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  December 2, 2005

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Swimming competition Tiny swimmer makes a splash - PhysicsWeb   Left:  Swimming competition  Physicists in Israel have designed a tiny swimming robot that could help to answer fundamental questions in biology and may also have applications in medical nanotechnology. The "micro-swimmer" also outperforms, in theory, other man-made swimmers and simple biological organisms (New Journal of Physics 7 234).  
SpaceDev Orders SpaceX Falcon Launch Vehicle - SpaceDaily  SpaceDev has signed a contract with SpaceX to purchase specified launch services on a Falcon I launch vehicle. The launch vehicle is planned for multiple primary microsatellite payloads and multiple secondary nanosatellite payloads produced by SpaceDev or other suppliers. SpaceDev has tentatively scheduled the first launch for May 2008, with additional optional launches to follow. "SpaceDev considers the Falcon I launch vehicle, which is capable of delivering more than 600kg (1300 pounds) to low earth orbit, to be one of the most cost-effective ($4,500 per pound) domestic launch vehicles currently available. SpaceDev's success in obtaining contracts to develop microsats and to conduct feasibility studies for multiple microsats and nanosats, as well as research commissioned by the California Space Authority, indicate that the demand for SpaceDev's type of low cost high performance space vehicles is increasing."   

Bush Aide Hints At US Targets On Greenhouse Gas Emissions - SpaceDaily  US President George W. Bush's top environmental adviser hinted Tuesday that Washington could be ready to agree to voluntary targets on greenhouse gas emissions. "I don't discount targets, I don't discount voluntary partnership measures," James Connaughton told BBC radio during a visit to London ahead of a major UN environmental conference in Montreal that opens next Monday. Connaughton said his view reflected a shift by other members of the Group of Eight leading industrialized nations, rather than a U-turn by the United States which never adopted the Kyoto protocol on limiting greenhouse gas emissions.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/2/2005: South Korea Supports Cloner  - Wired News
12/2/2005: Scientists Link Genetic Pathway to Development of Hearing ...
 - FirstScience
12/2/2005: Panda cub takes Washington by storm - MSNBC
12/2/2005: Males can drive species decline  - Nature
12/2/2005: Secrets of bee flight revealed - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
12/2/2005: Bush Aide Hints At US Targets On Greenhouse Gas Emissions - SpaceDaily 
12/2/2005: Water Shortage Socks North Carolina  - Wired News
12/2/2005: U.N. Climate Conference to Open in Canada ... - L. A. Times
12/2/2005: Action urged on illegal timber ... - L. A. Times
12/2/2005: Poachers could turn coral atolls into a marine desert ... - FirstScience
12/2/2005: CO2: This time it's personal  - BBC
12/2/2005: Sands of time: The Kalahari desert is expanding (Video)  - BBC
12/2/2005: Summit seeks climate solutions  - BBC
12/2/2005: Climate meeting to discuss 'son of Kyoto' - New Scientist
12/2/2005: Hurricane season refuses to blow over - New Scientist

12/2/2005: Addictive Dragon Quest Awes  - Wired News
12/2/2005: IPods Top Jukeboxes, DJs  - Wired News
12/2/2005: U.S. Developers Talk Revolution  - Wired News
12/2/2005: After Tetris, Hexic - Business Week
12/2/2005: • Air Force Commissions 'Wargame Maker' - Business Week
12/2/2005: • Ridge Racer 6 - Business Week
12/2/2005: Banking on virtual economy
  - C/Net
12/2/2005: Group labels 10 most violent games
  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Smash my Xbox 360
  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Are we on the verge of a gaming crash?
  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Nintendo makes its Wi-Fi move
 - Seattle Times
12/2/2005: Run your own studio in 'The Movies'
  - CNN
12/2/2005: It's both a gadget and a garment
  - CNN

12/2/2005: 3G Hell, Italian Style
  - Wired News
12/2/2005: Search Technology Comes to the Camera Phone
  - Wired News
12/2/2005: Home broadband sign-ups 'soar'
  - BBC
12/2/2005: 3G industry optimistic for 2006
  - BBC
12/2/2005: Public Enemy's New Wireless Order
 - Business Week
12/2/2005: VoIP Providers: Heeding the Call?
 - Business Week
12/2/2005: TI's new 3G chip to cut handset prices
  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Net phone operators reach E911 deadline
  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Internet phones might get hung up over 911
  - CNN



12/2/2005: Wall Street agog over Google  - C/Net
12/2/2005: Chart: What a share gets you  - C/Net
12/2/2005: Hello, this is Google, your operator, speaking  - C/Net
12/2/2005: Loans for rural Internet hard to get  - NY Times
12/2/2005: US net body challenged over .com  - BBC
12/2/2005: 7 figures for single-digit domain names  - CNN

12/2/2005: Inside Symantec's security bunker  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Photos: In the bunker  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Kazaa to install anti-piracy tool  - BBC
12/2/2005: Young 'prefer illegal song swaps'  - BBC
12/2/2005: Spitzer's on Sony BMG's Case - Business Week
12/2/2005: Newsmaker: Baking privacy into personal data  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Taste for illegal tunes strong for Europe's youth  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Scrapbooking goes digital  - CNN

12/2/2005: China Adjusts Vehicle Tax  - Wired News
12/2/2005: Nuclear protest hits Blair speech  - BBC
12/2/2005: Have Your Say: Should we make more use of nuclear power?  - BBC


12/2/2005: Scientists Determine How Tumor Gene Controls Growth ... - FirstScience

12/2/2005: Raising awareness: What group of diseases does Aids refer to?  - BBC
12/2/2005: Report identifies obstacles for AIDS treatment plan  - Nature

12/2/2005: Pollutants link to diabetes risk  - BBC
12/2/2005: Obese teens' liver damage warning  - BBC
12/2/2005: Diabetes theory over salt death  - BBC
12/2/2005: Anti-smoking drug may cut crystal meth craving - New Scientist

12/2/2005: Simply the best: A look at what the UK could learn from the Swedish health system  - BBC
12/2/2005: Patients lose Vioxx legal appeal  - BBC
12/2/2005: Obesity stops jabs hitting target  - BBC
12/2/2005: Everyone’s eyes are wired differently - MSNBC
12/2/2005: Mind trick 'whittles the waist'  - Nature
12/2/2005: Will a pastry a day keep the doctor away? - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
12/2/2005: Scientists Probe Lewis & Clark Encampment ... - FirstScience
12/2/2005: Illinois Yields Bounty of Mastodons and Mammoths ... - Live Science
12/2/2005: Prehistoric farm villages found in Greece - MSNBC

12/2/2005: Can Satellites ID CIA Prisons?  - Wired News
12/2/2005: Ex-Green Party Member to Challenge Clinton ... - Live Sciences
12/2/2005: Ex-BHP chief in running for science role ... - Live Science
12/2/2005: Perspectives: Fuzzy logic behind Bush's cybercrime treaty  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Explore the 'stans': Central Asia explained in maps, facts and figures  - BBC
12/2/2005: Science 'must teach experiments'  - BBC
12/2/2005: • Info Tech Stocks Worth Downloading - Business Week
12/2/2005: Perspective: Massachusetts assaults monoculture  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Limbaugh video heads to iPods  - C/Net
12/2/2005: Technology pushing political films to forefront  - CNN
12/2/2005: Japanese held over fake news site  - CNN
12/2/2005: Cosmic Log: Santa-tracking season - MSNBC
12/2/2005: Air guitarists’ rock dreams come true - New Scientist
12/2/2005: A farewell to nuclear arms in the UK? - New Scientist

12/2/2005: Romantic love 'lasts just a year'  - BBC
12/2/2005: Disorder ruining parents' sleep  - BBC
12/2/2005: Infant mental checks needed  - BBC
12/2/2005: Feeling fat can be 'in the mind'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:



12/2/2005: SpaceDev Orders SpaceX Falcon Launch Vehicle - SpaceDaily
12/2/2005: Asteroid probe to start journey home ...
 - FirstScience
12/2/2005: Hong Kong can contribute to nation's space mission ...
 - FirstScience
12/2/2005: Chinese astronauts tour Hong Kong Disneyland, mingle with Buzz Lightyear(Updated 05-48 p.m.) ...
 - FirstScience
12/2/2005: China Hopes To Men On The Moon in 15 Years ...
 - FirstScience
12/2/2005: UK space expertise 'on the line'
  - BBC
12/2/2005: NASA criticised over space station management - New Scientist
12/2/2005: Cassini snapshot reveals Saturn's volcanic moon
 - New Scientist
12/2/2005: Thruster problem may scupper Hayabusa's return to Earth
 - New Scientist

12/2/2005: Tiny swimmer makes a splash - PhysicsWeb
12/2/2005: The CueCat Is Back  - Wired News
12/2/2005: Bose Suspension Takes on Potholes  - Wired News
12/2/2005: Turner Entertainment Turns to Holographic Storage  - Wired News
12/2/2005: Cost questions dog Blu-ray DVD  - C/Net
12/2/2005: Scientists embrace technology for cyberhugs  - NY Times
12/2/2005: New DVDs to use old video format
  - C/Net
12/2/2005: What's the buzz? Teens can't stand it
  - NY Times
12/2/2005: Don't put another dime in the jukebox
  - CNN
12/2/2005: Seagate, Sony up ante in 1-in. hard disk drive market
  - El. Engr. Times
12/2/2005: NanoDynamics to commercialize nano technologies
  - El. Engr. Times
12/2/2005: Samsung claims to have flexible 7-inch LCD
  - El. Engr. Times
12/2/2005: Researchers develop hybrid silicon laser
  - El. Engr. Times
12/2/2005: Invention: Hot-air plane
 - New Scientist


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