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  December 22, 2005

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Nearby Star Smaller than Earth, Massive as Sun - Space.com  The brightest star in our sky has a companion thatís smaller than Earth yet 98 percent as massive as the Sun, a new study reveals.The companion, called Sirius B, was known to be much hotter. It is the scorching ember of a Sun-like star now called a white dwarf, and itís the nearest of its kind. It was discovered in 1862 but close scrutiny is difficult because of the glare of the primary star. White dwarfs are involved in explosions called Type Ia supernovas.     
Corrosion-Resistant Material For Bridges - SpaceDaily  Left:  Robert Frosch, an associate professor of civil engineering at Purdue, displays various types of reinforcing bars used in bridge construction. At top left are two segments of conventional steel rebar, and the remaining segments are samples of corrosion-resistant plastic bars reinforced with glass or carbon fibers. Purdue News Service photo/David Umberger. "Bridge decks generally have to be replaced every 20 or 30 years, which is very expensive, but replacing the rebar with bars made out of fiber-reinforced polymers could extend the lifetime of a deck to perhaps 50 to 100 years," Frosch said. "If we could make bridges last longer, we could do other things with the money that now has to be spent on these repairs."  As steel rebar corrodes, it causes the rebar to expand, eventually causing chunks of concrete to break away from the bridge deck. This results in driving hazards and increases the exposure of underlying bridge components to road salt, which leads to more corrosion. The salty water also causes steel bars in both the upper and bottom portions of the bridge deck to act as the negative and positive poles of a battery, respectively, increasing the rate of corrosion.   

Honda's robot ready for office chores  - C/Net  Only last year, Honda Motor's now-familiar humanoid robot, Asimo, was learning how to run and avoid tripping over obstacles. Now, the 5-year-old droid is ready to take on simple office work, greeting visitors and fetching refreshments. "Welcome, Sato-san," Asimo said, bowing deeply as per  standard.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/22/2005:†Key gene 'controls skin colour'  - BBC
12/22/2005:†S Korea expert stands by work
  - BBC
12/22/2005:†ē The Cloning Crisis Clouding Korea - Business Week
12/22/2005:†South Korean scientist denies faking cloning study  - NY Times
12/22/2005:†Stem cell pioneer wants research retracted - MSNBC
12/22/2005:†Rangers defend butterflies in Mexico - MSNBC
12/22/2005:†Fish help unlock mystery of our skin color - MSNBC
12/22/2005:†Stem-cell therapies make a comeback - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†Cloning pioneer asks to retract landmark study - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†A Cloning Scandal Rocks a Pillar of Science Publishing  - NY Times
12/22/2005:†Research Bolsters Controversial Hypothesis On Genome Size And Evolution - Science Daily
12/22/2005:†Fish Gene Sheds Light On Human Skin Color Variation - Science Daily
12/22/2005:†Rules To Target RNA Are Focus Of Research - Science Daily
12/22/2005:†New Secret To Castor Bean's Awesome Oil Revealed - Science Daily
12/22/2005:†Researchers Find Missing 'Piece Of The Pie' In Understanding Taste - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/22/2005:†The Northeast is moving south - MSNBC
12/22/2005:†Ocean floor boring ship may aid quake prediction - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†Illegal CFCs imperil the ozone layer - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†Warmer 2005 For U.S., Near-record Warmth Globally -- Hurricanes, Floods, Snow And Wildfires All Notable - Science Daily
12/22/2005:†Delivering Earth's First Comet - Science Daily

12/22/2005:†Road rave: Fast cars, high-speed chases and crime aim to lure gamers  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Senators introduce law curbing game sales to young  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Video: Gaming is 'a form of time travel'  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Ex-insider is out to shake up video games  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†The Xbox under hack attack  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Olevia LCD TV now $500  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Digital photos even a miser can enjoy
  - NY Times
12/22/2005:†Sony on track to double video game player sales
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Digital photos even a miser can enjoy
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†A look at the hot electronics this holiday season
  - CNN
12/22/2005:†Review: 'Kong' swings from movie to video game
  - CNN
12/22/2005:†A look at Nintendo's Revolution
  - CNN
12/22/2005:†iPod's Popular Earbuds: Hip Or Harmful?
 - Science Daily

12/22/2005:†Xbox 360 reaches out to mobiles
  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Practically Perfect PEBL
 - Business Week
12/22/2005:†Can Wi-Fi make itin Manhattan?
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†How a terror group cloned Ted Rogers' cell phone
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Report: Cell phone talking while driving on the rise
  - CNN
12/22/2005:†Report: Global telco sales to hit $1.2 trillion next year
  - El. Engr. Times

12/22/2005:†Intel makes its first investments from new India fund  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Stretchable Silicon Could Be Next Wave In Electronics - Science Daily

12/22/2005:†Some PowerBook customers unhappy with new screen  - C/Net

12/22/2005:†Google 'in exclusive AOL talks'  - BBC
12/22/2005:†TV comedian in 'net porn' arrest  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Online surge Will heavy demand spoil online Christmas shopping?  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Open source: Why we should not venerate or dismiss Wikipedia  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Video: Yahoo to bring RSS to the masses  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Videos Google spotlights corporate search  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Typepad leaves bloggers silent
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Yahoo mail beta gets mostly rave reviews
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Microsoft patch jams up IE
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Week in review; Swapping on the ropes
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Dasher worm gallops onto the Net
  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Semantic Web, here we come
  - C/Net

12/22/2005:†Will Apple Push "Intel Inside"? - Business Week
12/22/2005:†Microsoft patch jams up IE  - NY Times
12/22/2005:†Microsoft hands over Office XML specs to Ecma  - C/Net


12/22/2005:†Study heralds new heart treatment  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Gladstone Researchers Hone In On Differentiation Of Heart Stem Cells - Science Daily

12/22/2005:†Radiation 'key to cancer therapy'  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Pancreatic Cancer Linked To Insulin Resistance In Male Smokers - Science Daily

12/22/2005:†Tackling stigma A woman's fight in Africa against perceptions of HIV  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Lords attack UK's bird flu plans  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Survivor gene 'fights infection'  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Tests dash hopes of rapid production of bird flu vaccine - New Scientist


12/22/2005:†Vitamin D 'key for healthy lungs'  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Have Your Say: What's behind the trend for older mothers?  - BBC
12/22/2005:†PMS pioneer The doctor whose work helped millions of pre-menstrual women  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Thirties 'peak time for babies'  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Know your limitsWill you be drinking too much over Christmas?  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Womb quality linked to cot death  - Nature
12/22/2005:†Women who struggle to conceive more likely to have sons - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†Our bodies as we have never seen them before - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†A Spoonful Of Sugar Makes Some Kids Feel Good
 - Science Daily
12/22/2005:†Boys More Likely When Pregnancy Takes Longer
 - Science Daily
12/22/2005:†Household Cleaners Effectively Remove Lead-laden Dust
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/22/2005:†Dino discovery 'overturns wisdom'  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Ancient civilization unearthed in Syria - MSNBC
12/22/2005:†Judges question evolution sticker ruling - MSNBC
12/22/2005:†Ancient citadel shows scars of mass warfare - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†Remote and Poked, Anthropology's Dream Tribe  - NY Times
12/22/2005:†Earliest Evidence For Large Scale Organized Warfare In The Mesopotamian World - Science Daily

12/22/2005:†Swiss hospital to allow suicide  - BBC
12/22/2005:†ē India's Looming IT Labor Shortage - Business Week
12/22/2005:†Insecurity over ID theft  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Japan's prime minister drives a Segway  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Year in review: Big appetites in the software biz  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Photos: JibJab look at Bush's '2-0-5'  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Year in review: New media takes center stage  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Unlikely trendsetter made earphones a way of life  - NY Times
12/22/2005:†Is Commodore poised for a comeback?  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Photos: A look back at Commodore  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Industry execs meet with Cheney to promote research agenda  - El. Engr. Times
12/22/2005:†Nokia to open network center in India  - El. Engr. Times
12/22/2005:†Proletarian Science  - NY Times
12/22/2005:†Mistletoe Plays Halloween Trick On Christmas Tree - Science Daily

12/22/2005:†What Can Change In The Brain? Electrical Synapses, Research Shows - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/22/2005:†Nearby Star Smaller than Earth, Massive as Sun - Space.com
12/22/2005:†Cosmic Log: Find your star
12/22/2005:†Observatory spots galaxy's most energetic gamma rays
 - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†Milky Way feels tug of largest mass in the universe
 - New Scientist
12/22/2005:†Hubble reveals dark-matter details
 - PhysicsWeb

12/22/2005:†How brainpower can help you cheat old age - New Scientist

12/22/2005:†Honda's robot ready for office chores   - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Photos: Sony robot has eyes for you  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Robot keeps a third eye on things  - CNN
12/22/2005:†Asimo, Qrio robots evolve
  - El. Engr. Times
12/22/2005:†'Mighty Mouse' Robot Frees Stuck Radiation Source
 - Science Daily

12/22/2005:†NASA plans to remove troublesome shuttle foam - New Scientist


12/22/2005:†Corrosion-Resistant Material For Bridges - SpaceDaily
12/22/2005:†Ramp creates power as cars pass  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Japan's PM turns up to work on his Segway  - BBC
12/22/2005:†Theater owners think digital  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Video: Shedding light on Flickr  - C/Net
12/22/2005:†Micro lab makes cheap PET scan ingredient  - Nature


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