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  December 18, 2005

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Image: Tasha the boxer Dog’s DNA deciphered in detail - MSNBC  Left:  Scientists acquired a high-quality DNA "reference sequence" covering nearly 99 percent of the dog genome from a female boxer named Tasha. Then they used that sequence to navigate the genomes of 10 different dog breeds and other related canine species, including the gray wolf and coyote.  Mankind’s best friend for thousands of years is ready to teach new tricks to science. The genetic makeup of the dog — in this case a boxer named Tasha — has been deciphered and should help identify genes that make both dogs and people vulnerable to cancers, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, blindness, deafness and even some psychiatric disorders, scientists said Wednesday. The work is the first virtually complete decoding of the species and illuminates the blueprint that shapes everything from the smallest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane. At the DNA level, two randomly chosen dogs differ only about as much as two randomly chosen people yet the variation in appearance, size and behavior in dogs is “just mind-boggling,”  
Huygens Finds A Hostile World On Titan - SpaceDaily  Left:  Panorama of Titan from a height of eight kilometres. The circle shows the region where the space probe "Huygens" landed. The coloured area shows what Titan would look like to an observer standing on its surface. The orange colour comes from the absorption of the short-wave blue and green sunlight in Titan's atmosphere. See larger image. Credits: MPS/ University of Arizona/ESA/NASA.  Conditions on Saturn's moon Titan, with its dense atmosphere, are similar to those on Earth early in our solar system. Pictures and spectral analysis of Titan's surface show a dried-out "river" landscape. Evaluating the data has now shown that methane on Titan exists in solid, liquid, and gas states.   

Exploring Caves With Hopping Microbots - SpaceDaily  In Phase I, we wanted to focus on robotic units that were small, very numerous (hence expendable), largely autonomous, and that had the mobility that was needed for getting into rugged terrains. Based on Dr. Dubowsky's ongoing work with artificial-muscle-activated robotic motion, we came up with the idea of many, many, tiny little spheres, about the size of tennis balls, that essentially hop, almost like Mexican jumping beans. They store up muscle energy, so to speak, and then they boink themselves off in various directions. That's how they move. We've calculated that we could probably pack about a thousand of these guys.      
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/18/2005: A Jekyll-and-Hyde Enzyme's Role In Alzheimer's - PhysicsWeb

12/18/2005: Dog’s DNA deciphered in detail  - MSNBC
12/18/2005: UK stem-cell bank needs 150 deposits
  - Nature
12/18/2005: Biodiversity- a new perspective - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Helping Out, 794 Species at a Time  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Trace of Human Stem Cells Put in Unborn Mice Brains  - NY Times
12/18/2005: It's Sensitive. Really.  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Greyhounds And Humans Going Round The Bend - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/18/2005: Climate negotiators agree to set tougher targets - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Frost flowers cleared of depleting ozone - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Heaving seabed triggered Asian tsunami - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Study- Arctic Killer Whales High in Toxins  - NY Times
12/18/2005: When the Sea Destroys a Road, the Question Arises: Is It Worth Saving?  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Complete Coverage: Storm and Crisis  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Envisat Sees Smoke From Europe's Worst Peacetime Fire - Science Daily
12/18/2005: GROWing The Next Generation Of Water Recycling Plants - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Greenpeace Protests French Asbestos Ship - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Ancient clues to ocean currents  - BBC
12/18/2005: EU backs landmark chemicals law  - BBC

12/18/2005: Logitech iPod speakers for $19.99  - C/Net
12/18/2005: Plenty pine to pocket iPod for pennies  - C/Net

12/18/2005: Cell Phones Can Increase Your Distress Level
  - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Phoenix suburb wants Wi-Fi for all residents
  - CNN

12/18/2005: Faster Plastic Circuits  - Technology Review 

12/18/2005: Robbie The Robot Works At Purdue - SpaceDaily

12/18/2005: Self-destruct SMS proves popular  - BBC
12/18/2005: Sheet music sites fear downturn  - BBC
12/18/2005: HP creates Halo effect for videoconferencing  - C/Net
12/18/2005: Build your own search engine  - C/Net
12/18/2005: Web site focuses on happy news  - CNN

12/18/2005: Java?It's So Nineties: Sun's groundbreaking programming language vaulted to popularity with Web developers. But now it's losing ground to a raft of upstarts - Business Week
12/18/2005: Office standards battle grinds on  - C/Net
12/18/2005: Taking on rootkits with hardware  - C/Net

12/18/2005: Turning of the tide: Canada's experiment with tidal power generates interest  - BBC

12/18/2005: The Claim: Too Much Noise Can Increase the Risk of a Heart Attack  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Hopkins Study Describes Potentially Fatal Heart Condition Among Young Athletes - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Heading Off Heart Attacks  - Technology Review 

12/18/2005: Risk Reduction: A Spot of Tea May Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Environment and Cancer: The Links Are Elusive  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Gina Kolata and Dr. Michael A. Gallo  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Part 1  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Part 2  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Part 3  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Humble Yeast Sheds Light On Promising Anti-cancer Drug
 - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Low-dose Chemotherapy Plus Antiangiogenesis Drug Has Activity In Advanced Breast Cancer
 - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Pretreating Rogue Cancer Cells With Aspirin Cripples Their Resistance To Targeted Therapy
 - Science Daily
12/18/2005: New Evidence Supports Century-old Theory Of Cancer Spread
12/18/2005: Infections Are A Major Cause Of Childhood Cancer, Study Suggests
 - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Hearing Loss From Chemotherapy Underestimated
 - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Fighting Advanced Melanoma: Could A 'Personalized Vaccine' Be The Solution?
 - Science Daily

12/18/2005: Beating Malaria Means Understanding Mosquitoes  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Chlamydia Escapes Defenses By Cloaking Itself With Lipids - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Hepatitis C affects thousands  - BBC
12/18/2005: Barber power Indian men get Aids advice and free condoms with haircuts  - BBC


12/18/2005: Homeopathic vets come under fire - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Bone Insurance  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Getting a Grip On Being Cool on a Hot Day  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Nutritional Genomics Identifies A Potential Weight-loss Resistance Gene - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Four Questions That May Save Your Grandma's Life - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/18/2005: Mountain clue to Earth's biggest extinction - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Old, for Sure, but Human?  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Glacial Pace Of Erosion Was Not So Slow, New Technique Shows - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Key Brain Regulatory Gene Shows Evolution In Humans - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Photos: HP's original garage  - C/Net
12/18/2005: Oldest Maya mural wows archaeologists - MSNBC

12/18/2005: Solar-powered projector could enlighten African villagers - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Are 'eco-friendly' labels helping to block free trade? - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Letters  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Cathedral Gets Offspring of Ancient Tree  - NY Times
12/18/2005: With Sound From Africa, the Phonetic Alphabet Expands  - NY Times
12/18/2005: A Graceful Entrance to the Passenger Seat, When the Road Becomes Too Rough  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Hacker Attacks In US Linked To Chinese Military - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Anti-Missile Protection: Who Will Pay? - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: US Air Force Releases New Mission Statement - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Airborne Laser Completes Laser Ground Tests - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: LM To Build High Altitude Airship For MDA - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: New Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Capability - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Walker's World: The Curse Of Europe - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: OPEC Hawks Play Nice Guys - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: India To Earn $60Bn From Outsourcing By 2010 - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Networking: Capturing Baby Boomers' Knowledge - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: E-Voting Deadline Looms  - Technology Review 
12/18/2005: Donated drugs Getting surplus supplies to the developing world  - BBC
12/18/2005: • Apple's "Keep Out" Mentality - Business Week
12/18/2005: Toshiba to delay HD DVD player launch
 - Business Week
12/18/2005: Are Nielsen ratings headed for extinction?
  - C/Net

12/18/2005: Eye cell transplants alleviate Parkinson's  - Nature
12/18/2005: Thought control brings pain into line  - Nature
12/18/2005: Violent video games alter brain's response to violence - New Scientist
12/18/2005: Children Learn by Monkey See, Monkey Do. Chimps Don't.  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Coffee Jump-starts Short-term Memory  - Science Daily
12/18/2005: How The Neuron Sprouts Its Branches - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Depression And Anxiety Improve After Epilepsy Surgery
 - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Abortion 'leaves mental legacy'
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/18/2005: Team Maps Dark Matter In Startling Detail - Science Daily
12/18/2005: Brain scans help think away pain
  - BBC


12/18/2005: Exploring Caves With Hopping Microbots - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Swarming For Success - SpaceDaily

12/18/2005: Huygens Finds A Hostile World On Titan - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Spacecraft Stares at the Sun to Stand Guard for the Earth
  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Stardust Space Probe to Land in Utah
  - NY Times
12/18/2005: Hundreds Of Auroras Detected On Mars
 - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Earth-Space-Agency.org Challenges Scientists To Step Into Space Industry
 - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Orbital Eyes Picked Mars Rover Opportunity's Landing Site
 - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Iridium Signs Service Provider Agreement With China Spacecom
 - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: Messenger Engine Burn Puts Spacecraft On Track For Venus
 - SpaceDaily
12/18/2005: NASA focuses on 3D view of the sun
  - C/Net
12/18/2005: Images: Ships to monitor sun
  - C/Net

12/18/2005: New Manufacturing Process Helps Metals Lose Weight - Science Daily
12/18/2005: • To Catch a Thief -- on Video - Business Week
12/18/2005: Perspective: Technology to Detroit's rescue?  - C/Net
12/18/2005: High-tech improves life for seniors  - CNN
12/18/2005: Scientists question possible nanotech risks  - CNN


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