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  December 22, 2004

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Life-Swapping Scenarios for Earth and Mars - SpaceDaily  Could Mars be a domain for both microbes flung off Earth due to asteroid and comet impacts, as well as a planet where a "second genesis" might have also occurred? "If life was transferred between the planets, then Martian life, past and present, should have similar characteristics to early Earth life," Blank said. "On the other hand, if there was a second genesis, then life on Mars should be very different than life on Earth, and may in fact be quite difficult to detect or even recognize as life…particularly if it has gone extinct!"      
Evergreen Unveils Thin Wafer Breakthrough For String Ribbon Solar Tech - SpaceDaily  Evergreen Solar has announced a major advance in the development of its String Ribbon manufacturing process that has the potential to produce silicon wafers thinner than 150 microns. "The yield from the pilot quantities of our thin wafers processed into solar cells and assembled into complete panels has been encouraging. As a result, we will methodically scale our pilot operations and debug our wafer, cell and panel manufacturing processes for thin ribbons. Based on our preliminary work to date, we would expect to be able to achieve production status by the end of 2005.     

Green Mountain Introduces New Price Point For "Pollution Free" Power - SpaceDaily  Green Mountain Energy Company, one of the nation's leading residential providers of cleaner electricity, announced today its introduction of a new product for Texas residential customers - Pollution Freeelectricity from Green Mountain Energy Company. 
Residential customers in Texas' competitive markets can now purchase clean, affordable electricity at no additional cost over the price charged by their local electric utility. 100% Wind electricity from Green Mountain Energy Company is priced at a variable rate that will be about $10 more per month for the average Texan.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/22/2004: VA Research Explains Alzheimer's Link To Diabetes; Shows Protective Effect Of Low-fat Diet - Science Daily

12/22/2004: Precious baby: A spiny turtle hatchling offers new hope to endangered species  - BBC
12/22/2004: Big bird brain Sparrow songs could help unlock how we learn languages
  - BBC
12/22/2004: The gene with your life in its hands - New Scientist
12/22/2004: Scientists Discover Key Egg Enzyme For Blocking Sperm Entry After Fertilization - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Differences In Gene Usage Dramatically Change Bacteria's 'Lifestyles' - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Prediction Of Gene Function In Mammals - Science Daily
12/22/2004: UCSD Biologists Identify Gene In Corn Plants That May Have Paved Way For Development Of Maize - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/22/2004: UK rejects North Sea fishing plan  - BBC
12/22/2004: Are you a polluter: Test your knowledge of everyday eco-hazards with our quiz  - BBC
12/22/2004: Green check from crab urine  - BBC
12/22/2004: It's not easy going green  - BBC
12/22/2004: Climate change - New Scientist
12/22/2004: Columbia Team Shows How Stratospheric Conditions Affect Weather - Science Daily
12/22/2004: The Ecology Of Fear: Wolves Gone, Western Ecosystems Suffer - Science Daily
12/22/2004: All Earth Wants For Christmas? A Sock For Its Coal - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Stanford Biologist Working To Restore Native Forests To Hawaii - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Argo Robotic Instrument Network Now Covers Most Of The Globe - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Exploring Ocean Life And Color On The Internet - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Leading New Zealand researcher says no need for panic over iceberg - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Environmental Law education workshop currently underway in Bindura ... - FirstScience
12/22/2004: EU Wants More Mandatory Emissions Cuts After Kyoto ... - ABC
12/22/2004: WRI Unveils New Greenhouse Gas Data and Analysis Tools ... - FirstScience
12/22/2004: Pick-ups, light trucks main culprits of air pollution ... - FirstScience
12/22/2004: Mining in Dhauladhar mountains worries environmentalists ... - FirstScience
12/22/2004: Italy blow to Kyoto treaty ... - FirstScience
12/22/2004: Microbe's genome reveals insights into ocean ecology ...
 - FirstScience

12/22/2004: Nintendo adds media player to DS  - BBC
12/22/2004: Brando's Godfather role to be reprised in a video game  - BBC
12/22/2004: Game ratings: U is for unheeded  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Another Viewtiful Day  - Wired News

12/22/2004: Speed up your web: Want broadband? Use the iCan guide to help you get there
  - BBC:
12/22/2004: FCC vote may put wireless in jetliners
  - CNN
12/22/2004: Web access on jets may grow
 - Seattle Times
12/22/2004: Phone rates may rise because of FCC vote
 - Seattle Times
12/22/2004: Connecting With Cell Users
  - Wired News

12/22/2004: Intel 65-nm process moves forward  - El. Engr. Times
12/22/2004: ST has full 65-nm IC, offers 65-nm design platform  - El. Engr. Times

12/22/2004: Inside the Mac revolution  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Making big iron from lots of little iron  - C/Net

12/22/2004: Misplaced trust: E-mail always gives up its secrets, so workers are finding new ways  - BBC
12/22/2004: Virus poses as Christmas e-mail  - BBC
12/22/2004: Net shopping's blue Christmas  - C/Net
12/22/2004: I was fired for blogging  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Blinkx unveils video search engine  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Images: Blinkx eyes video search  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Blogging begets books
  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Bin Laden tape posted on Web
  - C/Net
New CD copy-lock technology nears market  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Two Domain Names Get Preliminary OK
  - Technology Review
12/22/2004: P2P Battle Reaches FTC
  - Wired News

12/22/2004: Sprint-Nextel: First Marital Tiff  - Wired News

12/22/2004: Evergreen Unveils Thin Wafer Breakthrough For String Ribbon Solar Tech - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Green Mountain Introduces New Price Point For "Pollution Free" Power - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Wearable Cheap Solar Panel ... - FirstScience

12/22/2004: Penn Epidemiological Study Shows Difference In Cardiovascular Effects Between Vioxx And Celebrex - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Newborns With Heart Defect Have Low Blood Flow In Brain Before Surgery - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Stem Cells Of Limited Use For Cardiac Muscle Repair - Science Daily

12/22/2004: Green Tea Polyphenols Thwart Prostate Cancer Development At Multiple Levels - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Helps Detect Breast Cancer But Does Not Eliminate Need For Biopsy - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Research Shows Existing Diabetes Drugs May Kill Multiple Myeloma - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Protein Delivered Via Genetically Engineered Virus Slowed Glioblasoma Multiforme Growth - Science Daily
12/22/2004: New Drug Sidesteps Gleevec Resistance In Human Trials - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Killer Cells May Provide Hope For Leukemia - Science Daily


12/22/2004: Peering through the tobacco smokescreen - New Scientist

12/22/2004: Health advice 'through your TV'  - BBC
12/22/2004: Tories pledge free long-term care  - BBC
12/22/2004: Liver damage trials break new ground - New Scientist
12/22/2004: The gene with your life in its hands - New Scientist
12/22/2004: Editorial: Drug trials should be out in the open - New Scientist
12/22/2004: Transplanted Bone Marrow Cells Reduce Liver Fibrosis In Mice - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Scientists First To Grow Common Cause Of Food Poisoning In The Lab - Science Daily
12/22/2004: First-ever Safety Study Of Medical Cannabis Use In Canada Launched - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Higher Incidence Of Rejection Following Early Steroid Withdrawal
 - Science Daily 

History, Anthropology:
12/22/2004: Life-Swapping Scenarios for Earth and Mars - SpaceDaily

12/22/2004: Analysis: China's Growing Business Edge - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Islamic diet: Non-profit website helps Muslims find and rate halal  - BBC restaurants
12/22/2004: White House wants plans for GPS shutdown  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Yahoo maps offer live U.S. traffic conditions  - C/Net
12/22/2004: Bush plans for shutdown of GPS network during crisis  - CNN
12/22/2004: Missile Defense Test Aborted - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Successful Flight Test Of Initial NLV Development Vehicle - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: China Will Upgrade Weapons Technology If EU Lifts Arms Embargo - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Corporate, Academic Leaders Recommend Business, Social Changes  - Technology Review
12/22/2004: Turning the Holidays Green  - Wired News
12/22/2004: Media Wish List for 2005  - Wired News
12/22/2004: Prepping to Pull the Plug on GPS  - Wired News
12/22/2004: Union of Concerned Scientists- Food Supply Vulnerable to Contamination by Drugs and Plastics from Gene-Altered ... - FirstScience
12/22/2004: 'CERN-Pakistan technological ties to expand' ... - FirstScience


Physics and Astronomy:
12/22/2004: The first evidence for string theory? - New Scientist
12/22/2004: The beautiful mind returns
 - New Scientist
Molecular Chains Line Up To Form Protopolymer  - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Earth's Safe Zone Became Hot Zone During Legendary Solar Storms
 - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: News: Researchers call for more materials science in school ...
 - FirstScience
12/22/2004: Hall-effect evolution across a heavy-fermion quantum critical point ...
 - FirstScience
12/22/2004: Lensless imaging of magnetic nanostructures by X-ray spectro-holography ...
 - FirstScience
12/22/2004: A New Twist on an Old Nebula ...
 - FirstScience


12/22/2004: Bipedal robot learns to run - New Scientist
12/22/2004: Scientist claims he's developed robot 'genes' ... - FirstScience

12/22/2004: Missile team homes in on the Moon  - BBC
12/22/2004: Giant Mars rover will search for life
 - New Scientist
12/22/2004: Purdue Method To Help Engineers Design Systems For Mars, Moon Missions - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Shenzhou: Eye in the Sky
 - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Milestone For Australian Satellite As Space Effort Hits Wall
 - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: China Builds "Small Satellite" Engineering Center
 - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: - China will launch more spacecrafts next year ...
 - FirstScience
12/22/2004: Scientists to Help NASA Build Instruments ...
 - Washington Post
12/22/2004: NASA's Mars rover to carry Russian devices in 2009 ...
 - FirstScience
12/22/2004: Titan probe gets early alarm call
  - BBC
12/22/2004: Space Station May Be Visible Over Holidays
  - NY Times
12/22/2004: ESA's Huygens Probe Set To Detach From Cassini Orbiter
 - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: Progress Supply Ship Set To Leave Station For Ocean Disposal
 - SpaceDaily
12/22/2004: In-Orbit Validation Contract: A Further Step Forward For Galileo
 - SpaceDaily

12/22/2004: Fast lifts rise into record books  - BBC
12/22/2004: Buckets of bacteria may grow optical computers - New Scientist
12/22/2004: Do you take metal? - New Scientist
12/22/2004: Carbon Nanotubes Yield A New Class Of Biological Sensors - Science Daily
12/22/2004: Coated Nanotubes Make Biosensors  - Technology Review
12/22/2004: Race for the Ultimate Car Hacks  - Technology Review
12/22/2004: Give Your Home a Brain for X-mas
  - Wired News


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