'Green' gifts top Christmas lists
  - CNN

12/26/2004: Lab Tests Show Mobile-Phone Risk
  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Mobile phones 'alter human DNA'
  - BBC
12/26/2004: Sprint plans to launch the music-over-mobile market
  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Study: Mobile phone radiation harms DNA
  - CNN
12/26/2004: Research reignites debate over cellphone radiation
  - El. Engr. Times
12/26/2004: VoIP pioneer predicts a roiling 2005 for IP telephony
  - El. Engr. Times
12/26/2004: 'Conclusive' study of cellphones fuels controversy
 - New Scientist

12/26/2004: Industry Gears Up for Two-Headed Chips  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Multicore Chips May Push Intel Off Its Bus  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Next IBM-Apple chip getting high-end feature  - C/Net

12/26/2004: Gone forever? You can press it all day - but what does the delete key do? - BBC
12/26/2004: Software lets Macs handle Windows Media Video 9  - El. Engr. Times

12/26/2004: Punters Warned Over 'Matrix' Web Scam  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Speech takes on search engines  - BBC
12/26/2004: Santy Net comes to town  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Santy's surprise  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Worst spyware queues up  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Year in review: Seeking to squelch spam  - C/Net
12/26/2004: BitTorrent file-swapping networks face crisis
  - C/Net
12/26/2004: UK government deletes millions of e-mails
  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Fee or free in fighting viruses?
  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Flaw in Google Desktop Search exposed data
 - New Scientist

12/26/2004: Bail for India auction portal CEO  - BBC
12/26/2004: Expedia being spun off  - CNN


12/26/2004: A walk before dinner 'protects the heart from festive excess'  - BBC
12/26/2004: Patients warned on painkiller use  - BBC
12/26/2004: Painkiller trial halted over heart fears  - Nature
12/26/2004: Cases: Her Heart's in the Right Place. Or Is It?  - NY Times

12/26/2004: Radon gas linked to cancer deaths  - BBC

12/26/2004: Fighting flu: Scientists want to see a stockpiling of antiviral drugs  - BBC
12/26/2004: Aromatherapy oils 'kill superbug'  - BBC
12/26/2004: Foot-and-mouth controls should tighten  - Nature
12/26/2004: Undercooked turkeys can harbour superbugs - New Scientist

12/26/2004: Acupuncture 'works for arthritis'  - BBC
12/26/2004: Altered stem cells offer cystic fibrosis hope - New Scientist

12/26/2004: Nintendo Surgeons More Precise?  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Canada to approve cannabis drug  - BBC
12/26/2004: Stem cell bone op in womb  - BBC
12/26/2004: Q & A: Boy After Boy After Boy?  - NY Times
12/26/2004: A Newborn Grandson Turns 'Very, Very Sick'  - NY Times
12/26/2004: The Consumer: Shop Smart, to Hear What You Want to Hear  - NY Times
12/26/2004: The Claim: Reusing Plastic Bottles Can Be Hazardous to Your Health  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:

12/26/2004: Despite Headway in 2004, U.S. Still Unprepared for Bioterror Strike  - Technology Review 
12/26/2004: Army's New Simulation Weds Video Games, Hollywood Sound Stage  - Technology Review 
12/26/2004: Indian Tech City Turns to Microsoft for E-Governance  - Technology Review 
12/26/2004: Ohio Recount Stirs Trouble  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Virtual Trade Tough Nut to Crack  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Making Modern Art Seem Ancient  - Wired News
12/26/2004: The Offshore Sniff Test  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Jack Frost Hits Mars ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Science Through Storytelling ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: On Downsizing the Status of Science ... - FirstScience
12/26/2004: Malaysian footballer faces red for jilting wife on wedding day  - BBC
12/26/2004: 20 Questions, 21st Century-Style - Business Week
12/26/2004: Want to Make Big Bets on Big Screens? - Business Week
12/26/2004: 'Homeshoring' to trump offshoring?  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Washington Post picks up Slate from Microsoft  - C/Net
12/26/2004: The U.S. patent game: how to change it  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Drivers' licenses now a tool for homeland security  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Dead soldier's kin plead for e-mail  - CNN
12/26/2004: Cosmic Log: Science vs. religion? - MSNBC
12/26/2004: Letters
  - NY Times
12/26/2004: Patterns: American Dream, Plus Calories
  - NY Times
12/26/2004: The Consumer: Shop Smart, to Hear What You Want to Hear
  - NY Times

12/26/2004: Criminal genes: Could genetic screening help root out violence?  - BBC
12/26/2004: Why Students Struggle When Pressure Is On  - NY Times
12/26/2004: Therapy? Or Pills? A Quandary in Britain  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
12/26/2004: Emory chemists reveal challenge to reaction theory ... - FirstScience


12/26/2004: Robot Competition Builds Interest in Engineering  - Wired News

12/26/2004: NASA to Smack a Comet  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Jack Frost Hits Mars
  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Four Galileo spacecraft ordered  - BBC
12/26/2004: Mission to Mars
  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Space: Final frontier is final resting place
  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Photos: The SpaceX rocket
  - C/Net
12/26/2004: Huygens probe unleashed on Titan
  - BBC
12/26/2004: Foodstuffs rocketed to space crew
  - BBC
12/26/2004: Mystery of Mars rover's 'carwash' rolls on
 - New Scientist

12/26/2004: Testing Their Metal  - Technology Review 
12/26/2004: Engineers Set Lofty Goals for Cycle of Tomorrow  - Wired News
12/26/2004: Innovations of 2004  - CNN


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