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  December 20, 2005

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Team Maps Dark Matter In Startling Detail - SpaceDaily  Left:  On the top is an ACS image that shows the lensed galaxy elongated vertically by gravity. However, when the same galaxy is observed with the Very Large Telescope (VLT) at Cerro Paranal, we only see a small blob indicating no hints of lensing (below). The shape information has been destroyed by the atmospheric turbulence even if it is much weaker there than at the sea level.  "Advances in computer technology now allow us to simulate the entire universe and to follow the coalescence of matter into stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies and enormously long filaments of matter from the first hundred thousand years to the present," Jee said. "However, it is very challenging to verify the simulation results observationally, because dark matter does not emit light." "The images we took show clearly that the cluster galaxies are located at the densest regions of the dark matter haloes, which are rendered in purple in our images," Jee said  Dark matter presents one of the most puzzling problems in modern cosmology. Invisible, yet undoubtedly there scientists can measure its effects its exact characteristics remain elusive. Previous attempts to map dark matter in detail with ground-based telescopes were handicapped by turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere, which blurred the resulting images. The clumped structure of dark matter around the cluster galaxies is consistent with the current belief that dark matter particles are "collision-less," Jee said. Unlike normal matter particles, physicists believe, they do not collide and scatter like billiard balls but rather simply pass through each other. 
Portugal Turns To Renewables To Reduce Oil Dependence - SpaceDaily   Left: The clumped structure of dark matter around the cluster galaxies is consistent with the current belief that dark matter particles are "collision-less," Jee said. Unlike normal matter particles, physicists believe, they do not collide and scatter like billiard balls but rather simply pass through each other.  Portugal is turning to wind, wave and solar power to reduce its huge dependence on oil imports and meet its international commitments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The world's first commercial wave power plant is set to begin operating off Portugal's northern coast in 2006 while work on the world's biggest solar power station will begin in the sunny south of the country next year.    

Walker's World: A 4x4 coalition emerging? - SpaceDaily  The Bush Administration is quietly seeking to build with Britain, Japan and India a globe-spanning coalition system that can contain China, claims a leading neo-conservative thinker. In a new essay just published by the AEI, titled "The Big Four Alliance: The New Bush Strategy," Donnelly says that "far from maintaining a unilateralist approach to American security," the Bush administration has been forging a strategic partnership structure that can help to manage the rise of China, while also buttressing the liberal international order of free trade, free markets and expanded democracy.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/20/2005:How brainpower can delay the onset of Alzheimer's - New Scientist
12/20/2005:Testosterone Therapy May Help Elderly Men With Mild Alzheimer's Disease
 - Science Daily

12/20/2005:Marine Biology Mystery Solved: Function Of 'Unicorn' Whale's 8-foot Tooth Discovered - Science Daily
12/20/2005:Adult stem cells 'fusion hope'
  - BBC
12/20/2005:'Fish with chips' reveal ocean migration routes  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Rising doubts surround cloning claims - MSNBC
12/20/2005:Stem-cell scientist asks for retraction  - Nature
12/20/2005:Broody squid carry their eggs in their arms - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
12/20/2005:EPA Goes Ahead with Plan To Test Apartments for World Trade Center Dust ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:No Room at Cemetery, so Mayor Proposes a Ban on Death ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Environmentalists To Appeal U.S. Border Fence Ruling ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Research Project Reveals Industrial Pollution Inequities ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:EPA Would Ease Pollution Reporting Rules ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Eco-friendly guidelines to develop city green houses ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Operation Noah Welcomes Climate Change Agreement ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:A Computational Fluid Dynamics solution of oil spill problems ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:G.O.P. May Harness Arctic Drilling to Pentagon Budget  - NY Times

12/20/2005:King Kong Is Way Long  - Wired News
12/20/2005:Hackers take step towards breaking Xbox 360 anti-piracy system  - BBC
12/20/2005: The Game Console Transition - Business Week
12/20/2005:Digital photo printer for $13.49  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Some gift ideas for iPods and other MP3 players  - CNN

12/20/2005:FCC chief backs Net phone taxes
  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Hacker takes out Russian TV station
  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Next-gen Wi-Fi could appear by late '06
  - El. Engr. Times

12/20/2005:Intel Inside Living Rooms  - Technology Review 
12/20/2005:Smaller Is Better: Silicon-germanium Microchips May Herald New Applications From Radar To Space Exploration - Science Daily

12/20/2005:HP's Middling Low-Price Laptop - Business Week

12/20/2005:Growing Pains Hit Google  - Wired News
12/20/2005:Wikipedia survives research test  - BBC
12/20/2005:At Stake: The NetAs We Know It: Google et al fear broadband carriers will tie up traffic with new tolls and controls. It could mean a world of Internet haves and have-nots - Business Week
12/20/2005: A Vote of Confidence in Wikipedia - Business Week
12/20/2005:Google whistles a new tune  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Google home pages get even more personal  - C/Net
12/20/2005:What's holding back online medical data?
  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Wikipedia gets things right
  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Web site lets kids swap toys
  - CNN
12/20/2005:Internet encyclopaedias go head to head
  - Nature

12/20/2005: Microsoft's New Beat - Business Week
12/20/2005:Kazaa owners may face time in jail  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Microsoft warns of critical Windows flaw
12/20/2005:Online security  - CNN

12/20/2005:Portugal Turns To Renewables To Reduce Oil Dependence - SpaceDaily
12/20/2005:ROOFTOP wind turbines and solar panels are among the renewable energy measures set to become a standard part o ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Calif. Regulators Unveil Solar Power Plan ... - L. A. Times
12/20/2005:The Hydrogen Gold Rush Is On  - Wired News
12/20/2005:Congress May Block Plan for a Wind Farm in Nantucket Sound  - NY Times


12/20/2005:Mayo Clinic Reports Some Chronic Leukemia Patients May Improve By Taking An Extract Of Green Tea - Science Daily
12/20/2005:Genomic War on Cancer  - Technology Review 
12/20/2005:High Intake Of Dietary Fiber Not Associated With Reduced Risk Of Colorectal Cancer - Science Daily
12/20/2005:NIH Launches Comprehensive Effort To Explore Cancer Genomics: The Cancer Genome Atlas Begins With Three-Year, 0 Million Pilot - Science Daily

12/20/2005:Badger culls among anti-TB plans  - BBC
12/20/2005:Expert warning over UK flu plans  - BBC
12/20/2005:Progress made on bird flu vaccine  - BBC
12/20/2005:To cull or not to cull  - Nature
12/20/2005:Badger culls don't solve TB problem - New Scientist
12/20/2005:South African Geraniums Effective In Treatment Of Adults With Acute Bronchitis - Science Daily
12/20/2005:Sea Urchins' Unexpectedly Diverse 'Innate' Immune Capability Points To New Research Avenue
 - Science Daily


12/20/2005:Bone Quality Regulator Identified, Suggests Drug Target - Science Daily
12/20/2005:Seasonal cheer: Is there anything you can do to prevent a hangover?  - BBC
12/20/2005:Bloggers pained by new carpal tunnel report  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Chicago Scientists Find Potential Cause Of Breathing Problems In Rett Syndrome Children

History, Anthropology:
12/20/2005:Ancient Humans Brought Bottle Gourds To The Americas From Asia - Science Daily
12/20/2005:Tools unlock secrets of early man  - BBC
12/20/2005:Bones reveal first shoe-wearers  - BBC
12/20/2005:Digging into the brain  - BBC
12/20/2005:Geneticists find link to brain evolution - MSNBC
12/20/2005:Georgia evolution case is back in court - MSNBC
12/20/2005:Humans moved north surprisingly early
12/20/2005:Did humans colonise north Europe earlier than thought?
 - New Scientist

12/20/2005:Walker's World: A 4x4 coalition emerging? - SpaceDaily
12/20/2005:Help me, Lay pleads to ex-Enron employees - Seattle Times
12/20/2005:Fed hints increases may be near end - Seattle Times
12/20/2005:Fliers Can Brave Delivery Biz  - Wired News
12/20/2005:Can State Ignore Its E-Vote Law?  - Wired News
12/20/2005:Biking the Mississippi  - Wired News
12/20/2005:CEO Quits Embattled Diebold  - Wired News
12/20/2005:Promoting Sex as God Intended  - Wired News
12/20/2005:Aprilia Launches 2006 Scooters  - Wired News
12/20/2005:Bargains abroad: How foreign shoppers are loading up at US discount malls  - BBC
12/20/2005:Big battles for big talent  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Down to the wire on the Patriot Act  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Google ads on PBS  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Slick pirate or foolish victim?  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Why India is attracting U.S. skills and money  - C/Net
12/20/2005:It's still 'employer's market' for jobs  - El. Engr. Times
12/20/2005:Norwegian children's not-so-mad scientists  - Nature
12/20/2005:Neural network sorts the blockbusters from the flops - New Scientist
12/20/2005:DuPont to Pay $16.5 Million for Unreported Risks  - NY Times

12/20/2005:Evidence Links Cocaine Abuse And Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/20/2005:Spitzer Finds More than 100 New Star Clusters ... - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Sirius' White Dwarf Companion Weighed by Hubble ...
 - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Detailed Dark Matter Maps ...
 - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Secrets of stars (video): Experts study images from Hubble telescope
  - BBC
12/20/2005:Fluids mix in reverse
 - PhysicsWeb
12/20/2005:Astronomers Use Hubble To 'Weigh' Dog Star's Companion
 - Science Daily
12/20/2005:Physicists Find Evidence For Highest Energy Photons Ever Detected From Milky Way's Equator
 - Science Daily

12/20/2005:Technology For Successful Aging Shown At White House Conference - Science Daily
12/20/2005:Zeroing In On Progeria: How Mutant Lamins Cause Premature Aging
 - Science Daily

12/20/2005:Sea-faring robots: Can robotic patrol boats safeguard the seas from piracy?  - BBC

12/20/2005:Team Maps Dark Matter In Startling Detail - SpaceDaily
12/20/2005:Asteroid Probe Yields Insight For Planetary Defense
 - Space.com
12/20/2005:Buffy threatens to slay old theories of how the solar system was formed ...
 - FirstScience
12/20/2005:New Plasma Thruster Promises Faster Spacecraft ...
 - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Strange Bulge in Saturn's Rings ...
 - FirstScience
12/20/2005:Cosmic Log: Contact the space station - MSNBC
12/20/2005:Space 'spiders' could build solar satellites
 - New Scientist
12/20/2005:Return of asteroid probe delayed by years
 - New Scientist
12/20/2005:UC Santa Barbara Researcher Tapped By Europeans For Design Of Instrument To Test Soil On Mars
 - Science Daily

12/20/2005:Looking for an edge in high definition  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Sun: Open Document Format needed to prevent 'corporate Alzheimer's'  - C/Net
12/20/2005:Can computers predict box-office bombs?


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