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  December 19, 2004

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Congress Passes Space Tourism Bill -  Outer space could become the final frontier of tourism under legislation passed Wednesday by the Senate to regulate commercial human spaceflight. The bill, approved by voice vote in the final minutes of the 108th Congress, would authorize the Federal Aviation Administration to issue permits allowing private spacecraft operators to blast paying passengers into space. The agency would also regulate the young industry.    
Speed Of Tectonic Plate Activity Controls Geologic Processes - SpaceDaily  A new study has revealed a mechanism that counters established thinking on how the rate at which tectonic plates separate along mid-ocean ridges controls processes such as heat transfer in geologic materials, energy circulation and even biological production. Previous research has shown that slow rates of plate separation, or spreading, correlate to dramatic changes in various processes occurring at mid-ocean ridges. But researchers have not had a thorough understanding of this cause and effect relationship.     

Blair Seeks To Secure Bush Backing For New Climate Treaty: Times - SpaceDaily  British Prime Minister Tony Blair is seeking to secure US President George W. Bushs backing for a new international treaty that would end US isolation in the fight against global warming, a newspaper said Thursday. One source described the deal as "Kyoto-lite," it said. The deal would involve scientific agreement on the scale and nature of the threat, as well as an international program to develop the technology needed for renewable energy and the reduction of carbon emissions, it said. Byers said: "We want action from the US that makes a real difference." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/19/2004: The 10 odours that might spot whether you will get dementia  - BBC

12/19/2004: Rice genome fully decoded by international science team ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: Gates foundation to promote synthetic biology
  - C/Net
12/19/2004: S.F. Zoo gives up its last elephant - MSNBC
12/19/2004: Living cells get nanosurgery  - Nature
12/19/2004: Observatory- DNA Paints Portrait of a Troubled Bird  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Side Effects: If I Only Had a Voice: A Humble Wish Upon a Drumstick  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Books on Science: Fame, Fortune and Nature, With an Irascible Octopus  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Q & A: Eight-Armed Eggheads  - NY Times
12/19/2004: A Species in a Second: Promise of DNA 'Bar Codes'  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Graphic: Looks That Deceive  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Northwestern Bears Hit Hard by Humans  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Livestock Grazing Study Finds Moderate Grazing Beneficial To Great Basin Plant Communities - Science Daily
12/19/2004: Efforts To Clone Primates Move Forward - Science Daily
12/19/2004: Green gardening: Could you design an eco-friendly garden? Enter our competition  - BBC
12/19/2004: Mother to challenge abortion laws  - BBC
12/19/2004: MPs debate 'euthanasia laws'  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/19/2004: Blair Seeks To Secure Bush Backing For New Climate Treaty: Times - SpaceDaily
12/19/2004: Climate Witnesses' Testify About Effects Of Global Warming ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: Some scientists see plague tied to DDT ban ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: Germany should lead pollution cuts ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: BFI buys landfill ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: Impact of Greenhouses Gases Discussed at U.N. Global Warming Summit ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: Environmental Protection Agency Hasn't Won Improvements It Touted ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: Cheers, and Concern, for New Climate Pact  - NY Times
12/19/2004: New Climate Thriller: Scary, but Is It Science?  - NY Times
12/19/2004: The Crux: To Worry or Not to Worry  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Beware! Sand in This Physics Lab May Eat You Alive  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Related Site: Dry Quicksand  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Business cost of climate control  - BBC
12/19/2004: Right to roam: Huge areas of private land open to ramblers for the first time  - BBC

12/19/2004: Filling the need for game speed  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Photo- Swift game PC  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Inflicting pain on 'griefers'  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Images: Grief-free games  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Take a Vacation from Your BlackBerry - Business Week
12/19/2004: Merry "Convergence Christmas" - Business Week
12/19/2004: Baby, Is It Cold Outside?
 - Business Week
12/19/2004: Sony handheld selling well
  - CNN
12/19/2004: New Maldives island rises from the depths
  - Yahoo
12/19/2004: Feline fun: Is Xbox platform game Blinx 2 the cat's whiskers?
  - BBC

12/19/2004: Fear Not the Cell-Phone Directory
 - Business Week
12/19/2004: The Logic Behind a Sprint-Nextel Deal
 - Business Week

12/19/2004: Toshiba puts quantum crypto into practice  - C/Net
12/19/2004: TSMC, NEC, Renesas, Toshiba describe novel MRAM cells
12/19/2004: HARDI releases 4-million gate ASIC prototyping board  - El. Engr. Times
12/19/2004: A Data 'Repair Kit' For Quantum Computers - Science Daily
12/19/2004: China poised to become world's chipmaking 'factory' - Silicon Strategies


12/19/2004: MSN joins in search frenzy  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Everyone wants in  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Google adds major libraries to its database  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Peterson death sentence relayed via messaging  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Microsoft testing subscription Outlook  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Taking the Fear Factor Out of E-Mail - Business Week
12/19/2004: Hazards: Protecting E-Mail, for Posterity
  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Books from world's leading academic libraries to go online
  - BBC
12/19/2004: Internet boom for gift shopping
  - BBC

12/19/2004: Microsoft aims at Big Blue bull's-eye  - C/Net
12/19/2004: IBM forms another venture in China--with Lenovo rival  - C/Net


12/19/2004: Stressful deadlines boost heart attack risk - New Scientist
12/19/2004: Blind stroke victim learns to 'see' facial expressions - New Scientist
12/19/2004: Vital Signs: Triggers: Chill! You'll Give Yourself a Stroke  - NY Times
12/19/2004: The Claim: Heart Attacks Are More Common During the Holidays  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Success Of New Treatment Halts International Blood Pressure Drug Trial - Science Daily
12/19/2004: Tight deadlines 'bad for hearts'  - BBC

12/19/2004: New Molecular Classification Of Breast Cancer Predicts Response To Chemotherapy - Science Daily

12/19/2004: Masquerading Virus Preys on the Weak  - NY Times

12/19/2004: Diabetics With Mental Disorders At Increased Risk For Diabetic Complications - Science Daily
12/19/2004: Drink and drug use high in teens  - BBC
12/19/2004: Teenage drinking: Your reaction  - BBC

12/19/2004: Vital Signs: At Risk: Lead's Link to Clouded Vision  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Take Two Torts and Call Me in the Morning  - NY Times
12/19/2004: We Love Them. We Hate Them. We Take Them.  - NY Times
12/19/2004: New Approach Studying Protein Structure Could Advance Drug Development - Science Daily
12/19/2004: Remarriage makes men gain weight  - BBC
12/19/2004: Parasitic worm hope for Crohn's  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/19/2004: Settled life speeds social and religious evolution - New Scientist
12/19/2004: McMaster Researchers Seek To Unlock The Mysteries Of Ancient Potters - Science Daily

12/19/2004: Reviews: Top Science Books of the Year ... - Discover
12/19/2004: How Ellison closed deal  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Science, engineering Ph.D. numbers buck downturn  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Prepping for the Holidays -- Online - Business Week
12/19/2004: When Service Contracts Make Sense - Business Week
12/19/2004: Acknowledgements hit the limelight  - Nature
12/19/2004: Dioxin may cause Yushchenko long-term problems - New Scientist
12/19/2004: Letters  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Hi-tech India: Indian tech firms are soaring, but can they make it big-time?  - BBC

12/19/2004: Newly discovered genetic defect might represent an important risk factor for major depression ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: Can Strep Bring On an Anxiety Disorder?  - NY Times
12/19/2004: In Autism, New Goal Is Finding It Soon Enough to Fight It
12/19/2004: Audio & Photos: A Family Copes  - NY Times
12/19/2004: University Of Pittsburgh Research Points To Anxiety As A Key Risk Trait For Eating Disorders - Science Daily
12/19/2004: Up close and personal: Why do many of us find it so hard to show our emotions?  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/19/2004: Questions for Stephen Hawking: The Science of Second-Guessing  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Circular Symbols of a Dream Telescope, Yet to Be Built
  - NY Times



12/19/2004: Congress Passes Space Tourism Bill -
12/19/2004: NASA Leader Cites Finances and Submits His Resignation
  - NY Times
12/19/2004: Seismic Shaking Erased Small Impact Craters On Asteroid Eros
 - Science Daily
12/19/2004: Pitt Research Shows NASA Sleep-wake Scheduling Guide May Need To Be Changed
 - Science Daily
12/19/2004: Titan clouds seen to come and go
  - BBC
12/19/2004: Mars discoveries lead Science's Top 10 list

12/19/2004: Selective coatings create biological sensors from carbon nanotubes ... - FirstScience
12/19/2004: Segways in Slovakia?  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Photos: Segway scoots ahead  - C/Net
12/19/2004: Innovative Take-off System Could Lead To Safer, Cleaner Air Travel - Science Daily
12/19/2004: France shows off tallest bridge  - BBC


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