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  December 25, 2005

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Japan Expects To Pay One Third Of Joint Missile System With US - SpaceDaily  Japan expects to shoulder 1.0-1.2 billion dollars, or about one-third of the cost of developing a missile system with the United States, the Defense Agency said Thursday, after reports Tokyo faced a greater burden. The close allies have been jointly conducting research into the missile defense system amid growing concern about North Korea and rising tension between Japan and China. But she said Japan has not yet made the final decision to start development of the system. The two nations plan to move on from the research they began in 1999 to the development stage sometime from March, Kyodo News reported. The amount nearly tripled after Washington extended the period for development to 2014 and recalculated the amount based on previous weaponry projects, the mass-circulation daily said. North Korea stunned the world in 1998 by firing a missile over the Japanese mainland into the Pacific. 
Physicists Coax Six Atoms Into Quantum Cat State - SpaceDaily  Left:  NIST researchers have succeeded in coaxing six ions into an unusual quantum "cat" state in which their nuclei are collectively spinning clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time. Image credit: Bill Pietsch, Astronaut 3 Media Group. See animation   The ambitious choreography could be useful in applications such as quantum computing and cryptography, as well as ultra-sensitive measurement techniques, all of which rely on exquisite control of nature's smallest particles. One run of the experiment takes about 1 millisecond; the cat states last about 50 microseconds (about 1/20 as long). The team ran the experiment successfully tens of thousands of times, including numerous runs that entangled four, five, or six ions.  

Indonesia And Russia Considering Satellite Launch From Papua Island - SpaceDaily  Indonesia and Russia are considering using an island off Indonesia's Papua province as a launching base for a Russian communications satellite, an official said Thursday. Biak already houses a Telemetry Tracking and Command ground station of the Indian Space Research Organisation, currently operated by the Indonesian state Space and Aviation Agency. The government has been promoting the use of Biak as the site of a space launch center since the 1960s. Indonesia has several US-made telecommunication satellites but they were all launched from Kourou in French Guiana.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/25/2005:New Method Yields Local Strawberries Until Christmas Season - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Researchers Uncover Remarkable Developmental Pathway
 - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Seeing Genes in a New Light  - Wired News
12/25/2005:Europe's fish quota battle begins
12/25/2005:Fishing talks: Minister pledges 'no cut in days at sea' from Brussels meeting  - BBC
12/25/2005:Breeding grounds Research shows bugs thrive at nurseries - but is that bad?  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/25/2005:Surprising Killer Of Southeastern Salt Marshes: Common Sea Snails - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Most Of Arctic's Permafrost May Thaw by 2100 - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Sahara's Edge Studied To Improve Water Mgmnt - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Killer Tsunami Showcases India Disaster Skills - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:2005 May Be Warmest Year Ever  - Wired News
12/25/2005:GPS Could Speed Tsunami Warnings  - Wired News
12/25/2005:Eco-friendly homes a blueprint for future developments ... - FirstScience
12/25/2005:Ancient Tribe Battles To Remain in Kalahari Reserve ... - FirstScience
12/25/2005:U.S. Greenhouse Gases Rose Two Percent ... - FirstScience
12/25/2005:Greenpeace Buys Tons of Illegally Cut Brazilian Wood, Delivers it to Police ... - FirstScience
12/25/2005:Chinese Companies, World Bank Deal Sign $930 Million Deal To Sell Pollution Credits ... - FirstScience
12/25/2005:Ding-dong, global warming is dead! ... - FirstScience
12/25/2005:Is the U.S., by focusing on technologies, pointing to a better approach to addressing climate change? ... - FirstScience
12/25/2005:Struggle to recover: Cancun tries to get back on its feet two months after Wilma  - BBC
12/25/2005:What did you feel? Scientists want your experiences of the Buncefield explosion  - BBC

12/25/2005:Games That Travel Well  - Wired News
12/25/2005: Game Makers' Blue Christmas - Business Week
12/25/2005: 2005- PC Gaming's Not Dead Yet - Business Week
12/25/2005:Hackers steal customer data from gaming company  - C/Net



12/25/2005:ReplayTV Is Coming to Your PC  - Wired News
12/25/2005:Lenovo's CEO replaced by Dell exec  - C/Net
12/25/2005:Wanna sell a PC? Think low-cost  - C/Net

12/25/2005:The Internet Is Broken -- Part 2  - Technology Review 
12/25/2005:Wikipedia Founder Edits Own Bio  - Wired News
12/25/2005:AOL-Google: Who Gets What - Business Week
12/25/2005:Feds cite gains from spam law  - C/Net
12/25/2005:AOL gets $1 billion boost from Google  - C/Net
12/25/2005:Worm traps alleged child porn offender  - C/Net

12/25/2005:Monopoly guidelines give EU ammo vs. Microsoft - Seattle Times

12/25/2005:Eclectic Koizumi Tries Electric Sedan - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Petrobras & NAHS Sign Ethanol Venture Deal - SpaceDaily

12/25/2005:Blood Test Can Accurately Diagnose Heart Failure In Patients With Kidney Dysfunction - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Call for universal heart checks  - BBC
12/25/2005:Fall in heart disease death rate  - BBC

12/25/2005:Gene Variation Affects Tamoxifen's Benefit For Breast Cancer - Science Daily
12/25/2005:File Compression Can Expand Mammography's Power - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Insulin Levels And Resistance Linked To Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Blood test shows promise in detecting colorectal cancer - Seattle Times

12/25/2005:Langerhans Cells Regulate Immune Reactions In The Skin - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Potential Bird Flu Treatment Among LIAI Findings - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Avian-Flu Battle Is Being Lost Says UN Agency - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:NHS 'failing' on lethal infection  - BBC

12/25/2005:Chromosome Four Contains Genes That Affect Drinking Behaviors In Smokers - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Common Alternative Treatment For Liver Disease Is Found To Be Ineffective - Science Daily

12/25/2005:Gene Mutation Found That Increases Severity Of Multisystem Syndrome - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Health Benefits Of A Christmas Brandy - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Testing Drugs on India's Poor  - Wired News
12/25/2005:DNA inconsistencies may cause misdiagnoses ... - FirstScience
12/25/2005:Third of US teenagers are unfit  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/25/2005:Victors hail US evolution ruling  - BBC
12/25/2005:Judge bans teaching intelligent design  - C/Net
12/25/2005:102 comments  - C/Net

12/25/2005:apan Expects To Pay One Third Of Joint Missile System With US - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Visually Impaired People Prefer To Watch Television Enhanced With Special Processing - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Clarkson Engineer And 'Spoofing' Expert Looks To Outwit High-Tech Identity Fraud - Science Daily
12/25/2005:How to be an armchair economist - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:China | Customer and Competitor - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:For U.S. poor with promise, microlending starts at home - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Outside facilities repairing more jets - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Google to pay dearly for AOL - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Provision to add high-tech visas gets dropped from budget bill - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Discounting expected to increase - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Consumer groups wary of mergers in power industry - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Lockheed-Martin's Modernized GPS Sat Declared Operational - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:North Korea Vows To Bolster Nuclear Deterrent - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Iran Laying Groundwork For Uranium Enrichment - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Russians: No Evidence Of Iran Nuke Program - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Happiness Buys Success - Space.com
12/25/2005:Tech May ID More 9/11 Victims  - Wired News
12/25/2005:Fearless Traders Flock to Forex  - Wired News
12/25/2005:Students Ride Orwell Express  - Wired News
12/25/2005:Gel battery boost for radio tags
  - BBC
12/25/2005:Concept cars head to Detroit
  - C/Net
12/25/2005:Newsmaker: PC or people--who's the boss?
  - C/Net

12/25/2005:Key Brain Antioxidant Linked To Alzheimer's And Parkinson's - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Researchers Identify Key Protein Involved In Neuropathic Pain - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Rein For Pain Lays Mainly In The Brain, Stanford Researchers Find - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Genes breakthrough in Parkinson's research ... - FirstScience

Physics and Astronomy:
12/25/2005:Physicists Coax Six Atoms Into Quantum Cat State - SpaceDaily 
12/25/2005:Fluid Particles Irreversible In Some Circumstances, Physicists Report In This Week's Nature
 - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Amateur Stargazers Wanted To Help Solve Supernova Mystery
 - SpaceDaily



12/25/2005:Indonesia And Russia Considering Satellite Launch From Papua Island - SpaceDaily
12/25/2005:Space Projects Need Private Input Says China
 - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Record Year For Meteorite Recovery In Canada
 - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:NASA Sets Sights On First Pluto Mission
 - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Multiple Instruments Capture Enceladus Plume
 - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts Seeks Phase 1 Proposals To Advance Vision For Space Exploration
 - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:Crater Critters: Where Mars Microbes Might Lurk
 - Space.com
12/25/2005:Pluto-Bound Probe Ready For Long Journey
 - Space.com
12/25/2005:12.19.05 - NASA Selects Flight Critical Systems Technology Providers ... - NASA
12/25/2005:12.16.05 - Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report- E05-021 The launch of Pluto New Horizons is scheduled for ...
12/25/2005:12.19.05 - NASA Sets Sights on First Pluto Mission NASA is preparing to launch the first spacecraft to distant ...
12/25/2005:Enceladus is Creating one of Saturn's Rings ...
 - FirstScience
12/25/2005:Failed Beagle 2 probe found on Mars  - C/Net

12/25/2005:New Microchip Technology For Medical Imaging Biomarkers Of Disease Developed - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Dentists Report On New Computerized Tomography Systems For Diagnosing Oral Health Problems - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Visually Impaired People Prefer To Watch Television Enhanced With Special Processing - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Researchers Make Long DNA 'Wires' For Future Medical And Electronic Devices - Science Daily
12/25/2005:Creating must-have toys means going high-tech - Seattle Times
12/25/2005:3D Images Give New Life to Old Shipwrecks - Space.com
12/25/2005:Can EPA Regulate Nano?
  - Technology Review 
12/25/2005:Gel battery boost for radio tags
  - BBC
12/25/2005:Double X-rays give 'speedy scan'
  - BBC


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