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  December 23, 2005

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Astronomers Link Old Stars And Mysterious Cosmic Explosions - SpaceDaily  For several decades astronomers have known that two types exist - long ones that last for tens or hundreds of seconds, and short bursts, which last a few milliseconds to a second. Intense research over the last decade has shown that long bursts are the death throes of massive stars in distant, young, and vigorously star forming galaxies. Theorists have long suspected that short gamma-ray bursts are the end product of a class of binary stars composed of two old neutron stars, or a neutron star and a black hole, which slowly approach each other as their orbit shrinks over hundreds of millions of years. "Eventually, the two objects get so close together that they just shred each other apart in a cataclysmic explosion." The next stage in the study of short bursts is to locate and study a large number of these objects.    
ESA Accelerates Towards A New Space Thruster - SpaceDaily  ESA has confirmed the principle of a new space thruster that may ultimately give much more thrust than today's electric propulsion techniques. Researchers Christine Charles and Rod Boswell at the Australian National University in Canberra, first created plasma double layers in their laboratory in 2003 and realised their accelerating properties could enable new spacecraft thrusters. This led the group to develop a prototype called the Helicon Double Layer Thruster. It could potentially deliver many times more thrust at higher powers of up to 100 kW whilst giving a similar fuel efficiency.    

Highest Energy Photons Ever Detected As Emanating From Milky Way Equatorr - SpaceDaily  Physicists at nearly a dozen research institutions, including New York University, have discovered evidence for very high energy gamma rays emitting from the Milky Way, marking the highest energies ever detected from the galactic equator. These emissions are understood to be produced by interactions of cosmic-ray particles with the abundant interstellar medium near the galactic equator. Previously, some researchers had speculated that additional mechanisms were needed to explain the large number of particles observed at high energies. However, the measurements by Milagro can be understood by assuming a cosmic ray energy spectrum near the galactic center similar to that in the solar system and the standard properties of particle interactions.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/23/2005:Sea Slug Mixes Chemical Defense Before Firing At Predators - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Test: Hwang's Stem-Cell Research
  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Scientists rebuild part of woolly mammoth's genome ...  - Physics Org
12/23/2005:Systems Biology: On Reconstruction of Genetic Circuits ...  - Physics Org
12/23/2005:Elephants cleared of going on drunken rampages - New Scientist
12/23/2005:Satellite Peek Into Mysterious Life Of Borneo's Pygmy Elephants - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/23/2005:2005 One Of Warmest Years On Record Says WMO
12/23/2005:Japan Hopes To Predict Big One - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Indian Ocean Nations Need Broader Disaster Warning Sys - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Indonesia Admits Mistakes In Tsunami Response - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Malaysia Indonesia Joint Straits Patrols A Success - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Environmentalists Buy Big Game Hunting Licence - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Climate Summit Hits Russian Roadblock ... - FirstScience
12/23/2005:China tries to minimize aftermaths of Amur pollution-consul ... - FirstScience
12/23/2005:Environment Group, PPG Challenge W Va Plant Pollution Permit ... - FirstScience
12/23/2005:China invests 2.5 mln dlrs to build dam on Amur to cut pollution ... - FirstScience
12/23/2005:Environment groups granted federal funds ... - FirstScience
12/23/2005:Farms in 25m clean-up plan  - BBC
12/23/2005:Nameless victims: More than 800 tsunami bodies yet to be identified in Thailand  - BBC
12/23/2005:Snow worries: European ski resorts celebrate as winter finally arrives  - BBC
12/23/2005:Climate meeting may turn out to be a pyrrhic victory - New Scientist

12/23/2005:The 12 unusual gifts of Christmas - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Cops Dig Anti-Game Crusader  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Lyrics Dustup Ends in Apology  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Galaxies Shuts Out the Disabled  - Wired News


12/23/2005:Cheaper Chips Bring Hi-Def Editing To Masses - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Making Multicore Fly  - Technology Review 
12/23/2005:Multicore Mania - Technology Review 

12/23/2005:ReplayTV to launch TV recording software for PCs  - C/Net

12/23/2005:The Web Will Read You a Story  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Berlin May Get Its Own Domain  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Best of the Web ... 2.0-Style  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Christmas Carol gets free podcast  - BBC
12/23/2005:Internet cafe chain bans baseball caps after 'spate of thefts'  - BBC
12/23/2005:Web sites let users send e-mail to future - Business Week
12/23/2005:Wikipedia alternative as Web's PBS
  - C/Net
12/23/2005:A better way to count clicks?
  - C/Net
12/23/2005:Whom do you want to meet? Put your list online
 - Seattle Times

12/23/2005:Holes found in PC virus defences  - BBC

12/23/2005:New Paper Thin Foldable Battery Developed To Attach To Clothes - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Energy Costs Driving Shoppers Online - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Hybrid Buses Prepare to Graduate  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Chernobyl to Become Nuclear Waste Dump ... - FirstScience
12/23/2005:Nuclear waste found in ruined Chechen factory ... - FirstScience


12/23/2005:Two Types Of Breast Cancer Treatments Show Similar Benefit - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Cancer Support Cells May Evolve, Fuel Tumor Growth, Study Shows - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Toward The Future Of Cancer Prevention - Science Daily

12/23/2005:Switching To New Anti-bacterial Targets: Riboswitches - Science Daily
12/23/2005:NIH Vaccine: Live Bird-Flu Virus  - Wired News
12/23/2005:'Stalwart' antibiotics often fail  - BBC
12/23/2005:The unheralded enemy that destroyed Napoleon's army  - BBC
12/23/2005:Penicillin, Amoxicillin: Step Aside For Strep Throat Treatment - Science Daily

12/23/2005:New hope for arthritis sufferers  - BBC
12/23/2005:Smoking ban 'harmful to children'  - BBC

12/23/2005:The Poop on Diarrhea Vaccine  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Student medics 'owe over 20,000'  - BBC
12/23/2005:Millions urged to check hearing  - BBC
12/23/2005:Still going strong: Could this 83-year-old be the UK's longest serving GP?  - BBC
12/23/2005:'Land of the fat': How the US is slowly waking up to the obesity epidemic  - BBC
12/23/2005:Journal Faults a Medical Group in a Dispute Over Independence  - NY Times
12/23/2005:Standing Up To Paraplegia With Gene Therapy - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/23/2005:Paleontology: Dinosaurs and Grass ...  - Physics Org
12/23/2005:Colour pattern on insect's wings preserved in fossil - New Scientist
12/23/2005:Bio-archaeologists Pinpoint Oldest Northern European Human Activity - Science Daily

12/23/2005:Analysis | WTO dispatches | Trade is important, but it's not the whole pie - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Two massive pipelines proposed - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:It pays to make room for boomers at work - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Dot-com investing returns, sensibly - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Build a "ladder" to healthy returns - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Money-market funds staging a rally - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Name switch, focus on bonds transform fund - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Holidays stressful? Lighten up this way - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Can I take a job with competing company? - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:Too many have heard it through the grapevine - Seattle Times
12/23/2005:A Quality Dog-Owner Relationship No Help To Storm-phobic Canines - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Bring Back The Nukes - Science Daily
12/23/2005:India To Bush: Get Nuclear Deal Passed - Science Daily
12/23/2005:German Experts Worried By Iranian Nukes - Science Daily
12/23/2005:US Warned Not To Ignore Chinese Military Advances - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Calls For Closer US Tabs On China Tech Rise - Science Daily
12/23/2005:World Food Program Ends Food Aid To China - Science Daily
12/23/2005:China India To Be Major Trade Partners - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Report: Bush OK'd Spying in U.S.  - Wired News
12/23/2005:Long road: The goal of a freer, fairer trade system is still some way off

12/23/2005:Hi-tech firms censured over China
  - BBC
12/23/2005:Web cams bring soldiers together with kin
 - Business Week
12/23/2005:Seeing the world sunny-side up
  - C/Net
12/23/2005:Time names Gateses 'Persons of the Year'
  - C/Net
12/23/2005:Images: Bill and Bono
  - C/Net
12/23/2005:There's gold in them there oceans!
 - New Scientist
12/23/2005:Safety-testing of non-lethal weapons must be tightened
 - New Scientist
12/23/2005:Virgin GlobalFlyer Record Attempt To Take Off From Shuttle Runway At Kennedy
 - SpaceDaily


Physics and Astronomy:
12/23/2005:Highest Energy Photons Ever Detected As Emanating From Milky Way Equatorr - SpaceDaily
Astronomers Link Old Stars And Mysterious Cosmic Explosions - SpaceDaily
12/23/2005:Spitzer Team Says Debris Disk Could Be Forming Infant Terrestrial Planets
 - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Hydrogen Atoms Manipulated Below Surface Of A Palladium Crystal
 - Science Daily
12/23/2005:National High Magnetic Field Lab Complete Testing Of New 35 Tesla Magnet
 - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Why Nanolayers Buckle When Microbeams Bend
 - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Chandra picture shows hot supernova remains ...
 - FirstScience
12/23/2005:Quantum leap of a scientist facing the G-word ...
 - FirstScience
A First: Hydrogen Atoms Manipulated Below The Surface Of A Palladium Crystal  - Science Daily

12/23/2005:Food Additive Inhibits Longevity Enzyme In Yeast, Increases Cell Toxicity, New Study Finds - Science Daily

12/23/2005:Bomb-disposal robot scoops up radioactive source - New Scientist

12/23/2005:Virgin Astronauts To Blast Off From New Mexico - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Integral CCS C System Declared Operational For Milstar Satellites
 - Science Daily
12/23/2005:Squeezing Ukraine In Space
 - SpaceDaily
12/23/2005:Canadian Arrow Hopes A Silver Dart Will Pierce The CATS Barrier
 - SpaceDaily
12/23/2005:Russian supply vessel delivers astronauts' Christmas presents
 - SpaceDaily

12/23/2005:The Flimsiest Clock In The World - Science Daily
12/23/2005:With GPS, getting around gets easier  - NY Times


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