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  December 23, 2004

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A Deep Sea Hydrocarbon Factory - SpaceDaily  Before any life existed, there must have been an energy source that could be tapped by primitive life forms. In the laboratory, the researchers recreated the intense heat (more than 700 degrees F) and pressure (400 times air pressure at sea level) that exist on the ocean bottom in parts of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). The team found that under such conditions, hydrocarbons - methane, ethane and propane - could be produced on the surface of minerals rich in iron and chromium. These hydrocarbons may help account for the diverse communities of life that typically thrive around hydrothermal vents.    
Bear's Lair: What's That Sucking Sound? - SpaceDaily  Left:  US-based General Electric displays its new-generation industry system in Shanghai. GE has steadily been de-emphasizing its U.S. manufacturing, recycling more of its capital into the financial services business. In 2003 it announced that China, not the United States, was to become its global production center. Curiously, Joel Kutkin of the New America Foundation used Britain as an example of the dreadful things that might happen to the United States if it abandoned manufacturing. In my view, the British parallel is rather reassuring than otherwise; the country has retained a very reasonable level of prosperity, economic growth and productivity growth while specializing almost entirely in the services sector.  

Sonofusion Research Reactor Now Available from Impulse Devices - SpaceDaily  Impulse Devices, a developer of sonofusion power (acoustic inertial confinement fusion, AICF), announced Monday the availability of its research reactor to laboratories, universities, power equipment manufacturers and utilities attempting to produce a new alternative energy. "Now, for the first time, developers of fusion energy to replace oil, coal, nuclear, wind and solar power can own an AICF reactor," said Mark Ludwig, CEO of Impulse Devices (IDI). "The technology could produce energy on a break-even basis in five years and enough net energy for electricity production in 10 years.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/23/2004: Research points to new theory driving evolutionary changes ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: DNA breaks and genomic instability: Broken ends stick together ...
 - FirstScience
12/23/2004: An inside look at DNA at work ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Feeble roar of the hybrid lions  - BBC
12/23/2004: Calif. buffalo going back home on the range - MSNBC
12/23/2004: Hope for bored lab mice  - Nature
12/23/2004: Proteins come under new control  - Nature
12/23/2004: Free Radicals And Fertilization: Study Reveals Egg Protection Secret - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/23/2004: EU should sanction US over climate change policy: campaigners - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Climate change threatens China food production - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: US emissions of greenhouse gases up 0.7 percent in 2003 - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Oil Eaters Slurp Up Spills  - Wired News
12/23/2004: Climate change impacts on nature worse than thought ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: NEWS- Edison International to U.S. Regulators- Tackle Global Warming at National Level ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Scrapbook: Ignore global warming ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Greenhouse disagreements cloud climate conference ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Celebrity chef calls for Xmas recycling ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Recycling 'cuts' slated ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Climate change threatens China food production ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Is money fighting climate change well spent? ...  - BBC
12/23/2004: United States on sidelines of climate talks  - Nature
12/23/2004: Oceanographers Combine Numerical Models To Improve Hurricane Research - Science Daily

12/23/2004: Playing the Dating Game, DS-Style  - Wired News
12/23/2004: Half Life 2 sweeps Edge awards  - BBC  - C/Net
12/23/2004: Photos: R2-D2 in your price range?
12/23/2004: Apple's 800-pound white gorilla, beware  - C/Net
12/23/2004: Photos: iPod gets the picture  - C/Net

12/23/2004: Is it a phone or a camera?
  - C/Net

12/23/2004: Intel expands core concept  - C/Net
12/23/2004: More stories on chip cores  - C/Net
12/23/2004: NEC presents on metal-gate over high-k gate stack - Silicon Strategies
12/23/2004: Test tube transistor devised via molecular lithography - Silicon Strategies
12/23/2004: Cypress outlines low-leakage, 65-nm technology - Silicon Strategies


12/23/2004: A Taste of E-Commerce in Wine Country  - Technology Review 
12/23/2004: Microsoft sets sights on spyware  - BBC
12/23/2004: Charities find dollars on the Internet  - CNN
12/23/2004: Data swarms to speed net streaming - New Scientist

12/23/2004: What’s Next for Google  - Technology Review 
12/23/2004: Linux- Fewer Bugs Than Rivals  - Wired News
12/23/2004: Code red EU proposals could put software writers at risk of legal action  - BBC
12/23/2004: Year in review: Linux on the hot seat  - C/Net
12/23/2004: Microsoft buys Giant to attack spyware - Seattle Times

12/23/2004: Sonofusion Research Reactor Now Available from Impulse Devices - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Analysis N.M. Wants To Market Wind Power - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: China to decide on tenders for four nuclear reactors in February - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Solar Cell Teams Plastic and Carbon  - Technology Review 
12/23/2004: Tech Developing Efficient Organic Solar Cell ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Micro fuel cells sell, finally  - C/Net
12/23/2004: Sharp to bolster solar cell production
  - El. Engr. Times
Sharp sees big picture for solar outdoor lighting  - El. Engr. Times
12/23/2004: Clean power from turkey droppings?

12/23/2004: A Patch for Broken Hearts  - Wired News
12/23/2004: 'Polymeal' could slash heart attack risk - New Scientist
12/23/2004: Salt-water Minnow Research Helps Explain Human Cardiology - Science Daily
12/23/2004: Pfizer finds heart risk with Celebrex; drug in same class as Vioxx - Seattle Times

12/23/2004: Researchers discover new gene in colon cancer ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Protein 'Key' Could Aid Search For Cancer Drugs - Science Daily
12/23/2004: More Than Half Of Relapsed CLL Patients Respond To Two Biologics With Chemotherapy - Science Daily
12/23/2004: New Marrow Transplant Method Developed At Stanford May Eliminate Fatal Side Effects - Science Daily
12/23/2004: Research Studies Drug To Treat Brain Metastases - Science Daily
12/23/2004: Cell Marker Identifies Patients Who Are More Likely To Respond To Taxol - Science Daily
12/23/2004: Peptide Vaccine Can Produce Complete Remission In Myeloid Leukemia Patients
 - Science Daily

12/23/2004: Boys 'cured' with gene therapy  - BBC
12/23/2004: Study Identifies Key Aspect Of Immune Response Against HIV

12/23/2004: Have Your Say: Will the crackdown on binge drinking work?  - BBC
12/23/2004: Study Shows Haploidentical Natural Killer Cells May Provide Hope For Some Patients With AML - Science Daily

12/23/2004: Magnetic bracelets 'ease aches'  - BBC
12/23/2004: Medical News Today  - BBC
12/23/2004: More opt for late pregnancy  - BBC
12/23/2004: Farnesyl Transferase Inhibitor Can Help Patients At High-risk For Developing AML - Science Daily
12/23/2004: Researchers Set New Standard Of Care For Adult Cord Blood Transplant Patients - Science Daily
12/23/2004: Caution On Osteonecrosis With Bisphosphonates - Science Daily
12/23/2004: Accumulated Lead Exposure May Be An Important Risk Factor For Cataracts - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

12/23/2004: Bear's Lair: What's That Sucking Sound? - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Boeing GMD Team Places First Interceptor In Silo At Vandenberg Site - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Two Boeing X-45A Unmanned Jets Continue Coordinated Flights - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Analysis: Few Options On Iran - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Wireless World: Security Monitoring Grows - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Chess Conspiracy Unconvincing  - Wired News
12/23/2004: Challengers Want Ohio Vote Review  - Wired News
12/23/2004: Home-Brew IPod Ad Opens Eyes  - Wired News
12/23/2004: Joining national funds for basic research to boost life sciences in Europe ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Titan clouds seen to come and go  - BBC
12/23/2004: A doctor offers referees an excuse for those dodgy offsides  - BBC
12/23/2004: The Rival Visions of IBM and HP - Business Week
12/23/2004: With IBM system, Army hopes to crush paperwork  - C/Net
12/23/2004: Recording software and XM do a dance  - C/Net
12/23/2004: USPS service kiosks taking pictures of customers  - C/Net
12/23/2004: Clueless at Office Holiday Parties?  - C/Net
12/23/2004: The buzz about buzz marketing  - C/Net
12/23/2004: Sharing news that might be bad  - C/Net
12/23/2004: U.S. to more closely coordinate GPS policy  - CNN
12/23/2004: Stun gun video competition heats up, along with safety controversy
  - El. Engr. Times
12/23/2004: Biometric passports are 'a tall order'
  - Nature
12/23/2004: Corporate takeovers become the trend
 - Seattle Times
12/23/2004: Fannie Mae chief might lose job over SEC ruling
 - Seattle Times

12/23/2004: Lamprey May Offer Paralysis Cure  - Wired News
12/23/2004: Pacemaker stops epilepsy deaths  - BBC
12/23/2004: Unexpected deaths: A man tells how he lost his daughter and grandson to epilepsy  - BBC
12/23/2004: Why whites of eyes spell 'danger'  - BBC
12/23/2004: The fear in your eyes - MSNBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/23/2004: What Melted Quaoar, The Ice Planet? - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Solar Ultrasound Waves Discovered
 - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Cosmic Log: A nebula's twisted tale
Dunes are alive with the sand of music  - New Scientist
12/23/2004: The Platonic Form Of Stalactites
 - Science Daily


12/23/2004: Floating Robots Set Stage For Cosmic Choreography - SpaceDaily

12/23/2004: NASA Installs Main Engines On Discovery - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Into Space From The Icy-Cold Arctic
 - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: Riding In Magnetic Bubbles - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: NASA Chief O'Keefe Resigns - SpaceDaily
12/23/2004: NASA Chief Resigns  - Wired News
12/23/2004: Space scientist proposes new model for Jupiter's core ... - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Park life on Mars ...
  - CNN
12/23/2004: Cassini craft spies Saturn moon Dione - MSNBC
12/23/2004: Task force should clear shuttle for launch
 - New Scientist
12/23/2004: Panel Sees Shuttle Flights Resuming Soon
  - NY Times
12/23/2004: Science selects "Water on Mars" as breakthrough of the year
 - PhysicsWeb
12/23/2004: ESA Astronaut Goes Underwater To Test European Robotic Arm
 - Science Daily
12/23/2004: Student Satellite Almost Ready For Space
 - Science Daily
12/23/2004: 12.22.04 - Coverage of Christmas Delivery ISS NASA TV will broadcast live the arrival of the next Russian Prog ...
 - FirstScience
12/23/2004: NASA Mars Picture of the Day: Nearly-defrosted Dunes ...
 - FirstScience
12/23/2004: NASA Mars Odyssey THEMIS Image: Lava Flows and Fault In IR ...
 - FirstScience
12/23/2004: NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 22 December 2004 ...
 - FirstScience
12/23/2004: Small Asteroid Passes Between Satellites and Earth
12/23/2004: New Delta 4 Rocket Launches Succesfully in Flight Debut

12/23/2004: Survey: Sweden, Ireland and Britain Leaders in Use of Information Technology; U.S. Lags  - Technology Review 
12/23/2004: 'Bionic' dolphin fulfils dream  - CNN


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