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  December 19, 2005

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Virgin Galactic Sets Deal With New Mexico Spaceport - Space.com  Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space travel company has ironed out an agreement to utilize a futuristic spaceport to be built in New Mexico, with first flights of a suborbital spaceliner now planned in late 2008, early 2009. According to an Associated Press (AP) account of today’s press event, Branson has worked a deal with New Mexico that involves a 20-year lease on the spaceport, a facility that is price tagged at $225 million to build.      
Ambarella's chip Upstart aims to bring HD camcorders to the masses - C/Net  High-definition consumer video cameras are tough to find these days and cost around $1,800. But next year, you might be able to grab one for $799, according to a camera chip upstart. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Ambarella has devised a family of multicore microprocessors that it says can compress and process HD video efficiently and cheaply. The company's chips could be incorporated into a video camera selling for around $799 or into digital still cameras, which would become capable of taking high-resolution stills (8 megapixels or so) as well as TV-quality video. Three major camera makers have already begun to build experimental cameras using Ambarella's chips."Two out of the three have fairly solid product plans." said Didier LeGall, Ambarella's VP.    

The secret of 'muscular' old age  - BBC  Scientists believe they have found a way to enable the elderly to maintain muscle. Once adults reach 40, they start to lose between 0.5 and 2% of their muscle each year. Muscle is constantly being built and broken down, which works to maintain a balance in young adults. French researchers, writing in the Journal of Physiology, say adding the amino acid leucine to old people's diets could help them keep muscle. Leucine is found in meat soy, beans and legumes, among other foods. when the scientists boosted levels of one amino acid, leucine, the balance of synthesis and breakdown was restored.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/19/2005: Scythe Balances Life And Death During Development - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Flatworm Genes May Provide Insights Into Human Diseases, Researchers Say
 - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Bacteria That Cause Tooth Decay Able To Survive Without Important Biochemical Pathway - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Anyway You Slice It, Tomatoes Cut Through Drought With New Gene - Science Daily
12/19/2005: The Secret Love Life Of Plants- Researchers Discover Signals Between Plant Embryos And Their Endosperm - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Mystery of 'unicorn' whale solved - MSNBC
12/19/2005: Stem-cell pioneer’s findings in doubt - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
12/19/2005: Peacetime Grenades Harm Environment - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Study Shows Forests Thrive With Increased Carbon Dioxide Levels - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Climate Models Need Deeper Roots, Scientists Say - Science Daily
12/19/2005: San Andreas Fault Observatory At Depth Reveals New Insights Into The 'Earthquake Machine' - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Putin says Russia, China agree on ways to combat river pollution ... - FirstScience
12/19/2005: Climate change conference successful ... - FirstScience
12/19/2005: Garden waste recycling doubles ... - FirstScience
12/19/2005: Water vapour may be key to ozone ... - FirstScience
12/19/2005: A matter of time before Singapore signs Kyoto Protocol on climate change- Dr Yaacob ... - FirstScience
12/19/2005: EU Environment Commissioner lauds 'successful' conference on climate change ... - FirstScience
12/19/2005: Amazon Trees Much Older Than Assumed, Raising Questions On Global Climate Impact Of Region - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Prelude To An Earthquake? - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Changes To Land Cover May Enhance Global Warming In Amazon, Reduce It In Midlatitudes - Science Daily
12/19/2005: TV glitch mars Xbox 360 Kong game  - BBC

12/19/2005: Star Wars Fans Flee Net Galaxy  - Wired News
12/19/2005: Monster mash-up: King Kong game offers a jungle romp that fires on all cylinders  - BBC
12/19/2005: • India's New Export: Video Games - Business Week
12/19/2005: Bringing prime time to the video iPod  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Video: New content for iPod  - C/Net
12/19/2005: New 'Kong' monkeys with game industry  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Images: A beast of a game
  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Xbox sold out on most major Web sites
  - C/Net

12/19/2005: Cable TV firms plan family packages
 - Seattle Times
12/19/2005: Is Stern worth his millions?-
  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Audio: Will Stern fly?
  - C/Nt
12/19/2005: A telco diamond in the rough
  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Atlanta tests near-field comms
  - El. Engr. Times
12/19/2005: Uncertainty remains for WiMAX growth
  - El. Engr. Times

12/19/2005: Quantum Memory: Physicists Demonstrate Storage And Retrieval Of Single Photons Between Remote Memories - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Magnetic transistor could 'dial in' quantum effects ... - FirstScience
12/19/2005: Videos: Intel's mobile platforms chief eyes future  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Virus-blocking chips on the horizon  - C/Net
12/19/2005: More chips in your future  - C/Net

12/19/2005: Quanta to build the $100 laptop  - C/Net

12/19/2005: Roll Your Own Google  - Wired News
12/19/2005: Apology for Fake Wikipedia Post  - Wired News
12/19/2005: Browser users urged to patch up  - BBC
12/19/2005: Motion cheers online poem archive  - BBC
12/19/2005: • Wikipedia's Chief: Don't Quote Us - Business Week
12/19/2005: Attack code out for old Firefox bug  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Patches out for IE holes, Sony-related issue
  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Net puts 'word of mouth' on display
  - C/Net
12/19/2005: This text message will self-destruct in 40 seconds…
 - New Scientist

12/19/2005: Malnutrition 'costs UK billions'  - BBC
12/19/2005: Women 'head to UK for birth care'  - BBC
12/19/2005: • Webroot's Spyware Challenge - Business Week

12/19/2005: Colorado Governor's Offices Announce Two New Tools for Economic Development Using Renewable Energy ... - FirstScience

12/19/2005: Are Migraines All in Your Heart?  - Wired News

12/19/2005: Wand of light in cancer fight - Seattle Times
12/19/2005: Long wait for cancer test results  - BBC
12/19/2005: Fibre cancer benefits questioned  - BBC
12/19/2005: Diabetes 'linked to cancer risk'  - BBC

12/19/2005: Gene Increases Risk Of Tuberculosis - Science Daily
12/19/2005: TRAF3 Protein Is A Key Part Of The Early Immune Response To Viruses - Science Daily


12/19/2005: Botox For More Than Ironing Wrinkles - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/19/2005: New Study Pinpoints Epicenters Of Earth's Imminent Extinctions - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Skulls in South America Tell New Migration Tale - Space.com
12/19/2005: As a Face Transplant Heals, Flurries of Questions Arise  - NY Times

12/19/2005: Videoconference system creates boardroom illusion - New Scientist
12/19/2005: I Dance, Therefore I Am  - Wired News
12/19/2005: Oil price to stay high in future, U.S. says - Seattle Times
12/19/2005: Google to expand European base in Ireland - Seattle Times
12/19/2005: Perspective: Holiday shoppers, beware  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Gonzales urges speedy vote on Patriot Act  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Science search made easier in developing nations  - C/Net
12/19/2005: RFID goes to college  - C/Net
12/19/2005: Seagate invests in Irish expansion  - El. Engr. Times
12/19/2005: Nvidia to acquire Taiwan's ULi  - El. Engr. Times
12/19/2005: Fake footprints fool biometric readers  - El. Engr. Times
12/19/2005: Cosmic Log: Second thoughts on science - MSNBC
12/19/2005: How Einstein probed the power of the human mind - New Scientist
9/2005: Photos: UK refinery blast  - C/Net
9/2005: Perspective: Must we renew the Patriot Act?  - C/Net
0/2005: Hot technology for chilly streets in Estonia  - NY Times
9/2005: Patriot Act critics propose temporary extension  - C/Net

12/19/2005: Researchers Discover A Protein Responsible For Shaping The Nervous System - Science Daily
12/19/2005: New Antidepressant Drug Increases 'Brain's Own Cannabis' - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Growth Factor Protects Brain Against Damage From Stroke - Science Daily
12/19/2005: Ataxia sufferer's stem cell hope  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/19/2005: Ions trapped on a chip - PhysicsWeb
12/19/2005: Qi3 reappointed as Innovation Advisory Service providers for PPARC & CERN ...
 - FirstScience
12/19/2005: Hubble reveals weighty secrets of white dwarf
 - New Scientist

12/19/2005: The secret of 'muscular' old age   - BBC

12/19/2005: Humanoid robot gets job as receptionist - New Scientist
12/19/2005: Who wants a slugbot?  - Nature
12/19/2005: Celebrity Robot Gets A Real Job - SpaceDaily
12/19/2005: Sea-faring robots: Can robotic patrol boats safeguard the seas from piracy?
  - BBC

12/19/2005: Strange new object found at edge of Solar System - New Scientist
12/19/2005: Hundreds Of Auroras Detected On Mars
 - Science Daily
Virgin Galactic Sets Deal With New Mexico Spaceport - Space.com
12/19/2005: UC Santa Barbara researcher tapped by Europeans for design of instrument to test soil on Mars ...
 - FirstScience
12/19/2005: AIP FYI #173: Science in Space Exploration Vision: NRC Report ...
 - FirstScience
12/19/2005: Plasma engine passes initial test
  - BBC
12/19/2005: Women go to bed for space science
  - BBC
12/19/2005: Virgin Galactic announces its first 100 space tourists
 - New Scientist
12/19/2005: Hayabusa Team Trying To Restore Communications With Spacecraft
 - SpaceDaily
12/19/2005: Engineers Regain Use Of Opportunity Rover Arm
 - SpaceDaily
12/19/2005: Nasa's first Pluto probe heads to launch pad ...
 - SpaceDaily
12/19/2005: Congressional Negotiators Agree To NASA Authorization ...
 - SpaceDaily

12/19/2005: Upstart aims to bring HD camcorders to the masses - C/Ne
12/19/2005: Photo: Chips for low-cost HD video cams - C/Net
12/19/2005: Tiny Self-assembling Cubes Could Carry Medicine, Cell Therapy - Science Daily
12/19/2005: China- Tech's Export Champ Critics say it has unfair advantages. A closer look reveals a far more complex picture - Business Week
12/19/2005: TDK begins sampling Blu-ray discs  - El. Engr. Times
12/19/2005: Invention: Sonic watermarks - New Scientist


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