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  December 2, 2004

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Space Race 2: Congress Weighs In - SpaceDaily  Left: File photo of a Sapphire sub-orbital test rocket.  While the idea of a commercial human space flight industry might have seemed like a science fiction dream even a few years ago, the recent successful flights of Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne show that the dream may be truly moving toward reality, said Rep. Nick Lampson, D-Texas, who will not be returning to Congress next year. The bill requires the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation to set training and medical standards for crew members and passengers flying private spaceships. In addition, the legislation requires the FAA to obtain space flight participants' written consent to fly as well as a waiver of liability. The bill also requires the agency to notify anyone participating in a space launch of all flight risks and warn that the government has not certified the safety of the vehicle.
In the Stars: Searching For Armageddons - SpaceDaily  Left:  Swift caps off a 30-year hunt to understand the nature of gamma-ray bursts, flashes of light that burn as brightly as a billion-billion suns.  Just as particle accelerators can produce more energy in a microsecond than the electric power the entire country uses in a year, for a brief time, gamma-ray bursts - or GRBs, as astronomers call them - shine more brightly than entire clusters of galaxies. As powerful as they are, GRBs are elusive. They often last less than 1 second and no longer than a few minutes - a characteristic that has presented a challenge to astronomers wishing to study them. What scientists eventually will find from those detections and analyses remains speculative. The link between some GRBs and black hole formation seems solid, but the bursts also could be caused by two neutron stars merging or even a pair of black holes orbiting each other.  

Hovering Over Titan - SpaceDaily  Left:  Latest image of Titan available as desktop  The Sun was behind Cassini, so nearly the full disc is illuminated. Pixel scales of the composite images vary from 2 to 4 kilometers per pixel (1.2 to 2.5 miles per pixel). The brighter region on the right side and equatorial region is named Xanadu Regio. Scientists are actively debating what processes may have created the bizarre surface brightness patterns seen here. Scientists are actively debating what processes may have created the bizarre surface brightness patterns seen here. The images hint at a young surface with no obvious craters. However, the exact nature of that activity, whether tectonic, wind-blown, fluvial, marine or volcanic is still to be determined. The images comprising this mosaic were acquired from distances ranging from 650,000 kilometers (400,000 miles) to 300,000 kilometers (200,000 miles).
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/2/2004:Apple A Day Could Help Protect Against Brain-cell Damage That Triggers Alzheimer's, Parkinsonism - Science Daily

12/2/2004:Germany passes strict rules on GM crop cultivation ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Cicada invasion feeds forests
  - Nature
12/2/2004:DNA sheds new light on an American die-off - MSNBC
12/2/2004:A 'Repulsive' Protein Guides Blood Vessel Development - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Death deluge makes forest mulch  - BBC
12/2/2004:Causing a stink Factory pig farms are creating deep divisions in rural Poland  - BBC
12/2/2004:Candid camera Bear behaviour is caught on secret hidden cameras  - BBC
12/2/2004:Magnetic field benefits bacteria  - Nature
12/2/2004:German farmers to be liable for GM contamination - New Scientist
12/2/2004:Wolves' genetic diversity worryingly low - New Scientist
12/2/2004:California's New Stem-Cell Initiative Is Already Raising Concerns  - NY Times
12/2/2004:Computer Simulation Shows How Fibrils Proteins That Cluster In Diseases Form - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Cows Could Be Getting Too Much Protein - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Scientists Achieve Self-assembly Of Spider Silk Fiber In Insect Cells - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Sensor Network Mimics Synchronized Calling By Frogs, Cicadas - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/2/2004:Dead Cicadas Help the Soil, Study Reveals ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Greens criticise Taoiseach over Kyoto Treaty ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:13 cities suffer heavy noise pollution- Monitoring station ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Arctic Climate Change Uncovered ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Climate helped wipe out large mammals - New Scientist
12/2/2004:Scientists Discover Air Is Heavier Than We Thought - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Geology toolkit: What is the UK really made of- Uncover the rocks beneath you  - BBC
12/2/2004:Largest Quake Since Oct. Hits St. Helens  - NY Times

12/2/2004:Heavy hitters? Metroid and Killzone arrive with every gun blazing  - BBC
12/2/2004:Review: 'Halo 2' bests original  - CNN

12/2/2004:Teenager falls foul of the law with his mobile camera phone
  - BBC
12/2/2004:Mobile gaming takes off in India
  - BBC
12/2/2004:FCC is watching SBC's VoIP charge
  - C/Net



12/2/2004:CA slaps spyware label on Kazaa  - C/Net
12/2/2004:Privacy's random answer  - C/Net
12/2/2004:Online identity theft: Many medicines, no cure  - C/Net
12/2/2004:Porn Prohibitionists Miss Point  - Wired News

12/2/2004:Microsoft antitrust decision in EU case due soon - Seattle Times
12/2/2004:Microsoft makes XP swap offer  - BBC
12/2/2004:Roll on, Avalon  - C/Net
12/2/2004:Digital music a long way from displacing CDs  - C/Net
12/2/2004:Sprawling systems teeter on IT chaos - New Scientist

12/2/2004:Mini Generator Has Enough Power To Run Electronics - Science Daily
12/2/2004:EU gets tough on fusion reactor  - BBC
12/2/2004:Europe prepares to go for fusion alone  - Nature

12/2/2004:Seeing Heart Disease More Clearly  - Technology Review 
12/2/2004:Discovery May Break Down Cholesterol Mystery - Science Daily

12/2/2004:Cord blood offers leukaemia hope  - BBC

12/2/2004:UCLA Scientists Uncork Fountain Of Youth For HIV-Fighting Cells - Science Daily
12/2/2004:HPV Vaccine Studied For First Time In Men
12/2/2004:Number Of Women Living With HIV Increases In Each Region Of The World - Science Daily

12/2/2004:Girls 'outstrip boys on alcohol'  - BBC
12/2/2004:UK children top cannabis league  - BBC

12/2/2004:University Of Utah Study Suggests Cellular Waste To Blame For A Form Of Blinding Eye Disease - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Portion Distortion Web Site: Learn How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain By Watching Portion Sizes - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Mouse-Ear Can Be Defeated - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Nurses 'need help over violence'  - BBC
12/2/2004:Public back food 'colour coding'  - BBC
12/2/2004:World 'short of health workers'  - BBC
12/2/2004:High Protein, Low-Carb Diet During Pregnancy Improved Triglycerides, Fat Metabolism In Offspring - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Study Helps Define Headaches Of Whiplash - Science Daily
12/2/2004:How The Battle Of Waterloo Could Help Doctors Fight Death From Multiple Organ Failure
 - Science Daily
12/2/2004:More Muscle Means Better Regulation Of Blood Pressure, Study Finds
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:

12/2/2004:China aims to be giant in science & technology around 2049 ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Gov't increases funds for innovative, Web-based science curricula ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:'Suicide tree' toxin is 'perfect' murder weapon ... - New Scientist
12/2/2004:Scientists call for global cooperation in space programme ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Offshoring study funded by new bill  - C/Net
12/2/2004:WHO - Flu pandemic inevitable, plans needed urgently  - YahooC
12/2/2004:Planning For Extreme Events By Understanding Risk - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Al-Jazeera A Terror Channel: Iraq Minister - SpaceDaily
12/2/2004:Science proves Oswald acted solo ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Science needs investment,, says Mangena ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Russia Sends Scientist To Jail For Spying - SpaceDaily
12/2/2004:Currency change seen to cool China inflation - Seattle Times
12/2/2004:Hunt for Holy Grail From Indiana Jones to Enigma codebreakers, why the hunt goes on  - BBC
12/2/2004:4x4s 'should carry health warning'  - BBC
12/2/2004:Spy agency eyes Net chat  - C/Net
12/2/2004:Sony unprepared for flat-panel TV demand  - C/Net
12/2/2004:She reads customers' minds  - C/Net
12/2/2004:New Jersey Institute Of Technology Pioneers New Way To Teach Engineers - Science Daily

12/2/2004:UCI Researchers Use Human Embryonic Stem Cells To Create New Nerve Insulation Tissue That Can Aid Spinal Cord Repair - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Concentration hampers simple tasks  - Nature
12/2/2004:Chronic Back Pain Shrinks 'Thinking Parts' Of The Brain, Study Finds - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/2/2004:In the Stars: Searching For Armageddons - SpaceDaily
12/2/2004:Quantum's ripple effect ...
 - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Emory chemists create unprecedented metallic molecule ...
 - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Ingredients are There to Make Rocky Planets ...
 - FirstScience
12/2/2004:New Home for Astronomers ...
 - FirstScience
USU lands NASA contract for telescope ... - FirstScience


12/2/2004:Future Robots May 'Hop' Across Mars ... - FirstScience

12/2/2004:Hovering Over Titan - SpaceDaily
Space Race 2: Congress Weighs In - SpaceDaily
12/2/2004:Scientists call for global cooperation in space programme ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:CCSDS Gives SMART-1's Data Transmissions a Turbo Boost at the Moon ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:European Space Council prepares ground for common space programme ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Elephants In Space ... - FirstScience
12/2/2004:Launch Of Maxus 6 Sounding Rocket - SpaceDaily
12/2/2004:China Creates Multi-Satellite Control System - SpaceDaily
12/2/2004:Inflatable space module wins approval  - CNN
12/2/2004:Deep Impact launch postponed more than a week - New Scientist
12/2/2004:Scientists propose conservation parks on Mars  - Nature
12/2/2004:Space News Headlines for December 1, 2004 ...
 - FirstScience

12/2/2004:'Brick Wall' Helps Explain How Corrosion Spreads Through Alloy - Science Daily
12/2/2004:Terapixel digital images approach  - BBC
12/2/2004:Straight shooter  - C/Net
12/2/2004:Big bucks for small firms?  - C/Net
12/2/2004:TiVo ads may erode consumer control  - CNN
12/2/2004:Self-cleaning coating for clothes developed - MSNBC
12/2/2004:Scientists Develop 'Electronic Eye' For The Blind
 - Science Daily
12/2/2004:MRI Identifies Cause Of Salt Damage In Cultural Heritage
 - Science Daily


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