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  December 20, 2004

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Missing Link Spotted in Planet Formation -  For several years scientists have been detecting planets around mature stars and, separately, imaging dust disks around younger stars. A strong theory has developed that planets form from these disks of material that are leftovers of the star formation process. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected dust disks around mature, Sun-like stars known to have planets.     
Pakistan Conducts Second Test Of Nuclear-Capable Missile In 10 Days - SpaceDaily  Pakistan on Wednesday test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead but insisted it was not sending a signal to India amid continuing peace moves with its regional rival. The Hatf-IV (Shaheen-1) missile, which can hit targets up to 700 kilometers (437 miles) away, was launched from an undisclosed location, a military spokesman told AFP. The test was Pakistan's sixth this year and the second in 10 days. Pakistan and India, who carried out tit-for-tat nuclear detonations in 1998, both conduct regular missile launches. Foreign office spokesman Masood Khan said the test was not meant to send any message to India. The two countries are engaged in a peace dialogue aimed at resolving all issues including the disputed Himalayan state of Kashmir.   

Injectable Gel Could Quickly Repair Cartilage - SpaceDaily  The technique uses the patient's own cartilage-producing cells. When the liquid mixture is injected into areas where cartilage is torn, such as a knee joint, the material hardens into a gel upon exposure to ultraviolet light, leaving the transplanted cells in place so they can grow new cartilage where it is needed. Torn cartilage is an extremely painful, hard-to-heal injury, particularly since cartilage does not regenerate on its own. When the liquid mixture is injected into areas where cartilage is torn, such as a knee joint, the material hardens into a gel upon exposure to ultraviolet light, leaving the transplanted cells in place so they can grow new cartilage where it is needed. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/20/2004: New Pheromone Creates Buzz About The Clout Of Older Bees - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Sharks respond to magnetic lines
  - BBC
12/20/2004: 'Nano-needle' operates on cell  - BBC
12/20/2004: Stem cell debate: Messing with life, or a medical revolution?  - BBC
12/20/2004: Penguins face starvation threat  - BBC
12/20/2004: Polar iceberg putting penguins in peril - MSNBC
12/20/2004: New angle on ants' scents of direction - New Scientist
12/20/2004: Birds, Butterflies, Bacteria- Same Law Of Biology Appears To Apply - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Research Team Discovers First Evidence Of Microbes Living In A Rock Glacier - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Good Results With Only One Egg In In-vitro Fertilization - Science Daily
12/20/2004: USC-led Team Of Scientists Recreates DNA-mending Pathway In Test-tube - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/20/2004: Scientists Discover How Rate Of Tectonic Plate Separation Controls Geologic Processes - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Taking on Goliath Durban's poor challenge oil giants over air pollution  - BBC
12/20/2004: Lost in the detail: UN climate talks descend into debate on protocol  - BBC
12/20/2004: Making waves: Hotel plan prompts row in mangrove forest in Bengal basin  - BBC
12/20/2004: Europe heatwaves 'soon routine'  - BBC
12/20/2004: Spring coming earlier than it used to - MSNBC
12/20/2004: U.N. scientist: ‘No question’ on warming - MSNBC
12/20/2004: Can China avoid a car culture wreck? - MSNBC
12/20/2004: Eskimos Seek to Recast Global Warming as a Rights Issue  - NY Times
12/20/2004: Water Contract Renewals Stir Debate Between Environmentalists and Farmers in California  - NY Times

12/20/2004: Lab to study emotion of gaming  - BBC
12/20/2004: A world of hurt  - C/Net
12/20/2004: 'Grand Theft Auto:' game of the year  - CNN

12/20/2004: Cornice wins disk-drive design-in with Samsung phone
 - Silicon Strategies
12/20/2004: Ban to be lifted: Apparently, it is fine to use mobile phones while flying after all
  - BBC
12/20/2004: Wi-fi lifeline: How the web is helping thousands of farmers in Peru
  - BBC
12/20/2004: Road Runner picks up speed
  - C/Net
12/20/2004: E-mail hoax sparks 'Do Not Call' stampede
  - C/Net
12/20/2004: Sprint, Nextel confirm plans for $35 billion merger
  - El. Engr. Times

12/20/2004: Infineon touts scalability of trench DRAM to 70-nm - Silicon Strategies
12/20/2004: Samsung devises 'd-finFET' for next-gen DRAMs - Silicon Strategies
12/20/2004: New Toshiba hard drive uses perpendicular technology  - El. Engr. Times
12/20/2004: Microchip Industry Strives To Perfect Its Timing - Science Daily

12/20/2004: PC ownership to 'double by 2010'  - BBC
12/20/2004: Photos: The art of being a Mac fan  - C/Net

12/20/2004: MSN unveils search software - Seattle Times
12/20/2004: Your Online Paperboy - Business Week
12/20/2004: Snub the Web at Your Peril - Business Week
12/20/2004: Can Online Betting Change Its Luck? - Business Week
12/20/2004: "American Citizens Want to Gamble on the Internet" - Business Week
12/20/2004: Antispam law ruled unconstitutional  - C/Net
12/20/2004: The Internet's biggest foe
  - C/Net
12/20/2004: Firefox ad readied as market share increases
  - C/Net
12/20/2004: Desktop search 'a likely target for malware'
  - C/Net
12/20/2004: E-mail 'worm' spreads holiday jeers
  - CNN
12/20/2004: Homeowner takes holiday light display online
  - CNN
12/20/2004: Virtual island sells for $26,500 in cyber assets
 - New Scientist
12/20/2004: Google borrows books from leading libraries
 - New Scientist

12/20/2004: Microsoft's alpha tester  - C/Net
12/20/2004: FTC focuses on file swapping  - C/Net
12/20/2004: BitTorrent raids reach Finland  - C/Net

12/20/2004: China aims to quadruple nuclear power - MSNBC
12/20/2004: For better or worse, China is stuck on coal - MSNBC
12/20/2004: Pliable solar cells are on a roll - New Scientist

12/20/2004: Beating heart tissue grown in lab  - BBC

12/20/2004: Study Finds Continued Reduction In Breast Cancer Incidence Associated With Longer Use Of Raloxifene - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Molecular Tailoring Of Chemotherapy With Novel Imaging Techniques - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Molecular Test Can Predict Both The Risk Of Breast Cancer Recurrence And Who Will Benefit From Chemotherapy - Science Daily

12/20/2004: New weapon in MRSA war  - BBC
12/20/2004: SARS vaccine trial spotlights continued peril  - Nature
12/20/2004: Broad-based Vaccination Of Wild Mice Could Help Reduce Lyme Disease Risk In Humans - Science Daily
12/20/2004: First U.S. SARS Vaccine Trial Opens At NIH - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Scientists Create New Vaccine For Wildlife Rabies - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Low Platelet Counts Linked To Decreased Survival In HIV-infected Women - Science Daily

12/20/2004: Risky behaviour: How to cope if your kids start experimenting with drugs and alcohol  - BBC

12/20/2004: Injectable Gel Could Quickly Repair Cartilage - SpaceDaily 
12/20/2004: Caesarean 'low birth risk link'  - BBC
12/20/2004: Blair pledge on 'euthanasia' bill  - BBC
12/20/2004: Fake cigarettes 'more hazardous'  - BBC
12/20/2004: 'Euthanasia' rebellion defeated  - BBC
12/20/2004: Liver damage trials break new ground - New Scientist
12/20/2004: New Study Links Lead Exposure With Increased Risk Of Cataract - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Multi-center Study Finds Therapy Boosts Kidney Transplants In 'Highly Sensitized' Patients - Science Daily
12/20/2004:Prevalence Of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Varies By Ethnicity 
 - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Bone Marrow Fat May Indicate Bone Weakening
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/20/2004: Grave robbers ransack Holy Land history - MSNBC
12/20/2004: Mystery of 'chirping' pyramid decoded  - Nature
12/20/2004: The curious bones of Peru's gentle giants - New Scientist

12/20/2004: Pakistan Conducts Second Test Of Nuclear-Capable Missile In 10 Days - SpaceDaily
12/20/2004: China to impose textile-export tax - Seattle Times
12/20/2004: Modest rate increase likely from Fed today - Seattle Times
12/20/2004: SUV write-offs ending for small-business owners - Seattle Times
12/20/2004: Singapore heads school test table  - BBC
12/20/2004: Missile defence shield test fails  - BBC
12/20/2004: Shoppers 'wary' of chip and pin  - BBC
12/20/2004: Stormtrooper helmet from Star Wars under the hammer  - BBC
12/20/2004: Nextel and Sprint: The Big Little Guy - Business Week
12/20/2004: Bright Ideas for Boosting Innovation - Business Week
12/20/2004: Investing: Less Guts, More Glory - Business Week
12/20/2004: Wal-Mart goes for gadgets  - C/Net
12/20/2004: Photos: How iLo can you go?  - C/Net
12/20/2004: Australian police get go-ahead on spyware  - C/Net
12/20/2004: Skipping school  - CNN
12/20/2004: Welcome to Unpleasanton  - C/Net
12/20/2004: Did computer cheat in Kasparov showdown?  - Wired News
12/20/2004: Wanted- Professional 'wingman' to help score digits  - CNN
12/20/2004: ACLU sues over ‘intelligent design’ in Pa. - MSNBC
12/20/2004: U.S. makes slim gains in science, math
12/20/2004: Cosmic Log: Near space gets nearer

12/20/2004: Slip Of The Tongue: Word Substitution Mistakes Have More To Do With - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Brain-mapping project releases first data - MSNBC
12/20/2004: Brain Activity Reflects Complexity Of Responses To Other-race Faces - Science Daily
12/20/2004: UCLA Neuroscientist Gains Insights Into Human Brain From Study Of Marine Snail - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/20/2004: Beware! Sand in this physics lab may eat you alive  - C/Net


12/20/2004: Honda robot applies for 9-to-5 job  - C/Net
12/20/2004: Photos- Run, Asimo, run  - C/Net

12/20/2004: Missing Link Spotted in Planet Formation -
12/20/2004: INEEL And NASA Launch UAVS To Evaluate Earthbound Missions
 - Science Daily
12/20/2004: Comet mission set for 2005 launch  - BBC
12/20/2004: NASA to fire projectile into comet  - C/Net
12/20/2004: China plans big network of small satellites
12/20/2004: Astronomers ready for comet-smashing mission
12/20/2004: Space no place for cheap satellites
 - New Scientist
12/20/2004: Comet smasher's launch plan announced
 - New Scientist
12/20/2004: Mars Rovers Spot Water-Clue Mineral, Frost, Clouds
 - Science Daily

12/20/2004: Steel in the sky:France's iconic new bridge seems to defy the laws of gravity  - BBC
12/20/2004: If you want top quality photos print them at home, say experts  - BBC
12/20/2004: Anthropologists to beat gadget rage - New Scientist
12/20/2004: Red blood cells are go! - PhysicsWeb
12/20/2004: Identifying Top Quality CD And DVD Media For Archiving - Science Daily


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