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  December 24, 2005

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14-Day Plan Improves Memory - Live Science   It sounds like an infomercial from late-night TV: Follow this four-step plan and improve your memory in just 14 days! But researchers have indeed found a way to improve memory function in older people. After a two-week study that involved brainteasers, exercise and diet changes, study participants' memories worked more efficiently. Here's the program  Memory Training, Healthy Diet, Physical Fitness, and Stress Reduction.:
Microbes Under Greenland Ice Give Hints To Martian Life Potentials - SpaceDaily   Methane is a greenhouse gas present in the atmospheres of both Earth and Mars. If a class of ancient microbes called Archaea are the source of Mars' methane, as some scientists have proposed, then unmanned probes to the Martian surface should look for them at depths where the temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than that found at the base of the Greenland ice sheet, according to UC Berkeley lead researcher P. Buford Price, a professor of physics. This would be several hundred meters - some 1,000 feet - underground, where the temperature is slightly warmer than freezing and such microbes should average about one every cubic centimeter, or about 16 per cubic inch. While Price is not expecting any time soon a mission to Mars to drill several hundred meters beneath the surface, methanogens (methane-generating Archaea) could just as easily be detected around meteor craters where rock has been thrown up from deep underground.   

Is string theory in trouble? - New Scientist  Now string theory, one of today's leading candidates, is in trouble. A growing number of physicists claim it is ill-defined and based on crude assumptions. Something fundamental is missing, they say. The main complaint is that rather than describing one universe, the theory describes 10500, each with different constants of nature, even different laws of physics.      
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/24/2005: Europe's fish quota battle begins  - BBC
12/24/2005: Stem cells proving popular gift
  - CNN
12/24/2005: Investigators move in on cloning pioneer's lab - New Scientist
12/24/2005: Dead Sea fungus's secret of survival may help crops - New Scientist
12/24/2005: Civilisation has left its mark on our genes - New Scientist
12/24/2005: Questions Raised About Museum Mammoth  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Scientists' Discovery in the Deep Casts Some Squid Mothers in a Brighter Light  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Learning About Sex From An Elegant Worm - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/24/2005: Trade can 'export' CO2 emissions  - BBC
12/24/2005: Environmental prize for UN chief  - BBC
12/24/2005: Report Says More Money Is Needed to Maintain the Country's Aging Heavy Icebreakers  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Lawmakers Prepare for Showdown Over Arctic Oil Drilling Provision  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Periwinkle Snails Harming La. Marshes  - NY Times
12/24/2005: OSU Team to Map the San Andreas Fault  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Public Data Shows Chemicals in Tap Water  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Amid Devastation, Mounds of Toxic Waste Vie for Attention
12/24/2005: Complete Coverage: Storm and Crisis  - NY Times

12/24/2005: Shadow play: Hedgehog heroics are a pale imitation of Sonic's past glory  - BBC
12/24/2005: Video game combats knife crime  - BBC
12/24/2005: Shadow play: Hedgehog heroics are a pale imitation of Sonic's past glory  - BBC
12/24/2005: Need to find an Xbox 360? Buy a ticket to Tokyo - C/Net
12/24/2005: Digital photos even a miser can enjoy - C/Net
12/24/2005: Xbox modders charged with copyright crime - C/Net
12/24/2005: All DVRs are not created equal
- C/Net
12/24/2005: Warm-and-fuzzy flash drives
- C/Net
12/24/2005: DVR technology comes to video iPods
  - C/Net

12/24/2005: Motorola bets on curvaceous Pebl
  - BBC
12/24/2005: Fresh backing for web phone firm
  - BBC
12/24/2005: Buckling down on broadband
- C/Net
12/24/2005: Start-up merges cell phone and PC into a handheld
- C/Net
12/24/2005: 2006: Year of the mobile malware
  - C/Net
12/24/2005: Broadband over powerlines service starts in Texas
  - El. Engr. Times


12/24/2005: • Quanta's $100 Laptop Challenge - Business Week
12/24/2005: The PC chugs on - C/Net
12/24/2005: Year in review: Apple hums along - C/Net
12/24/2005: The early bird gets the $149 Toshiba laptop  - C/Net

12/24/2005: End nears for Mac version of IE  - BBC
12/24/2005: Downloads 'decide' festive No 1  - BBC
12/24/2005: Online awakening: How violence in Ethiopia helped push Africans towards blogs  - BBC
12/24/2005: Holes found in PC virus defences  - BBC
12/24/2005: Last-Minute Online Shopping Tips - Business Week
12/24/2005: Firefox victory - C/Net
12/24/2005: Howard Stern, live on Yahoo
  - C/Net
12/24/2005: eBay shelves plans for live pet listings
  - C/Net
12/24/2005: High Web traffic means sales
  - CNN

12/24/2005: Future vision: Microsoft sets out its big ideas for the top tech toys of the future  - BBC
12/24/2005: E-commerce site eyes do-gooders - C/Net
12/24/2005: Pro-Hollywood bill aims to restrict digital tuners  - C/Net
12/24/2005: Microsoft launches updated Vista preview  - C/Net
12/24/2005: Microsoft hires user interface guru  - C/Net

12/24/2005: Fishing Industry's Fuel Efficiency Gets Worse as Ocean Stocks Get Thinner  - NY Times

12/24/2005: Fantastic Voyage Into The Heart Delivers A Protector Against Heart Failure  - Science Daily

12/24/2005: Mayo Clinic Reports Tamoxifen Benefit For Breast-cancer Patients Tied To Inherited Gene - Science Daily
12/24/2005: Mayo Clinic Discovers Two Key Players In Cancer Prevention And How They Work - Science Daily

12/24/2005: HIV 'morning after pill' battle  - BBC
12/24/2005: 'Superbugs' infiltrate hospitals, communities - USA Today
12/24/2005: Old Curative Gets New Life at Tiny Scale  - NY Times
12/24/2005: How Rickettsial Pathogens Break Into Cells - Science Daily

12/24/2005: Passive smoking 'blindness risk'  - BBC
12/24/2005: Pupils will get nicotine patches  - BBC
12/24/2005: Flaws revealed in on-the-spot coke test - New Scientist
12/24/2005: Addiction: Supplement May Stifle the Craving for Cocaine  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Software Might Revolutionize Glucose Monitoring In Critically Ill Patients - Science Daily

12/24/2005: Why giving in to chocolate may not be such a bad thing  - BBC
12/24/2005: New Drugs Offer More Choices for Psoriasis  - NY Times
12/24/2005: The Claim: Eye Color Can Be Affected by the Color of Clothing  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Vital Signs: Advice: Talk, Talk, Talk: When a Doctor Says Too Much  - NY Times
12/24/2005: The Claim: Eye Color Can Be Affected by the Color of Clothing  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Cases:- In the Chaos of Homelessness, Calendars Mean Nothing  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Vital Signs: Aging: Quick Quiz Can Predict Weight Loss in the Elderly  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Doctors Re-examine 'Strawberry Marks' in Babies  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
12/24/2005: Mammoth DNA could spark resurrection - MSNBC
12/24/2005: When humans and chimps split - MSNBC
12/24/2005: Intelligent-design ruling expected Tuesday - MSNBC
12/24/2005: Did humans colonise north Europe earlier than thought? - New Scientist
12/24/2005: A Mystery, Locked in Timeless Embrace  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Video: Mystery of Ancient Egypt  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Unexpected Finding: Some Dinosaurs Grew Slower In Hard Times
 - Science Daily

12/24/2005: Cutting Through the Patent Thicket - Business Week
12/24/2005: Net wiretapping plans under fire - C/Net
12/24/2005: What lies ahead for the U.S. economy in 2006 - C/Net
12/24/2005: The regional slice of your global strategy - C/Net
12/24/2005: Vaporware 2005: Let us have it  - Wired News
12/24/2005: The 10 hottest minds in Hollywood - C/Net
12/24/2005: Zoran, Chinese company team on product lab  - El. Engr. Times
12/24/2005: Busted! A crisis in cryptography - New Scientist
12/24/2005: Fighter jets shadow-box with invisible opponents - New Scientist
12/24/2005: A glimpse of our paranoid future - New Scientist
12/24/2005: Letters  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Global Trend: More Science, More Fraud  - NY Times
12/24/2005: A Dog's Best Friend in Stormy Weather  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Is That a Finger or a Jell-O Mold?  - NY Times

12/24/2005: 14-Day Plan Improves Memory - Live Science
12/24/2005: Yoga 'can help to cut back pain'  - BBC
12/24/2005: Feedback: Relief From Chronic Pain May Be a Thought Away  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Review Of Research Challenges Assumption That Success Makes People Happy - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/24/2005: Is string theory in trouble? - New Scientist
12/24/2005: X-ray vision reveals new view of supernova remnant
 - New Scientist
12/24/2005: What a Pool Table Can Teach You About Unstirring the Coffee
  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Ferromagnets and superconductors make negative-index materials
 - PhysicsWeb


12/24/2005: Robotic heroics at radiation lab  - Nature

12/24/2005: Microbes Under Greenland Ice Give Hints To Martian Life Potentials - SpaceDaily
12/24/2005: Beagle 2 probe 'spotted' on Mars
  - BBC
12/24/2005: Photos: In search of meteorites
- C/Net
12/24/2005: British Concern and New Mexico Agree on Building a Spaceport
  - NY Times

12/24/2005: In pictures: How a toy comes to life - from an idea to the shop shelf  - BBC
12/24/2005: Hi-tech firms censured over China  - BBC
12/24/2005: • Israel's Reborn Tech Boom - Business Week
12/24/2005: House moves for all-digital TV by 2009 - Business Week
12/24/2005: Scramjet missile powered by jet fuel - New Scientist
12/24/2005: Wyoming Launches Cloud - Seeding Project  - NY Times
12/24/2005: Biobased Plastic Flexes Its Muscle
 - Science Daily


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