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  December 24, 2004

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A Chance To Imagine The Future - SpaceDaily  Budding writers and artists have another opportunity to describe their vision of the future in space in the 2005 Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction competition. In 2003 the first competition received 104 entries from 36 countries. Organised by the Swiss Maison d'Ailleurs (House of Elsewhere) and the OURS Foundation, under the auspices of ESA's Technology Transfer and Promotion Office, the competition is designed to promote innovative ideas for future space technologies and to encourage young people's interest in science and technology. This year a specific theme has been selected: the space elevator. Writers and artists of all ages are invited to submit a short story of no more than 2500 words, a piece of artwork, or both, describing or depicting a space elevator and its technology.    
Permafrost Warming A Challenge To Tibetian Train Route - SpaceDaily  Left:  One example is the Tibetan plateau, where the 695-mile Qinghai-Xizang railroad is due to be completed in 2007. More than 600 miles of track will be at altitudes of at least 13,000 feet above sea level, and 340 miles of track will lie across permafrost.  "The Qinghai-Xizang railroad is the most ambitious construction project in a permafrost region since the Trans-Alaska Pipeline," said CU-Boulder and National Snow and Ice Data Center researcher Tingjun Zhang. "This is the first time engineers are primarily using crushed rock to insulate and fortify a structure against permafrost," he said. "Crushed rock is the most cost-effective method."

Space Race 2: Selling Space  - SpaceDaily  In 2005, a late but most welcome addition to the X Prize partnership plans to up the stakes in its space campaign. 7 UP stepped up in the waning days of the competition to supply much-needed operating funds for the X Prize Foundation to host its space race. Upon conclusion of the winning ship's successful flights, 7 UP was poised to make an even bigger plunge. 7 UP announced a promotion that would send consumers to space. Details of the sweepstakes are under development, but the gist of the pitch is this: 7 UP plans to acquire seats aboard one of the first passenger-carrying suborbital ships to space. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/24/2004: Diving For Life Under Antarctic Ice - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Indian Scientists Discover New Primate Species
  - Wired News
12/24/2004: Latest census finds more American pika populations disappear as climate warms ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Discovery of first demethylase molecule, a long-sought gene regulator ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Research in yeast yields missing link in DNA maintenance machinery ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: 'Artificial life' comes step closer  - BBC
12/24/2004: Herding With Hockey Sticks- Elk Trained To Stay Away From Tourists  - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Scientists Discover Enzyme Crucial To The Transportation Of Proteins Within Cells - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Sponsor Nabs Stem Cell Post  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
12/24/2004: Talks on greenhouse gases stalled - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: US and Europe at loggerheads over new campaign against global warming - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: G8 ministers to discuss climate change in Africa - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Satellites Plus Software Equal Best-Ever Mediterranean Heat Map - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Strange Ocean Wave Patterns Raise Questions About Beach Erosion
12/24/2004: NASA Eyes Effects Of A Giant 'Brown Cloud' Worldwide - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: NOAA's National Weather Service Connects With Communication Network - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Turning the Holidays Green  - Wired News
12/24/2004: Maverick U.S. States Prove Popular at Climate Talks ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Unocal Settles Out of Court With Myanmar Villagers ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Council Honoured for Reducing Emissions ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Transboundary Puget Sound Orcas Win Threatened Listing ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Tribes Set to Share Management of National Bison Range ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Aura of hope over NASA's pollution probe ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Some States Split With Bush on Emissions ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Hidden fault may contribute to Bay Area earthquake risk ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: CALIPSO monitors pulse of Soufriere Hills volcano ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Rebellion looms over climate deal  - BBC
12/24/2004: Forecasters face losing key tools
  - BBC
12/24/2004: Island rises from depths
12/24/2004: U.S. sets plans for better oceans policy
12/24/2004: Bush Forms Panel to Coordinate Ocean Policy
  - NY Times
12/24/2004: Many Counties Failing Fine-Particle Air Rules
  - NY Times
12/24/2004: New Worldwide Coral Reef Library Created
 - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Giant Atmospheric Brown Cloud Has Intercontinental Reach
 - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Next round of climate talks to be held in Germany
 - Seattle Times
12/24/2004: United States, Europe strike deal on future climate talks
 - Seattle Times
12/24/2004: 2004 was fifth warmest year in England since 1659
 - Seattle Times
12/24/2004: EPA Names Ohio Counties That Do Not Meet New, Health-Based Soot Standard ...
 - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Climate change summit ends with 'more talks' plan ...
 - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Set-Back for Blair on Climate Change ...
 - FirstScience

12/24/2004: Gaming Projector Geared to Xbox Users  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Playboy's free come-on turns iPod into iBod  - C/Net
12/24/2004: R2-D2 battles with Robosapien  - C/Net
12/24/2004: With Mini's rivals, more is sometimes less  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Critics' choice for 4 gadgets a-beeping - Seattle Times
12/24/2004: Some stores run out of iPod music players - Seattle Times
12/24/2004: Motorola, Apple iPod Phone Imminent
  - Wired News

12/24/2004: Cell Phones That Do It
  - Wired News
12/24/2004: Instant messaging gains a fan
 - Seattle Times
12/24/2004: Phonecam rings out the artist in me
 - Seattle Times

12/24/2004: NASA Nanotechnology To Improve Microelectronics - Science Daily
12/24/2004: DNA For Information Processing and Data Storage ... - FirstScience

12/24/2004: Apple sues over online product leaks  - C/Net

12/24/2004: Red Cross Caught in P2P Fracas  - Wired News
12/24/2004: P2P Needs a Fix, but What?  - Wired News
12/24/2004: MSN Spaces (beta) ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: UK tracks US in online shopping  - BBC
12/24/2004: Superstars of search  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Yahoo cues video test  - C/Net
12/24/2004: This week in online scams
  - C/Net
12/24/2004: E-mail hoax hits home
  - C/Net
12/24/2004: FTC serves up fully baked spam recipe
  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Charities find Internet dollars
  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Thunderbird well worth a test flight
 - Seattle Times
12/24/2004: Don't take it personally; spam scams target millions
 - Seattle Times

12/24/2004: Batten down the hatches  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Homework: Probing Unix  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Public sector IT: 'Come on in, the water's great'  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Teens Delaying Sexual Activity; Using Contraception More Effectively - Science Daily

12/24/2004: China becoming world leader in nuclear power: outgoing US Energy Secretary - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: International Energy Agency says it's not asking China to cut energy use - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Alcohol Fuel Cell Goes Micro - Technology Review 

12/24/2004: Heart-Healthy 'Polymeal' Diet Includes Wine, Chocolate - Google
12/24/2004: Model Simulates Dynamics Of Heart Rhythm Disorders - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Scientists Discover Recipe For Life: Eating The 'Polymeal' Cuts Heart Disease By 76% - Science Daily

12/24/2004: Small Variations In Genes Can Determine Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer - Science Daily


12/24/2004: Drinking Without Food May Set You Up For High Blood Pressure - Science Daily

12/24/2004: 'Too few' to teach future doctors  - BBC
12/24/2004: Lifting the curtains on disability  - BBC
12/24/2004: Magnetic bracelets 'ease aches'  - BBC
12/24/2004: Married Adults Are The Healthiest, New CDC Report Shows - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Magnetic Bracelets Reduce The Pain Of Osteoarthritis, Study Finds - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Video Games Used to Relax Children in Hospital  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
12/24/2004: Rocks Could Hold Early Secrets of Life  - Wired News

12/24/2004: Orbital Completes Third Flight Test For US Navy's 'Coyote' Target Missile - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Smaller Is Better on Battlefield  - Wired News
12/24/2004: Vaporware Nominees: Bring 'em On  - Wired News
12/24/2004: Aviator Keeps Feet on the Ground  - Wired News
12/24/2004: Paper Gets an Honorable Discharge  - Wired News
12/24/2004: Will Technology Ruin Sports-  - Wired News
12/24/2004: Missile team homes in on Moon  - BBC
12/24/2004: Mars water tops science honours  - BBC
12/24/2004: Titan clouds seen to come and go  - BBC
12/24/2004: Peer-to-peer TV  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Comcast subscribers flock to free TiVo recorders  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Online publishers run with 'BarneyCam' video  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Cosmic Log: Remaking the calendar - MSNBC
12/24/2004: Automated Water Safety Sensor Units Detect Currently Unmonitored Biological Agents - Science Daily

12/24/2004: 'Headphones' brain monitor hope  - BBC
12/24/2004: Looking for fear? It's in your eyes! - MSNBC
12/24/2004: Mutant Gene Linked To Treatment-Resistant Depression - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Opening The Way For Nerve Regeneration Studies In Worms - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/24/2004: Understanding The Spatial Scale Of High-Speed Flows In The Magnetotail - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: 100 years on: The Big Bang observatory with a glorious heritage
  - BBC
12/24/2004: Nobel physicist, 82, seeks symmetry with 28-year-old fiancée
  - BBC
12/24/2004: Mathematicians crochet chaos
  - BBC
12/24/2004: Emory Chemists Reveal Challenge To Reaction Theory
 - Science Daily
12/24/2004: A Flare-Up In Solar Physics ...
 - FirstScience
12/24/2004: No regrets on Hubble repairs, departing NASA chief says ...
 - FirstScience


12/24/2004: 'Bionic' dolphin fulfills dream  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Honda's Asimo robot hits the ground running  - El. Engr. Times

12/24/2004: A Chance To Imagine The Future - SpaceDaily
Space Race 2: Selling Space  - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Saturn System Driven By Ice, Says University Of Colorado Researchers - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: New Evidence That Saturn's Outer Rings Could Be Disappearing - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: European Space Agency sets up space website for children - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Before And After Look At Saturn's Moon Titan ... - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Cassini Examines Saturn's Moon, Dione ...
 - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Veteran astronaut's parting words: Spaceflights worth risk ...
 - FirstScience
12/24/2004: Tantalizing clues in pictures of Saturn's moons
  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Photos: Full moons over Saturn
  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Shuttle Loss Proved 'Cathartic,' Departing NASA Leader Says
  - NY Times
12/24/2004: NASA Set To Launch First Comet Impact Probe - Science Daily
12/24/2004: NASA has not changed, astronaut says ...
 - FirstScience



12/24/2004: Permafrost Warming A Challenge To Tibetian Train Route - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Scientists 'PAD' Their Way To New Metal-Oxide Film Technology - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: Selective Coatings Create Biological Sensors From Carbon Nanotubes - SpaceDaily
12/24/2004: The Zen of Airport Kiosks - Technology Review 
12/24/2004: Browsing Through Digital Media - Technology Review 
12/24/2004: Smart Textiles Emerge From Nanotech Labs - MSNBC
12/24/2004: Stun guns to include video
  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Photo: Taping the shock
  - C/Net
12/24/2004: Samsung SDI develops 102-inch plasma display
  - El. Engr. Times
12/24/2004: Chemical Process Developed To Use Cotton Gin Residue
 - Science Daily
12/24/2004: Brit Film Future Is Digital
  - Wired Newss
12/24/2004: Light Clock Promises Finer Time
  - Wired News


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